Old Scholars Football Association

Results for Season 2013 thanks to Michael Munday and Bruce Clark

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Round 1 6th April

Preview Round 1  

The Old Scholars Football Association kicks off their season this Saturday with two night games and one day game. 

OHA host University in a night game at Geilston Bay and they will play for the Chris Nichols shield in honour of Chris who gave 20 years of support to both clubs. Jason Britten is at the helm at OHA and with a number of recruits signed on and the core of last year’s team available they will again pose problems. University have reappointed Cameron Burgess and with several signings an improvement in their form will be their priority. 

In the other night game Richmond, who have appointed Scott Allen as coach, are home to DOSA. With promising recruits and the bulk of last year’s team playing Richmond will give a good account of themselves while DOSA will be a force after a comprehensive recruiting drive to add to their already imposing playing list. 

In the only day game St.Virgils have appointed Richard Robinson as coach. They have recruited well with Ken Hall their star signing together with the return of experienced players and a new goal to goal line they will be hoping to stamp their authority this season. Nathan Senior will lead Channel and signed some really handy recruits and if their younger players can take the next step up they could be the big improvers.   

Hutchins bye. 

Starting times for the night games are Reserves at 4.15pm and Seniors at 6.30pm.

Results Round 1

                                                                                        St Virgils d Channel

St Virgils                            5.5                 13.8          17.11           27.19.181
Channel                             2.1                   5.2            6.9             11.  9. 75

Goalkickers -
St Virgils - A Mann 5, B Dodge 5, K Hall 4, M Collis 3, T Nicholas 2, S Smith 2, C Noye 2, A Ross, D Crosswell, J Cole, T Smith
Channel - M Conlon 3, M Coppleman 2, J McQueen, W Byers, D Cragg, B Smithgarth, N Mansfield, C Lovell
Best Players -
St Virgils - A Mann, P Midson, C Noye, K Hall, A Ross, Z Bathcelor
Channel - L Swards, R Schuth, C Stockfield, W Byers, M Conley, R Whitaker

                                                                                         DOSA d Richmond

DOSA                              7.3                15.4                 16.8                18.10.118
Richmond                        2.3                  5.5                   8.7                13.11.  89

Goalkickers -
DOSA - B VanKrannen 5, S Byrne 2, C Golding, D Ingles, J Veitch, Z Webb, N Abrahams, S Peacock, J Ciratelli, M Pace, J O'Brien, J Fisher
Richmond - M Turner 3, T Graham 2, K Baker 2, A Daft, B McGuiness, G Splann, M Baker, A Reeve, N Terry
Best Players -
DOSA - B VanKrannen, D Hall, J Fisher, J O'Brien, B Setchell, J Veitch
Richmond - G Splann, S Bradford, B Joseph, T Graham, S Dick, N Mayne  

                                                                                        OHA d University

OHA                            4.3                     6.7                  10.8                 14.10.94
University                     6.1                   10.4                  12.7                 14.  9.93

Goalkickers -
OHA - M McPherson 6, J Britten 5, T Orchard, S Whitelaw, B Morris
University - C Joyce 7, F Reeves 2, R Hill, J Nelson, R McEvoy, F Ackroyd, N Hill
Best Players -
OHA - M McPherson, A Limbrick, P Stanley, B Langford, J Broughton, T Orchard
University - C Joyce, J Stride, N Fenton, M Corbett, R Hill       


St Virgils                     1              1              -              -              181          75    241.33          4
DOSA                         1              1              -              -              118          89    132.58          4
OHA                           1              1              -              -                94          93    101.07          4
University                    1              -              1              -                93          94      98.93           -          
Richmond                    1              -              1              -               89         118      75.42           -
Channel                       1              -             1              -                75         181      41.44           -

Leading Goalkickers - McPherson OHA 8, C Joyce University 7, J Britten OHA 5, A Mann St Virgils 5, B Dodge St Virgils 5, B VanKrannen DOSA 5            
St Virgils                   24.5.149
Channel                      6.8.44

Goalkickers -
St Virgils - B Hastie 7, R Crawford 5, J Gill 2, S Lane 2, S Hughes 2, D Morgan 2, R Oakley, D Hill, H Gill, G Jackson
Channel - R Newell, B Sculthorpe, D Rettenbury, P Legg, M Dingin, J Legg
Best -
St Virgils - J Brooks, R Crawford, B Hastie, J Baker, D Hill, J Lethborg
Channel - J Lawler, C Harwood, J Beadle, C Wheatly, M Coad, C Foster

Richmond                 8.14.62       
DOSA                      8.  9.57

Goalkickers -
Richmond - D Bailey, I Vance, J Mizzi, A Eastely, P Roland, J Hodge, T Boatwright, M Cooper
DOSA - N Muir 3, B Millhouse 2, J Carroll, P Riley, C Claridge
Best Players -
Richmond - D Bailey, J Needham, J Bevan, J Dart, J Mizzy, P Roland
DOSA - D Blackwell, P Riley, R Munnings, J Carroll, N Muir, M Connelly

OHA                        19.13.127
University                 14.  8.  92

Goalkickers -
OHA - C Hevey 8, B Tonks 3, C McConnell 2, A Banks 2, D Orr 2, B Garth, S Fitzgerald
University - A Fitzpatrick 5, M Rippon 3, D Young, C Catto, J Reynolds, S Fisher, L McCarthy, D Burgess Jnr
Best Players -
OHA - C Hevey, N Cranfield, T Oakley, B Garth, A Banks, C McConnell
University - A Fitzpatrick, M Rippon, K Takayama, C McConnon, S Fisher, J Harrison


St Virgils               1              1              -              -              149         49     304.08         4
OHA                     1              1              -              -              127         92     138.04          4
Richmond              1              1              -              -                62         57     108.77         4
DOSA                   1              -              1              -                57         62       91.93          -  
University              1              -              1              -                92         127     72.44           -  
Channel                1              -              1              -                49         149     32.88          -            

Leading Goalkickers - C Hevey OHA 8, B Hastie St Virgils 7, R Crawford St Virgils 5, A Fitzpatrick University 5

Review Round 1

Channel began their game full of running against St.Virgils but it was St.Virgils who turned on the power in the second and final quarters kicking a combined total of eighteen goals. While Channel never gave in they were generally outplayed by St.Virgils who were led by Andrew Mann, Patrick Midson, Chris Noye and Ken Hall in their 106 point win.  Luke Swards, Reece Schuth, Chris Stockfield and Will Byers stood out for Channel. 

DOSA opened their account with a 29 point win over Richmond. DOSA shot out of the blocks in a dominant first half to lead by 59 points at half time but Richmond fought back through an improved defensive effort outscoring DOSA but the gap was too great. Ben Van Kraanen, Daniel Hall, Jeff Fisher and Justin O’Brien were best for DOSA while best for Richmond were Garry Splann, Shayne Bradford, Brad Joseph and Trent Graham.    

In a cracker of a game University, with Chris Joyce (7 goals) in ominous form, looked on track for early success against OHA. They lead at every change but OHA outscored the visitors in the final quarter to win the contest by 1 point. OHA werer led by Mitch McPherson, Ben Langford, Aaron Limbrick and Paul Stanley while University’s other best players were Jake Stride, Mark Corbett and Nick Fenton.   

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Round 2 12-13th April

Preview Round 2

Friday night football is on at Richmond tonight (Friday) with Richmond hosting University under lights. With both teams coming off a round one loss a tight close game is assured. Richmond started slowly last week but if they can play like they did after half time for a full game they will be tough opponents this season. University could not quite finish off OHA but look very competitive and more complete with Chris Joyce partnering Field Reeves up forward. Starting times for the games at Richmond are Reserves 5.40pm and Seniors 7.40pm. 

Channel face a trying time against last years’ premiers Hutchins but they fought hard last week even though they were well beaten. Nathan Senior would have been pleased with what he saw but Hutchins, who usually pick up good players, will be a stumbling block even though they have lost several players from their premiership team.  

OHA host St.Virgils in another close encounter but OHA will need to be in control for longer parts of their games and look for more consistency because St.Virgils showed excellent team play after quarter time last week and have an exciting combination. Ken Hall’s influence is paramount to St.Virgils success with his skill and experience.

 DOSA have the bye.  


Results Round 2

                                             Richmond d University
Richmond                         3.3               6.5          9.6          9.6.60
University                         4.1               8.8          8.8          8.8.56

After a meeting between the two committees, this game was declared a draw.

Goals -
Richmond - T Graham 4, K Baker 3, G Splann, A Daft
University - C Joyce 2, A Fitzpatrick 2, P McEvoy, F Reeve, R Hill, M Matuszek
Best -
Richmond - A Cook, N Mayne, M Baker, J Woolley, K Baker, T Graham
University - A Fitzpatrick, J Stride, J Nelson, M Jones, N Fenton

                                                  Hutchins d Channel

Hutchins                      5.2                 10.8             13.11        28.19.187
Channel                       3.3                    6.3             10.5          12.6.78

Goals -
Hutchins - D McShane 7, M Wright 6, N Leitch 5, S Wright 3, L Franks 2, A Smith, T Brown, C Brown, D Readett, L Noye
Channel - M Conolon 4, J McQueen 2, J Lawler, D Cragg, M Roberts, R Harwood, W Byers, B Garth - Smith
Best -
Hutchins - N Leitch, C Brown, S Nichols, R Hallam, J McMahon, L Noye
Channel - L Swards, M Conolon, R Schuth, J Lawler, B Garth - Smith, T Boucher

                                                       St Virgils d OHA

St Virgils                      3.3                  6.9              12.9              15.15.105
OHA                            3.3                  5.6                8.8               14.11.95

Goals -
St Virgils - M Collis 5, A Voss 3, A Mann 2, L Green 2, B Weston, S Smith, B Graves
OHA - M Zukauskas 4, N Payne 3, J Britton 2, C Hevey 2, B Jordon, M Thompson, S Whitelaw
Best -
St Virgils - M Collis, L Green, P Midson, C Noye, B Dalliston, A Ross
OHA - R Yaxley, M Thompson, B Langford, C Hevey, B Jordon, T Fenton


St Virgils                   2              2              -              -              286         170   168.23          8
Hutchins                    1              1              -              -              187          78    239.74          4
DOSA                       1              1              -              -              118           89    132.58          4
OHA                         2              1              1              -              189         198     95.45          4
Richmond                  2              -              -               1             149         174     85.63           2
University                  2              -               1              1             149         150     99.33           2-           
Channel                     2              -              2              -              153         368      41.57          -

Leading Goalkicker -     M Collis St Virgils (5) 8, M McPherson OHA  (-)  8,  C Joyce University 7, A Mann St Virgils  7
D McShane Hutchins 7, M Conlon Channel 7, M Wright Hutchins 6, N Leitch Hutchins 5, J Britten OHA 5,             
B Dodge St Virgils 5, B VanKrannen DOSA 5


Richmond                   17.14.116
University                   10.12.72

Goals -
Richmond - C Crossin 5, C Ross 3, G Bentley 2, C Cupit 2, P Roland, J Hodge, J Mizzi, M Cooper, C Mackey
University - K Denini 2, M Gowans 2, R Stuart - Smith 2, P Davis 2, D Burgess, B Curtis
Best -
Richmond - C Ross, J Byers, D Bailey, J Bentley, C Crossin, I DeWinter
University - R Stuart - Smith, R Bellchambers, K Takayama, S Bellchambers, C Jordon, B Scarbourgh

Hutchins                    14.10.94
Channel                        8. 6. 54

Goals -
Hutchins - H Balcombe 2, M Herd 2, N Genin 2, J Haner, S Williams, L Fraser, D Lowe, R Neal, A Hogan, S Ryan, S Cleary
Channel - M Dinjin 2, C Turner 2, J Webster, L Mazur, B Schulthorpe
Best -
Hutchins - N Genin, J Green, L Fraser, J Kemp, S Cleary, J Hay
Channel - J Beadle, D Keating, C Foster, C Turner, T Newlands, C Lovell

St Virgils               10.10.70
OHA                        6.6.42

Goals -
St Virgils - B Hastie 5, H Gill 2, J Parker 2, N Gibson
OHA - B Tonks  3, M Phillips, J Baker, J Fox
Best -
St Virgils - J Baker, J Brooks, B Hastie, J Gibb, R Oakley, N Gibson
OHA - S Fitzgerald, A Moore, S Luck, N Balcombe, T Martin, W Garvey       
St Virgils     240.66%   8pts,
Richmond    137.98%   8pts,
Hutchins      174.07%  4pts,          
OHA           104.32%   4pts,
DOSA          91.93%    0pts,
University     67.49%    0pts ,
Channel       42.39%    0pts        

Leading Goalkickers - B Hastie St Virgils 12, C Hevey OHA 8, B Tonks OHA 6,
A Fitzpatrick University  5, R Crawford  St Virgils 5, C Crossin Richmond 5


Review Round 2

In unfortunate circumstances at Richmond on Friday night the game between Richmond and University was stopped ten minutes into the third quarter when the lights went out. When they failed to come back on Richmond were awarded the points after leading by 4 points courtesy of a goal from Trent Graham just prior to the power failure. It was disappointing as the game was in the balance with University looking the better team in the first half but lost Cameron Burgess and Chris Joyce to injury.

A fifteen goal final quarter by Hutchins enabled them to sweep aside Channel by 109 points with recruit Declan McShane, Matt Wright and Nick Leitch running amok sharing 18 goals between them and look dangerous again in defence of their premiership while Channel were gallant in defeat through Luke Swards, Michael Cononlon, and Reece Schuth.

 St.Virgils held on to defeat OHA by 10 points in a tight finish . After an even first half St.Virgils stepped up a gear kicking 6 goals to 3 in the third quarter but OHA fought back in the final quarter through Russell Yaxley, Marc Thompson and Ben Langford. OHA's accuracy at goal nearly got them home as St.Virgils wasted chances but held on with Michael Collis, Lucas Green and Chris Noye their best.

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Round 3 20th April

Preview Round 3

Close games are predicted on Saturday in the Old Scholars Football Association and none should be closer than the St.Virgils Hutchins game at New Town. Both teams have shown early promise with St.Virgils looking impressive to date with their core of young players led by Alex Ross, Chris Noye and Lucas Green. Hutchins unearthed a star forward in Declan McShane last week and with sharpshooters Nick Leitch and Matt Wright and the experience of Clint and Travis Brown plus their younger players stepping up the reigning premiers will again be a threat.

 DOSA play OHA at North Hobart and this should also be close although DOSA had a week’s rest while OHA had a solid workout last week. Both teams will be up for the challenge but DOSA’s stronger defence and classy forwards may prove too much for OHA who will cause problems given their even spread of players.

Channel take on University at Snug and this is Channel’s chance to open their account but they will meet stiff opposition from University who have been unlucky in their first two games and will be looking to open their account.

 Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 3


                                                                                 OHA d DOSA

OHA                4.2            8.4           11.5           14.7.91
DOSA              4.1            8.1           12.2           12.4.76

Goals - OHA - N Paine 4, J Britten 2, S Whitelaw 2, C Hevey 2, T Orchard, B Jordon, Z Burnett, J Broughton
DOSA - B VanKrannen 5, K Harvey 2, N Abrahams 2, N Muir, C Golding, J Cerratelli
Best - OHA - N Paine, N Skeggs, Z Burnett, M Zukauskas, C Hevey, B Morris
DOSA - N Muir, T Golding, M Broughton, B VanKrannen, A Davey, D Hall

                                                                            University d Channel

University        9.4           18.8          25.16        33.19.217
Channel           4.2             4.4            6.8              8.11.59

Goals - University - P McEvoy 13, F Reeves 11, F Ackroyd 3, J Nelson 2, N Whittle 2, T Stewart, H Anderson
Channel - M Conlan 3, C Stockfield, C Lovell, R Whitaker, D Cragg, R Harwood
Best - University - J Nelson, P McEvoy, F Reeves, J Cracknell, M Gowans, J Morey
Channel - C Lovell, R Harwood, L Swards

                                                                              Hutchins d St Virgils

Hutchins             4.6            7.8             14.14        17.17.119
St Virgils              3.3           8.5                9.5          14.10. 94

Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 4, M Wright 3, S Wright 2, S Talazzollo 2, D McShane 2, A Smith 2, L Franks, S Nichols
St Virgils - M Collis 4, B Dodge 3, A Ross 3, R Crawford, L Green, D Quinn, G Crosswell
Best - Hutchins - L Franks, J Clarke, J McMahon, S Nichols, S Talazzollo, R Hallam
St Virgils - D Corbett, K Hall, J Cole, L Green, T Pilkington, P Midson       


St Virgils         3              2              1              -              380         289   131.49          8
Hutchins         2               2              -              -              306         172   117.91          8
OHA               3              2              1              -              280         274    102.19          8
University        3              1              1              1             366        209     175.12         6    
DOSA             2              1              1              -              194         180    107.77         4
Richmond        2              -              1              1             149         174      85.63          2
Channel          3               -              3              -              212         585      36.24          -

Leading Goalkickers

P McEvoy    University   (13)  14
F Reeves     University    (11)  13                                          
M Collis       St Virgils     (4)   12
B VanKrannen  DOSA     (5)  10
N Leitch  Hutchins          (4)   9
M Wright  Hutchins         (3)   9
D McShane  Hutchins      (2)   9


St Virgils      19.14.128
Hutchins        6.7.43

Goals - St Virgils - B Hastie 7, G Burke 2, N Robinson 2, D Hill 2, A Rhodes 2, J Gibb 2, M Rhodes, H Gill
Hutchins - D Readett 2, S Cleary, D Rossiter, C Hutchinson, B Garth
Best - St Virgils - R Oakley, J Brooks, G Burke, B Hastie, J Lethborg, D Hill
Hutchins - L Gorringe, B Garth, C Braddick, Z Bury, W O'Brien, J Hay

University     13.17.95
Channel        11.10.76

Goals - University - K Takayama 2, D Young 2, N Brereton 2, R Hill 2, D Burgess, M Gates, P Brooks, K Denini, W Bellchambers
Channel - B Schulthorpe 3, D Warn 2, C Foster, H Burgess, M Dingin, J Beadle, N Mansfield, J Bowden
Best - University - K Takayama, Z Lutier, C McConnon, R Bellchambers, M Gates, R Hill
Channel - Z Beadle, N Mansfield, D Westlake, C Foster, M Coad, J Webster

DOSA           19.11.125
OHA              12. 7.  79

Goals - DOSA - L Browning 5, C Claridge 3, J Carroll 3, M Coneelly 2, L Manser 2, R Stocks, T Curtain, R Munnings, D Blackwell
OHA - A Banks 4, W Garvey 2, S Fitzgerald 2, B Garth 2, B Tonks, N Gobbey
Best - DOSA - B Millhouse, J Carroll, L Manser, C Claridge,  M Scott, R Munnings
OHA - W Garvey, A Banks, S Fitzgerald, N Cranfield, B Kean, C Kean   

Review Round 3

OHA sent out a warning they mean business in the Old Scholars after overcoming DOSA by 15 points. DOSA began full of running with their onballers running rampant but OHA fought back becoming more accountable as both teams traded goals in a low scoring affair. OHA, led by Nick Paine who put in a faultless display supported by Nick Skeggs, Zac Burnett and Matthew Zukauskas, closed down DOSA’s dominant onballers which had a decided affect on the result. Nathan Muir, Tim Golding, Mitch Broughton and Ben Van Kraanen were best for DOSA. 

University swept Channel aside by 158 points in a one sided game at Snug. The game was over at half time but University continued to apply the pressure in a top class display through Josh Nelson, Peter McEvoy (13 goals), Field Reeves (11 goals) and Jackson Cracknell while Corey Lovell, Rob Harwood battled hard against the odds for Channel.     

A 7 goal third quarter by Hutchins broke the game open enabling them to hold off St.Virgils by 25 points. The first half was a tight struggle and St.Virgils had the better in the final quarter but Hutchins led by Luke Franks, Jamie Clark, James McMahon and Scott Nichols stood firm.  David Corbett, Ken Hall, Jacob Cole and Lucas Green stood out for St.Virgils.


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Round 4 27th April

Preview Round 4

 St Virgils meet DOSA at New Town oval in the main Old Scholars Football Association match on Saturday. With both teams coming off defeats this should be a close, hard fought contest. Michael Collis and Brad Dodge are both capable of kicking bags of goals for the Saints while Ben van Kraanen has been in good form on the DOSA forward line. 

Hutchins and Richmond clash at Queenborough and another close contest should ensue. Both teams have a number of players capable of match winning performances and a high scoring game would not surprise. 

OHA host Channel at Geilston Bay and will be looking to boost their percentage against the Saints. However, if the Ships take the game easy, a surprise could occur. 

Following a lighting problem at the recent Richmond v University game at Richmond, discussions between both clubs agreed to split the points for the game and this decision has been endorsed by the Executive

University have the bye.

Results Round 4


                                                                                              OHA d Channel

OHA                  3.3              9.10           16.15            24.18.162
Channel             2.1              3.1               5.1                  7.7.49

Goals - OHA - A Banks 5, C Hevey 4, B Morris 3, J Britten 3, T Orchard 2, N Cranfield 2, M Thompson, N Skeggs, J Tierney, A Rossiter, B Jordon
Channel - R Howard 3, C Turner 2, D Cragg, C Lovell
Best - OHA - N Skeggs, C Hevey, B Langford, A Banks, M Zukauskas, J Tierney
Channel - R Harwood, C Foster, N Roberts, J Lawless, C Stockfield, L Swards

                                                                                              St Virgils d DOSA

St Virgils           1.4          3.6        3.14       4.15.39
DOSA                0.1          2.4         2.4           5.7.37

Goals - St Virgils - R Cranfield, M Collis, B Dodge, S Smith
DOSA - B Vankrannen 3, J Davie, J O'Brien
Best - St Virgils - B Dalliston, Z Bathchelor, L Green, K Hall, J Cole, B Parremore
DOSA - K Harvey, S Peacock, B McIntyre, N Abrahams, M Coneelly, J Cerratelli

                                                                                           Hutchins d Richmond

Hutchins         0.3         4.13         5.13         11.20.86
Richmond       5.1         6.2           6.6             8.10.58

Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 2, D Mulcahy, N Leitch, T Howard, A Smith, J Clark, C Brown, M Dodd, S Nichols, S Palazzolo, J Swain
Richmond - N Woolley, T Graham, J Baker, M Baker, S Dick, A Daft, N Terry, G Bentley
Best - Hutchins - J Clark, J Fyshe, J McMahon, K Jubb, L Franks, C Brown
Richmond - A Daft, M Baker, J Mackey, D Bailey, A Cook, B Joseph    


Hutchins               3              3              -              -               392         230    170.43        12
OHA                     4              3              1              -              442         323    136.84        12
St Virgils               4              3              1              -              419         326    128.53        12
University              3              1              1              1              366         213    171.83         6           
DOSA                   3              1              2              -              231         219    105.48         4
Richmond             3               -              2              1              207         260      79.61         2
Channel                4               -              4              -               261         747     34.94          -

Leading Goalkickers -
P McEvoy  University (-) 14, F Reeves University (-) 13, M Collis St Virgils (1)  13, B Vankrannen DOSA (3) 13                                                


OHA                  31.19.205
Channel                4.2.26

Goals - OHA - W Garvey 11, J King 5, S Fitzgerald 2, C McConnell 2, J Freeman 2, D Baker 2, N Balcombe, J Kean, N Gobbey, T Martain, M McConnell, G Vincent, S Luck
Channel - M Coad, D Warn, D Smith, C Iles
Best - OHA - W Garvey, N Gobbey, D Baker, C Williams, M Phillips, A Moore
Channel - J Bowden, D Warn, C Coventry, D Smith, N Mansfield, J Legg 

St Virgils           8.13.61
DOSA                8. 9.57

Goals - St Virgils - S Bourke2, B Hastie 2, G Burke, D Morgan, S Groves, R Oakley
DOSA - L Manser 2, D Blackwell 2, B Johnson, B Loveless, R Stocks, T Allcock
Best - St Virgils - M Grandin, G Burke, J Gill, J Lethborg, T Manning, S Groves
DOSA - T Allock, R Munnings, J Carroll, C Claridge, M McCullam, B Millhouse

Richmond      16.17.113
Hutchins           7.10.52

Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 8, T Roberts 2, C Allen 2, P Roland 2, C Ross, I Vance
Hutchins - J Hay 2, A Hazell 2, J Parker, C Burrows, J Green
Best - Richmond - J Jones, J Hodge, C Crossin, B Woolley, J Byers, T Roberts
Hutchins - C Burrows, E Cheng, C Braddick, J Green, J Parker, B Garth, H Balcombe


St Virgils                 4              4              -              -              408        186     219.35        16
Richmond                3              3              -              -              291         181    160.77       12
OHA                       4              2              2              -              453        313    144.73         8
DOSA                     3              1              2              -              239         202   118.32         4  
University                3              1              2              -              259         319     81.19         4  
Hutchins                 3              1              2              -              189         291      64.95         4          
Channel                  4               -              4              -              196         543      36.09          -            

Leading Goalkickers -
B Hastie St Virgils (2) 21, C Crossin Richmond (8) 13, 
W Garvey  OHA (11) 13

Review Round 4

St Virgils, after leading comfortably for most of the game, held off a desperate last quarter challenge from DOSA to score a 2 point win in Saturday’s OSFA match. St Virgils' inaccuracy in the windy conditions could have cost them the game with only 4 goals scored from 19 scoring shots.

Best for the winners were Byron Dalliston, Zac Batchelor and L Green while Kim Harvey, Sam Peacock and Benn McIntyre worked tirelessly for DOSA. 

Richmond outplayed Hutchins in the opening quarter of the game at Queenborough but from mid way through the second quarter Hutchins gained the upper hand and despite their inaccuracy scored a 20 point win. Jamie Clark, Jake Fyshe andJames McMahon were good players for the winners while Adam Daft, Mitch Baker and James Mackey were Richmond’s best. 

OHA and Channel fought out a tough 1st quarter but after that OHA took control of the match to win by 113 points. Nick Skeggs, Chris Hevey and Ben Langford stood out for the winners with Rob Harwood, Chris Foster and Matthew Roberts Channel’s best.

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Round 5  4th May

Preview Round 5

Top teams, Hutchins and OHA have the chance to give themselves a break at the top of the ladder if they can win their matches in the OSFA round of matches on Saturday. 

Hutchins meet University at Queenborough (please note change of venue) in what should be a thrilling encounter as most matches between these teams have been. Peter McEvoy and Field Reeves are dangerous forwards for University and Jake Stride is a very consistent performer for them. Recruit, Clinton Brown is improving every match for Hutchins and with Lewis Franks and Jake Fyshe in good form the Lions will be a very competitive outfit. 

Richmond are always hard to beat at home and they will certainly push OHA to the limit. Both teams have been involved in close matches and Saturday should be no exception. Adam Daft is in great form for the Blues with solid support coming from Mitch Baker and Alex Cook whilst Nick Skeggs continues his good form for OHA well supported by Chris Hevey and Nick Paine.

DOSA have lost their last 2 matches and will look to getting back on the winners list when they travel to Snug to meet Channel. Ben van Kraanen continues to lead the DOSA forward line while Kim Harvey and Mitch Broughton are match winners if allowed any freedom. Rob Harwood, Luke Swards and Matthew Roberts have been consistent players for Channel throughout the season. 

Please note the Hutchins v University match will be played at Queenborough due to the unavailability of the University oval.

St Virgils have the bye.

Results Round 5


                                                                                OHA d Richmond

OHA                       1.2          8.8       12.10       14.11.95
Richmond               2.3          5.4          6.8        13.  9.87

Goals - OHA - N Paine 4, M Thompson 3, A Banks 2, C Hevey 2, J Britten, Z Burnett, B Morris
Richmond - G Bentley 3, A Cook 2, B Joseph 2, R Brumby 2, M Baker, T Graham, K Baker, S Dick
Best Players - OHA - N Skeggs, M Thompson, S Whitelaw, N Paine, S Forsyth, J Teirney
Richmond - A Cook, D Bailey, J Baker, B Joseph, M Baker, A Daft

                                                                                  DOSA d Channel

DOSA                   4.1        8.3        12.3              15.5.95
Channel                2.4        4.5          8.8               9.9.63

Goals - DOSA - J Cerratelli 5, J O'Brien 2, J Davie, S Byrne, B VanKrannen, R Munnings, L Manser, T Curtain, D Hall, M Fielding
Channel - D Cragg 3, C Lovell 2, R harwood 2, R Roberts, N Jarman
Best - DOSA - B Setchell, R Munning, J Carroll, S Peacock, J Cerratelli, T Curtain
Channel - J Lawler, R Sculth, M Roberts, J Beadle, B Baluchor, T Balucher

                                                                                 Hutchins d University

Hutchins           2.5       5.16      5.22      7.29.71
University          6.1       6.3        8.4      10.6.66

Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 2, N Leitch 2, D McShane 2, J Archer     
University - C Joyce 5, F Reeves 2, P McEvoy 2, J Nelson
Best - Hutchins - S Nichols, T Brown, A Brppingham-Moore, L Noye, J Swain, J McMahon
University - C Joyce, J Stride, N Fenton, M Corbett, J Saner, M Rippon


Hutchins            4              4              -              -              463         296   156.42        16
OHA                  5              4              1              -              537         410   130.97        16
St Virgils            4              3              1              -             419         326    128.53        12
DOSA                4              2              2              -             326         282    115.60          8
University           4              1              2              1             432         284    152.11          6           
Richmond          4               -              3              1             294          355     82.82          2
Channel             5               -              5              -              324          842    38.48         

Leading Goalkickers  

F Reeves  University        (2) 15 
P McEvoy University       (1)  15
B VanKrannen  DOSA     (1)  14
M Collis St Virgils           (-)  13
C Joyce University          (5) 12
M Wright Hutchins          (2) 11
N Leitch Hutchins           (2)  11
D McShane Hutchins      (2)  11

Richmond       14.15.99
OHA                2.15.27
Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 4, I Vance 3, M Cooper 2, J Hodge 2, T Roberts, B Woolley, J Rogers
OHA - T Austin, D Baker
Best - Richmond - M Cooper, D Williams, J Hodge, A Reeve, I Vance, J Byers
OHA - D Johnson, D Orr, A Moore, D Ryan, D Baker, N Balcombe

DOSA           17.3.105
Channel         4.2.26

Goals - DOSA - M Honey 6, B Loveless 3, C Claridge 2, C Burdon, K Dooley, L Golding, T Allcock, B Johnson, J Robinson
Channel - D Berechree, C Iles, J Bowden, N Mansfield
Best - DOSA - C Claridge, B Loveless, K Dooley, M Jones, M Honey, M McCallum
Channel - D Smith, R Panton, J legg, C Coventry, D Warn, M Dingin

University    13.19.97
Hutchins         7.9.51

Goals - University - L Bartolovich 5, M Gates 2, T Lonergan 2, J Digney, K Dedini, N Brereton, C Cato
Hutchins - T Green 2, A Hazell, J hay, C Roberts, J Parker, S Williams
Best - University - M Gates, K Dedini, C Jordon, J Timbs, C McConnon, B Hayes
Hutchins - J heron, J Burns, T Braddick, J Kemp, H Balcombe, A Jago 


St Virgils    219.35%    16
Richmond   187.50%    16
DOSA        150.88%      8
OHA          116.50%      8
University     96.22%      8
Hutchins      61.85%      4
Channel       34.26%      0  

Leading Goalkickers -

B Hastie St Virgils 21, C Crossin Richmond 13, W Garvey OHA 13  


Review Round 5

OHA’s 8 point win over Richmond was set up by solid second and third quarters where they outscored their opponents 11 goals to 4 and a had a 38 point lead at the last change.  Richmond’s final quarter comeback saw them get within 2 points of OHA but a goal on the siren saw the Ships take the game away from their gallant opponents. Nick Skeggs continued his good form with another great game for the winners, well supported by Marc Thompson, Stuart Whitelaw and Jason Britten. Alex Cook, Dane Bailey and Jayden Baker were Richmond’s best.

Hutchins almost kicked themselves out of their match against University. 7 goals from 36 scoring shots shows the leaders need to work on their goalkicking if they are to continue to win games. Agoal on the final siren was all that got Hutchins home in a nail-biter. Scott Nichols, Travis Brown and Alex Brettingham-Moore stood out for the winners while 5 goals from Chris Joyce was the highlight for University. Jake Stride and Nick Fenton also played well for the Rainbows.

As expected, DOSA scored a comfortable win over an improving Channel, although the margin of 32 points was closer that had been predicted. Ben Setchell and Reece Munnings stood out for DOSA with Jarrod Lawler and Reece Schuth among Channel’s better players


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Round 6  11th May

Preview Round 6

University will be looking for a change of luck when they meet St Virgils at New Town in Saturday’s round of OSFA matches. The students have lost two matches to the last kick of the day and drawn a third to prove they are a very competitive outfit. Jake Stride, Field Reeves and Chris Joyce will be dangers to the Saints who have Zac Batchelor, Lucas Green and Ben Parremore playing consistent football.

DOSA returned to the winners list last Saturday and their clash with Hutchins at North Hobart is sure to be a hard fought affair. Sam Peacock and Justin O’Brien are in good form for DOSA while Ben van Kraanen’s first match against his former club will bring out his best. Hutchins are developing into a strong, competitive team with Scott Nichols and Travis Brown in good form.

Channel have the opportunity to open their winning account when they host Richmond at Snug. Channel showed improved form against DOSA last week while Richmond have suffered a number of narrow defeats. Rob Harwood and Michael Roberts are regularly among Channel’s better players while the Baker brothers and Alex Cook have been consisten performers for Richmond. 

OHA have the bye


Results Round 6


                                                                                               Hutchins d DOSA

Hutchins             4.4           8.9            14.9            17.11.113
DOSA                4.1           9.4            12.11          15.14.104

Goals - Hutchins - S Wright 5, D McShane 3, M Wright 2, J Parker 2, S Nichols 2, J Archer, T Howard, C Brown
DOSA - J Veitch 3, J Carroll 3, J O'Brien 2, B VanKrannen 2, C Golding 2, N Muir, K Harvey, J Certatelli
Best - Hutchins - S Nichols, S Wright, C Brown, T Brown, M Wright, J McMahon
DOSA - J Carroll, N Abrahams, K Harvey, J Veitch, J O'Brien, S Peacock     

                                                           University d St Virgils

University            7.2        9.7            17.9          22.12.144
St Virgils             5.2      11.3            18.6          20. 6.126

Goals - University - B Green 9, F Ackroyd 3, P McEvoy 3, F Reeves 3, R Hill, T Stewart, C Joyce, J Nelson
St Virgils - K Hall 5, A Mann 5, B Dodge 4, A Ross 3, J Collidge 2, M Collis
Best - University - B Green, P McEvoy, A Fitzpatrick, W McAdam, C Joyce, R Hill
St Virgils - K Hall, P Midson, L Green, B Dodge, G Crosswell, A Mann

                                                                                                Richmond d Channel

Richmond             5.1           10.6        16.9          26.12.168
Channel                2.2              3.3          6.8            8.13.61

Goals - Richmond - K Baker 6, T Graham 5, B Joseph 4, G Bentley 3, M Turner 3, M Baker 2, J Woolley, N Terry, G Byers
Channel - D Cragg 4, M Roberts 2, R Harwood, C Wheatley
Best - Richmond - B Joseph, J Woolley, A Woodham, M Baker, N Woolley, T Graham
Channel - M Roberts, J Lawler, D Cragg, T Boucher, J Beadle, L Swards


Hutchins                   5          5          -           -           576      400   144.00    20
OHA                         5          4          1          -           537      410   130.98    16
St Virgils                   5          3          2          -           545      470   115.96    12
University                  5          2          2          1          576      410    140.49   10
DOSA                       5          2          3          -          430      395    108.86     8
Richmond                 5          1          3          1          462       416    111.05    6
Channel                    6          -           6          -          385      1010     38.12   -

Leading Goalkcikers -

P McEvoy                     University        (3)        18
F Reeves                      University        (3)         18
B VanKrannen               DOSA             (2)        16
D McShane                   Hutchins         (3)        14                         
M Collis                       St Virgils          (1)        14


DOSA          36.27.243
Hutchins           3.5.23

Goals - DOSA - M Honey 12, S Byrne 5, L Browning 4, C Claridge 3, B Johnson 3, K Butterworth 3, D Ingles 2, M McCallum 2, B Millhouse, T Allock
Hutchins - T Green 2, T Burgess

Best - DOSA - D Ingles, L Browning, M Honey, S Byrne, B Loveless, M Scott
Hutchins - T Braddick, J Heron, J Hay, J Burns, S Williams, S Ryan 

St Virgils     19.13.127
University     6.9.45


Goals - St Virgils - T Nicholas 4, B Hastie 3, D Hill 2, N Free 2, A Oakley 2, S Groves, M Grandin, J Hadfield, S Hughes, S Lane, J Gill
University - N Hill, T Lonergan, L Bartoluvic, W Cox, J Timbs, B Standborough
Best - St Virgils - M Grandin, A Vlahov, T Manning, D Hill, T Nicholas, J Baker
University - C McConnon, S Bellchambers, T Stevens, B Hayes, K Takayama, W Cox


Richmond        22.13.145
Channel               4.5.29

Goals - Richmond - G Splann 5, C Ross 3, P Roland 3, J Brimfield 2, J Mizzi 2, B Woolley 2, J Rogers 2, J Sturzaker, S Bradford, T Boatwright
Channel - D Smith, K Westbury, C Foster, D Warn
Best - Richmond - P Roland, S Bradford, A Newman, D Gibson, I DeWinter, J Hodge
Channel - C Foster, J Webster, D Smith, M Coad, R Panton, S Turnbull

St Virgils                                 231.60%         20pts
                               225.74%          20pts

                                    223.86%          12pts
                                       116.50%          8pts 
University                                 78.67%            8pts
                                  42.35%           4pts               
Channel                                   31.65%           0pts

Leading Goalkickers -
B Hastie
                       St Virgils          (3) 24
M Honey
                      DOSA             (12) 18
C Crossin
                     Richmond              13


Review Round 6

Richmond scored their first win of the season with a 107 point defeat of Channel in Saturday’s round of OSFA matches. As the scores indicate, Richmond were on top throughout the game with Brad Joseph, Josh Woolley and Andrew Woodham giving plenty of drive. Channel were best served by Matthew Rogers, Jarrod Lawler and David Cragg. 

Former Melbourne star, Brad Green’s 9 goals was sufficient for University to overcome St Virgils in a shootout at New Town. After an even first half, St Virgils gained a 6 goal break but University fought back to reduce the margin to 3 points at the last change and then kicked 5 goals to 2 in the last quarter to win by 18 points. Beside Green, Peter McEvoy, Aaron Fitzpatrick & Will McAdam played well for University while Ken Hall and Andrew Mann both of whom kicked 5 goals, Patrick Midson & Lucas Green were best for St Virgils.

The game North Hobart between DOSA and Hutchins was tight throughout with the margin never more than 2 goals, Hutchins running out winners by 9 points. Scott Nichols, Sam Wright (5 goals) and Clinton Brown were probably Hutchins best while Justin Carroll, Nathan Abrahams and Kim Harvey all played well for DOSA.

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Round 7  18th May

Preview Round 7


With only one and a half games separating third and sixth on the premiership ladder, Saturday’s round of OSFA matches could have serious consequences for the losing teams.  

DOSA (5th) meet University (4th) at North Hobart in what may well be the most important and closest game of the round. Both clubs have high aspirations and a loss in this game could have lasting effects on their seasons. Justin O’Brien, Ben Setchell, Sam Peacock and Kim Harvey will need to be at their best if the rainbows are to be stopped. Jake Stride, Peter McEvoy, Chris Joyce and Aaron Fitzpatrick have been solid contributors for Uni and DOSA will need to watch them closely. 

Richmond host St Virgils and will be confident following their good win last week. St Virgils are in third place on the ladder but a loss in his match could see them under pressure to stay in the four. Adam Daft, Mitch Baker, Andrew Woodham and, Trent Graham have been consistent players for Richmond while Patrick Midson, Lucas Green, Brad Dodge and Andrew Mann have been among St Virgils’ better performers. A win to Richmond will put them well in contention to play finals while a loss to either side sees them in a battle for the finals.

Top teams, Hutchins and OHA meet at Queenborough and another tight match should ensue. Hutchins are getting good service from Scott Nichols, James McMahon and the Wright brothers while OHA have Nick Skeggs, Stuart Whitelaw, Ben Langford and Nick Paine providing plenty of forward chances Irrespective of the result the teams will probably stay at the top of the ladder after the match. 

Channel have the bye.

Results Round 7


                                                                                         University d DOSA

University                8.4     11.7     14.11     18.14.122
DOSA                    4.0       9.3      11.7      15.11.101

Goals - University - C Joyce 4, F Reeves 4, N Hill 4, J Cracknell 2, J Nelson 2, H Anderson, C Burgess
DOSA - B VanKraanen 3, C Golding 2, K Harvey 2, S Peacock 2, M Coneelly, C Claridge, J Veitch, N Abrahams, B Setchell, T Bowden
Best - University - F Reeves, J Cracknell, P McEvoy, N Hill, J Stride, M Rippon
DOSA - J Veitch, N Abrahams, K Harvey, L Manser, C Claridge, M Broughton    

                                                                                           Hutchins d OHA

Hutchins                 2.4     7.8     11.9    18.12.120
OHA                         3.1     5.3       7.5    10. 6. 66

Goals - Hutchins - D McShane 6, M Wright 3, M Wilson 2, L Franks 2, C Brown, B Garth, N Leitch, S Palazzolo, T Howard
OHA - S Bowering 3, M Thompson 2, B McMurray, A Banks, Z Burnett, M McPherson, N Cranfield
Best - Hutchins - M Wilson, A Brettingham-Moore, C Noye, C Brown, L Noye, M Wright
OHA - N Skeggs, M Thompson, Z Burnett, P Stanley, S Bowering, A Rossiter

                                                                                           Richmond d St Virgils

Richmond               5.4       5.8     7.12     10.18.78
St Virgils                  3.2       5.4     6.6         7.7.49

Goals - Richmond - G Bentley 4, M Baker 2, K Baker, Nick Woolley, B Joseph
St Virgils - A Mann 3, B Dodge 2, M Parker, J Collidge
Best - Richmond - A Daft, Nathan Woolley, G Bentley, N Mayne, J Woolley, S Dick
St Virgils - A Ross, L Green, J Collidge, A Walker, M Parker, M Grandin  


Hutchins                          6          6          -           -           696      466   149.35    24
                                6          4          2          -           603      530   113.77    16
                         6          3          2          1          698      511    136.59   14
St Virgils
                         6          3          3          -           594       548   108.39    12
                        6          2          3          1          540      465    116.13    10
                             6          2          4          -           531      517    120.70     8
                          6           -          6          -           385      1010     38.12   -


Leading Goalkickers -

F Reeves                    University              (4) 22
D McShane
                 Hutchins               (6) 20
B VanKrannen
             DOSA                  (3) 19
P McEvoy
                  University               (-) 18
C Joyce
                     University               (4) 17


DOSA            7.11.53
University       8 . 4.52


Goals - DOSA - S Byrne 3, M Scott 2, D Ingles, J Lincoln
University  - D Burgess 3, C Jordon 2, B Hayes, S Cooper, K Dedini
- DOSA - J Lincoln, M McCallum, T Allcock, A Davey, J Sorrenteno, D Evans
University - K Dedini, W Bellchambers, B Curtis, B Stanborough, C Jordon, S Cooper


Hutchins      12.8.80
OHA            11.7.73

Goals - Hutchins - D Readett 3, Z Nossiter 2, J Chung-Gong, J Heron, D Rossiter, S Ryan, T Lewis, O Robinson, C Hutchinson
OHA - T Austen 4, M Phillips 2, M McConnell, C Luck, S Fitzgerald, K Nikoli
- Hutchins - O Robinson, Z Nossiter, N Jones, C Hutchinson, J Heron, D Readett
OHA - S Schnitzerling, S Luck, A Moore, M Phillips, W Cook, S Fitzgerald

St Virgils      11.13.79
Richmond    11. 6.72


Goals - St Virgils - B Hastie 4, D Quinn 3, N Free 3, N Robinson
Richmond - S Boxall 3, J Bevan, I Vance, G Splann, C Ross, T Roberts, A Sweet, S Bradford, A Reeve
- St Virgils - N Free, D Quinn, A Vlahov, D Morgan, D Hill, N Robinson
Richmond - S Boxall, D Williams, S Bradford, I DeWinter, J Hodge, A Reeve


St Virgils                 202.64%     24pts
                191.77%    20pts
                     114.52%    16pts

OHA                       112.63%     8pts

                  82.36%     8pts
                   48.72%     8pts       

Channel                    31.26%     0pts
Leading Goalkickers

B Hastie             St Virgils         28
M Honey
            DOSA             18
C Crossin
           Richmond       13
W Garvey
           OHA               13
L Browning
         DOSA              9                                                                       

C Claridge          DOSA              9          


Review Round 7

University continued their winning form with a class performance in defeating DOSA by 21 points. An 8 goal first quarter set up University’s win even though DOSA reduced the margin to ten points early in the third quarter. University kicked away again through the fine efforts of Field Reeves, Jackson Cracknell, Peter McEvoy and Nicholas Hill while Justin Veitch, Nathan Abrahams, Kim Harvey and Luke Manser were best for DOSA. 

Hutchins remain the only undefeated team after comfortably accounting for their nearest rival OHA by 54 points. The game was up for grabs in the first half but Hutchins gained the ascendancy and kicked away in the second half with Declan McShane (6 goals) and Matthew Wilson, Angus Brettingham-Moore and Lewis Noye lending solid support. OHA were best served by Nick Skeggs, Marc Thompson, Zac Burnett and Paul Stanley. 

Richmond bridged the gap on the top four teams with a hard fought 29 point win over St.Virgils in what was a scrambly affair. Both teams traded goals in the first half but Richmond stifled St.Virgils dangerous forwards and broke away in the second half. Adam Daft, Nathan Woolley, Glendon Bentley and Nick Mayne stood out for Richmond with Alex Ross, Lucas Green, Jaryd Collidge and Adam Walker the best for St.Virgils.   

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Round 8  25th May

Preview Round 8

The battle for second position continues this Saturday in the Old Scholars with OHA, University and St.Virgils all vying for the position with Richmond also making their move up the ladder.


OHA travel to University and a close game is anticipated as both teams are similar in terms of onballers and runners. University have in form forwards Chris Joyce and Field Reeves to complement the good work further up the ground led by Peter McEvoy and Jackson Cracknell while OHA rely on Sam Bowering and their small forwards to kick a winning score and have Paul Stanley, Zac Burnett, Nick, Skeggs and Alex Rossiter in form.


The clash at Richmond sees the home team up against a struggling DOSA. Richmond have finals action in their eyes and are improving each game led by Nick Mayne, Trent Graham, Adam Daft and Nathan Woolley while DOSA are only a shadow of last years’ team although Justin Veitch, Kim Harvey, Luke Manser and Nathan Abrahams are playing well.


St.Virgils host Channel and unless Saints recapture some form a close game should eventuate. Alex Ross, Lucas Green, Ben Parremore and Chris Noye are in form while Channel are winless but their endeavour and competiveness cannot be questioned.


Hutchins have the bye.    


Results Round 8


                                                                                     St Virgils d Channel

St Virgils           2.5         7.9         8.11     12.13.85
Channel            1.1         2.2         2.3           3.5.23

Goals - St Virgils - B Dodge 3, A Mann 2, J Collidge 2, J Lethborg, R Robinson, P Midson, D Corbett, L Green
Channel - C Lovell 2, R Schuth
Best - St Virgils - L Green, M Beck, J Nibbs, P Midson, J Collidge, A Ross
Channel - G Mills, J Beadle, C Stockfield, D Rattenbury, D Smith, J Smith

                                                                                     University d OHA

University      4.8        8.11     12.22       18.24.132
OHA             3.4        5.4         6.6          7.10.52

Goals - University - C Joyce 5, F Reeves 5, J Nelson 4, N Fenton 2, J Stride, N Hill
OHA - A Banks 2, C Hevey 2, P Stanley, Z Burnett, N Cranfield
Best - University - N Whittle, R Hill, P McEvoy, N Hill, J Cracknell, J Stride
OHA - N Skeggs, A Risely, S Forsyth, B Jordon, Z Burnett, A Moore

                                                                                    Richmond d DOSA

Richmond       4.2       8.4      12.4        17.4.106
DOSA            3.5       7.7      10.9        12.11.83

Goals - Richmond - T Graham 8, B Joseph 5, A Daft, A Woodham, J Dart, G Bentley
DOSA - B VanKrannen 5, C Claridge, B Setchell, N Muir, K Harvey, J Carrol, T Golding, S Byrne
Best - Richmond - T Graham, B Joseph, D Bailey, G Bentley, M Baker, A Daft
DOSA - J Harvey, K Harvey, C Golding, J Veitch, B VanKrannen, J Carrol


Hutchins                                  6          6          -          -          696     466   149.36    24
University                                7          4          2         1          830      563   147.42    18
St Virgils
                                 7          4          3         -           679      571   118.91    16
                                        7          4          3         -          655      662     98.94    16
                                7          3          3         1          646     548    117.88    14
                                     7          2          5          -          614     623      98.56     8
                                  7          -           7          -          408    1095     37.26    -

Leading Goalkickers   

F Reeves          University  (5)   27
B VanKrannen   DOSA      (5)  24
C Joyce            University  (5)  22
D McShane      Hutchins    (-)  20
P McEvoy        University   (-)  18
B Dodge           StVirgils    (3) 18


St Virgils             26.21.177
Channel                  0.1.1

Goals - St Virgils- N Free 5, M Ferguson 4, B Hastie 3, D Morgan 3, R Crawford 3, S Groves 3, M Rhodes 2, J Hooker, R Oakley, M Graves
Best - St Virgils - M Ferguson, M Graves, N Free, R Crawford, M Rhodes, R Oakley
Channel - N Swards, B Sculthorpe, Z Loveluck, M Dinjin, R Paton,  D Warn

OHA                  14.15.99
University            4.11.35

Goals - OHA - J King 3, W Garvey 3, M Bannister 3, P Taylor, T Moore, B Kean, S Bryan, T Austen
University - D Young 2, M Longo, D Burgess
Best - OHA - J Freeman, D Orr, N Gobbey, M Bannister, G Vincent, B Garth
University - P Stevens, M Gates, K Dedini, B Stanborough, N Burton

Richmond        12.6.88
DOSA              9.14.68

Goals - Richmond - T Roberts 5, J Rogers 2, A Reeves 2, C Cupit, C Ross
DOSA - T Curtain 3, M Honey, C Lynd, D Evans, D O'Geary, F Shade, M Jones
Best - Richmond - T Roberts, A Oakley, IDeWinter, A Sweet, S Bradford, C Cupit
DOSA - A Davey, L Golding, K Dooley, M McCallum, M Scott, D Evans 


St Virgils               260.20        28
             180.73         24
DOSA                  183.63         16
                    123.95          12
              75.19           8
               48.72           8   
Channel                25.71           0

Leading Goalickers -
B Hastie
      St Virgils    (-)  31
M Honey
      DOSA        (1) 19                  
W Garvey     OHA          (3) 16             
C Crossin    Richmond    (-) 13
N Free         StVirgils     (5) 10

Review Round 8

A five goal second quarter by St.Virgils broke the game open and set up their 62 point win over Channel. Very blustery conditions made scoring difficult and while Channel drew first blood, a resolute St.Virgils defence kept them in check and their forwards capitalised on of their opportunities. Lucas Green, Mark Beck, Jay Nibbs and Patrick Midson were best for St.Virgils while Greg Mills, Josh Beadle, Chris Stockfield and Daniel Rattenbury stood out for Channel. 

University put on an impressive performance in soundly defeating OHA by 80 points. University were in control throughout and the winning margin could have been greater but for a host of missed chances against a below strength OHA. Top performers for Uni were Nick Whittle, Rob Hill, Peter McEvoy and Nick Hill while Nick Skeggs, Andrew Riseley, Sam Forsyth and Brody Jordan battled on for OHA.

Richmond’s goalkicking accuracy with a stunning 8 goal performance from Trent Graham was the highlight in their win over DOSA. Little separated the teams for three quarters but Richmond kicked 5 goals to 2 in the final quarter setting up their 23 point win. Other good players for Richmond were Brad Joseph, Dane Bailey and Glendon Bentley while Cameron Golding, Justin and Kim Harvey and Justin Veitch were best for DOSA.      

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Round 9  1st June

Preview Round 9

The vast improvement of Richmond will be put to the test when they travel to University to face the inform home team in the Old Scholars. University have not looked back since round six with their solid starts and attacking football led by Jackson Cracknell, Nick Whittle, Peter McEvoy and Nick Hill putting their opposition on the back foot. Fifth placed Richmond have tasted victory in their last three outings but need to keep winning to put pressure on the teams above them. Trent Graham has found form in Richmond’s forward line and Adam Daft, Brad Joseph and Andrew Woodham are playing well. 

Ladder leaders Hutchins should continue their unbeaten streak when they host cellar dwellers Channel. Hutchins are the benchmark of the competition so far which is a credit to coach Nick Leitch while the arrival of Declan McShane and Clint Brown has added depth. Channel are struggling but have a group of keen young players led by Greg Mills, Daniel Rattenbury and Josh Beadle. 

A close game is forecast when fourth placed OHA meets third placed St.Virgils and the team that can maintain consistency should take the points with OHA’s Nick Skeggs, Andrew Riseley and Zac Burnett in form as are St.Virgils’ Alex Ross, Lucas Green and Jaryd Collidge.

 DOSA bye.   

Results Round 9


                                                                                                                        Hutchins d Channel

Hutchins                      7.2         12.9      22.13    30.19.199
Channel                       3.2            4.4        6.7             6.7.43

Goals - Hutchins - D McShane 11, M Wright 4, B Garth 4, S Palassolo 3, S Wright 2, N Leitch 2, S Nichols 2, J Archer, A Brettingham-Moore
Channel - D Cragg 2, C Lovell, D Rattenbury, J Lawler, M Leale
Best - Hutchins - D McShane, A Brettingham-Moore, S Nichols, S Palassolo, S Wright, J Swain
Channel - R Scuth, J Lawler, J Beadle, J McQueen, D Rattenbury, M Roberts

                                                                                                                     University d Richmond

University                5.3           7.5          11.9          14.13.97
Richmond                5.2         10.9          11.10        13.15.93

Goals - University - F Reeves 4, C Joyce 2, M Jones, H Anderson, C Burgess, P McEvoy, J Nelson, M Rippon, S Cooper, N Whittle
Richmond - T Graham 3, M Baker 3, M Turner 2, N Terry 2, S Dick, K Baker, B Joseph
Best - University - P McEvoy, W McAdam, F Reeves, W Bellchambers, M Matuszek, J Sayer
Richmond - J Woolley, J Mackey, T Graham, N Woolley, B Joseph, T Hitchens

                                                                                                                      St Virgils d OHA

St Virgils               3.6             11.7        18.13         19.19.133
OHA                      3.1               3.3           5.5            9.7.61

Goals - St Virgils - A Mann 3, B Dodge 3, M Collis 2, T Nicholas 2, K Hall 2, B Weston 2, B Parremore, M Graves, J Cole, A Walker, D Quinn
OHA - C Hevey 3, J Broughton, J Britten, N Cranfield, B Jordon, A Banks, M McPherson
Best - St Virgils - K Hall, A Blahov, B Parremore, T Graves, M Weston, J Nibbs
OHA - A Riseley, A Limbrick, J Teirney, M Zukauskas, B Jordon, C Hevey  

Hutchins                    7          7          -           -           895      509   175.83    28
                   8          5          2          1          927      656   141.31    22
St Virgils                    8          5          3          -           812      632   128.48    20

OHA                          8          4          4          -           716      795     90.06    16
Richmond                   8          3          4         1          739      645    114.57   14
                        7          2          5          -           614      623     98.56     8

Channel                     8           -           8          -          451      1294    34.85    -

Leading Goalkickers

D McShane            Hutchins          (11)  31
F Reeves
               University          (4)   31
B VanKrannen
        DOSA              (-)    24
C Joyce
                University          (2)    24
B Dodge
                St Virgils          (3)    21


Hutchins              24.21.165
Channel                  3.4.22

Goals - Hutchins - J Coad 5, S Parsons 4, H Nichols 3, C Wills 2, Z Wilcox, J Watson, M Dodd, L Nichols, J Johnston, J Hay, A Roberts, D Rossiter, S Ryan, J Kemp
Channel - C Turner, D Warn, K Westbury
Best - Hutchins - J Coad, H Nichols, J Kemp, M Dodd, S Parsons, S Williams
Channel - C Bones, D Warn, R Paton, C Turner, C Frame, C Foster

University         5.16.106
Richmond         9.11.65

Goals - University - M Gates 5, L McCarthy 3, K Dedini 2, R Stuart - Smith 2, D Burgess, C Jones, L Gaetani
Richmond - H Pfiefer 2, B Woolley 2, A Reeves, S Bradford, J Mizzi, C Cupit, B McGuiness
Best - University - M Gates, T Stevens, R Bellchambers, R Stuart-Smith, S Hamilton, N Brereton
Richmond - A Eastley, I DeWinter, J Rogers, H Pfiefer, A Sweet, B Woolley

St Virgils         13.9.87
OHA                11.13.79

Goals - St Virgils - D Morgan 4, B Hastie 3, N Robinson 2, J Gill, S Bourke, A Rhodes, S Lane
OHA - S Probert 4, D Fitzpatrick 3, G Vincent, J King, P Taylor, C McConnell
Best - St Virgils - R Oakley, G Ward, J Baker, D Morgan, J Gill, B Hastie
OHA - A Moore, T Martin, G Vincent, S Probert, D Orr, S Fitzgerald

Ladder                      %         Pts

St Virgils               229.24        32
             155.21         24
                  183.38         16
                     119.25        12
              83.19          12
               69.97          12         

Channel                23.93           0

Leading Goalkickers -
B Hastie            St Virgils           34
M Honey
           DOSA               19
W Garvey
          OHA                 16
C Crossin
          Richmond         13
D Morgan
          St Virgils           10
N Free
             St Virgils           10

Review Round 9

In a thrilling hard fought contest between University and Richmond University began brightly but Richmond worked themselves into the game to lead by 22 points at half time. University reduced that margin to 1 point at the last break and held firm to win the contest by 4 points. Peter McEvoy, William McAdam, Field Reeves and Wayne Bellchambers stood out for University while Josh Woolley, James Mackey, Trent Graham and Nick Woolley were best for Richmond. 

Hutchins steamrolled Channel to the tune of 156 points at Queenborough. Only 4 goals separated the teams early but Hutchins experience and class took over as they piled on 23 goals to 3 by Channel in the next three quarters. Declan McShane with 11 goals was the star for Hutchins but he had plenty of mates led by Angus Brettingham-moore, Scott Nichols and Sam Palazzollo while Reece Schuth, Jarrod Lawler, Josh Beadle and James McQueen battled hard for Channel. 

A burst of goals in in the second and third quarters set up St.Virgils' 72 point win over OHA and while the home team fought back the damage had been done with Ken Hall, Aaron Vlahov, Ben Parremore and Tom Graves best for St.Virgils while JamesTeirney, Andrew Riseley, Aaron Limbrick and Matthew Zukauskas were best for OHA.    

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Round 10  15 th June

Preview Round 10

Approaching the half way mark in the Old Scholars and both DOSA and Richmond, who have fallen behind the pack, need to get back to their winning ways if they are to play a part in the finals. 

DOSA are home to St.Virgils and have been boosted by the inclusion of ex Carlton star Simon Wiggins which is a massive gain and his presence is the tonic DOSA needs to lift their standard while St.Virgils are going about their business without fuss and will look to Ken Hall, Lucas Green and Ben Parremore to lift them over the line.   

Richmond face a challenge when they host the undefeated Hutchins and a supreme effort is required if they are to upset the visitors and need Adam Daft, Trent Graham and Josh Woolley to show the way. Hutchins are the benchmark of the competition and in ominous form led by Angus Brettingham – Moore, Declan McShane and James McMahon.  

Channel could cause an upset when they face OHA but they must work hard for four quarters and convert their opportunities while OHA are experiencing a form slump not having won since round five but will be determined to hold onto fourth spot. 

University have the bye.

