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Results for Season 2012 thanks to Michael Munday and Bruce Clark

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Round 1 6-7th April

Preview Round 1

The Old Scholars Football Association season officially commenced on Friday with a twilight game at Geilston Bay between OHA and University. On Saturday Hutchins host DOSA and St.Virgils clash with Richmond.

Friday’s game will be full of interest with last year’s premiers OHA up against a University team under new coach Cameron Burgess looking to improve their performances after a disappointing 2011 season. OHA have recruited well with ex Clarence star Stewart Whitelaw joining his brother Trent Whitelaw plus Stuart Beechey, Will Garvey and Warwick Dawson have returned to the club and they should have all the answers but University has gained Matthew Vince and Stuart Cooper. With Jake Stride and Cameron Burgess they will give a good account of themselves. 

Hutchins host DOSA and should win even though they have lost seven players. The most notable is Association Best & Fairest winner in Chris Hensby but they have recruited well while DOSA have appointed ball magnet Ben Setchell to their coaching staff and with Michael Fisher from North Hobart on board they could lift DOSA over the line. 

St. Virgils host Richmond and have been strengthened with the arrival of Jon Bowering, Anthony Dillon and Alex Ross and have a settled team while Richmond have lost quite a number of players but will still be very competitive with Ben Cato at the helm.

 Channel have the bye. 

Results Round 1

                                               Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins                2.3    6.8    10.9    14.12.96
DOSA                   4.6    6.6    9.10    13.13.91
Goals - Hutchins - H Kingston 4, T Arnold 3, M Wright 2, B Van Kraanen 2, J Johnston, M Lister, T Squires
DOSA - C Golding 4, K Harvey 3, T Jacobs 2, J O'Brien, B Fetchell, S Peacock, J Fisher
Best - Hutchins - T Arnold, S Nichols, N Leitch, H Kingston, M Wright, A Triffett
DOSA - T Gibbons, M Fisher, J Harvey, L Curtain, S Beattie, K Harvey 
                                             Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond            5.7    8.9    12.12    15.15.105
St Virgils              2.0    7.2    10. 5     14. 6.  90
Goals - Richmond - G Splann 3, A Daft 3, N Terry 3, J Sturzaker 2, K Rogers 2, M Smith, J Dunn
St Virgils - J Bowering 4, M Parker 3, J Britten 3, A Burdon, B Davis, N Robinson, M Grandin
Best - Richmond - J Woolley, K Rogers, J Dunn, R Brumby, J Leech, J Baker, S Dick, A Daft
St Virgils - J Bowering, M Parker, R Oakley, T Pilkington, M Beck, Z Batchelor
                                              University d OHA
University            4.2    8.4    15.8    21.12.138
OHA                   3.3    5.5      8.7    11.  9. 75
Goals - University - F Reeves 8, P McEvoy 4, S Cooper 3, T Stewart 2, M Vince 2, P Brooks, J Stride
OHA - S Bowering 4, A Banks 2, C Hevey, T Moore, B Rogers, S Brown, M Oakford
Best - University - F Reeves, P Brooks, J Stride, P McEvoy, M Vince, M Gill
OHA - D Archer, N Skeggs, A Banks, L Taylor, N Oakford, S Whitelaw 

                                    P          W        L          D         FOR      AGST            %         PTS

UNIVERSITY                 1           1          -           -          138          75              184.00     4      

RICHMOND                   1           1          -           -          105          90              116.66     4      

HUTCHINS                    1           1          -           -            96          91              105.49     4          

DOSA                           1           -          1           -            91          96               94.79      -

ST VIRGILS                  1            -          1           -            90         105              85.71      - 

OHA                            1            -          1           -            75         138               54.35      -   


Leading Goalkickers

F Reeves University 8, P McEvoy University 4, H Kingston Hutchins 4, C Golding DOSA 4, S Bowering OHA 4, J Bowering St Vigils 4

Hutchins         14.11.95
DOSA            12.  7.79
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 5, A Quinn 3, A Balcombe, D Readett, J Coad, C Braddick
DOSA - M Robinson 5, J Howard 3, T Curtain 2, N Cassidy, S Burn, J Coventry, C Jones
Best - Hutchins - R Hallam, O Robinson, J Watson, L Walker, J Coad, E Noye
DOSA - M Robinson, S Burn, J Carroll, J Rogers, M Pace, M Scott
Richmond        12.12.84
St Virgils           8.11.59
Goals - Richmond - P Roland 2, N Woolley 2, A Eastley 2, S Free 2, J Mackey, J Dart, S Bradford, J Rogers
St Virgils - S Riley 2, N Free 2, S Quinn, R Munnings, S Bourke, J Goldsmith
Best - Richmond - S Bradford, A Eastley, J Arnott, J Hodge, C Ross, N Woolley
St Virgils - G Burke, S Hughes, A Vlahov, D Quinn, J Gibbs, S Quinn
University        10.9.69
OHA                8.10.58
Goals - University - J Rootes 2, M Rippon 2, N Whittle 2, L Joseph, K Takayama, T Ryan, N Raymont
OHA - M Bannister 4, J Tue 2, N Gobbey, J Broughton
Best - University - K Takayama, M Rippon, Z Durkin, J Rootes, A Winston, B Curtis
OHA - A Moore, M Bannister, J Tue, J Freeman, S Coombes, N Balcombe


Richmond   142.37%   4 pts, 

Hutchins     120.25%  4 pts, 

University    118.96%  4 pts,

OHA            84.05%   0 pts      

DOSA          83.16%  0 pts,

St Virgils      70.24%  0 pts

Channel  Bye


Leading Goalkickers - A Palfreyman Hutchins 5, M Robinson DOSA 5, M Bannister OHA 4, A Quinn Hutchins 3, J Howard DOSA 3


Review Round 1

 Reigning premiers OHA lost for the first time since 2010 when a younger, fitter and quicker University scored a great 63 point win on Good Friday. OHA could only get their game going in patches and were no match for University whose attack on the ball and run and carry paid huge dividends.  Field Reeves with 8 goals and newcomer Peter McEvoy with 4 goals finished off the good work while Paul Brooks and Jake Stride were brilliant. For OHA Daniel Archer, Nick Skeggs, Ashley Banks and Luke Taylor played well. 

At New Town a dominant but wasteful first half display by Richmond saw them only hold a 13 point lead over St.Virgils who fought back and deep into the final quarter drew level but Richmond through Adam Daft and Josh Woolley steadied kicking 3 late goals to win by 15 points. Other good players for Richmond were Jacob Dunn and Kieran Rogers while for Saints Jon Bowring, Marcus Parker, Rob Oakley and Tom Pilkington stood out. 

Hutchins had to work hard to hold out an improved DOSA winning a tight game by 5 points. After an even first half Hutchins put their nose in front but DOSA kept at them throughout only to fall short. Hutchins best were Tom Arnold, Scott Nichols, Nick Leitch and Hamish Kingston while for DOSA Tim Gibbons, Michael Fisher, Justin Harvey and Luke Curtain were impressive.      

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Round 2 14 th April

Preview Round 2

St.Virgils face another challenge when they meet Channel at New Town. St.Virgils poor start last week proved costly and they will not want to take it easy on a Channel outfit who could showcase new players led by Patrick Bass, Adam Savill and Chris Foster while Chris Joyce, Michael Darcy and Neil Hansson presence is vital for the team’s success. St.Virgils’Jon Bowring made an auspicious debut and with Mark Beck, Marcus Parker, Zac Batchelor and Anthony Dillon starting well a tight game could eventuate. 

Hutchins and OHA clashes are always first class and a cracker of a game is forecast at Queenborough. Hutchins scraped home last week but they will welcome back players for this clash while Scott Nichols, Nick Leitch, Tom Arnold and Hamish Kingston were impressive. OHA were soundly beaten by University but have players returning while Daniel Archer, Ashley Banks, Nick Skeggs and Stewart Whitelaw were steady and they will fight back. 

DOSA take on Richmond at North Hobart and a close game is anticipated due to the much improved DOSA who have recruited players in Ben Setchell and Michael Fisher to help address their stoppages and clearance problems while Richmond were impressive last week with James Leach, Josh Woolley, Kieran Rogers and Rod Brumby excellent but need to address their finishing on goal.  

University has bye.

Results Round 2

                                           St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils        4.2    6.3    10.11    11.13. 79   
Channel         1.2    2.4      4.6       6.  8. 44
Goals - St Virgils - J Bowring 3, B Davis 2, A Burdon 2, J Britten 2, M Collis, T Nicholas
Channel - M Gates 2, M Darcy 2, P Bass, W Dean
Best - St Virgils - J McCulloch, J Bowring, R Jacobs, L Post, Z Batchelor, M Grandin
Channel - C Joyce, M Smith, J Mason, W Dean, S Dean, M Roberts
                                            DOSA d Richmond
DOSA            5.3    6.9    10.11    15.14.  104
Richmond      2.4    4.7       6.7       7.  9.   51
Goals - DOSA - N Hardy 5, B Setchell 2, M Fisher, J Neilson
A Wilson, S Peacock, K Harvey, L Manser, J O'Brien, J Fisher
Richmond - G Splann 3, J Dunn 2, B Joseph 2
Best - DOSA - T Gibbons, S Peacock, N Hardy, S Beattie, J Harvey, B McIntyre
Richmond - C Hutchinson, H Joseph, S Dick, J Baker, G Splann, J Leitch
                                            OHA d Hutchins
OHA            2.3    4.3    9.7    12.8.  80
Hutchins      0.2    1.4    4.5     5.10.  40
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 5, C Hevey, S Brown, M Oakford, S Whitelaw, T Whitelaw, S McCallum, D Archer
Hutchins - M Wright 2, H Kingston, B VanKrannen, M Lister
Best - OHA - N Skeggs, S Bowering, S Whitelaw, A Banks, M Oakford, C Hevey
Hutchins - J Faulkner, J Archer, M Wilson, M Lister, A Triffett, N Cleary
University        1    1    -    -     138    75    184.00    4
DOSA             2    1    1    -    195   147   132.65    4
St Virgils         2    1    1    -    169    149  113.42    4
OHA               2    1    1    -    155    178    87.08    4
Richmond       2    1    1    -     156    194    80.41    4
Hutchins         2    1    1    -     136    171    79.53    4
Channel          1    -    1    -       44      79    55.70    -
Leading Goallickers S Bowering OHA (5) 9, F Reeves University (-) 8, J Bowring St Virgils (3) 7, G Splann Richmond (3) 6            

H Kingston Hutchins (1) 5, N Hardy DOSA (5) 5




St Virgils        9.18. 72

Channel         9.  4. 58


Goals - St Virgils - D Quinn, J Goldsmith, K Gill, D Morgan, C Thomas, B Hughes, A Vlahov, Z Graham, S Quinn

Channel - M McCulloch 2, M Swards 2, J McKay,  D Warn, B Garth-Smith, N Mansfield, C Wheatley

Best - St Virgils - J Brooks, B Hughes, R Munnings, Z Graham, N Clarke, D Quinn

Channel - M McCulloch, C Wheatley, R Drysdale, C Stockfield, N Swards, S Hall


Richmond     16.7.103

DOSA          10.17.77


Goals - Richmond - C Watson 6, C Crossin 4, N Grubb, C Cupit, A Bonde, J Needham, S Bradford, J Henley

DOSA - J Howard 2, J Rogers 2, T Curtain 2, M Scott, J Carroll, M Hamilton, J Cerratelli

Best - Richmond - C Watson, C Cupit, S Bradford, N Woolley, M Goldsmith, J Arnott

DOSA - J Carroll, D Hall, K Dooley, J Rogers, C Burdon, M Hamilton


Hutchins    22.15.147

OHA          10.  5. 65 


Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 8, B Garth 5, H Nichols 2, A Smith 2, G Wertheimer, M Clark, D Rossiter, A Lovibond, L Walker

OHA - P Stanley 3, R Hunt 2, T Austin 2, T Oakley 2, J Broughton, K Nikolai

Best  - Hutchins - J Edwards, M Walsh, M Windsor, B Garth, O Robinson, J Parker, M Clark

OHA - J Freeman, J Broughton, M Hinchen, C Kean, R Yaxley, G Vincent


Richmond 137.50% 8pts, Hutchins 141.25% 4pts, University 118.96% 4pts, DOSA 94.51% 4pts,

St Virgils 92.25% 4pts, Channel 80.55% 0pts, OHA 56.94% 0pts 

Leading Goalkickers A Palfreyman (8) 13, C Watson DOSA (6) 6, J Howard DOSA (2) 5

B Garth Hutchins (5) 5, M Robinson DOSA (-) 5


Review Round 2

DOSA demonstrated why they will be a threat this season after disposing of Richmond by 53 points. DOSA appeared to be in control early even though it was only a 15 point buffer at half time but they put their foot down in the second half outscoring Richmond by 9 goals to 3. Newcomers Nathan Hardy (5 goals) and defender Benn McIntyre plus Tim Gibbons and Sam Peacock were standouts for DOSA while Chris Hutchinson, Hayden Joseph, Steven Dick and Jayden Baker worked hard for Richmond.

 St.Virgils had to work hard to hold off a gallant Channel, prevailing by 35 points. Channel were desperate early but their disposal let them down and St.Virgils defence led by Joe McCulloch swept the ball forward for Jon Bowring and Brad Davis to create countless chances on goal. Channel’s determination was evident on their attack on the ball led by Chris Joyce, Marcus Smith, Will Dean and Sam Dean while Zac Batchelor, Leigh Post and Michael Grandin’s experience stood tall for St.Virgils.

 OHA bounced back in scoring a 40 point win over an inaccurate Hutchins. A windy Queenborough made scoring goals difficult but OHA capitalised on their chances through Sam Bowering with 5 goals while Matthew Wright was the only multiple goalkicker for Hutchins with 2. OHA settled better led by Nick Skeggs, Stuart Whitelaw, Ashley Banks and Michael Oakford while James Faulkner, Josh Archer, Matthew Wilson and Matthew Lister were best for Hutchins.   

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Round 3 21st April

Preview Round 3

Channel face a tough encounter when they host University and to cause an upset they will need to move the ball quickly via Patrick Bass, Marcus Smith and Will Dean to Michael Darcy and Chris Joyce who can create havoc but University should have all the answers through Peter McEvoy, Stuart Cooper and Jake Stride while Field Reeves will cause problems for Channel’s defence. 

A close game is anticipated between last round winners OHA and St.Virgils at Geilston Bay with highlights of the game centred around onballers Stuart Whitelaw who has added more bite around the packs for OHA and St.Virgils’ Jon Bowring who seems to be in the right place at the right time.  Whoever gains the ascendancy between ruckmen Michael Oakford up against St.Virgils’ Ramon Jacobs will have a decided bearing on the result as both clubs boast capable full forwards and both defences have been strengthened by the return of key players.

 Another tight affair is expected at Richmond where the home team face Hutchins and with both teams down last week coaches Ben Cato and Nick Leitch will look for improved performances although James Leach, Chris Hutchinson, Jayden Baker and Gary Splann are consistent for Richmond and James Faulkner, Matthew Lister, Matthew Wilson and Josh Archer likewise for Hutchins.

 DOSA have the bye.

Results Round 3

                                              OHA d St Virgils
OHA                1.3    5.7    7.11    14.12.96
St Virgils          3.2    8.4    12.8    13.13.91
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 3, M McPherson 3, S McCallum, T Whitelaw, A Banks, B Langford
M Bannister, S Brown, S Whitelaw, C Williams
St Virgils - Marcus Parker 4, A Burdon 2, B Davis 2, J Britten 2, J Bowering, M Collis, T Nicholas
Best - OHA - A Banks, L Taylor, M McPherson, C Hevey, D Ryan, A Risley
St Virgils - Z Batchelor, B Weston, J Bowering, B Parremore, Marcus Parker, A Ross 
                                         Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond        3.2    8.5    15.7    20.13.133
Hutchins          2.6    5.11   6.12     7.16. 58
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 8, N Perry 5, C Watson 3, G Splann 2, B Joseph, K Baker
Hutchins - B VanKraanen 3, J McMahon 2, H Kingston 2
Best - Richmond - C Crossin, M Baker,N Terry, B Cato, A Daft, B Joseph, H Joseph
Hutchins - J Faulkner, M Lister, N Leitch, J McMahon, T Brown
                                          Channel d University
Channel            1.4    6.9    7.11    11.16.82
University          3.2    5.6    9.11    10.11.71
Goals - Channel - M Darcy 7, M McCulloch, R Whitaker, M Smith, C Joyce
University - J Stride 2, F Reeves 2, B Hayes 2, N Whittle, P Brooks, C Burgess, M Jones
Best - Channel - M Smith, J Mason, C Joyce, R Smith, M McCulloch, M Darcy
University - M Matusezek, C Burgess, H Simms, T Stewart, M Gowans, B Johnson 


                                    P          W        L          D         FOR      AGST            %         PTS

RICHMOND                   3          2          1          -           289          252            114.68     8      

OHA                             3          2          1          -           251          269              93.31     8   

UNIVERSITY                 2          1          1          -           209          157            133.12     4      

DOSA                           2          1          1          -           195          147            132.65     4  

ST VIRGILS                  3          1          2          -           260          245            106.12     4

HUTCHINS                    3          1          2          -           194          304              63.82     4          
CHANNEL                    2          1          1          -           126          150               84.00     4     


Leading Goalkickers - S Bowering OHA (3)12, F Reeves University (2)10, M Darcy Channel (7) 9

C Crossin Richmond (8) 8, J Bowering St Virgils (1)8, G Splann Richmond (2)8, M Parker St Virgils (4) 7

J Britten St Virgils (2) 7, H Kingston Hutchins (2) 7




St Virgils        13.14.92

OHA                7.16.58


Goals - St Virgils - N Free 3, S Quinn 3, J Ackerley 2, D Quinn, N Robinson, J Goldsmith, R Munnings, C Thomas

OHA - K Nikolai 2, T Austen 2, J Broughton 2, M Hinchen

Best - St Virgils - S Quinn, J Ackerley, J Hooker, D Quinn, J Brook, K Gill

OHA - J Tierney, N Gobbey, D Saunders, S Bryan, K Nikolai, R Yaxley


Richmond        18.20.128

Hutchins            7. 6.  48


Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 6, A Sweet 3, Nick Woolley 3, C Cupit 2, P Roland, J Hodge, S Bradford, J Arnott

Hutchins - S Harriss 4, J Bean, A Perry, J Hanek

Best - Richmond - A Sweet, S Bradford, Nick Woolley, J Hodge, J Mackey, C Ross

Hutchins - J Fyshe, J Bean, J Heron, S Harriss, J Burns, L Doyle


University        12.23.95

Channel            8.  5.53


Goals - University - L Bartulovic 5, M Raymond 2, L McCarthy, J Fox, I Sulzburger, A Winstone, L Joseph

Channel - D Warn 3, J McKay, J Webster, C Russell, N Swards, B Pitt

Best - University - G Livingston, J Fox, R Bellchambers, M Barwick, L Bartulovic, K Takayama

Channel - H Burgess, J Webster, B Pitt, D Keating, D Warn, R Drysdale


Richmond 171.20% 12pts, University 147.75% 8pts, St Virgils 111.50% 8pts, Hutchins 95.49% 4pts 

DOSA 94.51% 4pts, Channel 66.47% 0 pts, OHA 58.58% 0pts


Leading Goalkickers - A Palfreyman Hutchins (-) 13, A Reeve Richmond (6) 6, C Watson DOSA (-) 6


Review Round 3

Richmond are the ladder leaders in the Old Scholars after scoring a comprehensive 75 point win over Hutchins. Chris Crossin kicked 8 goals with Nathan Terry adding 5 as they cut a swathe through Hutchins defence while Mitchell Baker, Ben Cato and Adam Daft were devastating around the ground. Hutchins were competitive up to half time but they were outplayed in the second half although James Faulkner, Matthew Lister, Nick Leitch, James McMahon and Travis Brown were consistent.

Channel claimed a big scalp defeating University to register their first win. Little separated the teams as they fought for ascendancy with University holding a 2 goal lead at three quarter time but with Michael Darcy a focal point up forward with 7 goals Channel came home strongly to win by 11 points. Marcus Smith, Jarred Mason and Chris Joyce stood out for Channel while Mav Matuszek, Cameron Burgess, Heath Sims and Troy Stewart were best for University.

 A 7 goal final quarter by OHA enabled them to pip St.Virgils at the post to win a thriller by 5 points after trailing by 27 points at three quarter time. St.Virgils had chances to win after being in control but could not shake off the home side who were best served by Ashley Banks, Luke Taylor, Mitch McPherson and Chris Hevey while Zac Batchelor, Brad Weston, Jon Bowring and Ben Parremore were very good for Saints.

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Round 4 28th April

Preview Round 4


The clash between OHA and DOSA promises to be an enthralling encounter as OHA have demonstrated in their past two games they are still very much in the mix for defence of their premiership with their slick running game and versatile forwards a feature with veterans Ashley Banks, Dan Ryan and Michael Bannister plus Mitch McPherson and Chris Hevey leading the way. DOSA give the impression they are desperately seeking finals action with their recruitment drive paying early dividends and Ben Setchell, Michael Fisher, Luke Curtain, Tim Gibbons and Justin Harvey starting in fine style. 

Both University and St.Virgils will be looking to rebound after losses last week in their clash at University. University fell away in the final quarter against Channel and need to lift their intensity but will bounce back through Cameron Burgess, Mav Matuszek, Michael Gowans and Ben Johnson. St.Virgils have been hot and cold but have the nucleus of a good team courtesy of Jason Britten, Jon Bowring, Andrew Ross and Brad Weston. 

Channel will be cock a hoop after tasting victory with Jared Mason, Marcus Smith, Chris Joyce and Ryan Smith playing starring roles but should not get ahead of themselves as they meet Hutchins who are on the rebound and positive signs are evident through their leadership group in Nick Leitch, Matthew Lister, Travis Brown and James Faulkner.     

Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 4


                                           Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins            3.6    5.13    7.16    10.22.  82
Channel             0.0    0. 3     2.4       3. 5.   23
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKrannen 2, H Kingston 2, J Bean 2, M Wright, T Brown, J Edwards, M Lister
Channel - M Smith, S Townsend, C Wheatley
Best - Hutchins - M Lister, L Franks, J Johnson, S Nichols, J Bean, D Ayers
Channel - S Dean, N Hansson, P Bass, J Mason, S Townsend, M Smith
                                            University d St Virgils
University            0.1    5.2    6.6    13.10.  88
St Virgils             0.5    2.9    2.12    2.12.  24
Goals - University - F Reeves 4, P McEvoy 3, T Stewart 2, M Matuszek 2, W McAdam, R Hill
St Virgils - L Post, A Burdon
Best - University - P McEnoy, M Matuszek, M Rippon, M Gill, B Hayes, J Stride
St Virgils - B Parremore, L Post, T Pilkington, B Dalliston 
                                            DOSA d OHA
DOSA            2.7    4.8    12.13    15.14. 104
OHA              1.2    3.9      5.9        7.16. 58
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 5, J O'Brien 4, K Harvey 2, T Golding, J Neilson, A Wilson, B Setchell
OHA - A Banks 2, T Moore 2, S McCallum, D Archer, T Whitelaw
Best  - DOSA - L Manser, J O'Brien, M Fisher, K Harvey, A Davey, B Setchell
OHA - D Ryan, S Whitelaw, N Skeggs, B Langford, C Hevey, A Riseley

University                    3          2          1          -           297          181           164.09      8      

DOSA                         3          2          1          -           299          205            145.85     8  

Richmond                   3          2          1          -           289          252            114.68     8      

OHA                           4          2          2          -           309          373              82.84     8   

Hutchins                     4          2          2          -           276          327              84.40     8          

St Virgils                     4          1          3          -           284          333              85.28     4

Channel                      3          1          2          -           149          232              64.22     4        


Leading Goalkickers F Reeves University (4) 14, S Bowering OHA (-) 12, H Kingston Hutchins (2) 9, M Darcy Channel 9



Channel        6.14. 50
Hutchins        5.6. 36
Goals - Channel - B Pitt 2, B Garth-Smith 2, C Stockfeld, N Mansfield
Hutchins - J Hay, J Swain, A Lovibond, J Coad, J Parker
Best - Channel - A Sharp, R Schuth, B Sculthorpe, C Stockfeld, B Pitt, R Cracknell
Hutchins - J Coad, A Hogan, J Swain, J Heron, T Salewicz, A Lovibond  
University    12.15.  87
St Virgils       5.  9. 39
Goals - University - I Sulzberger 3, Z Lieutier 3, J Harrison 2, C Dinely, D Burgess, C Jordon, K Takayama
St Virgils - S Quinn, G Horne, S Groves, S Gray, L Thomas
Best - University - Z Durkin, J Harrison, I Sulzberger, K Takayama, T Ryan, G Livingston
St Virgils - S Quinn, N Free, J Ackerley, J Hooker
DOSA        13.14. 92
OHA            6.13. 49
Goals - DOSA - J Howard 4, M Robinson 3, M Hamilton 2, T Curtain, K Dooley, G Crowe, S Byrne
OHA - P Reason 2, T Oakley, J Tierney, T Austin, K Nikolai
Best - DOSA - T Allcock, M McCallum, G Crowe, M Scott, M Robinson, L Calvert
OHA - W Garvey, N Balcombe, S Beattie, M Bannister, P Stanley, D Saunders

Richmond     171.20%   12pts,

University     167.33%   12pts

DOSA          114.28%    8pts,

St Virgils       91.29%     8pts          

Hutchins       92.01%     4pts, 

Channel        79.31%     4pts,

OHA            57.36%      0pts 


Leading Goalkickers A Palfreyman Hutchins (-) 13, J Howard DOSA (4) 9, M Robinson DOSA (3) 8


Review Round 4

DOSA laid claims as the big improver in the Old Scholars after a comfortable win over OHA handling the difficult conditions better than OHA who were right in the game until a third quarter barrage by DOSA when they kicked 8 goals to OHA’s 2. This gave them the break they needed and they ran out 47 point victors. Luke Manser, Justin O’Brien, Michael Fisher (5 goals) and Kim Harvey were stand outs for DOSA while Dan Ryan, Stuart Whitelaw, Nick Skeggs and Ben Langford were the pick for OHA. 

A dominant Hutchins controlled the contest against Channel winning their clash by 59 points. Only inaccuracy deprived Hutchins of a bigger winning margin managing only ten goals from thirty two scoring shots to Channel’s eight scoring shots. Outstanding displays from Matthew Lister, Luke Franks, Jack Johnson and Scott Nichols were pleasing for Hutchins supporters while Channel battled hard through Sam Dean, Neil Hansson, Patrick Bass and Jared Mason. 

University hit back with a vengeance defeating a disappointing St.Virgils by 64 points. University’s accuracy proved the difference and they put the game to bed with a 7 goal final quarter. Best for University were Peter McEvoy, Mav Matuszek, Mark Rippon and Mat Gill while Ben Parremore, Leigh Post, Tom Pilkington and Byron Dalliston were the pick of St.Virgils.

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Round 5  5th May

Preview Round 5

Third meets first when Richmond host University in the Old Scholars.

Fresh off a bye and in reasonable touch plus players returning and new recruits arriving, Richmond will have an impact on the competition. Onballers Adam Daft, Ben Cato and Steven Dick with forward Nathan Terry have hit their straps. University have begun full of running apart from a round three hiccup and will test all teams with their new game plan led by the inform Peter McEvoy, Ben Hayes, Matthew Gill and Mark Rippon. 

Led by inspirational coach Justin O’Brien, Mr. Versatile Kim Harvey, Michael Fisher and Luke Manser second placed DOSA host a struggling St.Virgils at North Hobart. DOSA are the surprise packet while St.Virgils have been disappointing but should not be underestimated as they certainly have an abundance of talented players. 

A close encounter beckons when OHA entertain Channel in a night game at Geilston Bay providing both teams lift their intensity which was lacking last week. OHA have an ace in Stuart Whitelaw who Channel must contain and Dan Ryan and Ben Langford are solid defenders. Channel are capable of challenging all teams with Sam Dean, Jared Mason, Patrick Bass and Neil Hansson in form.     

Hutchins have the bye

Results Round 5

Results from night game coming.
                                                           University d Richmond
University        2.2    7.6     14.9     18.12.120 
Richmond        3.2    9.4    13.10    17.14.116
Goals - University - M Matuszek 4, F Reeves 4, P McEvoy 3, C Burgess 3, M Gowans, T Stewart, B Hayes, A Saunders
Richmond - A Reeve 4, K Baker 3, N Terry 3, J Leach 2, C Hutchinson 2, K Rogers, B Cato, M Parker
Best - University - C Burgess, M Matuszek, J Stride, P McEvoy, A Saunders, M Rippon
Richmond - J Baker, M Baker, B Cato, K Baker, J Woolley, B Joseph
                                                              DOSA d St Virgils
DOSA            4.3    11.7    11.9    16.12.108
St Virgils        2.0      4.0    10.2    11.  6.  72
Goals - DOSA - K Harvey 3, J O'Brien 3, T Gibbons 3, M Fisher 2, J Fisher 2, G Grove, B Setchell, N Abrahams
St Virgils - B Davis 4, A Burdon 3, J Bowering 3, R Oakley
Best - DOSA - J Fisher, T Gibbons, B Setchell, J O'Brien, B McIntyre, N Abrahams
St Virgils - Z Batchelor, T Nichols, B Davis, M Parker, M Beck, B Parremore
                                                               OHA d Channel
OHA            4.6    11.7    12.11    14.14.98
Channel       3.4     4.7      9.12     11.16.82
Goals - OHA - D Archer 4, M Zukauskas 3, T Whitelaw 2, S Bowering, S McCallum, S Brown, J Broughton, M Oakford
Channel - M McCulloch 4, S Twonsend 3, R Whitaker, R Smith, C Joyce, D Townsend
Best - OHA - N Skeggs, D Ryan, J Watkins, T Moore, A Limbrick, S McCallum,
Channel - W Armstrong, S Townsend, M McCulloch, S Dean, P Bass, G Mason   


DOSA                 4    3    1    -    407    277    146.93    12
University            4    3    1    -    417    297    140.40    12
OHA                   5    3    2    -    407    455      89.45    12
Richmond           4    2    2    -    405    372     108.87     8
Hutchins             4    2    2    -    276    327       84.40     8         
St Virgils             5    1    4    -   356     441       80.73     4
Channel              4    1    3    -   231     330       70.00     4    

Leading Goalkickers F Reeves University (4) 18, S Bowering OHA (1)13, J Bowering St Virgils (3) 11

Richmond        14.12.96
University           5. 8.38
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 8, B Woolley 2, P Roland, S Bradford, J Arnott, J Hodge
University - L Bartulovic 2, C Catto, Z Lieutier, D Burgess
Best - Richmond - P Roland, S Bradford, J Needham, C Cupit, C Watson, I DeWinter
University - C Dineley, T Roberts, R Bellchambers, L Bartulovic, J Sims, D Burgess 
DOSA            14.11.94
St Virgils          9.11.65
Goals - DOSA - J Howard 4, B Williams 2, F Shade 2, R Felmingham, K Dooley, L Calvert, M Hamilton, C Claridge, M Carr
St Virgils - D Morgan 3, J Rafferty 3, S Groves, K Millington
Best - DOSA - K Dooley J Rogers, T Allcock, M McCallam, B Hall, C Claridge
St Virgils - N Free, J Rafferty, J Hooker, A Walker, D Quinn, S Smith
OHA            17.11.113
Channel         9.14.68
Goals - OHA - R Yaxley 6, M Bannister 4, J Kean 2, T Austin, N Gobbey, M Hinchen, J Tierney, P Stanley
Channel - J Webster 2, C Stockfeld 2, H Burgess, N Mansfield, D Warn, M Turner, D Keating
Best - OHA - R Yaxley, G Vincent, S Gillies, S Coomes, J Kean, M Bannister
Channel - J McKay, J Webster, R Scuth, D Keating, N Mansfield, C Foster   
Richmond     185.14%   16pts,
DOSA           120.95%   12pts,
University      117.48%   12pts,
St Virgils       85.83%     8ts
Hutchins       91.72%     4pts,
OHA             73.29%     4pts,
Channel        72.47%     4pts
Leading Goalkickers C Watson DOSA (8) 14, A Palfreyman Hutchins (-) 13, J Howard DOSA (4)13                       

Review Round 5

DOSA continued their winning streak with a hard fought win over St.Virgils. St.Virgils drew first blood but DOSA took over and held a commanding 49 point lead at half time. Whatever St.Virgils coach Jason Britten said to his charges at the break worked, with  St.Virgils kicking six goals to reduce the margin to 13 points at three quarter time. Howerver, DOSA finished better kicking five goals to one in the last quarter. Onballers Jeff Fisher, Tim Gibbons, Ben Setchell and Justin O’Brien starred for DOSA while Zac Batchelor, Tim Nicholas, Brad Davis and Matthew Parker were great for St.Virgils.

 A seven goal third quarter appeared the difference in University’s nail biting win over Richmond. Both teams displayed great skills with the result in doubt until deep into the final quarter. University, led by the brilliant Cameron Burgess, Mav Matuszek, Peter McEvoy and Jacob Stride got over the line by 4 points. Richmond were gallant in defeat courtesy of the Baker boys, Jayden, Kurt and Mitchell plus Ben Cato. 

OHA had to call on all their resources to hold off Channel by 16 points in their night game . A seven goal second quarter  proved the difference for OHA even though Channel outscored them after half time. Jared Watkins, Dan Ryan, Nick Skeggs and Trent Moore were best for OHA with Matthew Turnbull, Wayde Armstrong, Sean Townsend and Sam Dean best for Channel.  

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Round 6  12th May

Preview Round 6

University and DOSA clash in the match of the day in the Old Scholars on Saturday. Both teams form is a welcome sign as they have lacked success for a few seasons and, if all goes smoothly, they should feature in this season’s finals campaign. The inclusion of Peter McEvoy, Ben Hayes and Stuart Cooper has boosted their on ball division while Mark Rippon and Alex Saunders are attacking defenders. DOSA are in a similar position with terrific onballers providing their forwards plenty of opportunities courtesy of Tim Gibbons, Ben Setchell, Justin O’Brien and Luke Manser.       

St.Virgils versus Hutchins clashes are always challenging affairs and victory will be important for both teams. St.Virgils are struggling and need a boost from their onballers and forwards as their defence has been outstanding keeping them in most games. Hutchins need consistency to be a force and have the chance to demonstrate this through James Faulkner, Josh Archer, Lewis Franks and Matthew Lister. 

Channel and Richmond meet at Snug Park and this game could go either way as Channel, led by Wayde Armstrong, Sam Dean and Matthew McCulloch, can match it with the best  while Richmond on their day are a dangerous opponent with Ben Cato, Josh Woolley and Bradley Joseph being prominent. 

OHA bye.  

