Old Scholars Football Association - Finals 2013

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1st/2nd semi  
Bar Richmond
Kiosk Richmond
Gate 8.45am to 1.30pm Channel
Gate 1.30pm to 6.15pm Channel
Ball Retrieval & Umpire Escort Games 1 and 2 & Scoreboard Uni
Ball Retrieval & Umpire Escort Games 3 and 4 & Scoreboard Uni
Prelim Final  
Kiosk DOSA
Gate Contractors
Scoreboard and Ball Retrieval Hutchins
Grand Final  
Bar 1 & Function OHA
Bar 2 St Virgils
Kiosk - North Hobart North Hobart
Gate - Contractors Contractors
Scoreboard and Ball Retrieval Hutchins


Semi Final Day  -  Richmond Oval   Top of Page

Old Scholars Football Association Semi-final Mega Day at the Richmond Football Oval
Saturday 7th September 2013
Schedule Duration Matches Teams Changerooms
Commencement 10.00am   2nd Semi Final Reserves Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 12.15pm 2hrs 15mins St Virgils Visitors - left
Break 12.15pm    
  12.25pm 10mins  
Commencement 12.25pm   1st Semi Final Seniors University Clubrooms - left
Finish 2.55pm 2hrs 30mins DOSA Visitors - right
Break 2.55pm    
  3.05pm 10mins  
Commencement 3.05pm   2nd Semi Final Seniors Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 5.35pm 2hrs 30mins Hutchins Visitors - left
Break 5.35pm    
  5.45pm 10mins  
Commencement 5.45pm   1st Semi Final Reserves OHA Clubrooms - left
Finish 8.00pm 2hrs 15mins DOSA Visitors - right

 Results below

In front of a large crowd at Richmond Hutchins won through to the Grand Final in the Old Scholars with a nail biting win over Richmond in extra time in the Second Semi Final. With the final scores locked at 83 points each they played two five minute periods in which Hutchins kicked two goals one behind to Richmondís two behinds and won by 11 points. The game began with Richmond in control but Hutchins fought back to reduce the margin at half time to 27 points after Richmond kicked the first five goals of the game The second half belonged to Hutchins as they lifted their work rate but were wasteful at goal while Richmond tended to play too loose in defence. Michael Egan, Lewis Franks and Sam Palazollo were best for Hutchins while Jayden Baker, Nathan Woolley and Troy Hitchens were best for Richmond. 

DOSA advanced to the Preliminary Final with a 51point win over University in the First Semi Final. University jumped out of the blocks early but DOSA fought back and took control in the second half through Sam Peacock, Justin Harvey and Ben Setchell while Jake Stride, Trent Stevens and Cameron Burgess were best for University. 

In the Reserves Richmond won the second semi final to enter the Grand Final and DOSA were successful in the first semi final to contest the Preliminary Final next week. 

1st Semi Final Seniors

DOSA d University

DOSA                        0.2           6.7          10.8        16.10.106
University                  4.5           7.7           7.10          7.13.53

Goals - DOSA - B VanKraanen 6, J Fisher 4, J Davie 2, J Harvey, R Munnings, K Harvey, B Setchell
University - F Reeves 4, P McEvoy 2, R Hill
Best - DOSA - S Peacock, J Harvey, B Setchell, C Golding, A Davey, J Fisher
University - J Stride, T Stevens, C Burgess, P McEvoy, J Hamilton, F Reeves

DOSA, coached by Justin O'Brien, needed to bounce back from a loss to University the week before.

Coach Cameron Burgess and his side were hoping for a the same result as previous game.


University was dominant in the first quarter and led by four goals at the first break.



Coach O'Brien managed to get ten goals from his players in the second half while keeping the opposition goalless.


 Ben Setchell celebrates a late goal


2nd Semi Final Seniors

Hutchins d Richmond

Hutchins                0.2          4.2         10.3            14.12.96
Richmond             5.5           8.5         11.5            13. 7.85

Goals - Hutchins  - J Clark 4, J Archer 2, Z Bury 2, L Franks 2, C Brown, N Leitch, M Egan, M Wright
Richmond - K Baker 3, G Bentley 3, S Boxall 2, T Graham 2, J Sturzaker, B Cato, A Cook
Best - Hutchins - M Egan, L Franks, S Palazollo, N Cleary, J Clark, J McMahon
Richmond - J Baker, Nathan Woolley, T Hitchens, J Sturzaker, S Boxall, N Mayne

Reigning Premiers, Hutchins coached by Nick Leitch,  were looking to defend their title.

Richmond's coach Scott Allen would be hoping for a home town victory for the Minor Premiers.

  A big day for the umpires as well as the players

Richmond kicked five goals to nil in the first quarter and looked the dominant side.


Hutchins used the last three quarters to claw their way back to a winning position.