Results Round 10


                                                                                                  DOSA d St Virgils

DOSA                        6.4           6.12           6.14            9.16.70
St Virgils                    1.2           1.3             3.6               4 6.30

Goals - DOSA - J Veitch 3, B VanKraanen 2, S Wiggins, J Cerratelli, C Golding, J Davie
St Virgils - K Hall 2, A Vlahov, B Dodge
Best - DOSA - T Golding, B McIntyre, A Davey, J Veitch, B Setchell, J O'Brien
St Virgils - K Hall, A Vlahov, B Parremore, Z Batchelor, A Mann, J Cole

                                                                                                   OHA d Channel

OHA                      4.6              8.1          11.10          16.11.107
Channel                 2.1              4.3            5.4               7.5.47

Goals - OHA - J Britten 6, A Banks 2, C Hevey 2, M Phillips, D Austen, N Cranfield, C McConnell, N Skeggs, J Broughton
Channel - C Wheatley 4, M Leale, R Schuth, N Jarman
Best - OHA - M Zukauskas, N Skeggs, A Rossiter, B Langford, A Banks, C McConnell
Channel - J McQueen, C Wheatley, R Schuth, B Bowerman, N Jarman, G Mills

                                                                                                  Richmond d Hutchins

Richmond               2.1            5.3          8.7          13.9.87
Hutchins                 1.2           2.3           5.4            8.5.53

Goals - Richmond - G Bentley 3, B Joseph 2, T Graham 2, T Hitchins, A Daft, M Baker, A Woodham, M Turner, N Terry
Hutchins - S Wright 2, B Garth, N Leitch, E Noye, D McShane, S Palazzolo, J Archer
Best - Richmond - S Dick, M Turner, Josh Woolley, J Baker, Nathan Woolley, K Baker
Hutchins - J Clark, N Leitch, J Archer, S Palazzolo, A Brettingham-Moore, L Gorringe


Hutchins                                  8          7          1          -           948      596   159.06    28
                                 8          5          2          1          927      656   141.31    22
St Virgils                                  9          5          4          -           842     702    119.94    20
                                        9          5          4          -           823      842     97.74    20
                                 9          4          4          1          826      686    120.41   18
                                      8          3          5          -           684     653     104.75   12
                                   9          -           9          -           498     1401     35.54    -

Leading Gaolkickers -

D McShane                  Hutchins                (1)   32
F Reeves
                     University               (-)    31
B VanKrannen
             DOSA                    (2)   26
C Joyce
                       University               (-)   24
B Dodge
                      St Virgils                (1)   22
T Graham
                    Richmond               (2)   21


St Virgils    6.2.38
DOSA        5.7.37

Goals - St Virgils - R Crawford 2, D Morgan, M Ferguson, M Robinson, J Hadfield
DOSA - J Fisher, L Golding, M Hamilton, C Claridge, D Evans
Best - St Virgils - J Hooker, J Slade, J Baker, J Brooks, J Gill, S Hughes
DOSA - M honey, D Evans, K Dooley, M Coneelly, C Claridge, T Curtain


OHA            11.16.82
Channel        4.0.24

Goals - OHA - T Orchard 3, B Garth 3, M McPherson 2, S Fitzgerald, W Cook, L Brown
Channel - K Westlake 2, M Dingjan, C Turner
Best - OHA - T Martin, W Cook, S Fitzgerald, M Gobbey, C Kean, J Fox
Channel - M Dingjin, J Webster, D Warn, R Panton, J Bowerman, C Foster  

Richmond    19.22.136
Hutchins         6.5.41

Goals - Richmond - T Roberts 5, J Mizzi 4, H Pfeifer 2, S Bradford 2, C Cupit 2, P Roland, B McGuiness, A Eastley, A Sweet
Hutchins - C Wills 3, S Parsons, J Coad, J Bester
Best - Richmond - C Cupit, S Bradford, J Sturzaker, H Pfeifer, A Eastley, J Byers
Hutchins - J Kemp, J Coad, L Nichols, J Johnson, C Wills, J Burns

Ladder -                      %         Pts
St Virgils
                  218.09      36
                 168.87      28
                      175.75      16
                        124.49      16

                   83.19      12
                    63.69      12 
                    24.28       0

Leading Goalkickers -
B Hastie
              St Virgils         (-)  34
M Honey
             DOSA             (-)  19
W Garvey
            OHA               (-)  16
T Roberts            Richmond        (5) 14
C Crossin
            Richmond        (-) 13
D Morgan
            St Virgils         (-)  11

 Review Round 10

Richmond won every quarter when they accounted for the previously unbeaten Hutchins. It was a tight contest early but Richmond eased away in the second quarter to hold a 3 goal buffer up to the final quarter. They increased that margin to 34 points in a team lifting display led by Steven Dick, Marcus Turner, Jayden Baker and Josh Woolley while Hutchins’ best were Jamie Clark, Nick Leitch, Sam Pallazollo and Josh Archer. 

A 6 goal to 1 first quarter by DOSA proved the difference in their 40 point win over St.Virgils. Goal scoring became difficult with the slippery ball as both teams battled for ascendancy with DOSA coming out on top. Best for DOSA were Tim Golding, Ben McIntyre, Justin Veitch and Aaron Davey while Ken Hall, Aaron Vlahov, Zac Batchelor and Ben Parremore stood out for St.Virgils. 

OHA had to work hard for their win against a determined Channel. Channel were up to the challenge early but could not sustain the pressure and OHA kicked away for a 60 point win. Matthew Zukauskas, Ben Langford, Alex Rossiter and Nick Skeggs were the pick for OHA while James McQueen, Cameron Wheatley, Reece Schuth and Ben Bowerman were best for Channel.    

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Round 11 22th June

Preview Round 11

With only two and a half games separating first to fifth on the premiership ladder games are hotting up, none more so than the first placed Hutchins clash with second placed University. Hutchins suffered their first loss last week and will be determined to turn that around but face a formidable University who have not lost since these teams last met in round five. Both teams boast talented onballers and link up players and the game could well be decided by the respective forwards’ accuracy.


OHA will need to be on their game if they are to repeat their round five win over their more fancied opponents Richmond who are in pretty good form. OHA will be desperate for victory to retain fourth spot while a Richmond victory will put them into third spot courtesy of their greater percentage and St.Virgils having the bye.


Channel host DOSA in a night game at Snug Park and face a tough task even though they are troubling the other teams but need to be more accountable at stoppages and capitalise on their opportunities while DOSA returned to the winners list last week in a gritty display  and will be keen to continue that trend.


St.Virgils the bye.   

Results Round 11


                                                                                                  Richmond d OHA

Richmond           4.2            8.8           15.12          21.16.142
OHA                  2.3            4.5             6.6            10.12.72

Goals - Richmond - T Graham 6, B Joseph 2, A Daft 2, M Turner 2, J Sturzaker 2, J Woolley 2, Nick Woolley, K Baker, N Terry, M Baker, M Cooper
OHA - C Hevey 3, J Broughton 2, J Britten 2, C McConnell, B Jordon, A Banks
Best - Richmond - J Woolley, B Joseph, A Daft, M Baker, K Baker, T Graham
OHA - J Tierney, Z Burnett, M McPherson, A Limbrick, B Langford, M Thompson

                                                                                               University d Hutchins

University         4.2           9.7           15.9           18.14.122
Hutchins          8.4         12.4           15.10          16.14.110

Goals - University - P McEvoy 4, F Reeves 4, J Stride 2, C Burgess 2, S Fisher, J Cracknell, J Nelson, M Jones, S Cooper, H Anderson
Hutchins - D McShane 4, S Wright 3, M Wright 3, S Nicholls 2, J Clark 2, S Palazzolo
Best - University - J Stride, R Hill, S Hamilton, J Cracknell, N Hill, S Cooper
Hutchins - J Clark, S Nicholls, C Brown, S Wright, N Leitch, S Palazzolo

                                                                                                  DOSA d Channel

DOSA           3.5        11.7       18.11          25.15.165
Channel       3.3          5.6          7.6              7.6.48

Goals - DOSA - B VanKraanen 9, J Davey 4, C Golding 3, K Harvey 2, B Setchell 2, J O'Brien 2, M Fisher 2, L Browning
Channel - R Harwood 3, C Lovell 2, M Roberts, B Bowerman
Best  - DOSA - B VanKraanen, K Harvey, M Harrison, J Carroll, J Davie, B McIntyre
Channel - R Harwood, B Bowerman, N Jarman, J Beadle, R Schuth, C Stockfield     


Hutchins                                  9          7          2          -           1058    718   143.35    28
University                                9          6          2          1          1049    766   136.95    26
Richmond                                10        5          4          1           968     768    126.04   22
St Virgils                                  9         5          4          -           842      702   119.94    20
OHA                                        10        5          5          -           895      984     90.95    20
DOSA                                     9          4          5          -           849      701    121.11   16
Channel                                  10        -           10          -           546      1566    34.34     -

Leading Goaldickers  

D McShane                  Hutchins                 (4)  36
F Reeves                      University               (4)  36
VanKrannen                DOSA                      (9)  35
T Graham                    Richmond               (6)  33
C Joyce                       University                (-)  26
P McEvoy                    University                (4) 23
M Wright                    Hutchins                  (3)  23


OHA               12.11.83
Richmond       10.  9.69

Goals - OHA - T Austin 5, A Fitzpatrick 2, B Tonks, W Cook, S Fitzgerald, M Phillips, N Cassidy
Richmond - H Pfeiffer 3, S Bradford 3, T Roberts, C Crossin, I Vance, B McGuiness
Best - OHA - B Tonks, C Kean, W Cook, T Austin, M Bannister, S Fitzgerald
Richmond - S Bradford, D Bailey, I DeWinter, A Eastley, J Rogers, J Mizzi

University      9.11.65
Hutchins        8. 8.56

Goals - University - N Brereton 2, T Stewart 2, B Hayes 2, K Dedini, C Jones, K Takayama
Hutchins - C Wills, T Howard, D Readett, J Coad, Z Perry, J Johnston, T Green, C Jackson
Best - University - T Stevens, R Stuart-Smith, L Bartulovic, J Hamilton, R Bellchambers, T Stewart
Hutchins - Z Bury, L Nicholls, C Will,s J Heron, J Johnston, C Jackson 

DOSA             18.13.121
Channel           7.8.50

Goals - DOSA - M Hamilton 4, D Ingles 3, S Byrne 3, J Fisher 3, J O'Brien 2, M Connelly, M Jones, K Dooley
Channel - M Coad 2, J Webster 2, D Warn, C Turner, B Cameron
Best - DOSA - J Fisher, D Ingles, K Dooley, S Byrne, M McCallum, T Doyle
Channel - C Turner, M Coad, D Warn, N Webster, P Jaques, C Jones

Ladder -                      %         Pts

St Virgils                 218.10    36
                157.26    28
                     128.86    20
                       126.91    20
                 84.59     12
                  65.26     12          
Channel                   25.82       0

Leading Goalkickers -
B Hastie
               St Virgils          34
M Honey
              DOSA              19
W Garvey
             OHA                16
T Roberta
            Richmond         15
C Crossin
            Richmond          14

Review Round 11

University showed their mettle in a come from behind win over Hutchins. Hutchins jumped the home team early but University fought back to trail by 26 points at the first break while reducing the deficit to 15 points at half time. Uni broke the game open in the second half to post a 12 point win with Jake Stride, Rob Hill, Sean Hamilton and Jackson Cracknell their best while Jamie Clark, Scott Nichols, Clinton Brown and Sam Wright were best for Hutchins.

 Richmond leapt into third spot courtesy of a 70 point win over OHA. It was even early but Richmond broke away in the second quarter to hold a 27 point lead and flexed their muscles in the second half taking control of the game. Josh Woolley was again in fine touch for Richmond supported by Brad Joseph, Adam Daft and Mitch Baker while James Teirney, Zac Burnett and Mitch McPherson were best for OHA.

 A 9 goal performance from Ben Van Kraanen set up a 117 point defeat to Channel in their night. Although even early DOSA took control from quarter time in their big win with Kim Harvey, Matthew Harrison and Justin Carroll other stand out players while Josh Beadle, Rob Harwood and Ben Bowerman were best for Channel.         

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Round 12 th June

Preview Round 12

Hutchins will be out to recapture their rounds one to nine form in the Old Scholars when they host St.Virgils whose aim will be a victory to return to third spot as Richmond have the bye. A Hutchins defeat will see them replaced on top of the ladder as University are expected to win against Channel.  Hutchins coach Nick Leitch will stress how important this game is to his players and a win will boost their morale while St.Virgils will need to take their best game form with them as they have dropped off lately.

With their eyes on fourth spot DOSA will be keen to defeat OHA but will face stiff opposition as OHA won their previous encounter.  DOSA have shown the better form of late although OHA have expectations of playing finals football so this game should be a close encounter.

University should have all the answers when they play Channel. University are enjoying their best season for a long time developing into a formidable outfit but must not take Channel lightly as they have a group of up and coming youngsters on a learning curve and they will improve in time.

 Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 12


                                                                                               Hutchins d St Virgils

Hutchins              2.0            8.2        12.4        14.5.89
St Virgils               1.1            4.1          8.2        13.5.83

Goals - Hutchins - D McShane 3, T Brown 2, N Leitch 2, E Burrows-Cheng, A Brettingham-Moore, S Nicholls, A Smith, E Noye, B Garth, C Brown
St Virgils - M Collis 5, B Dodge 4, K Hall 2, M Beck, T Nicholas
Best - Hutchins - A Brettingham-Moore, L Walker, J Fyshe, S Nicholls, N Leitch, M Wright
St Virgils - A Vlahov, J Cole, B Weston, L Green, T Walker, K Hall

                                                                                               University d Channel

University           7.3          12.8         18.14      26.19.175
Channel              1.2             6.5           8.7           9.8.62

Goals - University - N Whittle 7, P McEvoy 7, F Reeves 5, M Corbett 3, J Stride 2, J Fisher, J Cracknell
Channel -D Cragg 3, C Stockfield 2, B Garth-Smith, C Wheatley, R Harwood, J Smith
Best - University - P McEvoy, R Hill, N Whittle, M Gill, C Burgess, M Jones
Channel - R Schuth, B Garth-Smith, B Boucher, N Jarman, J Fordhan, D Rattenbury  

                                                                                                       DOSA d OHA

DOSA                2.5          6.6         9.12        15.17.107
OHA                  2.1          6.5         8.6             9.6.60

Goals - DOSA - J O'Brien 3, B VanKraanen 3, B Loveless, C Golding, M Fisher, T Curtain, R Munnings, J Cerratelli, M Fielding, B Setchell, D Ingles
OHA - J Britten 2, M McPherson 2, A Banks, C Hevey, M Zukauskas, S Whitelaw, N Cranfield
Best - DOSA - K Harvey, A Davey, S Peacock, M Broughton, D Ingles, M Fielding
OHA - B Langford, A Riseley, A Banks, M McPherson, M Thompson, C Hevey   


Hutchins                                 10        8          2          -           1147    801   143.20    32
                                10        7          2          1          1224    828   147.83    30
                                10        5          4         1           968     770    125.71    22
                                     10        5          5          -           956      761   125.62    20
St Virgils
                                 10        5          5          -           925      791   116.94     20
                                       10        5          6          -           955      1091    87.53    20
                                   11      -           11          -           608      1741    34.92    -

Leading Goalkickers  

F Reeves                      University               (5)  41
D McShane
                  Hutchins                 (3)  39
B VanKrannen
             DOSA                     (3)  38
T Graham
                    Richmond                (-)  33
P McEvoy
                    University                (7) 30
C Joyce
                       University                (-)  26
B Dodge
                      St Virgils                 (4) 26


Hutchins           13.8.86
St Virgils           6.11.47

Goals- Hutchins - J Parker 3, M Dodd 3, J Johnston 2, D Readett, J Watson, C Wills, T Howard, D Rossiter
St Virgils - R Crawford, J Baker, D Hill, S Lane, B Hastie, M Ferguson
- Hutchins - M Dodd, J Heron, C Jackson, S Williams, J Johnston, J Kemp
St Virgils - C Thomas, M Ferguson, J Hooker, D Hill, S Smith, B Hughes

University       12.15.87
Channel            6.4.40

Goals - University - T Stewart 5, L McCarthy 3, B Hayes 3, J Cartwright
Channel - C Turner 2, D Warn 2, J Legg, C Frame
Best - University - T Stevens, N Brereton, P Brooks, R Stuart-Smith, R Bellchambers, B Stanborough
Channel - C Turner, D Warn, R Paton, B Schulthorpe, C Frame, N Dinijin

 OHA               11.20.86
DOSA                7.5.47

Goals - OHA - B Kean 3, B Morris 3, W Cook 2, T Browning, C McConnell, P Stanley
DOSA - M Hamilton 3, K Dooley, K Butterworth, C Claridge, M Carr
Best - OHA - D Orr, S Fitzgerald, G Vincent, N Balcombe, M Bannister, B Tonks
DOSA - M Honey, M Scott, M McCallum, C Claridge, K Dooley, S Byrne     

Ladder                     %         Pts

St Virgils                190.31      36
              157.26      28
                      130.41       24
                    163.19       20
                 92.09       20
                  70.94       16           
Channel                   27.04        0

Leading Goalkickers -

B Hastie
               St Virgils          35
M Honey
              DOSA              19
W Garvey
             OHA                16
T Roberts
             Richmond        15
C Crossin
             Richmond        14             

Review Round 12

A dominant second half by DOSA enabled them to overrun OHA by 47 points and leapfrog into the final four. OHA looked impressive early but DOSA fought back in the first half and then took control after half time with twenty shots on goal to three as they continually broke OHA’s defensive lines with Kim Harvey, Aaron Davey and Sam Peacock there best players.  Ben Langford, Andrew Riseley and Ashley Banks stood out for OHA. 

Hutchins returned to the winners list with a hard fought 6 point win over St.Virgils. Both both teams struggled for supremacy early but Hutchins kicked away to lead by 25 points at half time and 26 points at three quarter time but St.Virgils stormed home kicking five goals to two but fell short. Angus Brettingham-Moore, Leith Walker and Jake Fyshe were best for Hutchins with Aaron Vlahov, Jacob Cole and Brad Weston the pick from St.Virgils. 

University brushed Channel aside with a 113 point win. University held sway for most of the game and while Channel had a positive second quarter they were dominated by an in form team who were led by Peter McEvoy, Nick Whittle and Rob Hill while Channel’s Reece Schuth, Brad Boucher and Brad Garth-Smith battled hard.     

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Round 13  6th July

Preview Round 13 

University host St.Virgils in what should be a close encounter given the results of their previous clashes. Last time these teams met University had Brad Green’s 9 goals to thank for getting them over the line but have since developed into a solid unit led by forwards Peter McEvoy and Field Reeves, midfielder Michael Jones and defenders Rob Hill and the versatile Nick Whittle. St.Virgils have dropped off the pace but Aaron Vlahov, Michael Collis, Ken Hall and Lucas Green are in form and they will be heartened by last week’s strong finish. 

Richmond are home to Channel with consolidation of third spot their priority and should hold all the aces with their consistent form and their prime movers creating plenty of chances for Trent Graham and Marcus Turner. Channel have unearthed some promising talent led by Jacob Fordham, Brad Garth-Smith and Reece Schuth. 

Hutchins need to repeat last week’s performance when they play DOSA who have recaptured some timely form over the last two weeks. Denying their opposing prolific ball magnets possessions will be crucial to winning and both teams boast powerful key forwards in Declan McShane and Cameron Golding and classy midfields.    

 OHA have the bye.

Results Round 13


                                                                                                    Richmond d Channel

Richmond              4.7             11.12          16.16         16.18.114
Channel                  1.1               2.5              4.6              6.7.43

Goals - Richmond - G Bentley 2, Graham 2, M Turner 2, K Baker 2, A Woodham, Nick Woolley, Nathan Woolley, B Joseph, T Roberts, T Hitchins, N Terry, J Sturzaker
Channel - C Wheatley 2, D Cragg, R Harwood, D Rattenbury, C Turner
Best - Richmond - A Cook, G Bentley, J Baker, J Dart, T Hitchins, J Sturzaker
Channel - M Roberts, J Smith, C Wheatley, N Sward, N Jarman, J McQueen

                                                                                                       DOSA d Hutchins

DOSA                   2.3                 5.3            6.8           6.9.45
Hutchins             1.3                  1.7           2.11         4.12.36

Goals - DOSA - J O'Brien 2, C Golding, J Cerratelli, J Davie, B VanKrannen
Hutchins - N Leitch, A Brettingham-Moore, D McShane, S Wright
Best - DOSA - J Harvey, M Fielding, K Harvey, J Davie, S Peacock, M Broughton
Hutchins - L Gorringe, A Brettingham-Moore, L Franks, C Brown, M Wilson, J McMahon

                                                                                                  University d St Virgils

University             5.1            8.2            12.5           14.9.93
St Virgils              1.1            3.1              4.2              6.3.39

Goals - University - C Joyce 7, F Reeves 5, N Hill, P Brooks
St Virgils - J Collidge 2, M Collis 2, A Ross, K Hall
Best - University - R Hill, M Rippon, C Joyce, M Matuszek, M Gill, F Reeves
St Virgils - J Collidge, B Parremore, K Hall, M Beck, A Walker            


University                                11        8          2          1          1317    867   151.90    34
Hutchins                                  11        8          3          -           1183    846   139.83    32
Richmond                                11        6          4          1          1082    813    133.09   26
DOSA                                       11        6          5          -           1001    797    125.59   24
St Virgils                                  11        5          6          -           964      884    109.05   20
OHA                                         10        5          6          -           955      1091    87.53   20
Channel                                   12        -           12        -           651      1855    35.09    -

Leading Goalkickers 

F Reeves                      University               (5)  46
D McShane                  Hutchins                 (1)  40
B VanKrannen              DOSA                    (1)   39
T Graham                    Richmond                (2)  35
C Joyce                       University                (7)  33
P McEvoy                    University                (-)  30


Richmond            24.16.160
Channel                  2.1.13

Goals - Richmond - P Roland 5, D Williams 5, G Splann 3, C Cupit 3, J Hodge 2, J Rogers 2, J Bevan, I DeWinter, J Byers, A Eastley
Channel - D Warn, J Bowden
Best - Richmond - S Boxall, S Bradford, C Cupit, P Rolands, J Mizzi, D Williams
Channel - T Malone, D Warn, J Mazur, R Panton, N Mansfield, C Foster

Hutchins                 5.7.37
DOSA                       5.6.36

Goals - Hutchins - A Smith 2, T Green, M Egan, J Hay
DOSA - M Hamilton 2, M Robinson, M Jones, M Pace
Best - Hutchins - M Egan, J Coad, A Smith, J Heron, C Wills, H Nicholls
DOSA - M McCallum, M Honey, D Hall, P Allcock, T Doyle, C Claridge      

St Virgils             7.8.50
University            4.8.32

Goals - St Virgils - N Gibson 2, D Quinn, J Baker, D Morgan, S Groves, S Bourke
University - K Dedini 2, M Gates 2
Best - St Virgils - S Smith, J Gill, D Hill, N Gibson, D Quinn, M Ferguson
University - B Stanborough, C Jordon, B Curtis, N Brereton, B Hayes, R Stuart-Smith


St Virgils                           188.29          40
Richmond                          179.55          32
OHA                                  130.41         24
DOSA                                159.14         20
University                            90.46          20
Hutchins                             72.08          20      
Channel                              25.14            0

Leading Goalkickers -

B Hastie                        St Virgils          35     
M Honey                        DOSA             19      
W Garvey                      OHA                16          
T Roberts                      Richmond         15         
C Crossin                      Richmond         14          
P Roland                       Richmond         13
D Morgan                      StVirgils            12 

Review Round 13

It was a slugfest in round thirteen of the Old Scholars roster but University, DOSA and Richmond overcame the conditions better than their opponents as University swept aside St.Virgils in the first half to lead by 31 points at half time and they continued that trend in the second half with Chris Joyce (7 goals) and Field Reeves (5 goals) damaging forwards while St.Virgils struggled in their forward half although Jaryd Collidge and Michael Collis were creative with the 54 point win elevating University into top spot. 

DOSA led at every change to inflict Hutchins third loss with a 9 point win. In a low scoring affair DOSA, led by Justin and Kim Harvey and Matthew Fielding, built up a 20 point half time lead which appeared enough in the conditions but with Lucas Gorringe, Angus Brettingham-Moore and Luke Franks dominant Hutchins fought back in the final quarter outscoring DOSA but fell short. 

Richmond were too powerful for Channel registering a 71 point win by controlling the first three quarters and led by 82 points at the last change through Alex Cook, Glendon Bentley and Jayden Baker but Channel never gave in and outscored their opponents in the final quarter with Matt Roberts, Jay Smith and Cameron Wheatley prominent.    

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Round 14  13th July

Preview Round 14 

With eight rounds remaining in the Old Scholars both OHA and St.Virgils need to return to their winning ways if they hope to feature in this season’s finals series.

OHA host Hutchins and both teams are ruing losing games they should have won and a lift in intensity is required but they boast classy players led by OHA’s Stuart Whitelaw, Ben Langford and Nick Skeggs and Hutchins’ Angus Brettingham - Moore, Nick Leitch and Lewis Franks. 

On a roll since round ten and looking a true finals force DOSA meet new ladder leaders University who have won seven in a row. A cracker of a game is anticipated and DOSA’s Justin Harvey, Scott Beattie and Aaron Davey could have their hands full with University’s dangerous forwards Chris Joyce, Peter McEvoy and Field Reeves. 

St.Virgils will need to recapture their free flowing game when they take on a resurgent Richmond. Saints have stagnated lately but are a talented team needing to recapture their early season form if they are to threaten the Blues who are in good touch and have a group of players in dominant form led by defenders Alex Cook and Jayden Baker and onballer Glendon Bentley.   

Channel have the bye.              

Results Round 14


                                                                                         Richmond d St Virgils

Richmond                      3.4           11.8          16.13         20.16.136
St Virgils                       3.3             6.5            8.8           15.11.101

Goals - Richmond - G Bentley 7, K Baker 5, T Graham 2, A Cook 2, M Baker 2, A Daft, M Turner
St Virgils - K Hall 5, A Ross 3, B Dodge 2, M Collis 2, J Collidge 2, M Connelly
Best - Richmond - A Cook, B Joseph, N Mayne, G Bentley, K Baker, J Sturzaker
St Virgils - J Collidge, K Hall, B Dalliston, J Baker

                                                                                             DOSA d University

DOSA                          7.0            11.1             12.6            14.8.92
University                     1.1              2.5              4.6               8.8.56

Goals - DOSA - J Veitch 4, B VanKrannen 3, J O'Brien 2, S Beattie, J Davie, B Loveless, S Byrne, K Harvey
University - C Joyce 4, P McEvoy 2, M Matuszek, N Whittle
Best - DOSA - J Veitch, J Harvey, S Beattie, M Fielding, J Cerratelli, B McIntyre
University - M Rippon, P McEvoy, S Hamilton, C Joyce 

                                                                                            OHA d Hutchins

OHA                         2.2              8.6                14.8          19.13.127
Hutchins                  6.3              7.7                   8.8          11.10.76

Goals - OHA - M McPherson 5, C Hevey 4, A Banks 4, P Hudson 3, M Zukauskas, J Britten, M Thompson
Hutchins - B Garth 3, C Brown 2, J Swain, L Gorringe, D McShane, K Jubb, T Brown, N Leitch
Best - OHA - S Forsyth, B Langford, Z Burnett, C Hevey, A Banks, N Cranfield
Hutchins - S Nicholls, O Robinson, L Gorringe, H Nichols, N Leitch, Z Bury

University                   12        8          3          1          1373    959   143.17    34
                    12        8          4          -           1259    973   129.39    32
                  12        7          4        1            1218    914    133.26   30
                        12        7          5          -           1093    853    128.14   28
                          11        6          6          -           1082    1167     92.71  24
St Virgils
                    12        5          7          -           1065    1020   104.41  20
                      12       -           12        -            651      1855     35.09    -

Leading Goalkickers

F Reeves                     University                 (-) 46 
B VanKrannen
             DOSA                      (3) 42
D McShane
                 Hutchins                   (1) 41
C Joyce
                      University                  (4) 37
T Graham
                    Richmond                 (2) 37
P McEvoy
                    University                 (2) 32


St Virgils     17.6.108
Richmond   14.9. 93

Goals - St Virgils - M Ferguson 5, N Robinson 4, S Groves 2, T Nicholas 2, A Rhodes, M Grandin 1, M Rhodes, T Smith
Richmond - G Splann 6, D Williams 2, H Pfieffer 2, J Jones, J Rogers, C Cupit, J Bevan
Best - St Virgils - S Smith, M Ferguson, N Robinson, T Nicholas, C Thomas, M Grandin
Richmond - D Williams, C Ross, G Splann, J Byers, A Eastley, T Roberts

Universsity   17.12.114
DOSA             12.2.74

Goals - University - L Bartolvic 6, K Takayama 3, C Jordon 3, B Hayes 2, M Gates, A Brown, J Hamilton
DOSA - K Dooley 4, M Honey 3, M Hamilton, C Claridge, T Curtain, B Millhouse, T Allcock
Best - University - L Bartolvic, R Stuart-Smith, T Stevens, B Cave, R Bellchambers, B Curtis
DOSA - K Dooley, M Honey, B Millhouse, D Hall, D Newitt, J O'Brien

OHA            11.13.79
Hutchins    10.14.74

Goals - OHA - M Phillips 2, T Austin 2, D Burgess 2, W Cook, B Tonks, J Broughton, A Fitzpatrick, B Morris
Hutchins - A Smith 4, N Cenin 2, J Heron 2, J Howard, J Kemp
Best - OHA - D Johnston, D Ryan, J Broughton, W Cook, S Luck, D Baker
Hutchins - S Heron, C Wills, A Smith, J Coad, N Cenin, M Egan

Ladder                     %         Pts

St Virgils               177.65      44
              165.80      32
                     128.30      28
                95.50      24
                  144.13      20
                  73.65     20       

Channel                   25.14      0

Leading Goalkickers -  

B Hastie            StVirgils      35
M Honey            DOSA         22        
W Garvey           OHA           16
G Splann           Richmond    16     
T Roberts          Richmond     15
C Crossin
          Richmond     14
P Roland           Richmond     13

Review Round 14

DOSA turned on an outstanding performance to crush ladder leader University by 36 points. DOSA set up their victory with a 7 goals to 1 first quarter and nullified Rainbow's danger players while creating space for their own ball carriers to set up a 50 point half time lead and it took until the last quarter for University to add some respectability to their score and reduce the deficit. Justin Veitch, Justin Harvey and Scott Beattie stood out for DOSA and Mark Rippon, Peter McEvoy and Sean Hamilton battled hard for University. 

Hutchins looked on track to return to the winners list with a 6 goals to 2 in the first quarter of their game but OHA had other ideas and they dominated the next three quarters kicking 17 goals to 5 to win by 51 points. With forwards Mitch McPherson, Chris Hevey and Ashley Banks running amok OHA had all the answers but Hutchins Scott Nichols, Ollie Robinson and Lucas Gorringe played well. 

Richmond proved too strong for St.Virgils winning their clash by 35 points with the second and third quarters setting up their win after an even first quarter while St.Virgils fought the game out outscoring Richmond in the final quarter but Richmond were worthy winners.

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Round 15 20th July

Preview Round 15

A terrific clash is predicted when two of the form teams in DOSA and Richmond meet in the Old Scholars Football Association roster. DOSA continues their surge up the ladder after an indifferent start with their ball carriers, forwards and defenders lifting to another level.  Richmond can move to second spot if they win and have improved dramatically under coach Scott Allen winning seven of their past eight games with an even spread of players at his disposal. 