Results Round 6

                                                Richmond d Channel
Richmond            1.6    5.12    8.14    12.18.90
Channel               3.4    5.5     11.9     11.11.77
Goals - Richmond - B Joseph 3, C Crossin 3, S Boxall 2, K Baker, C Hutchinson, M Baker, S Dick
Channel - C Joyce 4, M McCulloch 2, P Bass, J Webster, N Hansson, D Townsend, S Townsend
Best - Richomnd - B Joseph, N Woolley, S Bradford, J Woolley, H Joseph, J Baker
Channel - S Dean, R Smith, M Turnbull, M Prins, W Armstrong, J Fordham
                                               DOSA d University
DOSA                5.5    13.12    18.13    18.18.126
University           2.3      2.4       2.12      4.15.  31
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 4, J Fisher 4, N Hardy 3, G Crowe 2, L Manser, T Gibbons, J O'Brien, K Harvey, T Golding
University - T Stewart, C Burgess, A Winstone, F Reeves
Best - DOSA - C Golding, S Beattie, J Fisher, G Crowe, B McIntyre, M Fisher
University - C Burgess, J Stride
                                            Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins        7.8    9.14    13.18    16.20.116
St Virgils        2.1    4.5       6.9          8.11.59
Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 5, T Brown 2, L Gorringe 2, B VanKrannan 2, J Edwards, H Kingston, M Wright, J Bean, M Lister
St Virgils - J Britten 3, J Parker 2, J Bowring 2, T Nicholas
Best - Hutchins - M Lister, D Ayres, S Nichols, T Arnold, M Wilson, L Franks
St Virgils - J Britten, M Beck, P Midson, L Post, R Oakley         

DOSA                          5          4          1          -           533          308            173.05    16  

RICHMOND                  5          3          2          -           495          449            110.24    12     

UNIVERSITY                5          3          2          -           448          423            105.91    12     

HUTCHINS                   5          3          2          -           392          386            101.55    12     

OHA                            5          3          2          -           407          455              89.45    12   

ST VIRGILS                  6          1          5          -           415          557              74.50     4

CHANNEL                    5          1          4          -           308          420             73.33     4        


Leading Goalkickers

F Reeves University (1)19, J Fisher DOSA (4)13, S Bowering OHA (-) 13, J Bowring St Virgils (2) 13




Richmond        9.8.62
Channel          5.6.36


Goals - Richmond - C Watson 4, C Cupit, J Hodge, J Arnott, M Turner, A Oakley

Channel - D Warn 2, C Stockfeld, C Russell, N Mansfield

Best - Richmond - M Turner, J Needham, J Mackey, J Hodge, N Woolley, J Kopra

Channel - J Mason, C Russell, T Newlands, J McKay, H Burgess, C Coventry


University        10.11.71

DOSA               6.9.45 


Goals - University - A Fitzpatrick 3, C Donnelly 2, J Simms 2, D Burgess, J Harrison, J Rootes

DOSA - M Robinson 4, J Howard, J Rogers

Best - University - J Simms, L Joseph, R Bellchambers, C Dineley, J Harrison, A Fitzpatrick

DOSA - J Rogers, F Shade, M Robinson, M McCallam, T Doyle, D Hall


St Virgils        10.12.72

Hutchins          3.10.28


Goals - St Virgils - D Morgan 3, M Robinson 2, N Free 2, S Quinn, D Nicholas, S Harris

Hutchins - L Walker, A White, J Swain

Best - St Virgils - A Vlahov, D Nicholas, V Burke, N Free, D Webb, J Brooks

Hutchins - J Swain, A Hogan, J Coad, M Abey, J Burns, R Hallam


Richmond   83.33%   20pts,

University   123.71%  16pts,

DOSA        109.81%  12pts,

St Virgils     97.55%   12pts        

Hutchins      82.44%   4pts,

OHA           73.29%    4pts,

Channel     66.58%     4pts


Leading Goalkickers

C Watson DOSA (4)18, J Howard DOSA (1)14, A Palfreyman Hutchins (-) 13, M Robinson DOSA (4)12



Review Round 6

The ability to play in front and hard running onballers and midfielders were the key factors in Hutchins 57 point win over St.Virgils. Hutchins broke the game open in the opening quarter to lead by six goals and continued that trend into the next three quarters with their overlapping play a feature and proving too much for St.Virgils. Matthew Lister, Dale Ayers, Scott Nichols and Tom Arnold were stand outs for Hutchins while Jason Britten was tireless for St.Virgils supported by Mark Beck, Patrick Midson and Leigh Post. 

An upset loomed at Snug Park with Channel leading Richmond by 13 points at three quarter time but Richmond kicked four goals to nil to turn the deficit around and win by 13 points in a tight encounter. Best for Richmond were Brad Joseph, Nathan Woolley, Shane Bradford and Josh Woolley while Sam Dean, Marcus Smith, Matthew Turnbull and Marty Prins were great for Channel. 

DOSA powered away from University and registered a stunning 95 point win. DOSA never let University into the game restricting them to four goals while piling on eighteen with Cameron Golding using his strength and guile to halt any University’s charge while Scott Beattie, Jeff Fisher and George Crowe were brilliant but sadly University had very few play makers but Cameron Burgess and Jake Stride never gave up.     

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Round 7  19th May

Preview Round 7  

A classic battle looms when Richmond host OHA in the Old Scholars. With only percentage separating second to fifth places wins are crucial and both teams will be striving for success. With new players signing on it takes time for everyone to get used to the different team structures but early premiership points on the board is always a bonus come finals time and both teams are blessed with star players giving their second tier players chances to cement their position in their respective teams. 

Hutchins clash with University could be one sided if last week’s form is any indication however these clashes usually brings out the best in both teams. Hutchins recruits have certainly raised the bar with their intensity and run led by Tom Arnold, Dale Ayers, Matthew Wilson and Matthew Lister while University are better than last week and Cameron Burgess is an inspiration. 

DOSA are home to Channel and while it’s first versus seventh DOSA will not have it all their way as Channel are matching it with all teams but not finishing off when in a winning situation. DOSA’s Cameron Golding, Jeff Fisher, Scott Beattie, Benn McIntyre and George Crowe are in form while Sam Dean, Ryan Smith, Marty Prins, Mathew Turnbull and Chris Joyce lead Channel’s charge. 

St.Virgils bye.                              

Results Round 7

                                                       DOSA d Channel
DOSA            3.5    11.8    18.12    28.17.185
Channel         4.2      5.4      9.8      12.9.81
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 8, K Harvey 4, C Golding 3, J O'Brien 3, B Setchell 2
B Clark 2, T Tatnell 2, J Fisher, T Golding, N Williams, J Penwright
Channel - M Darcy 5, P Bass 2, D Smith, M Turnbull, J Mason, C Wheatley, S Dean
Best - DOSA - J O'Brien, M Fisher, K Harvey, L Curtain, T Golding, S Beattie
Channel - R Whittaker, J Mason, R Smith, M Turnbull, N Hansson, S Dean
                                                     Hutchins d University
Hutchins        0.2    3.6    6.9    14.14.98
University      4.4    5.6    7.9      9.9.63
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKraanen 3, H Kingston 2, J Edwards 2, J McMahon 2, N Leitch
L Gorringe, M Lister, T Brown, M Wright
University - J Stride 3, M Matuszek 2, T Stewart, N Whittle, F Reeves, C Dineley
Best - Hutchins - D Ayers, N Cleary, M Lister, M Wilson, J Edwards, L Franks
University - R Hill, J Stride, C Dineley, M Gowans, N Fenton, N Whittle
                                                       Richmond d OHA
Richmond    1.4    3.11    3.14    8.21.69
OHA            3.2    6.2      7.5      7. 8.50
Goals - Richmond - B Cato 3, J Sturzaker 2, M Baker, K Baker, S Bradford
OHA - S Bowering 4, S Beechy, T Fenton, S McCallum
Best - Richmond - J Woolley, B Cato, B Joseph, A Daft, M Baker, N Woolley
OHA - J Watkins, D Ryan, L Taylor, S Bowering, M McPherson, S McCallum

DOSA                         6          5          1          -           718          389            184.58    20  

Richmond                   6          4          2          -           564          499            113.03    16     

Hutchins                     6          4          2          -           490          449            109.13    16     

University                    6          3          3          -           511          521              98.08    12     

OHA                           6          3          3          -           457          524              87.21    12   

St Virgils                     6          1          5          -           415          557              74.50     4

Channel                      6          1          5          -           389          605               64.29     4    
Leading Goalkickers  F Reeves University (1) 20, S Bowering OHA (4) 17, M Fisher DOSA (8) 15, K Harvey DOSA (4)14

J Fisher DOSA (1)14, M Darcy Channel (5) 14

DOSA            24.11.155
Channel           7.10.52
Goals - DOSA - M Robinson 5, J Howard 5, M Honey 5, M Hamilton 3, J Cerratelli 2, J Rogers, C Burdon, B Williams, D Hall
Channel - B Garth-Smith 2, M Turner, D Warn, N Mansfield, C Foster, D Keating
Best - DOSA - M Robinson, M McCallum, T Allcock, J Carroll, M Scott, C Burdon
Channel - H Burgess, B Garth-Smith, B Bowerman, N Swards, C Coventry, C Foster 
University         8. 8.56
Hutchins          5.15.45
Goals - University - T Roberts 3, A Fitzpatrick 2, D Burgess, A Winstone, K Takayama
Hutchins - A Wills, J Coad, D Readett, A Harvey, L Walker
Best - University - M Herbert, A Fitzpatrick, C Cato, L McCarthy, C Roberts, M Goodwin
Hutchins - J Coad, J Swain, J Parker, L Doyle, R Hallam, C Jones
Richmond        14.14.98
OHA                  7.12.54
Goals - Richmond - C Cupit 4, J Arnott 2, P Roland 2, S Triffett 2, A Sweet, A Oakley, M Smith, C Ross
OHA - J Kean 2, K Nikolai 2, N Gobbey, R Duval-Hunt, J Broughton
Best - Richmond - D Bailey, M Smith, D Peck, J Henley, A Oakley, C Cupit
OHA - J Teirney, J Kean, T Oakley, R Hunt, A Moore, S Gillies  

Richmond  183.01%   24pts,
University   123.80%   20pts,
DOSA       133.17%   16pts,
St Virgils    97.55%   12pts, 
Hutchins    82.18%    4pts 

OHA          70.14%     4pts,
Channel     57.32%     4pts

Leading Goalkickers J Howard DOSA (5)19, C Watson Richmond (-)18, A Palfreyman Hutchins (-)13,M Robinson DOSA (-)12



Review Round 7

Richmond exacted revenge on reigning premiers OHA with a hard fought come from behind 19 point win at Richmond. OHA’s accuracy enabled them to hold slender leads in the middle quarters but Richmond dominated the final quarter kicking five goals to overrun OHA were kept goalless. Josh Woolley, Ben Cato, Adam Daft and Bradley Joseph were best for Richmond while Jared Watkins, Dan Ryan, Luke Taylor and Sam Bowering stood out for OHA. 

A battle royal looked likely between DOSA and Channel after a solid opening quarter but the floodgates opened after that for DOSA who kicked twenty five goals to eight by Channel in the next three quarters. Led by Justin O’Brien and Ben Setchell DOSA’s onballers dominated while forwards Michael Fisher and Kim Harvey and defenders Scott Beattie and Tim Golding wreaked havoc in their 104 point win. Channel looked promising early but were outplayed in the final analysis although Ryan Whittaker, Jared Mason, Ryan Smith and Matthew Turnbull battled hard. 

An eight goal final quarter by Hutchins set up their 35 point victory over University. Trailing for three quarters Hutchins came home strongly with solid efforts from a dominant Dale Ayers, Nick Cleary, Matthew Lister and Matthew Wilson while University’s Rob Hill, Jake Stride, Cody Dineley and Michael Gowans played well.

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Round 8  26th May

Preview Round 8 

The clash in the Old Scholars between DOSA and Hutchins promises a high standard encounter as both teams are displaying sound form in particular DOSA who are stamping their authority with their hard running style setting up key forwards Michael Fisher, Kim Harvey and Cameron Golding while their defence is very solid and work as a unit. Hutchins are in a similar situation with a host of players capable of taking control of a game but they need more consistency even though they are still winning and well led by Dale Ayers, Matthew Wilson, Joel Edwards and Matthew Lister. 

Both University and OHA will be out for victory in their clash but improvement is needed by both teams. This should be an even contest as both teams are without several players but for University Cameron Burgess, Jake Stride, Ben Hayes and Nick Whittle have been prominent while Dan Ryan, Jared Watkins, Mitch McPherson and Sam Bowering are in form for OHA. 

If Richmond can rediscover their goal kicking accuracy they should hold off a disappointing St.Virgils especially with Mitch Baker, Adam Daft and Josh Woolley in form while St.Virgils have good performers in Jason Britten, Mark Beck and Ben Parremore.      

Channel have the bye.

Results Round 8


DOSA d Hutchins
DOSA                4.1    9.2    11.3    15. 4.   94
Hutchins            2.3    4.5      9.8    12.14.   86
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 3, C Golding 3, J O'Brien 3, K Harvey 2, L Curtain, J Fisher, T Tatnell, S Peacock
Hutchins - J Bean 4, B VanKraanen 3, M Wright 3, C Alcorso, S Nichols
Best - DOSA - J O'Brien, S Beattie, J Harvey, A Davey, C Golding, G Crowe
Hutchins - C Alcorso, S Nichols, M Lister, K Jubb, J Faulkner, J Bean
                                                     Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond        5.2    9.7    14.13    18.18. 126
St Virgils         5.0    8.2       8.4       9.6.    60
Goals - Richmond - M Baker 4, C Crossin 2, K Baker 2, B Cato 2, M Turner 2, K Rogers 2, J Sturzaker, S Boxall, N Terry, J O'Neal
St Virgils - A Burdon 5, J Bowering 2, M Parker, G Brittan
Best - Richmond - M Baker, M Turner, S Dick, J Baker, J O'Neal, A Boucher
St Virgils - S Harris, M Parker, A Burdon, R Oakley, P Midson
                                                    OHA d University
OHA                3.7    5.8    8.11    11.15.   81
University        2.3    4.3     5.4       5.  7.   37
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 5, A Banks 2, B Rogers 2, S Beechey, S McCallum
University - F Reeves 3, M Matuszek, R Hill
Best - OHA - S McCallum, B McPherson, J Watkins, M Oakford, S Bowering, N Skeggs
University - M Gill, M Matuszek, M Rippon, R Hill, J Harrison, N Fenton



DOSA                          7          6          1          -           812          475            170.95    24  

Richmond                    7          5          2          -           690          559            123.43    20     

Hutchins                      7          4          3          -           576          543            106.08    16     

OHA                            7          4          3          -           538          561              95.90    16   

University                    7          3          4          -           548          602              91.03    12     

St Virgils                     7          1          6          -           475          683              69.54     4

Channel                      6          1          5          -           389          605              64.29     4   
Leading Goalkickers - M Fisher DOSA (3) 24, F Reeves University (3) 23, S Bowering OHA (5) 22, K Harvey DOSA (2)16
Hutchins        11.19.  85
DOSA              7.8.   50
Goals - Hutchins - J Swain 3, J Coad 2, B Garth, J Parker, J Watson, J Hay, G Wright, A Smith
DOSA - M Honey 2,  Robinson 2, J Ceratelli, J Rogers, D Hall
Best - Hutchins - R Hallam, D Jones, J Swain, P Fyshe, J Herron, C Jones
DOSA - F Shade, J Coventry, M Fielding, C Burdon, M Robinson, D Hall
Richmond        16.22.118
St Virgils           4.3.   27
Goals - Richmond - C Ross 2, D Williams 2, J Mackey 2, C Cupit 2, D Bailey, J Hodge, M Smith, N Woolley
N Grubb, D Peck, C Harmer, J Dart
St Virgils - C Thomas 2, S Quinn, D Morgan
Best - Richmond - I DeWinter, N Woolley, J Arnott, J Mackey, J Dart, D Williams
St Virgils - S Quinn, N Robinson, C Thomas, S Smith, J Hooker, M Ferguson
OHA                5.9. 39
University        5.7.  37
Goals - OHA - T Austen, J Teirney, P Reason, K Nikoali, M Williams
University - M Youd 2, D Burgess, M Begg, L Joseph
Best - OHA - T Orchard, J Broughton, G Vincent, J Teirney, P Reason, T Austin
University - Z Lieutier, S Bellchambers, M Goodwin, N Emery, G Livingstone, M Barwick 


Richmond   203.24%   28pts,
University   120.80%   20pts,
DOSA        120.63%   16pts,
St Virgils      80.83%   12pts        

Hutchins      90.70%    8pts,
OHA           72.30%     8pts,
Channel       57.32%     4pts


Leading Goalkickers J Howard DOSA(-)19, C Watson Richmond (-)18, A Palfreyman Hutchins (-)13

M Robinson DOSA (2) 12, C Cupit Richmond (2) 10


Review Round 8

In ideal conditions at Richmond the home team and St.Virgils went goal for goal in the first half. With the game up for the taking at half time Richmond seized on the opportunity and with Mitch Baker, Jesse O’Neal, Marcus Turner and Steven Dick dominant at ground level Richmond kicked nine goals to St.Virgils’ one in the second half to win by 66 points. Shannon Harris, Marcus Parker, Adrian Burdon and Patrick Midson shone for St.Virgils. 

At University it was a similar situation with OHA running away with the game in the second half keeping University to a solitary goal while adding six with a 44 point margin at the final siren. Scott McCallum, Mitch McPherson, Jared Watkins and Michael Oakford stood out for OHA while Matthew Gill, Mav Matuszek, Mark Rippon and Rob Hill were best for University.

 The clash between DOSA and Hutchins was transferred from North Hobart to Dominic oval where the accuracy on goal by DOSA got them over the line as Hutchins frittered away chances especially in the second half and DOSA held their composure winning by 8 points. Best for DOSA were Justin O’Brien, Scott Beattie, Justin Harvey and Aaron Davey while Claude Alcorso, Scott Nichols, Matthew Lister and Kevin Jubb were great for Hutchins.  

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Round 9  2nd June

Preview Round 9 

Will Channel continue St.Virgils run of outs in their clash at Snug Park? The home team need to be more accountable at stoppages, capitalise on their opportunities when in attack and contain St.Virgils runners with Marcus Smith, Sam Dean, Neil Hansson and Ryan Smith leading the way. St.Virgils are below strength but still present as a worthy opponent with Jason Britten, Marcus Parker, Adrian Burdon and Patrick Midson in form. 

OHA play Hutchins hoping for victory to top off their day of celebrations with their 1972 and 1982 premierships reunions. OHA are steadily rediscovering their form through the hard working Scott McCallum, Mitch McPherson, Nick Skeggs and Jared Watkins while Hutchins have improved vastly since round four as they push for a top two spot with their spread of onballers and forwards proving dangerous. 

Richmond host DOSA in probably the game of the day as both teams are in rare form with Richmond more settled now with the inclusion of Jesse O’Neal a bonus while Rod Brumby is relishing his new role at full back. DOSA have been solid and are worthy ladder leaders courtesy of team performances. 

Richmond Reserves are in a rich vein of form having won their past twenty games up to last Saturday.  

University have the bye.  