A win but no goals for Association Leading Goalkicker Declan McShane

1st Semi Final Reserves


DOSA               3.4         8.8         9.11        12.13.85
OHA                 0.2         4.4         6.9            8.16.64

Goals - DOSA - N Muir 4, C Claridge 3, D McConnon 2, M Hamilton, S Byrne, J Carroll
OHA - A Fitzpatrick 2, W Cook 2, T Austen, C Williams, W Garvey, B Tonks
Best  - DOSA - M Scott, C Claridge, J Carroll, N Muir, A Wilson, T Doyle
OHA - W Cook, B Tonks, A Fitzpatrick, D Baker, S Fitzgerald, N Balcombe             

Night game.

 2nd Semi Final Reserves

Richmond d St Virgils

Richmond                  2.8        5.12      8.14         9.19.73
St Virgils                   0.0        0.0        1.2            4.6.30

Goals - Richmond - M Cooper 3, T Roberts 2, A Sweet, P Roland, A Reeve, G Splann
St Virgils - G Burke 2, B Hastie, J Hadfield
Best - Richmond - H Phieffer, J Byers, C Ross, J Hodge, A Sweet, D Williams
St Virgils - G Burke, D Bourke, J Brooks, T Manning, D Quinn, S Lane    

Richmond were too good on the day and were convincing winners.

Playing his 150th game, Jarrod Beven had an extra reason to celebrate.


Preliminary Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page

A challenging start by DOSA, a typical Richmond fightback and a barnstorming finish by DOSA highlighted the Old Scholars Preliminary Final clash between Richmond and DOSA with DOSA earning the right to challenge Hutchins in next Saturdayís Grand Final. DOSA flew out of the blocks in the first quarter bombarding the goals but inaccuracy cost them a handy lead and Richmond added two late quarter goals to peg DOSA back. Richmond turned the game around in the second quarter kicking five goals to three to take a two point lead into half time.

The third quarter was a shootout as both teams tried to gain an advantage and the three quarter siren sounded with both teams locked on 83 points each. The final quarter belonged to DOSA who dominated around the packs and their defence stood tall while kicking five goals to Richmondís two to win by 20 points. Both teams had players who flashed in and out but none were as consistent as DOSAís Justin Veitch and Ben Setchell supported by Luke Manser, Mitch Broughton, Kim Harvey and Jeff Fisher while Trent Graham, Ben Cato, Jayden Baker, Adam Daft, Brad Joseph and Alex Cook were Richmondís best. 

In the Reserves  a six goal haul from Gerard Burke enabled St.Virgils to overcome DOSA and they will meet Richmond in the Grand Final. 

Preliminary  Final - Seniors

DOSA d Richmond

DOSA               4.7             7.8          12.11      17.15.117
Richmond          3.2             8.4          13.5        15. 7. 97

Goals - DOSA - J Fisher 3, K Harvey 3, B Van Kraanen 2, D Newitt 2, A Abrahams 2, J O'Brien 2, C Golding, B Setchell, M Broughton
Richmond - T Graham 4, B Joseph 3, S Boxall 2, G Bentley 2, M Baker 2, D Bailey, Nick Woolley
Best - DOSA - J Veitch, L Manser, B Setchell, K Harvey, J Fisher, M Broughton
Richmond - T Graham, B Cato, J Baker, A Daft, B Joseph, A Cook   

  Umpires are keen and set to go. 


Minor Premiers, Richmond hoping for another crack at Hutchins. 


DOSA were impressive against University




OSFA Best and Fairest Ben Setchell has a shot at goal

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Preliminary Final - Reserves

St Virgils d DOSA

St Virgils           2.2        5.6        7.9          10.13.73
DOSA               1.1        3.2        4.4            6.6.42

Goals - St Virgils - G Burke 6, M Ferguson, R Oakley, J Hadfield, M Ferguson
DOSA - S Byrne 2, K Dooley 2, N Muir, J Carroll
Best - St Virgils - G Burke, N Robinson, D Hill, S Lane, J Hooker, S Quinn
DOSA - M Pace, J Carroll, M Scott, N Muir, J Cerritelli, A Wilson


St Virgils were mindful of the fact that they enjoyed a handy lead at the last break in 2012 but managed to lose.


Reigning Premiers DOSA needed a lift in the last quarter to defend their crown next week.


St Virgils get the upper hand this year and meet Richmond in the Grand Final 

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Grand Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page


Grand  Final - Seniors

 DOSA  OSFA Senior Premiers 2013 - Coach Justin O'Brien - MVP Kim Harvey   

More Senior pics

DOSA d Hutchins

DOSA      13.06 (84)
Hutchins  09.15 (69)


 Grand  Final - Reserves

                                                      St Virgils  OSFA Reserve Premiers 2013 - Coach Ben Hughes - MVP Scott Quinn

More Reserves Pictures

St Virgils d Richmond

St Virgils    10.8 (68)
Richmond  10.7 (67)

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