OHA host University with the Ships looking to further enhance their finals chances while University will be desperate to hold onto top spot. OHA have been inconsistent but at their best are very good and must continue on from last week’s effort. University suffered a setback last week with a number of key players down but they will bounce back through Peter McEvoy and Chris Joyce. 

For Channel to topple St.Virgils they need to play for four quarters and convert their chances and are well led by Reece Schuth and Cameron Wheatley but the experienced St.Virgils, who are desperate for a win to keep their finals chances alive, should have enough poise and polish to carry them to victory.       

Hutchins have the bye. 

Results Round 15 


                                                                                St Virgils d Channel

St Virgils            6.1    11.2      15.6         18.9.117
Channel             2.1     7.1         7.2          13. 3.81

Goals - St Virgils - K Hall 8, M Collis 3, L Green 2, M Beck 2, B Dodge, T Nicholas, P Midson
Channel - C Turner 3, M Leale 2, C Wheatley 2, T Malone, J Lawler, D Rattenbury, J Legg, M Conlon, C Lovell
Best - St Virgils - K Hall, J Slade, C Thomas, B Dodge, L Green, Z Batchelor
Channel - T Malone, C Stockfield, B Boucher, C Lovell, M Roberts, N Swards

                                                                                 Richmond d DOSA

Richmond          5.3       10.6     13.7      16.10.106
DOSA               3.4        6.5      11.8       14.11.95

Goals - Richmond - G Bentley 5, N Terry 3, B Joseph 2, M Turner 2, J Sturzaker, Nick Woolley, K Baker, S Dick
DOSA - B VanKrannen 4, J O'Brien 4, J Veitch 2, C Golding 2, K Harvey
Best - Richmond - J Baker, B Joseph, G Bentley, A Daft, M Baker, K Baker
DOSA - R Munnings, K Harvey, J Harvey, S Peacock, B McIntyre, C Golding

                                                                                    University d OHA

University        10.3         18.7        21.11     23.15.153
OHA                3.0            6.1        10.5       12.11.83

Goals - University - C Joyce 13, N Hill 2, F Reeves 2, J Stride 2, P McEvoy 2, N Fenton, H Anderson
OHA - M McPherson 5, M Thompson 2, A Banks 2, T Austin, J Britten, C Hevey
Best - University - C Joyce, M Corbett, J Stride, S Hamilton, H Anderson, P McEvoy
OHA - M McPherson, J Britten, A Banks, J Spaulding, T Fenton, M Thompson   


University                       13        9          3          1          1526    1043   146.31    38
                       13        8          4         1          1324    1009    131.22    34
                         12        8          4          -          1259     973    129.39     32
                            13        7          6          -           1189     959    123.98     28
St Virgils
                        13        6          7          -           1182   1101    107.34     24
                              13        6          7          -           1165    1320     88.24     24
                         13        -           13         -             732    1972     37.12      -
Leading Goalkickers  

C Joyce             University            (13)    50
F Reeves
           University             (2)     48
B VanKrannen
   DOSA                  (4)     46
D McShane
       Hutchins               (-)     41
T Graham
         Richmond              (-)     37
P McEvoy
         University              (-)     34
K Hall
               St Virgils              (8)     29
B Dodge
           St Virgils               (1)    29


St Virgils         22.20.152
Channel            4.3.27 

Goals- St Virgils - D Quinn 5, M Ferguson 4, M Grandin 2, M Rhodes 2, D Morgan 2, N Gibson 2, J Gill 2, H Gill, A Rhodes, J Hooker
Channel - J Douglas 2, D Warn 2
- St Virgils - M Grandin, G Burke, M Ferguson, D Burke, J Gill, J Hooker
Channel - D Warn, L Mazur, R Panton, M Jacques, R Newell, J Douglas

Richmond       14.21.105
DOSA              5.10.40

Goals- Richmond - M Cooper 5, B Woolley 3, H Pfeifer 2, S Bradford, I Vance, C Cupit, J Pfeifer
DOSA - K Dooley, M Hamilton, J Fisher, M Carr, D Evans
Best - Richmond - B Woolley, S Bradford, A Sweet, J Bevan, A Eastley, C Ross
DOSA - J Lincoln, T Doyle, M Pace, M Honey, J Fisher, K Dooley  

University    12.9.81
OHA           11.9.75

Goals- University - L Bartoluvic 5, J Cartwright 3, M Gowans 2, M Gates, T Stewart
OHA - S Probert 3, M Bannister 2, A Fitzpatrick, T Martain, S Fitzgerald, D Baker, B Tonks, A Moore
Best - University - R Bellchambers, B Cave, T Stevens, J Hamilton, M Gates, J Cartwright
OHA - S Probert, S Fitzgerald, T Martain, A Fitzpatrick, N Gobbey, G Vincent

Ladder                     %         Pts

St Virgils             193.46        48
           170.80        36

                    125.11       28
              96.43        28
                 130.57        20
              73.65         20           

Channel               24.50           0

Leading Goalkickers -
B Hastie
              St Virgils          35
M Honey
             DOSA               22
L Bartoluvic         University          17
W Garvey
            OHA                 16

G Splann             Richmond         16

T Roberts             Richmond        15
M Ferguson         St Virgils          15

Review Round 15

Richmond leapt into second spot on the Old Scholars ladder after shrugging off a persistent DOSA. Richmond worked their way to a 25 point lead at half time but DOSA hit back in the third term to set up a thrilling finish. DOSA hit the front in the final term but Richmond reclaimed the lead winning by 11 points with Jayden Baker, Brad Joseph and Glendon Bentley their best while Rhys Munnings and Kim and Justin Harvey stood out for DOSA. 

A 13 goal haul from Chris Joyce enabled University to overcome OHA by 70 points. University set up their win in the first half to lead by 78 points but OHA refused to give in and outscored University in the second half. Other good players for University were Mark Corbett and Jake Stride while Mitch McPherson, Jason Britten and Ashley Banks were good for OHJA. 

A Ken Hall led St.Virgils held off a fast finishing Channel with a 36 point win. St.Virgils kept Channel at bay for three quarters but the home team fought the game out to the end. Jason Slade and Callan Thomas were other good players for Saints while Tom Malone, Chris Stockfeld and Brad Boucher were Channel’s best.   

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Round 16  27th July

Preview Round 16

With six rounds remaining in the Old Scholars, the battle for finals berths is becoming intense. A close game is forecast when ladder leaders University face off against second placed Richmond. University won their round nine game but were fortunate given Richmond’s final quarter inaccuracy at goal.  This game could be a high scoring affair as both teams have star forwards in University’s Chris Joyce and Field Reeves who are first and second in the Association goalkicking award and Richmond’s Glendon Bentley and Trent Graham who is set to return from injury and given space they can all do untold damage.   

Can an improved Channel upset a Hutchins team who have lost their past two games. The departure of four key players overseas allows other players to step up and they should prevail with their available player depth  Channel are improving week by week and will be out for victory led by an enthusiastic group including Tom Malone and Matt Roberts. 

St.Virgils host OHA in a must win for both teams in their bids for finals action. While consistency has been the problem for both teams they possess classy midfielders and have very good finishers in St.Virgils’ Ken Hall and OHA’s Mitch McPherson.  

DOSA have the bye.


Results Round 16



                                                                             Richmond d University

Richmond          5.5          9.10       13.12      15.16.106
University           5.2          8.3         12.7        13.12.90

Goals - Richmond - G Bentley 3, N Terry 2, T Graham 2, S Boxall 2, K Baker 2, K Rogers, M Baker, M Turner, A Cook
University - C Joyce 5, P McEvoy 3, C Burgess 2, F Reeves 2, H Anderson
Best - Richmond - J Woolley, K Rogers, M Baker, J Baker, A Daft, T Graham
University - C Burgess, P McEvoy, N Brereton, S Cooper, F Reeves

                                                                                    OHA d St Virgils

OHA                6.3          8.6            10.12          14.14.98
St Virgils         2.1          6.2              9.7             10.10.70   

OHA - C Hevey 6, M McPherson 2, R Yaxley 2, J Britten, A Banks, M Thompson, T Fenton
St Virgils - M Collis 4, J Collidge, A Ross, L Green, T Smith, M Conneely, P Midson
Best - OHA- B MacMurray, M Zukauskas, C Hevey, J Spaulding, A Banks, T Fenton
St Virgils - J Collidge, P Midson, A Walker, Z Batchelor, B Dodge, M Collis    

                                                                                  Hutchins d Channel

Hutchins         2.5          5.8          11.12          17.16.118
Channel          3.1          5.1            6.2               6.3.39

Goals - Hutchins - D McShane 5, N Leitch 4, C Wills 2, L Franks, J McMahon, M Wright, J Archer, H Nichols, C Brown
Channel - C Lovell 2, D Cragg 2, J Legg, B Bowerman
Best - Hutchins - J McMahon, H Nichols, M Egan, C Brown, L Franks, L Gorringe
Channel - J Beadle, M Roberts, B Boucher, J Lawler, R Schuth, J Fordham 


University          14        9          4         1         1616    1149  140.64          38  
Richmond          14        9          4         1        1430    1099   130.12          38
            13        9          4        -         1377    1012   136.07          36
DOSA               13        7          6         -        1189    959     123.98          28
                 14        7          7         -        1263    1390     90.86          28

St Virgils
           14        6          8         -        1252    1199    104.42         24

             14        -         14        -         771      2090     36.89           -

Leading Golkickers  

C Joyce
               University               (5)  55
F Reeves
             University               (2)  50                              
B VanKrannen      DOSA                   (-)   46
D McShane
          Hutchins                (5)  46
T Graham
             Richmond              (2)  39
P McEvoy
             University              (3)  37
M Collis
                St Virgils               (4)  32
G Bentley
             Richmond              (3)  31 


Richmond            20.10.130
University               9.10.64

Goals- Richmond - G Splann 8, C Cupit 3, M Cooper 2, A Eastley 2, P Roland 2, J Bevan, D Williams, B McGuinness
University - B Johnson 4, T Stewart 3, Z Lieutier, J Rubinstein
Best - Richmond - A Eastley, G Splann, I DeWinter, J Mizzi, J Byers, C Ross
University - B Johnson, M Gates, K Dedini, B Cave, T Stewart, J Timbs

St Virgils                  15.11.101
OHA                            8.12.60

Goals - St Virgils - B Hastie 5, S Groves 2, S Bourke 2, A Rhodes, D Quinn, M Ferguson, D Morgan, J Hooker, R Oakley
OHA- W Garvey 6, T Browning, J Fox
Best - St Virgils - D Bourke, S Smith, M Grandin, R Oakley, J Hooker, J Gill
OHA- T Browning, G Vincent, A Fitzpatrick, B Kean, J Doyle, J Freeman

Hutchins                   14.14.98
Channel                      5.4.34

Goals - Hutchins - A Smith 5, J Howard 2, C Hutchinson, J Swain, O Stevenson, D Lowe, J Coad, J Heron, D Readett
Channel - D Warn 3, R Panton, J Hatinger
Best - Hutchins - J Swain, J Coad, T Cannon, N Cenin, A Smith, C Hutchinson
Channel - R Panton, R Schuth, D Warn, D Smith, L Mazur, J Kean

Ladder                     %         Pts

St Virgils
               191.36       52
              173.27      40
                      118.53      28
               91.04        28

                80.14        24          
DOSA                   130.57       20
Channel                 25.04         0

Leading Goalkickers -

B Hastie
            St Virgils        40
G Splann
           Richmond       24
W Garvey
         OHA               22
M Honey
           DOSA             22  

Review Round 16

A solid first quarter and a fast finishing final quarter by OHA enabled them to hold off St.Virgils. OHA were first to the ball and capitalised on their chances to hold a 26 point half time lead. St.Virgils failure to kick goals when in possession in their forward half proved costly and OHA made them pay with their clinical finishes. Ben MacMurray, Matthew Zukauskas and Chris Hevey with 6 goals were best for OHA while Jaryd Collidge, Patrick Midson and Adam Walker stood out for St.Virgils. 

Richmond joined University at the top of the ladder finishing strongly to defeat their counterpart by 16 points. In an even game the half time lead of 2 goals separated the teams but Richmond’s accuracy in the final quarter proved the difference and exact revenge from their round nine clash. Josh Woolley, Kieran Rogers and Mitch Baker were best for Richmond as was Cameron Burgess, Peter McEvoy and Nathan Brerton for University. 

It took a dominant second half for Hutchins to shake off a persistent Channel by 79 points. Channel took the game up to Hutchins early through Josh Beadle, Matt Roberts and Brad Boucher but Hutchins prevailed with James McMahon, Harry Nichols and Michael Egan.    

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Round 17 3rd August

Preview Round 17

With the top two spots still up for grabs in the Old Scholars the clash between third placed Hutchins and second placed Richmond is a must win for either team. Clashes are even this season and a tight encounter is expected although Hutchins form has dropped away slightly and an improved performance is required whereas Richmond have gone from strength to strength since round ten with the return of two players from the Statewide League a bonus. 

OHA is another team that must win but will have to be on their game against a vastly improved Channel. OHA need James Teirney and Chris Hevey to control the ruck contests but will meet stiff opposition from Reece Schuth who is having a good season along with Josh Beadle, Matt Roberts and Brad Boucher but have to put in for four quarters. 

St.Virgils face DOSA and have the chance to right their indifferent form and their slim final chances while a DOSA win will strengthen their finals chances in their clash at New Town. Injuries have hit St.Virgils but they are a capable outfit while DOSA have looked promising over the past six rounds but must retain their form.

University bye.      