Results Round 9


Channel d St Virgils
Channel        4.3    7.6    14.7    17.7.  109
St Virgils       4.0    7.3      9.4    10.6.   66
Goals - Channel - C Wheatley 3, D Smith 3, M McCulloch 2, S Dean 2, J Mason 2, B Pitt, M Darcy, M Smith, M Gates, D Townsend
St Virgils - M Collis 4, A Burdon 3, M Beck 2, J McCulloch
Best - Channel - S Dean, N Hansson, C Wheatley, T Wierenga, M Roberts, D Smith
St Virgils - A Vlahov, M Collis, L Post, B Parremore, B Dalliston
                                                    DOSA d Richmond
DOSA          4.4    6.9    8.15    12.17. 89
Richmond    1.1    4.3     7.5       7.6.   48
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 3, S Peacock 3, J Neilson 2, S Byrne, J Penwright, L Curtain, L Manser
Richmond - K Baker 3, J Arnott, J Leach, B Cato, J Sturzaker
Best - DOSA - M Setchell, S Beattie, M Broughton, S Peacock, L Manser, M McIntyre
Richmond - J Woolley, J O'Neal, M Baker, K Baker, M Turner
                                                    Hutchins d OHA
Hutchins        2.3    7.5    12.7    14.9.  93
OHA              3.3    6.7    10.8    10.9.  69
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKraanen 6, N Leitch 2, J Bean 2, N Cleary, S Nichols, J Edwards, H Kingston
OHA - S Bowering 5, D Archer, C Hevey, M Oakford, S Beechey, A Banks
Best - Hutchins - S Nichols, D Ayers, M Lister, L Gorringe, N Cleary, L Franks
OHA - S Bowering, B Langford, C Hevey, A Limbrick, T Fenton, S Brown




DOSA                          8          7          1          -           901          523            172.27    28  

Richmond                    8          5          3          -           738          648            113.88    20     

Hutchins                      8          5          3          -           669          612            109.31    20     

OHA                            8          4          4          -           607          654              92.81    16   

University                     7          3          4          -           548          602              91.03    12     

Channel                       7          2          5          -           498          671             74.22     8        

St Virgils                     8          1          7          -           541          792              68.31     4


Leading Goalkickers - M Fisher DOSA (3) 27, S Bowering OHA (5) 27, F Reeves University (-) 23

B VanKrannen Hutchins (6) 20, A Burdon St Virgils (3) 17




                                                      St Virgils d Channel


St Virgils     13.  5.   83

Channel       10.10.   70


Goals - St Virgils - N Robinson 3, J Rafferty 2, R Crawford 2, D Gill 2, S Hughes, N Free, C Thomas, J Hooker
Channel - C Stockfeld 3, C Russell 2, J Mackey, H Burgess, C Coventry, D Warn, R Schuth
Best - St Virgils - J Rafferty, D Quinn, N Robinson, T Smith, R Crawford, M Ferguson
Channel - B Schulthorpe, H Burgess, R Scuth, M  Turner, M Wolfert, D Millhouse
                                                     Richmond d DOSA 
Richmond    13.10   88
DOSA           9.9.    63
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 4, A Reeve 3, D Williams 3, J Kopra, P Roland, N Grubb
DOSA - M Honey 3, J Cerratelli 2, J Carroll 2, M Howard, M Carr
Best - Richmond - J Arnott, N Grubb, N Woolley, C Cupit, B Hill, A Eastley
DOSA - C Claridge, D Hall, J Carroll, F Shade, J Cerratelli, J Rogers
                                                        OHA d Hutchins
OHA            9.11.65
Hutchins       6. 9.45
Goals - OHA - S Luck 2, S Coombes 2, R Yaxley, R Hunt, M Bannister, T Austin, K Nikolai
Hutchins - R Hallam 2, J Archer, L Walker, C Braddick, A Palfreyman
Best - OHA - R Hunt, J Tierney, P Stanley, T Oakley, M Bannister, J Broughton
Hutchins - J Heron, C Jones, P Fyshe, R Hallam, J Parker, Q Archer   



Richmond     193.28%     32pts,

University     120.80%     20pts,

DOSA          113.34%     16pts,

St Virgils        85.26%     16pts,

OHA              77.31%      12pts

Hutchins        88.29%       8pts,

Channel         60.32%       4pts


Leading Goalkickers C Watson Richmond (4) 22, J Howard DOSA (1) 20, A Palfreyman Hutchins (1) 14


Review Round 9 

A revitalised Channel poured more misery over St.Virgils with a gallant win at Snug Park. After an even first half Channel came out full of running in the third quarter kicking seven goals to two to set up their 43 point win courtesy of Sam Dean, Neil Hansson, Cam Wheatley, Matt Roberts and Tim Wieranga while St.Virgils could not get back into the game but Aaron Vlahov, Michael Collis, Leigh Post and Ben Parremore tried hard.  

DOSA moved two games clear on top of the ladder after a comfortable win over their nearest rival Richmond. DOSA had all the answers from the start holding a two to three goal break in the first half but they gradually wore Richmond down as the game progressed in their 41 point win. Ben Setchell, Scott Beattie, Mitch Broughton and Sam Peacock starred for DOSA while Josh Woolley, Jesse O’Neal, Mitch Baker and Kurt Baker were Richmond’s best. 

Hutchins spoilt the reunion celebrations at Geilston Bay for OHA by defeating the home team by 24 points. It was a dour struggle up to half time and the third saw both teams go goal for goal but Hutchins finished better led by Scott Nichols, Dale Ayers, Matthew Lister and Lucas Gorringe while Sam Bowering, Ben Langford, Chris Hevey and Aaron Limbrick stood out for OHA. 

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Round 10  9th June

Preview Round 10

 Hutchins host Richmond at Queenborough in the Old Scholars and over the last four weeks apart from a narrow loss to DOSA Hutchins have been steady and victory will put them in second spot but they will meet strong resistance from Richmond who will be on the rebound after dropping last week’s game. Both teams boast talented midfielders in Hutchins’ Dale Ayers, Scott Nichols, Lucas Gorringe and Matthew Lister and Richmond’s Jesse O’Neal, Kurt Baker, Ben Cato and Mitch Baker plus key forwards in Ben Van Kraanen and Richmond’s Marcus Turner.

 University with Rob Hill, Jacob Stride, Cody Dineley and Nick Whittle in form will be out to reverse round three defeat in their clash with Channel but need to be at their best as the visitors will approach this game confident they can repeat the dose after last week’s win led by Cam Wheatley, Sam Dean, Neil Hansson and Ryan Smith.

 St.Virgils host OHA and if ever they needed a win it is this game but they have had players unavailable which has had an affect but led by Ben Parremore, Leigh Post and Mark Beck they will fight back. Fourth placed OHA are not travelling too bad led by Sam Bowering, Ben Langford and Trent Fenton.

 DOSA have the bye.

Results Round 10


       Hutchins d Richmond
Hutchins              2.3    5.8    10.10    14.13.  97
Richmond            2.7    4.10    9.14    10.14.  74
Goals - Hutchins - H Kingston 5, B VanKrannen 3, N Leitch 2, M Lister 2, S Wright, T Arnold
Richmond - K Baker 3, C Crossin 2, B Cato 2, G Splann, A Boucher, J Dunn
Best - Hutchins - T Arnold, M Wilson, K Jubb, M Lister, S Nichols, A Triffett
Richmond - J Dunn, G Splann, J Baker, J O'Neil, S Boxall
                                                   St Virgils d OHA
St Virgils        4.1    5.4    10.9    16.11.107
OHA              4.5    7.9    9.16    12.16. 88
Goals - St Virgils - J Bowering 4, J Britten 3, M Collis 3, A Burdon 2, A Davis, M Beck, M Parker
OHA - C Hevey 4, B Rogers 3, A Banks 2, M McPherson, M Zukauskas, B Langford
Best - St Virgils - M Parker, A Burdon, A Ross, B Davis, P Midson, B Weston
OHA - L Taylor, A Banks, N Skeggs, Z Burnett, C Hevey, A Limbrick


                                                            Channel d University


Channel            5.2    6.5    11.9    14.10.  94

University        1.5    5.7      7.7      12.12.  84


Goals - Channel - M Darcy 5, C Joyce 4, M Gates, B Pitt, S Dean, M Smith, D Smith

University - F Reeves 5, T Stewart 4, P McEvoy, B Hayes, S Cooper

Best - Channel - S Dean, M Smith, J Mason, M Darcy, N Hanson, T Wienga

University  - W McAdam, F Reeves, P McEvoy, R Hill, M Youd, S Cooper   



DOSA                          8          7          1          -           901          523            172.27    28  

Hutchins                      9          6          3          -           766          686            111.66    24     

Richmond                    9          5          4          -           812          745            108.99    20     

OHA                            9          4          5          -           695          761              91.33    16   

University                     8          3          5          -           632          696              90.80    12     

Channel                       8          3          5          -           592          755             78.41    12       

St Virgils                      9          2          7          -           648          880              73.63     8


Leading Goalkickers 


F Reeves University (5) 28, M Fisher DOSA (-) 27, S Bowering OHA (-) 27, B VanKrannen Hutchins (3) 23

M Darcy Channel (5) 20, A Burdon St Virgils (2)19, H Kingston Hutchins (5)18


Richmond        18.16.124
Hutchins            6.11. 47
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 6, C Ross 3, A Sweet 2, J Arnott 2, N Grubb, B Hill, D Williams, C Cupit, M Smith
Hutchins - R Hallam 2, C Jones, A Hazell, T Smith, A Palfreyman
Best - Richmond - B Hill, N Woolley, A Eastley, C Ross, J Needham, C Watson
Hutchins - T Smith, J Heron, R Hallam, J Parker, L Nettlefold, A Harvey
St Virgils        16.19.115
OHA               13.12.90
Goals - St Virgils - N Free 4, N Robinson 4, D Morgan 3, R Crawford 3, J Rafferty, R Munnings
OHA - M Bannister 5, D Fitzpatrick 5, S Coombes, J Smith, T Austen
Best - St Virgils - N Free, S Dickson, A Crawford, S Dick, J Rafferty, L White
OHA - J Smith, M Bannister, G Vincent, S Luck, J Broughton, J Smith  
Channel        18.17.125
University         7.11.53  
Goals - Channel - C Stockfield 9, R Scuth 2, D Warn 2, N Swards 2, H Burgess 2, R Drysdale
University - F Ackroyd, W Quarrel 2, D Burgess
Best - Channel - Not Supplied
University - Z Leuiter, F Ackroyd, M Goodwin, H Sims, K Takayama, L Bartulovic 


Richmond   200.67%   36pts,

University    101.20%   20pts,

St Virgils      90.83%   20pts,

DOSA        113.34%    16pts

OHA            77.46%    12pts,

Hutchins      79.43%      8pts, 

Channel       74.31%      8pts


Leading Goalkickers C Watson Richmond (6) 28, J Howard DOSA (-) 20, M Bannister OHA (5)19

C Stockfield Channel (9)16, A Palfreyman Hutchins (1)15


Review Round 10

Hutchins moved to second spot in the Old Scholars with a hard fought win over Richmond. Both teams displayed classy efforts throughout with the result in the balance up to three quarter time but Hutchins finished strongly kicking four goals to Richmond’s one goal to win by 23 points. Tom Arnold, Matthew Wilson, Kevin Jubb, Matthew Lister and Scott Nicholls were prominent around the ground for Hutchins while Jordan Dunn, Garry Splann, Jayden Baker, Jesse O’Neal and Scott Boxall worked tirelessly for Richmond. 

St.Virgils returned to the winners list when they accounted for OHA. It was an even affair in the first half but St.Virgils took control kicking five goals to two in the third quarter as OHA squandered their chances and Saints continued their good work in the final quarter kicking six goals to three to win by 19 points with Marcus Parker, Adrian Burdon, Alex Ross and Brendan Davis their best with Luke Taylor, Ashley Banks, Nick Skeggs and Zac Burnett the pick for OHA. 

Channel continued its march to the finals with a 10 point win over University. Channel’s five goals in the first quarter proved to be the catalyst for their win although University through Will McAdam, Field Reeves, Peter McEvoy and Rob Hill fought back courageously but Channel led by Sam Dean, Marcus Smith, Jared Mason and Michael Darcy held firm.    


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Round 11 16th June

Preview Round 11

 Approaching the half way mark in the Old Scholars it appears to be a three way battle between DOSA, Hutchins and Richmond for the prized top two spots with fourth spot up for grabs between the remaining teams although circumstances such as injuries could change the composition of final four positions so it is far from complete. On Saturday St.Virgils, who tasted victory last week and have Jon Bowring, Adrian Burdon, Marcus Parker and Brendan Davis in form host University who have been decimated by players injured or unavailable in previous games but most of those return this week and they will give a good account of themselves. Hutchins welcome back players after exams but are still in a rich vein of form with their drive starting with Nick Cleary in the ruck , Matthew Lister, Kevin Jubb and Matthew Wilson and their clash with a resurgent Channel with Ryan Smith, Sam Dean and Marcus Smith in control should be a close encounter. Ladder leaders DOSA are home to OHA with the home team enjoying plenty of success through their blend of youth and experience while OHA have been hit hard with injuries to key players and will be desperate to keep their hold on fourth spot.

Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 11


Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins         6.5    13.6    15.9    20.14. 134
Channel          3.0     5.3      7.5      9.  8.  62 
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKraanen 5, H Kingston 4, S Nichols 3, S Wright 3, T Arnold 2, L Noye, M Wright, N Cleary
Channel - C Joyce 7, M Darcy, N Hansson
Best - Hutchins - M Wilson, L Gorringe, S Nichols, A Triffett, S Wright, L Franks
Channel - S Dean, C Joyce, M Roberts, W Armstrong, W Dean, R Harwood
                                                           DOSA d OHA
DOSA            4.5    9.10    13.10    14.15.  99
OHA              3.2      3.5       3.9       4.15. 39
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 2, C Golding 2, T Tatnell 2, S Peacock 2, N Williams 2
J O'Brien, J Penwright, K Harvey, N Abrahams
OHA - J Smith 2, C Hevey, S Brown
Best - DOSA - S Beattie, J Harvey, S Peacock, C Golding, T Tatnell, M Broughton
OHA - S McCallum, J Tierney, M Zukauskas, B Langford, A Risley, T Fenton
                                                    St Virgils d University
St Virgils         6.1    13.4    20.8    24.13.157
University        1.1      3.4     6.7     11. 7. 73
Goals - St Virgils - J Bowering 6, M Beck 4, A Burdon 4, J McCulloch 3, J Britten 2
B Davis, S Hughes, A Vlahov, M Collis, M Parker
University - M Gowans 3, M Matuszek, F Reeves, T Stewart, P McEvoy, M Gill, R Hill, M Rippon, J Stride
Best - St Virgils - B Davis, M Parker, A Ross, A Vlahov, M Collis, B Parremore
University - P McEvoy, W McAdam, P Brooks, F Reeves, R Hill


DOSA                       9          8          1          -          1000         562            177.94    32  

Hutchins                   10         7          3          -           900          748            120.32    28     

Richmond                  9          5          4          -           812          745            108.99    20     

OHA                         10        4          6          -           734          860              85.35    16   

St Virgils                  10         3          7          -           805          953              84.47    12

University                  9          3          6          -           705          853              82.65    12  

Channel                    9          3          6          -           654          889              73.57    12


Leading Goalkickers B VanKrannen Hutchins (5) 30, F Reeves University (1) 29, M Fisher DOSA (2) 29

S Bowering OHA (-) 27, A Burdon St Virgils (4) 23




Hutchins            10.13.73

Channel                6.6.42


Goals - Hutchins - A Smith 2, A Palfreyman 2, J Coad, B Garth, M Walsh, A Hazell, J Archer, M Chugg

Channel - R Schuth 2, C Stockfeld 2, D Warn 2

Best - Hutchins - M Walsh, E Noye, G Wright, A Harvey, J Archer, R Hallam

Channel - D Keating, M Wolfert, M Turner, H Burgess, C Foster, J Fordham 


DOSA                13.16.94

OHA                    6.11.47


Goals - DOSA - M Honey 3, J Howard 3, M Fielding 2, A Veitch, A Wilson, C Claridge, B Clark, C Burdon

OHA - M Hinchin 2, D Fitzpatrick 2, W Garvey, S Forsyth

Best - DOSA - M Fielding, F Shade, A Veitch, C Claridge, S Byrne, A Wilson

OHA - S Forsyth, T Oakley, W Garvey, M Hinchin


St Virgils            10.13.73

University             4. 3.27


Goals - St Virgils - D Morgan 3, N Robinson 2, J Rafferty 2, S Quinn, N Free, J Gill

University - L Bartulovic, J Milwood, B Scarbourough, S Bellchambers

Best - St Virgils - J Rafferty, T Pilkington, N Free, D Quinn, M Grandin, D Morgan

University - M Jones, C Webb, J Millwood, L Bartulovic, M Barwick, B Scarbourough




Richmond    200.67%   36pts,

St Virgils      97.62%    24pts,

University     93.02%    20pts,

DOSA       119.72%     20pts

Hutchins      84.74%    12pts,

OHA            74.44%    12pts,

Channel       72.70%      8pts


Leading Goalkickers - C Watson Richmond (-) 28, J Howard DOSA (3) 23


Review Round 11

Convincing wins were the order of the day in the Old Scholars games played last Saturday. St.Virgils made it two wins on the trot in their 84 point win over University and are playing like the St.Virgils of old as they swept University aside with a polished display to lead by 60 points at half time and the trend continued in the second half courtesy of Marcus Parker, Brendan Davis, Alex Ross and Aaron Vlahov while the return of Michael Collis is a bonus. University were outplayed with their five goal final quarter saving some grace and Peter McEvoy, Will McAdam and Paul Brooks battled hard. 

Ladder leaders DOSA continued to set the pace with a 60 point win over an inaccurate OHA. After an even first quarter DOSA were never threatened with Scott Beattie, Justin Harvey, Sam Peacock and Cameron Golding leading the way and despite being under pressure OHA’s Scott McCallum, James Teirney, Matthew Zukauskas and Ben Langford played well. 

An opening barrage by Hutchins set the scene for their 72 point drubbing of Channel. Hutchins never let the visitors get settled with runners Matthew Wilson, Lucas Gorringe, Scott Nichols and Alex Triffett running riot  but to their credit Channel never gave in through Chris Joyce (7 goals), Sam Dean and Matt Roberts.  


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Round 12  23rd June

Preview Round 12

As the battle for finals spots heats up in the Old Scholars the onus is on teams in the bottom half of the ladder to start putting some wins together. Although, over the past few weeks, St.Virgils and Channel have made clear their intentions to play finals football. 

At University the home team will be out to repeat their round five win when they host Richmond who have a top two spot in their sights and will be all out for victory. University are getting players back from injury while Peter McEvoy, Will McAdam, Michael Gowans and Rob Hill are in form while Richmond’s Mitch Baker, Scott Boxall, Jesse O’Neill and Jayden Baker will be prominent. 

Channel host OHA in a night game at Snug Park and victory will lift them closer to the four while OHA need to cement their hold on fourth spot. Channel struggled last week but with Chris Joyce, Wayde Armstrong, Rob Harwood and Sam Dean in form, they will push OHA who will look to Andrew Riseley, Trent Fenton, Scott McCallum and Ben Langford for drive. 

Can St.Virgils stop DOSA’s run of wins at New Town? Their form of late indicates they can but DOSA are playing with plenty of confidence with their recruits having blended in very nicely. 

Hutchins bye.

