Old Scholars Football Association - Finals 2015

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 Results below

 2nd Semi Final Reserves

DOSA v. OHA – Reserves 2nd Semi Final


DOSA                                    2.3,  7.4,  9.9,  11.9  (75)

OHA                                       2.3,  3.6,  4.8,  5.12  (42)


GOALS, DOSA :B. Van Kraanen 2, M. Hamilton 2, D. Newitt 1, J. Penwright 1, H. Pfeiffer 1, D. Wall 1, T. Jacobs 1, S. Byrne 1, M. Fielding 1

OHA :J. Smith 2, S. Bowering 2, K. Upton 1

BEST, DOSA :J. Rogers, M. Scott, J. White, B. Van Kraanen, D. Newitt, J. Penwright

OHA :B. MacMurray, G. Vincent, S. Bowering, W. Cook, J. Freeman, M. Phillips


DOSa progress to the Grand Final while OHA meet University in the Preliminary Final.



1st Semi Final Seniors


HUTCHINS v. UNIVERSITY – Seniors 1st Semi Final


Hutchins                                2.1,  2.5,  6.10,  11.12  (78)

University                              2.0,  2.4,  4.7,     5.10    (40)


 GOALS, Hutchins :S. Wright 4, M. Wright 3, D. McShane 2, N. Grubb 1, N. Cleary 1

University :J. Arnold 2, A. Bielski 1, B. Beams 1, I. Mathewson 1

BEST, Hutchins :C. White, M. Lister, L. Owen, S. Heron, B. Tilbury, L. Franks

University :A. Bielski, I. Mathewson, R. Gilligan, D. Clark, C. Bielski, R. Pascoe


Hutchins have their sights set on back to back flags but University are keen to go one step further than last year.



A low scoring opening to the game and coaches Ben Beams from Uni and Clinton Brown from Hutchins get the players, attention



 2nd Semi Final Seniors

RICHMOND v. DOSA – Seniors 2nd Semi Final


DOSA                                    2.2,  3.9,  8.12,  11.15  (81)

Richmond                              2.5,  6.7,   8.8,   10.10  (70)


GOALS, DOSA :M. Fisher 3, A. Wilson 1, C. Golding 1, B. Midson 1, J. Fisher 1, G. Marshall 1, P. Carroll 1, J. O'Brien 1, N. Street 1

Richmond :A. Gilmour 5, B. Cato 2, J. Dunn 1, R. Brumby 1, J. Fazackerley 1

BEST, DOSA :J. O'Brien, J. Veitch, N. Street, G. Marshall, T. Willing, S. Beattie

Richmond :B. Cato, N. Woolley, B. Machin, J. Sturrzaker, N. Mayne, A. Cook


After missing out on Grand Final Day in 2014, Minor Pe\remiers Richmond are determined to go all the way this year while DOSA have been a competitive all year and looking forward to repeating their 2013 glory.


Coaches Alex Gilmour from Richmond and Justin O'Brien from DOSA rev up the troops at quarter time


1st Semi Final Reserves

Richmond v University – Reserves 1st Semi Final


University                                4.4,  7.5,  9.6,    13.8  (86)

Richmond                                2.1,  7.3,  10.5,  11.6  (72)



GOALS, University :B. Johnson 4, M. Gowans 3, M. Alberry 2, J. McDonald 1, J. Grubb 1, L. Bartulovic 1, B. Lehman 1

Richmond :C. Ross 3, H. Joseph 2, N. Woolley 1, D. Cornish 1, C. Lovell 1, J. Bailey 1, K. Rogers 1, G. Bentley 1

BEST, University :S. Slattery, J. Harrison, B. Lehman, L. Joseph, M. Alberry, J. Toussaint

Richmond :

K. Rogers, A. Warn, D. Reimers, J. Needham, E. Bailey, D. Cornish

This was a night game so no pictures.

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Preliminary Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page


Almost perfect conditions at the TCA Ground.

 Preliminary Final - Reserves




University                              4.3,  10.7,  18.10,  24.14  (158)

OHA                                       5.4,  7.6,    9.6,     12.8    (80)


GOALS, University :

M. Gowans 4, S. Slattery 4, B. Johnson 4, R. Wheldon 3, J. McDonald 3, M. Alberry 2, D. Clark 1, J. Saner 1, J. Grubb 1, M. Gardiner 1

OHA :A. Banks 3, D. Alomes 2, S. Bowering 2, J. Smith 2, T. Austen 1, K. Upton 1, B. MacMurray 1

BEST, University :R. Wheldon, D. Clark, M. Alberry, D. Kennedy, M. Gardiner, J. Harrison

OHA :J. Smith, D. Alomes, C. McConnell, J. Teirney, N. Balcombe, B. Thomas

After a slow start to the season Uni managed to make the finals and narrowly beat Richmond in their first final. 

OHA were keen to have another crack at DOSA in the Grand Final

Lady and gentleman in charge.


Coaches Marek Matuszek from Uni and OHA's Shane Cranfield ask for a lift after an even first quarter.