Results Round 17


                                                                                           Richmond d Hutchins

Richmond              4.0              7.3        14.8           17.11.113
Hutchins                 5.4              5.9        7.11           13.14.92

Goals Richmond T Graham , K Baker 3, G Bentley 3, K Rogers 2, N Terry, B Joseph
Hutchins - C Brown 3, M Wright 2, J Archer 2, D McShane 2, J Coad, N Leitch, L Franks, L Walker
Best - Richmond - K Rogers, A Daft, J Woolley, T Graham, K Baker, B Cato
Hutchins - J McMahon, N Leitch, E Noye, N Cleary, J Archer, L Franks

                                                                                               OHA d Channel

OHA                  5.4          9.9       11.17              17.23.125
Channel            1.3          1.4         4.7                   9.10.64

Goals - OHA - C Hevey 6, A Banks 3, P Hudson 2, B Tonks, M Zukauskas, M Thompson, R Yaxley, N Cassidy, J Britten
Channel - D Cragg 4, R Schuth 2, C Lovell, C Wheatley, D Warn
Best - OHA - R Yaxley, A Banks, P Hudson, T Fenton, C Hevey, J Tierney
Channel - R Schuth, C Stockfield, B Bowerman, D Cragg, M Roberts, J Lawler

                                                                                             DOSA d St Virgils

DOSA                5.2            7.6           14.13           16.21.117
St Virgils           1.2            4.4              6.4               8.7.55

Goals - DOSA - K Harvey 3, B Van Krannen 3, C Golding 2, D Ingles 2, J Ceratelli 2, B Loveless, J Lincoln, S Peacock, K Harvey
St Virgils - B Dalliston 2, M Connelly 2, B Dodge 2, J Baker, A Ross
Best - DOSA - B McIntyre, S Peacock, C Golding, M Fielding, B Loveless, T Golding
St Virgils - T Nicholas, Z Batchelor,B Dodge, M Connelly, A Walker


Richmond         15        10         4          1          1543    1191   129.55          42
          14        9          4          1          1616    1149   140.64         38
           14        9          5          -           1469    1125   130.57          36
               14        8          6          -           1306    1014   128.79         32
                 15        8          7          -           1388    1454     95.46         32
St Virgils
           15        6          9          -          1307    1316     99.32          24
            15       -           15          -           835      2215     37.69          -

Leading Goalkickers

C Joyce               University              (-)   55
F Reeves
              University             (-)   50
B Van Krannen
     DOSA                  (3)  49
D McShane
          Hutchins              (2)   48
T Graham
             Richmond            (7)   46


Richmond           13.18.96
Hutchins              5.12.42

Goals - Richmond - T Roberts 2, A Reeve 2, J Pfiefer 2, B McGuiness, B Bradford, J Hodge, P Roland, A Eastley, G Splann, H Pfiefer
Hutchins - D Readett, J Howard, N Noye, D Lowe, C Hutchinson
Best - Richmond - A Newman, S Bradford, J Bevan, A Eastley, G Splann, J Hodge
Hutchins - J Swain, J Kemp, N Cenin, A Jago, N Noye, J Burns

OHA                        27.13.175
Channel                    6.7.43

Goals - OHA - T Austin 5, J Broughton 4, M Bannister 3, J Doyle 3, C Grace 2, N Balcombe 2, W Cook 2, D Ryan, J Kean, B Kean, M McConnell, T Browning, A Moore
Channel - C Coventry 2, M Jacques, C Coventry, K Westbury, J Bowden
Best - OHA - B Kean, T Browning, W Cook, J Broughton, K Kean, L Gatehouse
Channel - J Bowerman, C Foster, R Newell, L Mazur, J Mason, C Coventry

DOSA                  16.17.113
St Virgils               5.14.44

Goals - DOSA - J Fisher 3, L Manser 2, N Muir 2, B Millhouse 2, N Abrahams, K Dooley, M Robinson, M Jones, D McConnon, C Claridge, L Golding
St Virgils - R Oakley 2, S Lane 2, N Free
Best  - DOSA -  M Hamilton, J Fisher, M Jones, L Golding, B Millhouse, L Browning
St Virgils - S Lane, J Hooker, A Rhodes, J Brooks, R Oakley, M Grandin

Ladder                     %         Pts

St Virgils              170.64      52
             175.91     44
                    130.32      32

              91.04      28
                   36.99      24

               77.28       24
               25.00        0

Leading Goalkickers -

B Hastie              St Virgils            40
G Splann
             Richmond          25
W Garvey
             OHA                 22 
M Honey              DOSA               22
L Bartoluvic         University            17
T Roberts
            Richmond           17


Review Round 17

Richmond grabbed top spot on their way to a gutsy 21 point win over Hutchins in the Old Scholars. The game was up for the taking at half time and Richmond took full advantage in the third quarter slamming on seven goals to Hutchins’ two to open up a 39 point break and while Hutchins came home strongly Richmond steadied to run out victors. Kieran Rogers, Adam Daft and Josh Woolley were best for Richmond while James McMahon, Nick Leitch and Elliot Noye stood out for Hutchins. 

OHA’s finals hopes are well alive after seeing off Channel by 61 points. OHA were in control throughout the game with Russell Yaxley, Ashley Banks and Paul Hudson dominant but their inaccuracy denied them a much needed percentage boost. Channel battled for three quarters but finished on through the efforts of Reece Schuth, Chris Stockfeld and Ben Bowerman. 

DOSA remained in fourth spot after their comfortable 62 point win over St.Virgils whose finals hopes nosedived. St. Virgils were in the game up to half time but DOSA kicked away through Ben McIntyre, Sam Peacock and Cameron Golding while Tim Nicholas, Zac Batchelor and Brad Dodge were best For St.Virgils.     

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Round 18 10th August

Preview Round 18

With four rounds remaining in the Old Scholars Hutchins, DOSA and OHA are locked in a battle for third and fourth spots although OHA have one less game due to a bye in round twenty. 

DOSA should have all the answers when they host Channel in a night game at North Hobart. DOSA will be wary of complacency but have too much at stake while Channel need to be competitive for four quarters if they are to cause an upset. Entry to the games is free with the Reserves kicking off at 4.15pm followed by the Senior game at 6.30pm.

Hutchins are away to University and a win will help them immensely while University have their eye on a top two finish and with a potent forward line suggestions are they will have Hutchins measure but Nick Leitch, Elliot Noye and Luke Franks may have other ideas.

Richmond should hold all the aces against OHA with the visitors consistency over the past three rounds a bonus but Richmond with their rich vein of runners and link players blend in superbly with their forwards while OHA have a key in Chris Hevey while Mitch McPherson and Ashley Banks are creative forwards.

St.Virgils bye.

Results Round 18


                                                                      Richmond d OHA

Richmond                   3.5                8.8             17.11           22.15.147
OHA                          4.1                6.3                9.6              12.8.80

Goals - Richmond - T Graham 6, K Baker 5, G Bentley 3, Nick Woolley 2, J Sturzaker 2, N Terry, A Cook, S Boxall, M Baker
OHA - C Hevey 3, A Banks 2, M Zukauskas 2, R Yaxley, S Whitelaw, N Skeggs, M Thompson, L Curran
Best - Richmond - M Baker, B Cato, A Daft, J Woolley, J Sturzaker, Nathan Woolley
OHA - A Riseley, N Skeggs, D Fenton, D Jordon, L Curran, J Spaulding

                                                                    Hutchins d University

Hutchins                    4.2             7.8             9.11          13.15.93
University                   1.3             4.5             8.7              9.9.63

Goals - Hutchins - D McShane 5, M Wright 4, B Garth 2, O Robertson, S Nicholls
University - F Reeves 3, M Corbett 3, S Cooper 2, J Nelson
Best - Hutchins - N Leitch, S Heron, S Nicholls, H Nichols, L Franks, J Archer
University - F Reeves, J Stride, R Hill, S Cooper, J Cracknell, J Nelson

                                                                     DOSA d Channel

DOSA                      5.4            12.10         16.11             19.15.129
Channel                 2.0               2.0             5.2                  6.2.38

Goals - DOSA - J O'Brien 6, B Van Kraanen 4, J Lincoln 3, D Ingles 2, C Golding, R Munnings, A Davey, J Cerratelli
Channel - D Cragg 3, C Wheatley 2, D Warn
Best - DOSA - J Cerratelli, R Munnings, D Ingles, J Lincoln, S Byrne, M Fielding
Channel - J Lawler, J Fordham, D Cragg, J Smith, M Roberts, D Rattenbury

Richmond                                 16         11         4          1          1690    1271   132.97     46
Hutchins                                   15         10         5          -           1562    1188   131.48     40
University                                  15         9          5          1          1678    1242   135.19      38
DOSA                                       15         9          6          -           1435    1052   136.41     36
OHA                                         16         8          8          -           1468    1601     91.69     32
St Virgils                                   15         6          9          -           1307    1316     99.32     24
Channel                                     16       -           16         -            873      2344    37.24       -

Leading Goalkickers

C Joyce                        University                  (-)  55
F Reeves                      University                  (3)  53
D McShane                   Hutchins                   (5)  53
B Van Krannen              DOSA                      (4)  53
T Graham                      Richmond                 (6)  52

Richmond            10.17.77
OHA                    11.10.76

Goals - Richmond - P Roland 2, H Pfiefer 2, I Vance 2, J Hodge, I DeWinter, A Sweet, C Ross
OHA - W Garvey 5, A Fitzpatrick 2, W Cook, M Bannister, S Fitzgerald, G Vincent
Best - Richmond - H Pfiefer, G Splann, C Ross, R Brumby, S Bradford, J Byers
OHA - J Freeman, M Bannister, T Browning, W Garvey, A Moore, G Vincent

University           13.16.94
Hutchins                3.4.22

Goals - University - T Stewart 3, B Johnson 3, K Takayama 2, Z Lieutier 2, B Hayes, L McCarthy, C Jordon
Hutchins - N Cenin, A Smith, J Swain
Best - University - M Gates, M Gowans, J Timbs, K Dedini, Z Lieutier, B Johnson
Hutchins - J Swain, N Cenin, C Franks, C Hutchinson, S Parsons, J Kemp        

DOSA                  35.21.231
Channel                2.4.16

Goals - DOSA - M Hamilton 10, M Robinson 6, J Fisher 5, K Dooley 4, L Browning 2, M Jones 2, J Davie 2, B Slade, D Newitt, M Scott, M Pace
Channel - K Westbury, N Mansfield
Best - DOSA - M Hamilton, J Fisher, M Honey, T Allcock, D Newitt, J Doyle
Channel - J Davey, C Coventry, C Russell, M Jaques, R Panton, B Cameron

Ladder                  %                Pts

St Virgils           170.64              52
Richmond         169.98              48
OHA                 128.16              32
University          97.42               32
DOSA               165.83             28
Hutchins           73.42               24
Channel            23.14                 0 

Leading Goalkickers  

B Hastie            StVirgils            40
W Garvey          OHA                 27
G Splann          Richmond          25
M Honey           DOSA               22
M Hamilton       DOSA               22

Review Round 18

Richmond sent a message to their opposition with a clinical display against OHA in the Old Scholars. A nine goal haul in the premiership third quarter took the wind out of the Ships sails setting up their 67 point win after a reasonably close first half. Richmond’s midfielders and onballers in Mitch Baker, Adam Daft and Ben Cato created havoc on OHA’s defence but Andrew Riseley, Nick Skeggs and Trent Fenton were good players. 

An even performance by Hutchins enabled them to defeat University by 30 points. An even spread of goals in each quarter by Hutchins was the difference as University faltered in the opening and final quarters failing to put scoreboard pressure on their opponents. The win saw Hutchins leapfrog into second spot through the efforts of Nick Leitch, Sam Heron and Scott Nichols while Field Reeves, Jake Stride and Rob Hill played well for University. 

DOSA looks to have secured fourth spot after they dealt Channel a 91 point belting. DOSA applied the pressure from the first quarter and the game was over by half time through James Cerritelli, Rhys Munnings and David Ingles but Channel had a good third quarter and Jarrod Lawler, Jacob Fordham and David Cragg battled hard.     


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Round 19 17th August

Preview Round 19

Tension and excitement is building in the Old Scholars as finals approach and with three rounds remaining it appears the top four is settled with the interest in who will finish second between Hutchins and University.

Hutchins must defeat a struggling St.Virgils to hold second spot as University are tipped to defeat Channel. Hutchins form has improved over the last three rounds with their midfielders having an influence and if they dominate, St.Virgils will be in trouble although St.Virgils defence will make Hutchins forwards work hard. 

If previous results are any indication the OHA versus DOSA clash should be a thriller. OHA dropped vital games which cost them dearly and they will keep DOSA guessing as to what approach they take being giant killers one week and ordinary the next while DOSA want to lock down fourth spot and are finishing their season off strongly. 

University should handle anything Channel throw at them with the incentive of finishing second to spur the home team on. University’s evenness will be a problem for Channel who have shown they can match it with their opposition for periods but cannot sustain the pressure for four quarters.  

Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 19


                                                         Hutchins d St Virgils

Hutchins       7.3          13.7         14.11       17.14.116
St Virgils       0.2            1.4           3.5             6.7.43

Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 5, D McShane 3, N Leitch 2, J Archer, B Garth, S Nichols, C Brown, M Egan, H Nichols, M Wilson
St Virgils - B Hodge 3, N Cornneely 2, M Beck
Best - Hutchins - L Franks, C Brown, S Heron, J McMahon, M Wilson,  M Wright
St Virgils - B Hodge, T Nicholas, K Hall, J Lethborg, Z Batchelor, M Cornneely

                                                         University d Channel

University       5.6          14.9        20.10    28.11.179
Channel          1.2           2.5            4.5         6.8.44

Goals - University - F Reeves 9, T Stewart 3, M Gowans 3, C Burgess 3, P McEvoy 3, S Cooper 2, J Cracknell, M Gates, J Harrison, M Jones, R Hill
Channel - D Cragg 4, C Lovell 2
Best - University - R Hill, W McAdam, F Reeves, S Hamilton, M Corbett, J Cracknell
Channel - D Cragg, M Roberts, J Beadle, C Lovell, J Fordham, G Mills               

                                                          DOSA d OHA

DOSA          6.1        11.4         15.9          18.13.121
OHA            4.2          7.3            8.5          14.  9. 93

Goals - DOSA - B VanKraanen 6, J O'Brien 5, J Veitch 2, S Byrne 2, R Munnings, K Harvey, B Setchell
OHA _ P Hudson 5, M Zukauskas 4, C Hevey 2, M McPherson 2, T Fenton
Best - DOSA - S Beattie, B McIntyre, S Peacock, D Newitt, J Veitch, S Byrne
OHA - Z Burnett, A Riseley, J Spaulding, P Hudson, B Jordon, M Zukauskas    

Richmond                                 16          11         4          1          1690    1271   132.97     46
Hutchins                                   16          11         5          -           1678    1231   136.31     44
University                                  16         10          5          1          1858    1286   144.48     42
DOSA                                       16         10         6          -           1556    1145   135.89     40
OHA                                         17          8          9          -           1561    1722     90.65     32
St Virgils                                  16           6         10         -           1350    1432     94.27     24
Channel                                    17          -           17         -             917   2523     36.34      0

Leading Goalkickers

F Reeves                      University          (9)       62
B Van Kraanen              DOSA               (6)       59
D McShane                   Hutchins           (3)       56
C Joyce                        University          (-)        55
T Graham                      Richmond         (-)        52


St Virgils          19.22.136
Hutchins              5.7.37

Goals - St Virgils - B Hastie 3, M Ferguson 3, D Hill 3, N Robinson 2, J Gill 2, G Burke 2, S Hughes 2, S Groves, A Hooker, J Nibbs
Hutchins - T Green 2, D Readett 2, A Smith

- St Virgils - M Grandin, R Oakley, D Hill, A Hooker, J Gill, M Ferguson
Hutchins - A Smith, L Walker, J Swain, C Franks, J Fyshe, D Mulcahy

University       20.11.131
Channel             9.4.58

 Goals - University - L McCarthy 9, C Jordon 3, S Fisher 2, N Hill 2, K Takayama, M Gill, N Whittle, D Young
Channel - B Cameron 4, D Warn 2, J Webster 2, D Westlake

- University - L McCarthy, R Bellchambers, S Fisher, N Whittle, R Stuart-Smith, Z Lieutier
Channel - B Cameron, M Dinijin, J Webster, A Sharpe, K Mansell, C Frame 

OHA             15.12.102
DOSA           14.7.91

 Goals - OHA _ T Austin 5, J King 4, M Bannister 2, C McConnell, W Garvey, T Browning, B Kean
DOSA - K Dooley 4, M Hamilton 3, C Claridge 2, J Fisher, D Hall, L Golding, M Scott, J O'Brien

- OHA - T Martin, B Tonks, W Garvey, T Austin, S Fitzgerald, D Johnson
DOSA - T Allcock, K Dooley, L Golding, M Honey, J O'Brien, J Fisher


%         Pts

St Virgils                       179.03     56
Richmond                      169.98    48
OHA                             126.97    36
University                      103.53    36
DOSA                           153.31    28
Hutchins                         69.08    24
Channe                         l24.31      0

Leading Goalkickers
B Hastie                        St Virgils           43
W Garvey                      OHA                 28
G Splann                      Richmond          25
M Hamilton                   DOSA               25 
M Honey                       DOSA               22