Results Round 12


                                                  St Virgils d DOSA
St Virgils            1.1    7.2    10.2    14.5.  89
DOSA                5.4    6.4    11.5    12.8.  80
Goals - St Virgils - M Beck 4, J Bowering 3, J Rafferty 2, A Burdon 2, R Oakley, M Parker, J Britten
DOSA - M Fisher 5, K Harvey 5, J Fisher, N Williams
Best - St Virgils - P Midson, B Dalliston, L Post, B Davis, B Parremore, A Burdon
DOSA - S Peacock, C Golding, J Harvey, M Broughton, K Harvey, B McIntyre
                                                Richmond d University 
Richmond            6.9    9.12    10.14    18.15.  123
University            3.1      4.2      8.6      11.  7.   73
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 5, K Baker 3, N Terry 3, S Boxall 3, B Cato 2, D Bailey, S Dick
University - T Stewart 5, C Burgess 2, F Reeves 2, J Stride, M Matuszek 
Best - Richmond - S Dick, J Baker, G Splann, J Woolley, M Baker, J O'Neal
University - T Stewart, N Whittle, A Saunders, J Stride, D Ackroyd, F Reeves

                                                Channel d OHA
Channel                2.5    5.8    8.13    8.17.65
OHA                     2.0    4.2    5.5      9. 6.60
Goals - Channel - M Darcy 2, D Warn 2, R Harwood, S Dean, M McCulloch, J McKay
OHA - D Archer 2, T Orchard 2, A Limbrick, C Hevey, S Bowering, J Smith, M Zukauskas
Best - Channel - R Schuth, M Gates, S Dean, N Hansson, M Roberts, R Whitaker
OHA - N Skeggs, D Ryan, T Orchard, L Taylor, D Orchard, B Langford   



DOSA                         10        8          2          -           1080         651            165.90    32  

Hutchins                     10        7          3          -            900          748            120.32    28     

Richmond                   10        6          4          -            935          818            114.30    24     

St Virgils                    11        4          7          -            874         1033             86.54    16

OHA                           11        4          7          -           794          925              85.84    16   

Channel                      10        4          6          -           719          949              75.76    16       

University                    10        3          7          -           778          976              79.71    12     


Leading Goalkcikers M Fisher DOSA (5) 34, F Reeves University (2) 31, B VanKrannen Hutchins (-) 30

S Bowering OHA (1) 28, A Burdon St Virgils (2) 25, M Darcy Channel (2) 23



St Virgils         14.10.  94
DOSA             11. 9.  75
Goals - St Virgils - N Robinson 4, N Free 4, D Morgan 3, S Quinn, M Douglas, J Goldsmith
DOSA - J Needham 3, C Burdon 3, J Rogers 2, M McConnon, M Robinson, A Veitch
Best - St Virgils - J Hooker, T Pilkington, D Webb, N Robinson, N Free, J Brooks
DOSA - A Veitch, M McCallum, J Carroll, J Rogers, C Burdon, S Bryce
Richmond        15.8.  98
University          8.6.  54
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 8, C Cupit 3, D Williams 2, C Ross, H Smith, A Oakley
University - A Fitzpatrick 2, D Burgess 2, L Bartulovic, C Webb, T Roberts
Best - Richmond - I Dewinter, J Mackey, J Jones, N Woolley, C Watson, M Smith
University - J Harrison, Z Luitier, L Bartulovic, A Winston, B Curtis, G Livingstone
OHA                15.20.110
Channel             3.6.24
Goals - OHA - B Geeves 5, K Nikolai 4, D Fitzpatrick 2, P Stanley 2, M Hichen, T Austin
Channel - C Lovell 2, C Stockfeld
Best - OHA - P Stanley, T Oakley, B Geeves, K Nikolai, D Fitzpatrick, M Bannister
Channel - M Folfert, J Beadle, B Bowerman, D Millhouse, C Lovell, J Bailey


Richmond   198.61%   40pts,

St Virgils    100.25%   28pts,

DOSA        114.60%   20pts,

University     87.48%  20pts,

OHA            84.90%  16pts

Hutchins      84.74%  12pts, 

Channel       65.83%  8pts


Leading Goalkickers C Watson Richmond (8) 36, J Howard DOSA 23

Review Round 12

In a tough encounter between St.Virgils and DOSA the home team emerged winners. DOSA started brilliantly as they piled on the goals in the first quarter but St.Virgils fought back courageously to lead by 4 points at half time. Both teams continued their assault on goals in the third quarter with DOSA gaining a 9 point advantage at the last change but St.Virgils kicked 4 goals to 1 and win by 9 points. Patrick Midson, Byron Dalliston, Brendan Davis and Leigh Post were great for St.Virgils and Sam Peacock, Cameron Golding, Justin Harvey and Mitch Broughton were best for DOSA. 

Richmond’s double chance ambition stayed on course proving too strong for University.  Richmond looked in control throughout and put the icing on the cake with an eight goal final quarter although University battled on but lost by 50 points. Steven Dick, Jayden Baker, Garry Splann and Josh Woolley were best for Richmond and Troy Stewart, Nick Whittle, Alex Saunders and Jacob Stride played well for University. 

Channel were victors in their night game with OHA by 5 points. After a fairly even first half Channel broke away courtesy of  Reece Schuth, Sam Dean, Mark Gates and Neil Hansson but OHA fought back through Dan Ryan, Nick Skeggs, Tim Orchard and Luke Taylor but just fell short.

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Round 13 30th June

Preview Round 13

With nine rounds remaining in the Old Scholars the race for finals spots has hotted up and upsets could occur this Saturday.

Hutchins host St.Virgils and the home team have hit their straps with midfielders, onballers and forwards Dale Ayers, Matthew Lister, Lucas Gorringe, Tom Arnold,  Ben Van Kraanen and Hamish Kingston leading the way while the much improved St.Virgils have made successful positional changes namely Mark Beck from defence to full forward and Brendan Davis to defence and Marcus Parker, Patrick Midson and Byron Dalliston are also in solid form. 

DOSA play University who could feel the full brunt of  DOSA’s loss last week. DOSA need to work for four quarters and have the talent in Kim Harvey, Sam Peacock, Cameron Golding and Michael Fisher while University have been hit hard with injury but Jacob Stride, Field Reeves, Troy Stewart and Nick Whittle are in form and victory will keep them within striking distance of the four. 

Richmond host Channel in what should be another close game with Richmond favoured through their ability to convert their chances from their runners led by Mitch Baker, Josh Woolley, Steven Dick and Jesse O’Neal while Channel could struggle without Chris Joyce but Sam Dean, Ryan Whittaker and Matt Roberts are in form.      

OHA bye.                                     

Results Round 13


                                                                    Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins                4.3    6.7    12.10    18.15. 123
St Virgils                2.1    3.4       4.6      7.  9. 51
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKraanen 10, H Kingston 3, J Harris 2, J Bean, L Gorringe, S Wright
St Virgils - M Parker 2, J Britten, J Bowering, J Gill, M Beck, A Burdon
Best - Hutchins - B VanKraanen, L Gorringe, M Lister, J Harris, D Ayers, T Arnold
St Virgils - M Parker, L Post, B Parremore, R Oakley, A Burdon
                                                                    Richmond d Channel
Richmond            6.4    12.7    18.16    26.19.175
Channel               4.0     5.3     10.4     11.  5.  71
Goals - Richmond - K Baker 8, C Crossin 5, S Boxall 4, N Terry 3, B Joseph 2, M Baker, K Rogers, J O'Neal, M Turner
Channel - M Smith 3, M Roberts 2, C Joyce 2, P Boss, C Wheatley, B Pitt, J Webster
Best - Richmond - K Baker, J Dunn, M Baker, B Cato, S Dick, J O'Neal
Channel - R Harwood, M Roberts, D Townsend, C Wheatley, J Mason, M Smith
                                                                    DOSA d University
DOSA            8.3    10.6    14.11    21.13.139
University       0.2      4.5      6.8       9.16. 70
Goals - DOSA - J O'Brien 6, M Fisher 5, S Peacock 3, K Harvey 3, C Golding 2, M Harrison, N Williams
University - F Ackroyd 3, F Reeves 2, C Burgess 2, P McEvoy, T Stewart
Best - DOSA - J O'Brien, G Crowe, S Peacock, S Beattie, T Golding, M Fisher
University - J Stride, P McEvoy, S Cooper, A Saunders, D Ackroyd


DOSA                         11        9          2          -          1219          721            169.07    36  

Hutchins                     11        8          3          -           1023          799            128.03    32     

Richmond                   11        7          4          -           1110          889            124.36    28     

OHA                           11        4          7          -            794          925              85.84    16   

St Virgils                    12        4           8          -            925         1156             80.02    16

Channel                      11        4          7          -            790         1124             70.28    16       

Uniersity                     11        3          8          -            848         1115             76.05    12   


Leading Goalkickers B VanKrannen Hutchins (10) 40, M Fisher DOSA (5) 39,

F Reeves University (2) 33, S Bowering OHA (-) 28, A Burdon St Virgils (1) 26                            



St Virgils                15.4.94
Hutchins                13.8.86
Goals - St Vrgils - D Morgan 4, N Robinson 4, N Free 3, S Harris, J Hooker, M Douglas, N Gibson
Hutchins - M Walsh 3, J Archer 2, A Smith 2, J Parker, B Garth, J Heron, R Hallam, J Coad, G Friend
Best - St Virgils - V Bourke, J Hooker, T Pilkington, J Brooks, R Jacobs, S Quinn, N Free
Hutchins - J Heron, M Walsh, J Archer, R Hallam, J Burns, C Jackson
Richmond            25.11.161
Channel                 9.6.  60
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 8, J Hodge 5, Nick Woolley 3, C Ross 2, C Cupit 2, P Roland, J Kopra, K Peddell, S Triffett, G Morgan
Channel - C Stockfeld 3, D Warn 3, L Yeo, G Burgess, B Garth- Smith
Best - Richmond - C Cupit, B Hill, K Peddell, Nick Woolley, C Watson, J Mackey
Channel - R Cracknell, B Garth-Smith, C Foster, A Warn, C Lovell, M Wolfert
DOSA                15.12.102
University              5.9.  39
Goals - DOSA - M Honey 4, M Carr 3, M McConnon 2, L Golding, S Bryce, M Pace, J Newman, A Veitch, S Sharp
University - Z Durkin 2, C Burgess, N Rayment, A Winston
Best - DOSA - T Allcock, C Burdon, M McCallum, J Rogers, A Veitch, M McConnon
University - Z Luitier, C Dineley, H Sims, A Winston, C Catto, B Curtis



Richmond    206.04%   44pts,
St Virgils      101.14%  32pts,
DOSA          122.02%  24pts,
University       80.98%  20pts,

OHA              84.90%  16pts, 
Hutchins        85.49%  12pts, 
Channel         67.37%    8pts

Leading Goalkicker C Watson Richmond (8) 44

Review Round 13

Hutchins blew St.Virgils away in the second half of their Old Scholars clash kicking twelve goals to four in their 72 point win. With their onballers and midfielders led by Matthew Lister, Lucas Gorringe and Dale Ayers running riot Hutchins forwards had a field day with full forward Ben Van Kraanen kicking ten goals while their defence kept St.Virgils' dangerous forwards in check. Although under immense pressure St.Virgils Matthew Parker and Adrian Burdon worked tirelessly and defenders Ben Parremore, Leigh Post and Robert Oakley stood tall.   

A consistent four quarter performance by Richmond proved too much for Channel with the home team victors by 104 points. Richmond had winners everywhere in Kurt Baker (8 goals), Jacob Dunn, Mitchell Baker and Ben Cato who cut a swathe through Channel’s defence and even the return of Chris Joyce plus Rob Harwood, Matt Roberts and Dean Townsend could not stop Richmond’s barnstorming display. 

Ladder leader DOSA hit back to dispose of University by 69 points. DOSA opened up a match winning lead in the first quarter and while University fought back, inaccuracy on goal did not help their chances.  DOSA had all the answers through Justin O’Brien, Sam Peacock, George Crowe and Scott Beattie while University’s best were Jacob Stride, Peter McEvoy and Stuart Cooper.  

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Round 14 14th July

Preview Round 14

 The Old Scholars roster resumes tomorrow and with eight rounds remaining the top three spots appear to be shored up. The focus will be on whether any of the lower placed teams can make headway to claim fourth spot.

A team commitment is required by University if they are to overcome the inform Hutchins. University have been struck with injuries that played a significant role in some of their losses but are nearing full strength . Hutchins are playing with plenty of confidence and have been boosted by the return of triple Association Best and Fairest award winner Jamie Harriss. 

DOSA should have all the answers for Channel at North Hobart. DOSA have emerged as a premiership contender with their style of play proving successful with their tall players putting the icing on the cake. Channel only put their best foot forward on occasions but with key players returning they will help shape the composition of the final four. 

OHA need to defeat Richmond to stay in fourth spot but are down on form due to injuries but late recruiting should be a bonus. Richmond’s recent form has been very good and they will be striving for victory in their quest for a top two finish. 

 St.Virgils have the bye.       

Results Round 14


                                           Hutchins d University
Hutchins        7.1    14.4    18.6    25.16. 166
University      4.0      8.3    11.6    12.  6. 78
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKraanen 7, H Kingston 5, J Harriss 3, S Wright 2, M Lister 2
M Wilson, T Arnold, N Leitch, J Bean, P Ayers, J Edwards
University - P McIvoy 3, C Burgess 2, F Reeves 2, M Gill, P Brooks, M Gowans, B Hayes, T Stewart
Best - Hutchins - J McMahon, D Ayers, J Harriss, L Gorringe, L Franks, M Lister
University - J Stride, J Harrison, S Cooper, R Hill, M Gowans, A Saunders
                                                  DOSA d Channel
DOSA            9.3    18.6    23.12    31.18. 204
Channel         4.3      6.4      8.5      11.5.    71
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 8, K Harvey 7, B Setchell 3, J Fisher 3, S Peacock 2, J O'Brien 2
L Manser, N Abrahams, B McIntyre, T Gibson, J Neilsen, N Williams
Channel - P Bass 3, C Lovell 2, R Harwood, J Mason, R Whitaker, B Pitt, W Armstrong, M Smith
Best - DOSA - K Harvey, C Golding, M Fisher, J Harvey, N Williams, B Setchell
Channel - W Dean, C Lovell, P Bass, S Dean, R Harwood, R Schuth
                                                OHA d Richmond
OHA             3.0    7.4    8.10    11.14.  80
Richmond     2.2    3.3    8.5      10.10.  70
Goals - OHA - C Williams 3, T Orchard 2, M Zukauskas 2, M McPherson 2, A Banks, K Nikolai
Richmond - K Baker 3, M Baker 2, C Crossin 2, J Baker, N Terry, A Sweet
Best - OHA - C Williams, B Langford, N Skeggs, K Nikolai, S Bowering, T Fenton
Richmond -  Nathan Woolley, R Brumby, B Cato, K Baker, A Daft

DOSA                          12        10         2         -           1423         792            179.67    40  

Hutchins                      12         9          3         -           1189         877            135.57    36     

Richmond                    12         7          5         -           1180         969            121.77    28     

OHA                           12         5          7          -           874          995              87.34     20   

St Virgils                     12         4          8          -           925          1156            80.02     16

Channel                      12         4          8          -           861          1328            64.83     16       

University                    12         3          9          -           926          1281            72.29    12      

Leading Goalkickers

B VanKrannen Hutchins (7) 47, M Fisher DOSA (8) 47, F Reeves University (2) 35, K Harvey DOSA (7) 32

H Kingston Hutchins (5) 30



Hutchins     11.10. 76
University     6.12. 48
Goals - Hutchins - J Coad 4, B Garth 3, A Smith 2, D Reidet, A Quinn
University - L Bartulovic 2, D Burgess 2, Z Lieutier, G Butterworth
Best - Hutchins - J Coad, R Hallam, B Garth, M Walsh, A Quinn, J Archer
University - G Livingstone, M Barwick, B Curtis, Z Lieutier, M Goodwin, H Sims
DOSA        16.13. 109
Channel       8.10. 58
Goals - DOSA - R Devine 4, B Williams 3, J Cerratelli 3, M Honey 2, M McConnon, J Newman, J Roger, T Allcock
Channel - B Garth - Smith 2, D Keating, C Russell, B Bowerman, J Beadle, N Palmear, W Coventry
Best - DOSA - C Burdon, T Allcock, M Carr, D McConnon, A Wilson, R Devine
Channel - H Burgess, C Foster, B Bowerman, J Webster, B Garth - Smith, M Woolfert
Richmond    23.16. 154
OHA            10.10. 70
Goals - Richmond - A Reeves 5, C Ross 3, S Bradford 3, Nick Woolley 3, J Hodge 2,
J Mackey, J Kopra, D Barr, D Williams, C Cupit, D Peck, B Woolley
OHA - J Doyle 2, D Saunders 2, R Yaxley 2, S Bryan 2, W Garvey, M Bannister
Best - Richmond - S Bradford, B Hill, J Mackey, J Hodge, D Peck, C Cupit
OHA - N Gobbey, G Vincent, T Oakley, S Luck, J Broughton, S Bryan 

Richmond  207.58%  48pts,

St Virgils   101.14%  32pts,

DOSA      126.63%   28pts,

University   79.39%   20pts

OHA          79.03%   16pts,

Hutchins     89.43%   12pts, 

Channel     60.60%    8pts


Review Round 14

A barrage of goals by a disciplined DOSA demolished Channel by 133 points in a high scoring clash. DOSA’s onballers, midfielders and running defenders provided countless opportunities for their forwards with Michael Fisher (8 goals) and Kim Harvey (7 goals) dominant and while Channel scored the first goal of the game they were no match for the ladder leaders. Other stand out players for DOSA were Cameron Golding and Justin Harvey while Channel’s Will Dean, Corey Lovell, Patrick Bass and Sam Dean played well. 

OHA put a dent in Richmond’s double chance prospects winning a tight game by 10 points although Richmond were staring at a 25 point deficit at half time but they fought back only to fall short. OHA had winners in Chris Williams, Ben Langford, Nick Skeggs and Kristian Nikolai while Richmond had good players in Nathan Woolley, Rod Brumby, Ben Cato and Kurt Baker. 

In another high scoring game Hutchins were too mobile for University in their 88 point win. Hutchins consistency over four quarters was too much for the home team who were kept in check for most of the game by an in form team led by James McMahon, Dale Ayers and Jamie Harriss. Best for University were Jake Stride, James Harrison and Stuart Cooper.    

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Round 15 th July

Preview Round 15

It’s the showdown we have been waiting for in the Old Scholars Football Association when second placed Hutchins host ladder leaders DOSA. Both teams are in top form and Hutchins success is a credit to Nick Leitch who has moulded his team into a formidable force with the form of key forwards Ben Van Kraanen and Hamish Kingston a feature while the remainder of the team perform week in week out. DOSA are the forerunner of the competition and Justin O’Brien has been instrumental in getting the best out of his players led by Michael Fisher who is in superb form and will be a constant danger for Hutchins defence. 

 A close game is expected between University and OHA but if the home team are to play finals football this game must be the launching pad. OHA upset Richmond last week and perhaps this is a sign of things to come and they will be desperate for victory.

 A crunch game is forecast at New Town where St.Virgils face Richmond on the rebound after their losses in their last outings and a great game should be witnessed as both teams set a high standard and will be out to redeem themselves on their push to the finals.   

Channel have the bye.


Results Round 15 


                                                                 OHA d University

OHA            6.4    10.6    12.12    17.15. 117
University    0.0      2.4      3.9        6.13. 49
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 5, M McPherson 4, M Zukauskas 4, T Orchard, A Banks, S McCallum, L Taylor
University - F Reeves 4, A Saunders, C Burgess
Best - OHA - S Bowering, T Fenton, M McPherson, M Zukauskas, S McCallum, R Hunt
University - G Livingstone, M Gowans, P McEvoy, R Hill, J Stride, F Reeves
                                                                DOSA d Hutchins
DOSA            3.0    9.1    13.3    15.8. 98
Hutchins        3.3     7.5    11.7    13.8. 86
Goals - DOSA - K Harvey 6, M Fisher 3, T Gibbons 2, A Veitch, C Golding, N Abrahams, N Williams
Hutchins - M Lister 4, J Bean 2, N Leitch 2, J Edwards 2, B VanKrannen 2, N Cleary
Best - DOSA - K Harvey, J Harvey, N Abrahams, C Golding, J O'Brien, S Peacock
Hutchins - J Faulkner, J Johnston, D Ayers, M Lister, N Leitch, J Harriss
                                                                 Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond        4.4    9.8    13.10    17.15. 117
St Virgils         0.3     3.7     8.10      9.12. 66
Goals - Richmond - M Turner 5, A Reeve 4, K Baker 3, C Cupit 2, B Joseph, N Terry, J Dunn
St Virgils - A Burdon 3, M Parker 3, J McCulloch, M Beck, T Pilkington
Best - Richmond - S Dick, A Daft, M Turner, J Dunn, N Grubb, J Woolley
St Virgils - J Britten, B Dalliston, J McCulloch, B Parremore, A Ross, P Midson



DOSA                         13        11        2          -           1521         886            171.67    44  

Hutchins                     13         9         4          -           1275         975            130.77    36     

Richmond                    13        8          5          -          1297         1035          125.31    32     

OHA                           13        6          7          -           991          1044            94.92    24   

St Virgils                     13        4          9          -          1011        1273            79.42     16

Channel                      12        4          8          -           861          1328            64.83    16       
University                    13        3         10         -           983          1398            70.31    12


Leaidng Goalkickers M Fisher DOSA  (3) 50, B VanKrannen Hutchins (2) 49, F Reeves University (4) 39

K Harvey DOSA (6) 38, S Bowering OHA (5) 33, K Baker Richmond (3) 32, H Kingston Hutchins (-) 30




University         10.13. 73

OHA                  8.5.  53


Goals - University - L Bartulovic 3, J Rootes 2, D Burgess 2, W McAdam, K Takayama, M Youd

OHA - M Bannister 2, R Yaxley, T Austen, S Jury, J Doyle, B Marsland, J Broughton

Best - University - B Hayes, C Dineley, J Hamilton, M Barwick, S Hamilton, N Emery

OHA - G Vincent, T Austen, M Bannister, S Probert, J Doyle, N Gobbey 

Hutchins    8.14.62
DOSA        8. 7.55
Goals - Hutchins - B Garth 3, L Blue 2, J Swain 2, A Smith
DOSA - M Scott 3, J Rogers, B Clark, C Burdon, B Williams, J Newman
Best - Hutchins - C Jones, M Walsh, L Blue, J Archer, D Jones, B Garth
DOSA - B Clark, M Scott, D Hall, T Doyle, J Cerratelli, A Wilson
Richmond     22.11.143
St Virgils      14.14.98
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 11, D Williams 5, Nick Woolley 2, J Arnott, A Oakley, S Free, B Woolley
St Virgils - R Crawford 3, S Smith 3, M Cracknell 2, D Quinn 2, S Groves, R Munnings, N Robinson, J Goldsmith
Best  - Richmond - C Watson, S Bradford, R Eastley, B Higg, Nick Woolley, J Jones
St Virgils - S Smith, M Robinson, M Cracknell, M Fergusson, J Ackerley, J Gibb



Richmond  199.59%  52pts,

St Virgils     96.56%  32pts,

DOSA       123.99%  28pts,

University    82.81%  24pts

Hutchins     90.89%  20pts,

OHA           78.45% 16pts,

Channel      62.03%   8pts


Leading Goalkicker C Watson Richmond (11) 55

Review Round 15

DOSA confirmed their status as premiership favourites with a hard fought 12 point win over Hutchins. It was an intense battle throughout with only a couple of goals the difference all game. The ability of DOSA’s defenders to keep Hutchins key forwards in check went a long way to securing victory while at the other end DOSA’s key forwards Kim Harvey and Michael Fisher contributed nine of their fifteen goals kicked. Other good players for DOSA were Justin Harvey, Nathan Abrahams and Cameron Golding while best for Hutchins were James Faulkner, Jack Johnson, Dale Ayers and Matthew Lister. 

Richmond moved to within one game of second place after dominating St.Virgils to the tune of 51 points. Richmond were in command throughout and while St.Virgils did fight back in the third quarter Richmond finished better to win comfortably. Steven Dick, Marcus Turner, Adam Daft and Jacob Dunn stood out for Richmons while Jason Britten, Byron Dalliston, Joe McCulloch and Ben Parremore were best for St. Virgils.  

OHA kept its finals aspirations alive with a 68 point win over University. OHA had all the running early and lead by 50 points at half time with Sam Bowering and Mitch McPherson dangerous forwards but against the odds University fought back through Michael Gowans and Gavin Livingstone.

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Round 16 28th July

Preview Round 16    

With their finals aspirations on the line both St.Virgils and Channel clash in the Old Scholars with the winner still a remote finals chance. St.Virgils form has dropped off over the last three weeks but they have this opportunity to regain their midseason form. Injuries to key players has affected Channels’ structure and balance but a four quarter effort here will give them a shot at victory.

 DOSA Richmond games are always tough, close encounters and this game should be no exception with the abundance of talent on show. DOSA have won both meetings to date and are in rare form with their quick ball movement a feature which Richmond will need to counter if they are to upset the home team but they have the manpower to combat this and a narrow margin could well be the difference.

 A danger game confronts Hutchins when play a rapidly improving OHA. Hutchins inability to nullify DOSA’s marking power was costly last week but they will rebound through Matthew Lister and Dale Ayers and OHA could pay but OHA have marking strengths through Sam Bowering and Mitch McPherson and if they are on song the result could go their way.

University have the bye.


Results Round 16


                                                      Hutchins d OHA
Hutchins        7.5    11.10    11.13    14.15.99
OHA              2.1      2.3       5.6        7. 7.49
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKraanen 3, M Lister 3, T Brown 2, J Harriss 2, S Nichols, J Bean, N Leitch, A Hogan
OHA - M McPherson 4, S Bowering 2, K Nikolai
Best - Hutchins - J Harriss, T Brown, D Ayers, J Archer, T Arnold, S Nichols
OHA - M Zukauskas, J Smith, S Bowering, N Skeggs, M McPherson, J Tierney
                                                  St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils        2.4    4.8    9.14    17.18.120
Channel         4.3    7.4    9.8      10. 9.  69
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 6, M Parker 3, J Britten 3, J McCulloch 3, P Midson, S Harris
Channel - C Joyce 4, R Harwood 3, S Dean, M Prins, B Pitt
Best - St Virgils - S Hughes, P Midson, B Parremore, J McCulloch, A Burdon, A Vlahov
Channel - S Dean, N Hannson, C Joyce, T Wierenga, M Gates, D Townsend
                                                   DOSA d Richmond
DOSA            5.3    7.5    12.10    13.13.91
Richmond      1.4    2.6      2.11      7.13.55
Goals - DOSA - M Fisher 3, C Golding 2, T Tatnell 2, T Gibbons, K Harvey, J O'Brien, J Fisher, N Williams, B Setchell, G Crowe
Richmond - K Baker 2, J O'Neal, A Daft, N Terry, B Cato, J Sturzaker
Best - DOSA - B Setchell, J Harvey, B Clark, A Davey, L Curtain, T Tatnell
Richmond - A Daft, J O'Neal, N Woolley, D Williams, A Boucher, M Baker



DOSA                          14        12        2         -           1612          941            171.31    48  

Hutchins                      14        10        4          -           1374         1024          134.18    40     

Richmond                    14         8          6         -           1352         1126          120.07    32     

OHA                            14        6          8         -           1040         1143            90.99    24   

St Virgils                     14         5          9         -           1131         1342            84.28    20

Channel                       13        4          9          -           930          1448            64.23    16       

University                    13         3         10         -           983          1398            70.31    12     

Leading Goalkickers -  M Fisher DOSA (3) 53, B VanKrannen Hutchins (3) 52, F Reeves University (-) 39
K Harvey DOSA (1) 39, A Burdon St Virgils (6) 35, S Bowering OHA (2) 35, K Baker Richmond (2) 34


Hutchins        15.13.103
OHA                4.9.33
Goals - Hutchins - J Coad 4, L Walker 3, A Smith 3, B Garth, R Hallam, D Readett, J Swain, A Quinn
OHA - T Austin 2, N Balcombe, M Hinchen
Best - Hutchins - L Walker, J Fyshe, P Mulcahy, R Hallam, C Jones, B Garth
OHA - B Geeves, T Oakley, J Doyle, T Austin, R Yaxley, J Freeman
St Virgils         30.17.197
Channel          10.  3. 63
Goals - St Virgils - N Free 7, N Robinson 6, S Groves 3, M Douglas 3, R Munnings 3, S Smith 2,
T Smith, N Gibson, J Goldsmith, M Ferguson, D Morgan, J McLean
Channel - S Hall, C Stockfeld, L Yeo, R Carmichael, N Mansfield, C Russell, N Tolmear, J Beadle, C Clark, C Foster
Best - St Virgils - T Smith, J Brooks, A Walker, S O'Rourke, D Webb, M Douglas
Channel - C Coventry, J Beadle, N Swards, P Jacques, D Warn, C Stockfeld
DOSA            14.14.98
Richmond        5.14.44
Goals - DOSA - J Davie 7, M Scott 5, M Robinson, J Rogers
Richmond - C Watson 3, P Roland, A Oakley
Best - DOSA - M Scott, J Davie, T Allcock, M Honey, S Bryce, D McConnon
Richmond - J Jones, J Henley, A Eastley, M Smith,  A Oakley, B Bester



Richmond   181.28%   52pts,

St Virgils    109.16%   36pts,

DOSA        128.63%   32pts,

Hutchins      98.36%    24pts

University     82.81%   24pts,

OHA            74.50%   16pts,

Channel      57.54%     8pts


Leading Goalkickers - C Watson Richmond (3) 58, N Robinson St Virgils (6) 27, N Free St Virgils (7) 25

Review Round 16

A brilliant second half display by St.Virgils saw them turn a 14 point half time deficit into a 51 point win over Channel. With Sam Dean, Neil Hansson and Tim Wierenga providing plenty of drive and Chris Joyce capitalising up forward Channel looked the goods up to half time but St.Virgils came out full of running in the second half kicking thirteen goals to three led by Sam Hughes, Patrick Midson and Ben Parremore while Adrian Burdon kicked six goals. 

Hutchins were in command of their game with OHA from the opening quarter and had the game in their keeping with a 61 point half time lead. The second half was a slugfest but Hutchins maintained the authority winning by 50 points. Jamie Harriss, Dale Ayers, Travis Brown and Josh Archer were best for Hutchins and Matthew Zukauskas, Jeremy Smith, Sam Bowering and Nick Skeggs played well for OHA. 

A persistent DOSA proved too strong for a below strength Richmond winning by 36 points. Led by a miserly defence DOSA were too slick early setting up their win in the first half led by Justin Harvey, Ben Setchell and Ben Clark but Richmond never gave in with Adam Daft, Jesse O’Neal and Nick Woolley prominent.      

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Round 17 4th August

Preview Round 17

The battle for fourth spot between OHA and St.Virgils continues when they clash in the Old Scholars on Saturday. An OHA victory will give them a two game buffer but a St.Virgils win would see both teams level on six wins each so a battle royal is forecast. OHA have produced good football up to last week and must be at their best as St.Virgils are so inconsistent being either terrific or ordinary but they have quality players in Adrian Burdon, Joe McCulloch and Ben Parremore while OHA will look to Matthew Zukauskas, Sam Bowering and Nick Skeggs. 

Can Richmond lower Hutchins colours and bridge the gap between second and third in their clash at Richmond? Richmond will regain key players who were sadly missed last week but their form has been spasmodic and will look to Adam Daft, Ben Cato and Nick Woolley to get them firing while Hutchins are in good nick with Dale Ayers, Tom Arnold and Scott Nichols leading the way. 

The Channel University game could go either way in a close contest with both teams struggling and lacking key position players but Channel have Sam Dean, Neil Hansson in form while Jacob Stride and Peter McEvoy lead a gallant University.        

  DOSA have the bye.  

Results Round 17



                                            University d Channel

University            6.3    11.8    14.8    15.10.100
Channel              3.2      8.4    12.8    14.12.96
Goals - University - F Reeves 4, S Hamilton 2, M Matuszek 2, M Gowans 2, P McEvoy 2, T Stewart 2, S Cooper
Channel - C Joyce 6, M Roberts 2, R Harwood 2, R Schuth, M Darcy, W Dean, J Mason
Best - University - J Stride, F Reeves, S Cooper, G Livingstone, Z Durkin, S Hamilton
Channel - P Bass, J Mason, S Dean, C Joyce, M Prins, M Roberts
                                            Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond          3.2    7.3    10.4    15.7.97
Hutchins            1.0    3.4      6.7     7.7.49
Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 4, J Dunn 3, M Turner 3, M Baker 2, K Baker 2, Nick Woolley
Hutchins - B Van Kraanen, M Cleary, S Nichols, T Brown, D Ayers, N Leitch, T Arnold
Best - Richmond - R Brumby, J Leach, J Mackey, J Woolley, N Grubb, J Dunn
Hutchins - T Arnold, J Harriss, N Cleary, D Ayers, J Johnston, L Noye
                                                OHA d St Virgils
OHA                5.2    12.8    16.16    22.19.151
St Virgils          4.3      4.5      9.8     15.10.100
Goals - OHA - M McPherson 5, S Bowering 4, S McCallum 3, D Archer 3, A Banks 3, J Smith, T Fenton, C Hevey, Z Burnett
St Virgils - A Burdon 5, M Collis 4, J Rafferty 2, M Beck 2, J Britten, R Crawford
Best - OHA - J Teirney, N Skeggs, A Banks, B Langford, S McCallum, T Fenton
St Virgils - B Dalliston, M Parker, B Parremore, P Midson, S Hughes, A Burdon



DOSA                         14        12        2          -           1619         941            172.05    48  

Hutchins                     15        10        5          -           1423         1121          126.94    40     

Richmond                   15        9          6          -           1449         1182          122.59    36     

OHA                           15        7          8          -           1191         1243            95.81    28   

St Virgils                     15        5         10         -           1233         1493            82.58    20

University                    14        4         10         -           1083         1494            72.49    16     

Channel                      14        4         10         -           1026         1550            66.19    16    
Leading Goalkickers - B VanKrannen Hutchins (1) 53, M Fisher DOSA (-) 50, F Reeves University (4) 43

S Bowering OHA (4) 39, A Burdon St Virgils (5) 38, K Baker Richmond (2) 36




Channel            7.5.  47

University          4.9.  33


Goals - Channel - C Stockfeld 4, D Warn, D Keating, J Beadle

University - D Burgess 3, L McCarthy

Best - Channel - B Garth - Smith, B Sculthorpe, M Wolfert, C Coventry, D Smith, C Foster

University - J Rootes, S Bellchambers, D Burgess, C Dineley, M Goodwin, J Harrison


Hutchins        10.17. 77

Richmond      11. 7. 73


Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 3, J Parker, S Harris, J Coad, R Hallam, R Stewart, L Blue, O Robinson

Richmond - D Williams 3, C Cupit 2, D Bailey 2, M Smith 2, N Terry, B Bester

Best - Hutchins - T Squires, P Fyshe, R Hallam, J Burns, M Walsh, O Robinson

Richmond - J Jones, J Hodge, D Bailey, H Joseph, G Morgan, S Bradfield


St Virgils     16.15.111

OHA             14.11. 95


Goals - St Virgils - N Free 4, N Robinson 3, S Groves 2, M Ferguson, S Smith, M Grandin, D Morgan, J Goldsmith, M Douglas, R Munnings

OHA - D Fitzpatrick 4, J Broughton 3, J Doyle 3, M Hinchen, T Austen, B Geeves, S Bryan

Best - St Virgils - N Robinson, T Smith, S Quinn, S Smith, M Grandin, J Hooker

OHA - N Gobbey, T Oakley, J Doyle, J Freeman, R Yaxley, D Fitzpatrick




Richmond    173.92% 52pts,

St Virgils     109.77% 40pts,

DOSA         128.63% 32pts,

Hutchins       98.86% 28pts, 

University      82.19% 24pts,

OHA             75.43% 16pts,

Channel        59.61% 12pts


Leading Goalkickers C Watson Richmond (-) 57, N Free St Virgils (4) 31, N Robinson St Virgils (3) 30, C Stockfeld Channel (4) 27


Review Round 17

Richmond raised the bar in their form to hand Hutchins a drubbing by 48 points in the Old Scholars. Richmond had the upper hand from the start leading by 23 points at half time and they continued their dominance with eight goals to four in the second half with Rod Brumby, James Leach and James Mackey leading from the front while Hutchins best were Tom Arnold, Jamie Harriss and Nick Cleary. 

