Old Scholars Football Association

Results for Season 2010 thanks to Michael Munday and Bruce Clark

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Round 1 10th April

Preview Round 1

The Old Scholars Football Association season kicks off this Saturday with St.Virgils hosting Hutchins, University are home to DOSA and Channel clash with Richmond.

OHA have the bye. 

 Last years runners up are out to go one better having secured the services of New Norfolk trio in newly appointed coach Jason Britten, prolific goalkicker Adrian Burdon and Leigh Post who should slot into defence while retaining the bulk of last years players although Sam Unsworth could be unavailable for part of the season. Hutchins have appointed club stalwart Jamie Harriss to coach and have recruited heavily notably Jack Boon, Matthew Chugg, Chris Hensby and Alex Triffett.

 University will again be led by Ben Beams with ex North Hobart Tom James joining their ranks and will of the wisp Alex Gilmour to showcase his skills again and they should be a threat again with the recruitment of players such as Allan Bielski, Field Reeves and Joshua Bailey.

Daniel Lamont from Glenorchy is the coach of DOSA joined by midfielders Tim Gibbons and Sam Peacock, Marcus Cugino has returned while the Gregson brothers Jack and Thomas are burning up the track at training. The opportunity to play their home games at North Hobart should be a great boost for the club and the Association.

 A new look Channel under Tim Lamprill plus recruits Chris Joyce, Brendan Lorkin, