Old Scholars Football Association - Finals 2011

       Semi Final Day    Preliminary Final Day    Grand Final Day  

1st/2nd semi  10th September 2011  
Bar Richmond
Kiosk Richmond
Gate 8.45am to 1.30pm Exec
Gate 1.30pm to 6.15pm Exec
Ball Retrieval Games 1 and 2 & Scoreboard Hutchins
Ball Retrieval Games 3 and 4 & Scoreboard OHA
Prelim Final  17th September 2011  
Kiosk DOSA
Gate Exec
Scoreboard and Ball Retrieval Hutchins/Uni
Grand Final 24th September 2011  
Bar 1 & Function Channel
Bar 2 St Virgils
Kiosk - North Hobart North Hobart
Gate Exec
Scoreboard and Ball Retrieval Uni/OHA


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An excellent crowd witnessed four entertaining games.      


        Semi-final Mega Day at the Richmond Football Oval  Saturday 10th September 2011
Schedule Duration Matches Teams Changerooms
Commencement 10.00am   2nd Semi Final Reserves Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 12.15pm 2hrs 15mins Hutchins Visitors - left
Break 12.15pm        
12.25pm 10mins      
Commencement 12.25pm   1st Semi Final Seniors Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 2.55pm 2hrs 30mins St Virgils Visitors - right
Break 2.55pm        
3.05pm 10mins      
Commencement 3.05pm   2nd Semi Final Seniors OHA Clubrooms - left
Finish 5.35pm 2hrs 30mins Hutchins Visitors - left
Break 5.35pm        
5.45pm 10mins      
Commencement 5.45pm   1st Semi Final Reserves OHA Clubrooms - left
Finish 8.00pm 2hrs 15mins St Virgils Visitors - right
# location based upon looking from ground    

 Results below

 2nd Semi Final Reserves

Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond            3.2    8.4    10.8      14.17. 101
Hutchins              1.4    1.7     6.10      9.10.  64
Goals - Richmond - R Brumby 6, H Joseph, P Roland, D Bailey, C Fogarty
S Bradford, N Grant, A Sweet, B Joseph
Hutchins - A Hazell 2, B Garth, H Nichols, A Triffet, D Rossiter, J Fyshe, M Herd, J Bishop

Best - Richmond - J Dunn, R Brumby, A Dillon, S Boxall, J Mackey, B Joseph

Hutchins - J Swain, A Triffet, J Fyshe, C Jones, D Creak, G Wright  


1st Semi Final Seniors

Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond        1.4     4.6    10.11    18.14.  122
St Virgils          1.5   11.9    13.10    15.14.  104
Goals - Richmond - G Splann 5, A Reeves 3, K Baker 3,
J DeWinter 2, Jordon Dunn 2, M Baker, A Daft, N Braslin
St Virgils - B Davis 4, T Nicholas 3, Marcus Parker 2,
B Parremore 2, A Burdon 2, M Collis, J Britten

Best - Richmond - G Splann, J DeWinter, A Boucher, A Daft, S Dick, Josh Woolley

St Virgils - R Jacobs, T Nicholas, J McCulloch, L Post, C Noye, B Davis

After being over seven goals down at half time, Richmond staged a remarkable come-back.

2nd Semi Final Seniors

OHA d Hutchins
OHA         1.3    9.8    16.10    20.13.  133
Hutchins    5.2    5.2      5.2       6.7.     43
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 5, T Moore 2, M Zukauskas 2, A Banks 2, Brodie Langford 2
S McCallum, M Thomson, D Archer, C Hevey, T Fenton, N Skeggs, M Bannister
Hutchins - N Leitch 3, G Wertheimer, M Hall, B VanKraanen

Best - OHA - D Archer, B Rogers, Ben Langford, Brodie Langford, J Watkins, C Hevey

Hutchins - J Archer, J Coad, B Van Kraanen, M Windsor, A Finch, J Chaplin 

OHA remain undefeated in 2011 and have a week off before the Grand Final.

Hutchins will meet Richmond in next week's Preliminary Final.


1st Semi Final Reserves

St Virgils d OHA

St Virgils           3.3    6.9    10.10    14.13.   97
OHA                 1.4    1.5      3.11      5.15.  45
Goals - St Virgils - D Morgan 4, J Foster 4, T Howells 3, T Smith, S Groves, K Youd
OHA - J Teirney, Z Burnett, S Beechey, J Freeman, M Hinchen

Best - St Virgils - P Midson, T Smith, S Dickson, J Foster, M Douglas, S Harris

OHA - L Taylor, Z Bunrett, C Williams, P Stanley, M Walsh, T Scott           

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Preliminary Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page

Change room allocations are:

Hutchins (Sen and Res) Plaister Stand, Rydges Hotel side

Richmond (Sen) North Hobart Change rooms Argyle end

St Virgils (Res) Plaister Stand, Scoreboard side


 Preliminary Final - Reserves

Hutchins d St Virgils

Hutchins         12.12.   84
St Virgils         12. 8.   80
Goals -
Hutchins - M Graver 4, A Triffett, D Creak, M Herd, J Deal, J Fyshe, J Parker, B Garth, T Graver
St Virgils - J Rigby 6, D Morgan 4, J Viney 1, T Howells

Hutchins - J Fyshe, D Creak, G Wright, R Hallam, M Graver, A Triffett, T Graver
St Virgils - J Slade, J Hooker, J Viney, J Rigby, D Morgan, G Burke   


A close, exciting game but St Virgils misses out on a Grand Final berth this year.

Hutchins have earn't the right to play Richmond in the Grand Final

Preliminary  Final - Seniors


Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond        3.5    7.11    12.13    19.14.   128
Hutchins          3.1    6.8      12.10    13.12.    90
Goals -
Richmond - A Reeve 5, K Baker 3, J Dunn 2, J De Winter 2
G Splann 2, J Sturzaker, M Baker, N Terry, A Daft, D Burnie
Hutchins - M Creese 2, M Hall 2, M Wright 2, M Lister, N Leitch
T Friend, S Nichols, C Hensby, J Coad, B VanKraanen

Best -
Richmond - J Baker, D Burnie, M Baker, J De Winter
A Boucher, K Rogers, K Baker, A Reeve
Hutchins - C Hensby, M Lister, M Walsh, M Creese, M Hall, J Faulkner







Let play begin!


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Grand Final Day - North Hobart   Top of Page



OHA (Seniors) Plaister Stand, Rydges Hotel side

Richmond (Sen & Res) North Hobart Change rooms Argyle end

Hutchins (Res)  Plaister Stand, Scoreboard side  


Grand  Final - Seniors

Congratulations to OHA - 2011 Premiers

OHA d Richmond
OHA                0.8    4.11    10.18    14.22.106
Richmond        2.1    4.3        4.5       7.  6.  48 
- S Bowering 6, D Archer 2, Brodie Langford 2, M McPherson, T Whitelaw, A Banks, M Zukauskas
Richmond - G Splann 3, J De Winter 2, K Baker, J Sturzaker

Best Players
OHA - M McPherson, N Skeggs, D Archer, Ben Langford, S Bowering, T Orchard
Richmond - N Braslin, Josh Woolley, B Cato, A Daft, A Boucher, G Splann

Richmond and OHA make an entrance

The National Anthem

Game on!

Quarter time huddles

Sam Bowering kicked six goals

Victory to OHA in 2011

A proud coach, Trent Whitelaw, addresses the crowd.

Richmond coach Ben Cato couldn't have been prouder of his men who stormed from fourth into the decider.

Mitch McPherson was best afield and awarded the John Kenny Medal.


 Grand  Final - Reserves

Congratulations to Richmond - 2011 Premiers

Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond        3.1    3.7    5.10    10.15.  75
Hutchins          2.0    4.0    6.2        9.4.    58
Richmond - R Brumby 3, A Sweet 2, J Haines 2, S Boxall, S Bradford, B Rogers
Hutchins - G Friend 2, A Triffett 2, J Bishop, D Rossiter, G Wertheimer, J Parker, T Graver

- A Dillon, N Grubb, D Lyden, Nick Woolley, J Hodge, R Brumby
Hutchins - T Graver, G Wertheimer, J Fyshe, J Nichols, G Wright, A Triffett                 

It was a skilful, close encounter and Richmond were victorious

Richmond coach Steve Joseph presents Captain James Hodge with his medal

A shocked Anthony Dillon was shocked to win the Bill Trethewie medal for most valuable player.


Congratulations and well done


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