In a nail biting finish University held Channel at bay to win by 4 points. University were in control early but Channel fought back in the second and third quarters to trail by two goals but they frittered away their chances to win in the final quarter. Best for University were Jake Stride, Field Reeves and Stuart Cooper while Patrick Bass, Jared Mason and Sam Dean worked hard for Channel. 

OHA moved two games clear in fourth spot after disposing of  St.Virgils by 51 points. A seven goal second quarter broke the game open for OHA to lead by 51 points at the half way mark and while St.Virgils fought back OHA proved too strong through James Teirney, Nick Skeggs and Ashley Banks while Byron Dalliston, Matthew Parker and Ben Parremore stood out for St.Virgils.

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Round 18 11th August

Preview Round 18 

DOSA host St.Virgils in the Old Scholars and if previous encounters are any indication this game could go either way after St.Virgils surprise 9 point victory in round twelve. In that block of games St.Virgils played their best football but they have fallen away since.  DOSA should control this game with their teamwork and ball use a feature but St.Virgils will still be fierce competitors. 

Richmond should continue on their winning way in their quest for a possible second spot on the ladder when they clash with University. Results are one win apiece this season but Richmond’s evenly balanced combination should prevail with their assault on the game starting with Jacob Dunn, Nick Grubb and Jesse O’Neill while University had a morale boosting win last week which was their first since round five but they will be tough opponents. 

OHA clash with Channel and will need to be at their best as Channel seem to find that extra leg in these clashes. OHA have restructured their forward line with Mitch McPherson moving up from defence allowing Sam Bowering more room up the ground which is paying dividends while Channel will look to Sam Dean, Matt Roberts and Marty Prins.

 Hutchins have the bye.   

Results Round 18


                                                                 Richmond d University
Richmond              2.5    9.9    13.11    21.12.138
University              3.4    6.6      8.7        9. 8.  62
Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 5, J Dunn 3, M Baker 2, K Baker 2, B Joseph 2
Nick Woolley 2, S Boxall 2, Nathan Woolley, D Bailey, A Daft
University - F Reeves 5, J Stride 2, M Matuszek, C Burgess
Best - Richmond - J Dunn, A Daft, J Mackey, M Baker, S Boxall, R Brumby
University - G Livingstone, F Reeves, J Stride, Z Durkin, M Gowan, J Harrison
                                                                    OHA d Channel
OHA                5.3    10.7    13.16    20.19.139
Channel           2.1      3.3      5.6       8. 9.  57
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 3, D Archer 3, C Hevey 2, Z Burnett 2, K Nikolai 2
S McCallum 2. J Tierney, T Orchard, S Forsyth, T Fenton, M McPherson, J Smith
Channel - C Joyce 2, P Bass 2, D Smith, R Whitaker, M Darcy, N Hansson
Best - OHA - S McCallum, T Fenton, J Smith, Z Burnett, L Taylor, A Riesley
Channel - M Roberts, T Wierenga, J Fordham, J Mason, J Beadle, D Townsend
                                                                DOSA d St Virgils
DOSA            3.4    8.8    15.13    23.17.155
St Virgils        1.2    2.3      5.5        7. 6. 48
Goals - DOSA -  M Fisher 8, K Harvey 4, T Gibbons 2, B Setchell 2, B Clark
N Williams, C Golding, S Peacock, J Fisher, B McIntyre, N Hardy
St Virgils - J Rafferty 2, D Quinn, L Post, M Collis, D Morgan, B Davis
Best - DOSA - J Harvey, B Clark, C Golding, N Williams, M Broughton, B McIntyre
St Virgils - B Parremore, A Ross, B Dalliston, A Vlahov, T Pilikngton, L Post



DOSA                        15        13        2          -           1774          989           179.37    52  

Richmond                   16        10        6          -           1587         1244          127.57    40     

Hutchins                     15        10        5          -           1423         1121          126.94    40     

OHA                          16        8          8          -           1330         1300          106.15    32   

St Virgils                    16        5         11         -           1281         1648            77.73    20

University                   15        4         11         -           1145         1632            70.16    16     

Channel                     15        4         11         -           1083         1689            64.12    16       


Leading Goalkickers 
M Fisher DOSA (8) 58, B VanKrannen Hutchins (-) 53, F Reeves University (5) 48, S Bowering OHA (3) 42
Richmond            14.9.93
University              8.6.54
Goals - Richmond - C Cupit 3, J Rogers 2, N Terry 2, B Woolley 2, S Bradford, M Smith, A Oakley, J Arnott, J Hodge
University - D Burgess 4, J Sims 2, C Dineley, N Burgess
Best  - Richmond - N Terry, C Cupit, S Bradford, J Hodge, A Eastley, A Oakley
University - J Rootes, D Burgess, M Barwick, J Morey, J Hamilton, K Butterworth
OHA                18.23.131
Channel             6. 6.  42
Goals - OHA - W Garvey 6, D Saunders 3, R Hunt 3, D Fitzpatrick 2, T Austin 2, A Cole, R Yaxley
Channel - C Stockfeld 4, P Jacques, C Coventry
Best - OHA - J Doyle, R Hunt, W Garvey, D Fitzpatrick, N Gobbey, T Austin
Channel - S Turnbull, C Foster, P Jacques, C Stockfeld, B Garth-Smith, B Bowerman
DOSA            8.13.61
St Virgils        8. 6.54
Goals - DOSA - M Robinson 4, J Carroll 2, B Williams, L Manser
St Virgils - J Parker 2, K Gill 2, M Ferguson, J Goldsmith, T Nicholas, S Groves
Best - DOSA - L Manser, J Rogers, B Slade, M Robinson, D McConnon, J Carroll
St Virgils - T Smith, S Hughes, R Munnings, K Gill, T Nicholas, M Grandin



Richmond   173.83% 56pts,
St Virgils    108.65% 40pts,
DOSA        127.77% 36pts,
Hutchins      98.86% 28pts, 

University     80.04% 24pts,
OHA            82.77% 20pts,
Channel       57.18% 12pts

Leading Goalkickers 

C Watson Richmond (-) 57, N Free St Virgils (-) 31, C Stockfeld  Channel (-) 31, N Robinson St Virgils (-) 30

Review Round 18

Richmond moved into second spot on the Old Scholars ladder after a convincing 76 point win over University. University began well and lead early but aware what was at stake Richmond hit their straps in the second quarter and lead by 21 points at half time which they increased in the second half as they blanketed University’s playmakers and added twelve goals to three led by Jacob Dunn, Adam Daft and James Mackey while Gavin Livingstone, Field Reeves and Jake Stride stood out for University. 

OHA’s good form was evident again with a morale boosting win over Channel. OHA took charge in the second quarter and any chance Channel had to reduce the margin was snuffed out as OHA applied pressure in the second half to win by 82 points with Scott McCallum, Trent Fenton and Jeremy Smith outstanding while Matt Roberts, Tim Wierenga and Jake Fordham worked hard for Channel. 

A rampant DOSA swept aside St.Virgils to the tune of 107 points. With winners everywhere and Michael Fisher dominating up forward or on the ball finishing with 8 goals, Justin Harvey leading a quality defence and ruckman Ben Clark too tall DOSA took apart St.Virgils who were sadly undermanned but Alex Ross, Ben Parremore and Byron Dalliston tried hard.   

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Round 19 18th August

Preview Round 19

A tough ask awaits OHA when they confront DOSA in the Old Scholars although OHA have improved dramatically since their last meeting with some positional moves paying positive dividends. The battle for supremacy between forwards and defenders from both teams will be crucial while centre breaks and stoppages dominance will have a large bearing on the result. 

Channel are home to Hutchins and if the home team are to cause an upset a four quarter display is needed as they tend to play their best football in the middle stages of games so a positive start is essential because Hutchins will be determined to win back second spot but a form reversal will be needed after their poor showing against Richmond two weeks ago. 

The University St.Virgils game should be a close contest as both teams are struggling. Over the last few weeks University have only produced one half of football a game but this can be improved through the inform Jake Stride and Gavin Livingstone. While St.Virgils had the flu bug affect their team last week, Marcus Parker and Jason Britten, who were sadly missed, return and will be a welcome addition to the team.   

Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 19


                                                Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins        1.1    6.8    10.9    16.14.110
Channel         3.2    4.4     8.8     11.11.77
Goals - Hutchins - H Kingston 3, T Squires 2, T Arnold 2, M Wright 2,
B VanKraanen 2, S Nichols, J Bean, S Wright, T Brown, J Johnston
Channel - C Joyce 4, P Bass 2, M Darcy, B Pitt, H Burgess, J Mason, S Dean
Best - Hutchins - D Ayers, T Arnold, J McMahon, A Hogan, S Nichols, J Bean
Channel - M Smith, C Joyce, S Dean, R Schuth, B Pitt, M Wolfert
                                                    OHA d DOSA
OHA            5.5    6.12    11.14    14.16.100
DOSA         3.0     5.2       7.2        9. 4. 58
Goals - OHA - D Archer 4, M McPherson 3, S McCallum 2, S Bowering, T Fenton, J Smith, T Austen, S Luck
DOSA - M Fisher 4, C Golding 2, L Manser, N Williams, J O'Brien
Best - OHA - M Zukauskas, N Skeggs, Z Burnett, S McCallum, D Ryan, J Smith
DOSA - B Setchell, M Broughton, S Peacock, S Beattie, C Golding, J Fisher
                                            University d St Virgils
University    2.6    4.9    11.14    16.14.110
St Virgils     0.4    3.5      5.6        9.12.66
Goals - University - F Reeves 6, M Gowans 5, J Stride 2, A Saunders, L Joseph, M Gill
St Virgils - T Nicholas 3, M Beck, A Burdon, Marcus Parker, B Davis, J McCulloch, S Harris
Best - University - P Brooks, M Gowans, G Livingston, W McAdam, F Reeves, J Saner
St Virgils - J Gibb, Marcus Parker, V Burke, L Post, J Rafferty, B Davis



DOSA                         16        13        3          -           1832         1089          168.23    52  

Hutchins                     16        11        5          -           1533         1198          127.96    44     

Richmond                   16        10         6          -           1587         1244          127.57    40     

OHA                           17        9          8          -           1430         1358          105.30    36   

St Virgils                    17         5         12         -           1347         1758           76.62    20

University                   16         5         11         -           1255         1698           73.91    20     

Channel                     16         4         12         -           1160         1799            64.48    16       

Leading Goalkickers   M Fisher DOSA (4) 65, B VanKrannen Hutchins (2) 55, F Reeves University (6) 54

K Harvey DOSA (-) 43, S Bowering OHA (1) 43




Hutchins    12.15.87

Channel       6.2.38


Goals - Hutchins - A Quinn 3, M Cleary 3, J Swain, G Wright, D Readett, B Garth, J Parker, A Smith

Channel - C Stockfeld 4, P Jacques, C Russell

Best - Hutchins - J Parker, J Swain, C Jones, E Noye, A Quinn, D Jones

Channel - C Foster, B Garth - Smith, P Jacques, D Warn, M Gates, C Stockfeld


DOSA        18.17.125

OHA            3.6.24


Goals - DOSA - B Williams 8, M Robinson 3, J Carroll 2, M Scott, J Newman, S Byrne, K Dooley, M Honey

OHA - S Bryan 3

Best - DOSA - B Williams, J Cerratelli, A Wilson, T Doyle, M McCallum, M Robinson

OHA - G Vincent, T Oakley, D Baker, J Stuart, J Freeman, D Saunders


St Virgils        8.13.61
University       8. 4.52


Goals - St Virgils - N Robinson 2, N Free 2, T Smith 2, S Groves,  S Quinn

University - D Burgess 3, T Stewart 2, B Hayes 2, K Butterworth

Best - St Virgils - T Smith, J Brooks, S Quinn, M Douglas, S O'Rourke, S Smith

University - J Rootes, T Stewart, M Barwick, B Hayes, D Burgess, L Bartulovic




Richmond   173.83%   56pts,

DOSA        137.08%   44pts,

St Virgils    108.99%   44pts

University     80.33%   28pts,

Hutchins     103.40%   24pts,

OHA 77.      43.00%    20pts,

Channel       56.43%    12pts


Leading Goalkickers - C Watson Richmond (-) 57, C Stockfeld Channel (4) 35, N Free St Virgils (2) 33, N Robinson St Virgils (2) 32



Review Round 19

OHA celebrated Scott McCallums 400th game in style with a surprise 42 point victory over DOSA. OHA coach Trent Whitelaw asked his players for a competitive contest and they carried out the instructions to the letter. With a team effort they began well to hold a slight lead at half time but rectified that in the second half as they drew away from DOSA to win comfortably. Best for OHA were Matthew Zukaukas, Nick Skeggs, Zac Burnett and Dan Ryan while DOSA were best served by Ben Setchell, Mitch Broughton, Scott Beattie and Sam Peacock. 

Hutchins returned to second spot after disposing of Channel. Channel began well but Hutchins took over to hold a 16 point lead at half time and finished better in the final quarter to win by 33 points. Dale Ayers, Tom Arnold and James McMahon were best for Hutchins while Marcus Smith, Sam Dean and Chris Joyce played well for Channel.   

A 12 goals to 6 second half by University saw them shake off St.Virgils by 44 points. It was tight early but University’s forwards Michael Gowans and Field Reeves took over, sharing 11 goals between them which proved the difference while Josh Gibbs and Marcus Parker were best for St.Virgils.  

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Round 20 25th August

Preview Round 20

With only two rounds left and a bye in the final round St.Virgils will be keen to finish their season on a high in their clash with Hutchins in the Old Scholars Football Association. St.Virgils season has been one of disappointment with the loss of established players and injuries and their inability to cover those losses but recruits Byron Dalliston, Alex Ross and Jon Bowering were a bonus. Hutchins have the incentive for victory to shelve up second spot and have the firepower led by Dale Ayers, Hamish Kingston and Tom Arnold to win. 

University will fancy their chances of toppling DOSA but will need to be wary as DOSA will be out for revenge after last week’s loss. University’s forwards Field Reeve and Michael Gowans must again fire to put pressure on DOSA’s defence who have a talented group and should bounce back. 

Channel will have their work cut out when they host Richmond but will be up to the challenge if they are consistent and Chris Joyce has a day out but Richmond need to win in their quest for second spot with Adam Daft, Jayden Baker and Rod Brumby leading the charge. 

OHA have the bye.   

Results Round 20


                                               Richmond d Channel
Richmond        6.9    8.15    12.19    17.24.126
Channel          2.1     6.3      10.5     10. 7.67
Goals - Richmond - B Joseph 6, M Turner 3, J Dunn 3, M Baker 2, S Boxall, S Dick, D Bailey
Channel - M Darcy 3, C Joyce 2, J Mason 2, M Smith, P Bass, B Pitt
Best - Richmond - S Dick, R Brumby, J Woolley, B Joseph, J Leach, M Baker
Channel - J Mason, R Harwood, W Dean, W Armstrong, P Bass, J Fordham
                                                DOSA d University
DOSA            5.4    8.7    13.11    19.15.129
University       5.2    8.4    10.6      14.10.94
Goals - DOSA - K Harvey 6, C Golding 3, J Fisher 3, S Peacock 2, M Fisher 2, M Robinson, A Wilson, J O'Brien
University - F Reeves 5, M Gowans 2, J Stride 2, P Brooks, M Gill, C Burgess, A Winstone, N Fenton
Best - DOSA - N Abrahams, B Setchell, K Harvey, L Manser, B McIntyre, M Harrison
University - S Cooper, R Hill, A Saunders, P Brooks, F Reeves, W McAdam
                                           Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins        7.6    10.8    15.12    18.12.120
St Virgils        4.2    10.9    10.11    15.14.104
Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 5, T Brown 2, J Harriss 2, H Kingston 2, M Lister,
J Bean, B VanKraanen, M Wright, T Squires, D Ayres, S Nichols
St Virgils - M Parker 8, M Collis 2, A Burdon 2, N Robinson, S Quinn, J Gill
Best - Hutchins - J Harriss, T Arnold, N Leitch, L Franks, S Nichols, A Triffett
St Virgils - M Parker, B Davis, P Midson, B Parremore, B Dalliston, S Quinn   



DOSA                         17       14         3          -           1961         1183          165.77    56  

Hutchins                     17        12         5          -           1653         1302          126.96    48     

Richmond                   17        11         6          -           1713         1311          130.66    44     

OHA                           17        9          8          -           1430         1358          105.30    36   

St Virgils                     18        5        13         -            1451         1878            77.26    20

Uniersity                     17        5         12         -           1349         1827            73.84    20     

Channel                      17        4         13         -            1227        1925            63.74    16     
Leading Goalkickers - M Fisher DOSA (2) 67, F Reeves University (6) 60, B VanKrannen Hutchins (1) 56, K Harvey DOSA (6) 49

Richmond           29.17.191

Channel              5.   5. 35
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 7, G Splann 5, C Ross 3, C Cupit 3, N Grubb 3, J Hodge 3, S Bradford, A Eastley, B Woolley, N Terry, C Harmer
Channel - C Stockfeld 2, B Garth - Smith, C Russell, D Warn
Best - Richmond - S Bradford, N Terry, H Joseph, J Needham, C Cupit, C Watson
Channel - B Garth - Smith, A Patrick, D Smith, C Coventry, B Sculthorpe, B Bowerman
DOSA            10.14.74
University         9. 9. 63
Goals - DOSA - D McConnon 4, M McConnon 2, K Dooley, D Hall, L Calvert, M Scott
University - T Stewart 4, D Burgess 3, J Hamilton, J Harrison
Best - DOSA - D McConnon, J Neilson, J Ceratelli, M Honey, M McConnon, F Shade
University - J Rootes, J Milwood, J Hamilton, R Bellchambers, J Morey, D Burgess
Hutchins        21.15.141
St Virgils         6.  6.   42
Goals - Hutchins - J Archer 5, M Cleary 4, S Wright 4, K Jubb, J Chaplin, B Garth, A Smith, A Quinn, J Fyshe, R Hallam, D Readett
St Virgils - S Hughes, N Free, S Groves, K Gill, M Douglas, M Grandin
Best - Hutchins - M Walsh, S Wright, L Doyle, R Hallam, G Wright, J Burns


Richmond    186.92% 60pts,

DOSA         135.93% 48pts,

St Virgils     101.19% 44pts,

Hutchins     112.04% 28pts 

University      80.63% 28pts,

OHA             77.43% 20pts,

Channel        52.30% 12pts


Leading Goalkickers - C Watson Richmond (7) 64, C Stockfeld Channel (2) 37, N Free St Virgils (1) 34

N Robinson St Virgils (-) 32

Review Round 20  

Second placed Hutchins had to work hard for victory in defeating a gallant St.Virgils. Hutchins' first quarter dominance, kicking seven goals with the wind, proved the difference in the game and although St.Virgils' second quarter display was brilliant Hutchins were able to take control in the second half. St.Virgils stormed home but Hutchins were able to win by 16 points. Jamie Harriss, Tom Arnold and Nick Leitch were best for Hutchins. Marcus Parker, Brendan Davis and Patrick Midson were best for St.Virgils. 

