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1st/2nd semi  
Bar Richmond
Kiosk Richmond
Gate 8.30am to 1.30pm Channel
Gate 1.30pm to 6.15pm Channel
Ball Retrieval & Umpire Escort Games 1 and 2 & Scoreboard OHA
Ball Retrieval & Umpire Escort Games 3 and 4 & Scoreboard St Virgils
Prelim Final  
Kiosk DOSA
Gate Contractors
Timekeeping, Umpire Escort, Scoreboard and Ball Retrieval Hutchins
Grand Final  
Bar 1 & Function Hutchins
Bar 2 St Virgils
Kiosk - North Hobart North Hobart
Gate - Contractors Contractors
Timekeeping, Umpire Escort, Scoreboard and Ball Retrieval Uni



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        Semi-final Mega Day at the Richmond Football Oval  Saturday 8th September 2012
Schedule Duration Matches Teams Changerooms
Commencement 10.00am   2nd Semi Final Reserves Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 12.15pm 2hrs 15mins DOSA Visitors - left
Break 12.15pm        
12.25pm 10mins      
Commencement 12.25pm   1st Semi Final Seniors Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 2.55pm 2hrs 30mins OHA Visitors - right
Break 2.55pm        
3.05pm 10mins      
Commencement 3.05pm   2nd Semi Final Seniors Hutchins Clubrooms - left
Finish 5.35pm 2hrs 30mins DOSA Visitors - left
Break 5.35pm        
5.45pm 10mins      
Commencement 5.45pm   1st Semi Final Reserves Hutchins Clubrooms - left
Finish 8.00pm 2hrs 15mins St Virgils Visitors - right
# location based upon looking from ground    

 Results below

Another glorious day at Richmond

 1st Semi Final Seniors

   OHA d Richmond
OHA            3.1    9.2    9.3      16.6.102
Richmond    7.4    7.5    10.10   10.11.71
Goals - OHA - D Archer 5, S Bowering 3, T Orchard 2, M Zukauskas 2, P Stanley, S McCallum, M Thompson, K Nikolai
Richmond - A Reeve 3, K Baker 2, M Baker, A Boucher, A Daft, J Dunn, C Cupit
Best - OHA - C Hevey, S Bowering, D Ryan, T Orchard, P Stanley, T Fenton
Richmond - A Daft, M Baker, K Rogers, M Turner, R Brumby, J Woolley

Ben Cato addresses his troops at the last break.

Over a goal down but with the wind at his tail, Coach Trent Whitelaw has faith in his team.


2nd Semi Final Seniors

    DOSA d Hutchins
DOSA        3.3    5.5    9.9    11.12.70
Hutchins     1.1    4.5    5.8     7.11.53
Goals - DOSA - C Golding 3, M Fisher 2, K Harvey 2, T Gibbons 2, M Robinson, J Neilsen
Hutchins - J Bean 2, L Gorringe, N Leitch, B Van Kraanen, M Wright, T Arnold
Best - DOSA - J O'Brien, S Peacock, B Setchell, T Gibbons, J Neilsen, L Manser
Hutchins - J Faulkner, T Arnold, K Jubb, T Brown, D Ayers, S Nichols


1st Semi Final Reserves

St Virgils d Hutchins
St Virgils        2.0    7.6    12.7    13.8.86
Hutchins        4.4    4.5      5.9     7.13.55
Goals - St Virgils - N Free 2, D Morgan 2, S Smith 2, T Smith 2, A Crawford, S Hughes, S Groves, M Grandin, M Rhodes
Hutchins - J Archer 3, E Perry, B Garth, L Walker, D Mulcahy
Best - St Virgils - N Robinson, S Quinn, M Ferguson, N Free, J Brookes, J Hooker
Hutchins - M Walsh, D Mulcahy, C Jones, A Harvey, J Burns, J Archer 

 2nd Semi Final Reserves

Richmond d DOSA 
Richmond    2.3    3.5    5.9    9.12.66
DOSA         2.2     4.7    5.8    6. 9.45
Goals - Richmond - C Watson 4, D Williams, M Smith, B Woolley, C Ross, S Bradford
DOSA - M Scott, M Fielding, M McConnon, J Fisher, J Carroll, J Newman
Best - Richmond - H Joseph, D Barr, D Williams, I De Winter, B Hill, M Smith
DOSA -  A Wilson, M Pace, D Hall, J Ceratelli, M Fielding, J Newman  


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Preliminary Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page


Reserves  11.30: DOSA v St Virgils

Seniors       2pm Hutchins v OHA 

Change room Allocations.

The allocations looking from the ground are:

         DOSA Reserves       Left hand Plaister stand Domain end.

         St Virgils Reserves   Left hand Horrie Gorringe stand Argyle St end 

         Hutchins Seniors      Right Hand  Plaister  stand Domain end.

         OHA   Seniors          Right Hand  Horrie Gorringe stand Argyle St end


Preliminary  Final - Seniors

Hutchins        3.4    5.8    11.13    16.15.111
OHA              3.3    5.7      8.12    10.18. 78
Goals -  Hutchins - J Harriss 3, M Wright 2, D Ayers 2, N Leitch 2, J Bean 2, S Wright 2, L Noye, H Kingston, T Squires
OHA - D Archer 3, S McCallum 2, A Banks 2, M Thompson, M McPherson, T Austen
Best - Hutchins - T Brown, T Arnold, J Harriss, L Franks, J McMahon, K Jubb
OHA - P Stanley, B Langford, S McCallum, M Thompson, D Ryan, T Fenton, D Archer 

Umpires start proceedings.
Hutchins will have another crack at DOSA in the Grand Final


OHA bow out for 2012

 Preliminary Final - Reserves

DOSA        4.1    6.1      8.4     13. 8.86
St Virgils    4.3    9.9    10.12   11.15.81
Goals - DOSA - M Robinson 4, K Dooley 3, J Fisher 2, M Fielding, S Byrne, J Newman, M McConnon
St Virgils - D Morgan 3, R Crawford 2, T Smith, S Groves, N Robinson, N Gibson, M Grandin, C Thomas
Best - DOSA - M Robinson, A Wilson, S Byrne, M Fielding, D McConnon, J Fisher
St Virgils - N Robinson, M Ferguson, S O'Rourke, S Quinn, A Walker, T Smith  

A come from behind win to DOSA thanks largely to an excellent second half by Michael Robinson.

DOSA now meet Richmond in the Grand Final.


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Grand Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page


Grand  Final - Seniors    

Hutchins -Senior Premiers 2012   Coach: Nick Leitch     Ass. Coach: Scott Harris    MVP: Jamie Harriss
More Senior Pictures

                          Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins        8.2    11.8    17.16    20.18.138
DOSA            7.2     7.5    11.8      13.11. 89
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 3, H Kingston 3, D Ayres 2, M Lister 2, M Walsh 2, T Arnold 2, J Harriss 2, J Bean 2, N Leitch, S Wright
DOSA - C Golding 3, J O'Brien 3, B McIntyre 2, S Beattie, B Setchell, N Abrahams, M Fisher, J Neilsen
Best - Hutchins - J Harriss, T Arnold, M Lister, D Ayres, T Brown, J Faulkner
DOSA - S Peacock, N Hardy, L Curtain, J O'Brien, T Golding, B Setchell

 Grand  Final - Reserves

DOSA - Reserves Premiers 2012   Coach: Aaron Davey    MVP: Kieran Dooley
More Reserve Pictures 

                    DOSA d Richmond

DOSA            4.3    9.4    11.4     13. 7.85
Richmond      2.2    6.5     11.9    12.11.83
Goals - DOSA - T Doyle 2, K Dooley 2, J Cerratelli, M Fielding, M McConnon,
S Byrne, M McCallum, J Newman, J Carroll, J Rogers, M Hamilton
Richmond - C Watson 4, Nick Woolley 2, C Cupit 2, C Ross, N Terry, N Grubb, J Hodge
Best - DOSA - K Dooley, M Pace, J Cerratelli, M Honey, A Wilson, M Fielding
Richmond - M Smith, N Terry, D Barr, C Watson, S Bradford, C Ross



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