Uni found some excellent form and will meet the undefeated DOSA in the Grand Final


Preliminary  Final - Seniors



Richmond                                1.1,  6.4,  10.7,    14.10  (94)

Hutchins                                  4.5,  5.8,  10.12,  12.13  (85)


GOALS, Richmond :

J. Dunn 3, K. Baker 2, L. Gard 2, J. Fazackerley 1, T. Roberts 1, A. Gilmour 1, M. Hadfield 1, J. Sturrzaker 1, S. Dick 1, B. Cato 1

Hutchins :M. Lister 2, C. White 2, L. Franks 2, D. McShane 1, N. Leitch 1, C. Brown 1, J. McMahon 1, M. Baker 1, T. Howard 1

BEST, Richmond :L. Gard, D. Reimers, K. Rogers, A. Daft, J. Dunn, S. Dick

Hutchins :C. White, S. Heron, N. Leitch, T. Howard, M. Wilson, L. Franks


After a narrow loss the previous week, Richmond were keen to overcome last year's premiers and have another crack at DOSA in the Grand Final

After a convincing win over Uni in their semi-final, the reigning premiers had every right to be confident.

A big day for the umpires.

Hutchins were dominant in the first quarter but coach Alex Gilmour asked for more energy and effort and his troops responded. 


Hutchins bow out and Richmond meet DOSA in next weeks Grand Final

Richmond have booked themselves a spot in the grand final with a hard earned 9 point win against a gallant Hutchins at the TCA. Both sides came out hard with the Lions hitting the scoreboard early but were unable to fully capitalise kicking a wasteful 4.5 to Richmond's 1.1 with a slight breeze favouring the Lions. The Blues rallied in the second quarter with their work rate noticeably lifting and at the main break they went in with a 2 point lead.  Hutchins threatened to break the game open in the 3rd quarter but  Richmond fought back late and a remarkable quarter from Blues big man Leyth Gard saw the margin at only 5 points at three quarter time. 

The last quarter was edge of your seat stuff with contest after contest but it was the Blues who held their nerve and over ran the Lions to keep their premiership dream alive.  

An emotional Blues coach Alex Gilmour struggled for words to describe the effort from his group today,  " That was a massive performance today, they deserve it, they've done a huge amount of work this year and their reward is a spot in a Grand Final. It's as good as it gets," he said.   Gilmour was quick to praise Hutchins who were super all day,  “They threw everything at us today. They've been a top side all year and we certainly respect them as a team." 

Richmond had winners all over the ground but none better than emerging ruckman Leyth Gard who was a dominant force all day with his coach saying, "That's one of the better rucking performances you'll see in local footy this year."  The Blues midfield got to work after quarter time and were led by superstar mid Adam Daft who worked through a heavy tag to be one of his sides best along with inside mids Steven Dick and Keiren Rogers who won countless amounts of contested footy.  The match up of the day was a true highlight with Hutchins prime mover Lewis Franks although flashy in patches not quite able to get his free running game going with Blues stopper Daniel Reimers throwing everything at him from start to finish in a great finals battle.

Nick Leitch and Josh Woolley once again locked horns with Leitch clunking a lot of marks during the course of the game and Woolley rebounding many Hutchins attacks.  Richmond's forwards worked well together all game but none were better than classy forward Jordan Dunn who lifted his work rate as the game wore on and marked everything that came his way, finishing the day with 3 majors to top off a dominant display.  Hutchins had quality players all over the ground with Matthew Lister running riot in the first half before Jayden Baker limited his influence.  Sam Heron tried hard in defence and big man Charlie White provided a marking option around the ground.


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Grand Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page

Grand  Final - Seniors


Richmond - Senior Premiers 2015          More Pictures

Coach: Alex Gilmour, Bench Coach: Robbie Stewart,  MVP: Alex Gilmour

Richmond                              4.1,  8.5,  10.10,  17.13  (115)

DOSA                                    6.1,  6.2,    7.3,      8.5      (53)



Richmond :A. Gilmour 6, B. Tennick 3, J. Dunn 2, K. Baker 1, T. Hitchens 1, N. Woolley 1, K. Rogers 1, J. Fazackerley 1, T. Roberts 1

DOSA :S. Peacock 3, M. Fisher 2, G. Marshall 1, P. Carroll 1, C. Golding 1


Richmond :B. Cato, J. Dunn, J. Woolley, D. Reimers, B. Tennick, L. Gard

DOSA :B. Loveless, S. Peacock, G. Marshall, T. Males, L. Manser, P. Carroll


 Grand  Final - Reserves


University - Reserves Premiers 2015          More Pictures

Coach: Mav Matuszek, Assistant Coach: Steff Waightt,  MVP: Shannon Slattery

University                              2.1,  5.2,  9.3,  15.5  (95)

DOSA                                    4.4,  6.5,  9.7,  9.8  (62)



University :B. Johnson 5, M. Gowans 5, J. McDonald 4, M. Alberry 1

 DOSA :B. Van Kraanen 6, D. Wall 1, M. Robinson 1, D. Newitt 1



University :S. Slattery, M. Gowans, D. Kennedy, B. Johnson, J. Grubb, D. Clark

 DOSA :J. Rogers, L. Golding, A. Davey, B. Van Kraanen, M. Fielding, M. Harrison


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