Richmond proved too slick for Channel winning by 59 points. Richmond began in a flurry but inaccuracy denied them an unassailable lead at half time and they outscored Channel in the second half although Channel played some good football in the middle quarters. Steven Dick, Rod Brumby and Josh Woolley stood out for Richmond while Jared Mason, Rob Harwood and Will Dean played well for Channel.

An improved second half enabled DOSA to shake off University. The game was evenly balanced early but DOSA kicked away scoring eleven goals to six for a 35 point win with Nathan Abrahams, Kim Harvey and Ben Setchell their best and Stuart Cooper, Rob Hill and Alex Saunders played well for University.  

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Round 21 1st September


Preview Round 21 

The final round of roster games takes place this Saturday in the Old Scholars with the focus on who will finish in second spot. Hutchins host University and a Hutchins win will secure them second spot so they will be desperate for victory and with a tight defence led by Lewis Franks and runners in Tom Arnold, Matthew Lister and Jamie Harriss they should contain University who have Michael Gowans, Rob Hill, Stuart Cooper and Field Reeves in form. 

Channel will be put to the test in their final outing against DOSA. DOSA belted Channel in round fourteen so to avoid a repeat of that Channel must give a four quarter performance while they have excellent players in Will and Sam Dean and Jared Mason. DOSA have enjoyed a successful season and will be keen to continue their good form and carry it through to the finals. 

Richmond are home to OHA in a probable first semi final dress rehearsal but if Richmond win and Hutchins lose they will take over second spot so a thrilling game is forecast as both teams have very accomplished players and  while OHA won their previous clash in round fourteen if Richmond are on song they will be hard to beat.    

St.Virgils bye.           

Results Round 21


DOSA d Channel

DOSA            8.4    13.10    21.16    25.19.169
Channel         2.3      5.5        7.7      12.10. 82
Goals - DOSA - K Harvey 5, N Williams 5, M Fisher 4, J Fisher 2, N Abrahams 2, M Robinson 2, C Golding 2, J O'Brien 2, A Wilson
Channel - C Stockfeld 4, B Pitt 3, M Darcy 3, D Townsend, J Mason
Best - DOSA - L Manser, N Harvey, N Williams, K Harvey, J O'Brien, B Setchell
Channel - J Mason, S Dean, W Dean, C Stockfeld, M Smith, M Wolfert
                                               OHA d Richmond
OHA            0.4    5.7    7.8    11.10.76
Richmond    3.3    7.4    8.5     11. 8.74
Goals - OHA - K Nikolai 3, M Zukauskas 3, S Bowering 3, P Fenton, T Whitelaw
Richmond - K Baker 4, J Dunn 2, S Boxall, M Baker, A Daft, J Woolley, M Turner
Best  - OHA - not supplied
Richmond - A Daft, R Brumby, D Bailey, M Baker, M Turner, J Woolley
                                          University d Hutchins
University     3.2    3.7    5.9    13.14.86
Hutchins       4.6   8.10   9.13  12.13.85
Goals - University - F Reeves 5, P McEvoy 3, R Hill 2, S Cooper, M Matuszek
HUtchins - B VanKraanen 3, N Leitch 2, T Arnold 2, T Squires, M Lister, H Kingston, J Harriss
Best - University - S Cooper, P Brooks, P McEvoy, F Reeves, M Gowans, N Whittle
Hutchins - T Arnold, S Wright, S Nichols, K Jubb, T Brown, J Johnston      

DOSA                     18        15        3          -           2130         1265          168.38    60  

Hutchins                 18        12        6          -           1738         1388          125.22    48     

Richmmond            18        11         7          -           1787         1387          128.84    44     

OHA                       18        10        8          -           1506         1432          105.17    40   

St Virgils                 18        5         13         -           1451         1878           77.26    20

University                18        6         12         -           1435         1912           75.05    24     

Channel                  18        4         14         -           1309         2094            62.51    16       


Leading Goalkickers - M Fisher DOSA (4) 71, F Reeves University (5) 64, B Van Kraanen Hutchins (3) 54, K Harvey DOSA (5) 54



DOSA        15.10.100
Channel       4.11. 35
Goals - DOSA - J Newman 4, B Williams 3, M Scott, C Claridge, K Dooley, C Burdon, J Carroll, M Pace, M Fielding, M Hamilton
Channel - N Swards, M Butters, B Bowerman, D Sinnitt
Best - DOSA - M Fielding, J Carroll, K Dooley, B Williams, M Honey, M Pace
Channel - M Gates, R Cracknell, B Bowerman, C Russell, T Williams, D Sinnitt
Richmond    12.17.89
OHA              5. 7.37
Goals - Richmond - S Bradford 3, C Watson 3, D Williams, C Cupit, S Free, B Woolley, C Ross, J Kopra
OHA - S Jury 2, D Saunders, M Bannister, B Geeves
Best - Richmond - C Ross, D Barr, N Terry, S Bradford, M Smith, I DeWinter
OHA - Not supplied
Hutchins     9.14.68
University    9. 5.59
Goals - Hutchins - A Smith 4, J Parker 2, D Readett, J Fyshe, C Braddick
University - T Stewart 3, C Dineley 2, D Burgess 2, J Morey, L Bartalovic
Best - Hutchins - J McMahon, M Walsh, A Puss, D Jones, G Friend, B Garth
University - M Barwick, J Rootes, J Hamilton, B Bellchambers, Z Lieutier, A Winston


Richmond                  18        16          2         -           1947    1031             188.85        64

DOSA                       18        12          6          -          1564    1112             140.65        48

St Virgils                   18        11          7          -          1447    1430             101.19        44

Hutchins                    18        9           9          -          1334    1189             112.19        36 

University                   18        7          11        -           1008    1245               80.96        28

OHA                          18        5          13        -           1190    1578               75.41        20

Channel                     18        3          15        -             956    1861               51.37        12

Leading Goalkickers - C Watson Richmond (3) 67,C Stockfeld Richmond (-) 37, N Free St Virgils (-) 34, N Robinson St Virgils (-) 32  

Review Round 21

A six goal effort with his first goal bringing up the 100th for the season by Brendan Rogers was to no avail as University stormed home to score an upset win. University kept the home team in check in an even first half but the flood gates opened in the third quarter with DOSA kicking 9 goals with University adding 5 enabling DOSA to hold a 30 point lead at three quarter time but that was short lived as University stormed home kicking 6 goals to 1 and win a thriller by 4 points. Cameron Burgess and Paul Brooks were good contributors as were defenders Greg Farmilo and Dean Willcock while Matthew Honey, James Penwright and Joel Nielson gave solid displays for DOSA.   

With the Parker brothers prominent St.Virgils finished off on a high with a gritty win over Richmond after the visitors jumped out of the blocks early and hold a handy lead but St.Virgils fought back in the second quarter to reduce the margin only for Richmond to extend their lead slightly in the third quarter but St.Virgils kicked 6 goals to 2 in the final quarter to win by 13 points. Ruckman Joel Thirgood and utility Shaun Satori were other good players for St.Virgils with Richmond’s best being Heath Barwin, Darren Quinn, Chris Ross and Justin Muskett. 

Hutchins had all the answers against OHA in scoring a comfortable victory. Two points separated the teams after the first quarter but from then on Hutchins had control kicking 22 goals to 10 by OHA and win by 75 points. Andrew Taylor and Hugh Griggs in defence and onballers Jamie Harriss and Simon Campbell were best for Hutchins while John Marsland, Jarrod Kean, Dan Ryan and Mark Monks stood tall for OHA.

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Semi Finals  8th September

Preview SF

A mega day featuring all semi finals will be held at Richmond on Saturday in the Old Scholars.

 In the second semi final DOSA who clash with Hutchins have enjoyed a wonderful season and will look to gain some silverware after being in the finals wilderness since 2007. The recruitment of players led by Ben Setchell and their ability to move the ball at all costs has been DOSA’s key weapons while forwards Michael Fisher and Kim Harvey who kicked 125 goals between them finish off the good work and Hutchins defence has a massive task ahead but they have a skilful group of runners led by Tom Arnold and Jamie Harriss who if let loose can create untold damage.

 In the first semi final Richmond play OHA and Richmond will call on all its finals experience over the past seven years to see them through with Adam Daft, Rod Brumby and the Baker boys leading the way. OHA have been in solid form over the last seven rounds and their new look forward structure along with their finals experienced players will hold them in good stead.

 In the Reserves Richmond play DOSA in the second semi final and St.Virgils play Hutchins in the first semi final.

The first game commences at 10am.     For more SF information.   

Results SF

                                                    1st Semi Final
                                                 OHA d Richmond
OHA            3.1    9.2    9.3      16.6.102
Richmond    7.4    7.5    10.10   10.11.71
Goals - OHA - D Archer 5, S Bowering 3, T Orchard 2, M Zukauskas 2, P Stanley, S McCallum, M Thompson, K Nikolai
Richmond - A Reeve 3, K Baker 2, M Baker, A Boucher, A Daft, J Dunn, C Cupit
Best - OHA - C Hevey, S Bowering, D Ryan, T Orchard, P Stanley, T Fenton
Richmond - A Daft, M Baker, K Rogers, M Turner, R Brumby, J Woolley
                                                St Virgils d Hutchins
St Virgils        2.0    7.6    12.7    13.8.86
Hutchins        4.4    4.5      5.9     7.13.55
Goals - St Virgils - N Free 2, D Morgan 2, S Smith 2, T Smith 2, A Crawford, S Hughes, S Groves, M Grandin, M Rhodes
Hutchins - J Archer 3, E Perry, B Garth, L Walker, D Mulcahy
Best - St Virgils - N Robinson, S Quinn, M Ferguson, N Free, J Brookes, J Hooker
Hutchins - M Walsh, D Mulcahy, C Jones, A Harvey, J Burns, J Archer  
                                                   2nd Semi Final
                                                 DOSA d Hutchins
DOSA        3.3    5.5    9.9    11.12.70
Hutchins     1.1    4.5    5.8     7.11.53
Goals - DOSA - C Golding 3, M Fisher 2, K Harvey 2, T Gibbons 2, M Robinson, J Neilsen
Hutchins - J Bean 2, L Gorringe, N Leitch, B Van Kraanen, M Wright, T Arnold
Best - DOSA - J O'Brien, S Peacock, B Setchell, T Gibbons, J Neilsen, L Manser
Hutchins - J Faulkner, T Arnold, K Jubb, T Brown, D Ayers, S Nichols
                                              Richmond d DOSA 
Richmond    2.3    3.5    5.9    9.12.66
DOSA         2.2     4.7    5.8    6. 9.45
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 4, D Williams, M Smith, B Woolley, C Ross, S Bradford
DOSA - M Scott, M Fielding, M McConnon, J Fisher, J Carroll, J Newman
Best - Richmond - H Joseph, D Barr, D Williams, I De Winter, B Hill, M Smith
DOSA -  A Wilson, M Pace, D Hall, J Ceratelli, M Fielding, J Newman  

Review SF

In a desperate contest DOSA progressed to the Grand Final in the Old Scholars with a 25 point win over Hutchins.

Both teams were aggressive early in their search for ascendancy and goals were hard to come by but DOSA were able to manage a two goal lead at quarter time and with both defences on top goals were hard to come by but DOSA kicked four goals in the third quarter and looked home but Hutchins refused to give in but were unable to bridge the gap. Best for DOSA were Justin O’Brien, Ben Setchell, Tim Gibbons and Luke Manser while James Faulkner, Kevin Jubb, Scott Nichols and Tom Arnold stood out for Hutchins.

 A seven goal final quarter by OHA saw them advance to the Preliminary Final defeating Richmond by 31 points. Richmond looked in total control early but they failed to make the most of their opportunities in the third quarter while OHA took advantage with the wind in the second and fourth quarters to ram home their advantage. Chris Hevey, Dan Ryan, Tim Orchard and Sam Bowering were best for OHA while Adam Daft, Mitch Baker, Rod Brumby and Kieran Rogers were the pick for Richmond.   

In the Reserves Richmond won the second semi final and St.Virgils won the first semi final.


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Preliminary Finals  15th September

Preview PF

It’s do or die for both Hutchins and OHA when they clash in the Old Scholars Preliminary Final at North Hobart on Saturday with the winner earning a berth in the Grand Final against DOSA.

Hutchins had their chances in the second semi final but could not capitalise and while they enjoyed a successful season and will fight back they come up against an OHA outfit who have taken all before them in their previous eight games finishing off in fine style last week.

Hutchins should have most of their squad available apart from probably Jamie Harriss and Matthew Wilson and they will look to Nick Cleary, Matthew Lister, Tom Arnold and Luke Gorringe to get them on their way while key forwards Hamish Kingston, Nick Leitch and Ben Van Kraanen must convert their chances. By altering their playing structure which has certainly worked of late OHA have taken teams by surprise and led by Nick Skeggs, Scott McCallum, Chris Hevey, Daniel Archer, Ben Langford and Trent Whitelaw they will test Hutchins and this game should go down to the wire even though Hutchins won two of the three roster games played during the season.  

In the Reserves Preliminary Final DOSA clash with St.Virgils at 11.30am followed by the Senior game at 2pm.

Results PF

                                                    Hutchins d OHA
Hutchins        3.4    5.8    11.13    16.15.111
OHA              3.3    5.7      8.12    10.18. 78
Goals -  Hutchins - J Harriss 3, M Wright 2, D Ayers 2, N Leitch 2, J Bean 2, S Wright 2, L Noye, H Kingston, T Squires
OHA - D Archer 3, S McCallum 2, A Banks 2, M Thompson, M McPherson, T Austen
Best - Hutchins - T Brown, T Arnold, J Harriss, L Franks, J McMahon, K Jubb
OHA - P Stanley, B Langford, S McCallum, M Thompson, D Ryan, T Fenton, D Archer 
                                                 DOSA d St Virgils
DOSA        4.1    6.1      8.4     13. 8.86
St Virgils    4.3    9.9    10.12   11.15.81
Goals - DOSA - M Robinson 4, K Dooley 3, J Fisher 2, M Fielding, S Byrne, J Newman, M McConnon
St Virgils - D Morgan 3, R Crawford 2, T Smith, S Groves, N Robinson, N Gibson, M Grandin, C Thomas
Best - DOSA - M Robinson, A Wilson, S Byrne, M Fielding, D McConnon, J Fisher
St Virgils - N Robinson, M Ferguson, S O'Rourke, S Quinn, A Walker, T Smith  

Review PF

Hutchins earned the right to challenge DOSA for the Old Scholars premiership after registering a 33 point win over OHA courtesy of accurate finishing in front of goal while OHA squandered numerous chances to score. The first half was an even affair as both teams fought for ascendancy. OHA broke away early but Hutchins fought back and held a 1 point lead at half time. In the second half the attack on the ball was relentless but Hutchins' smoother, quicker ball movement enabled their forwards to run into space putting OHA’s defence under enormous pressure.  At the other end Hutchins' defensive tactics were fantastic. Hutchins kicked eleven second half goals from eighteen scoring shots whereas OHA could manage only five goals from sixteen scoring shots. Defenders Travis Brown, Luke Franks, Kevin Jubb and James McMahon together with onballers Jamie Harriss and Tom Arnold were superb for Hutchins. OHA were given plenty of drive by Ruckman Paul Stanley, defenders Ben Langford and Dan Ryan, onballers Marc Thompson, Scott McCallum and Trent Fenton and  forward Daniel Archer.

In the Reserves DOSA overcame a five goal deficit to overrun St.Virgils and will meet Richmond in the Grand Final


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Grand Final  22nd September

Preview GF

Its Grand Final action in the Old Scholars this Saturday at North Hobart with DOSA clashing with Hutchins in the Senior game and Richmond playing DOSA in the Reserves. Commencement times are 11.30 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. 

Both DOSA and Hutchins enjoyed successful seasons with DOSA finishing minor premiers and Hutchins second after the home and away roster. DOSA made the Grand Final courtesy of winning a tight second semi final over Hutchins while Hutchins overcome an in form OHA in the preliminary final. This game has all the ingredients of a great clash with individual match ups crucial. The ruck duels between DOSA’s Cameron Golding and Ben Clark and Hutchins' Nick Cleary and Doug Rossiter will have a decisive bearing on the outcome as both teams have excellent runners led by Justin O’Brien, Ben Setchell Tim Gibbons and Nathan Williams of DOSA and Tom Arnold, Matthew Lister, Lucas Gorringe and Jamie Harriss of Hutchins .

Kicking goals wins games and DOSA have the dangerous Michael Fisher and Kim Harvey leading their group of forwards while Hutchins will rely on their small forwards but have Michael Walsh and Josh Bean as tall targets which poses problems for both defences which have been very sturdy throughout the season.  


Results GF

                                                Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins        8.2    11.8    17.16    20.18.138
DOSA            7.2     7.5    11.8      13.11. 89
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 3, H Kingston 3, D Ayres 2, M Lister 2, M Walsh 2, T Arnold 2, J Harriss 2, J Bean 2, N Leitch, S Wright
DOSA - C Golding 3, J O'Brien 3, B McIntyre 2, S Beattie, B Setchell, N Abrahams, M Fisher, J Neilsen
Best - Hutchins - J Harriss, T Arnold, M Lister, D Ayres, T Brown, J Faulkner
DOSA - S Peacock, N Hardy, L Curtain, J O'Brien, T Golding, B Setchell
                                               DOSA d Richmond
DOSA            4.3    9.4    11.4     13. 7.85
Richmond      2.2    6.5     11.9    12.11.83
Goals - DOSA - T Doyle 2, K Dooley 2, J Cerratelli, M Fielding, M McConnon,
S Byrne, M McCallum, J Newman, J Carroll, J Rogers, M Hamilton
Richmond - C Watson 4, Nick Woolley 2, C Cupit 2, C Ross, N Terry, N Grubb, J Hodge
Best - DOSA - K Dooley, M Pace, J Cerratelli, M Honey, A Wilson, M Fielding
Richmond - M Smith, N Terry, D Barr, C Watson, S Bradford, C Ross


Review GF

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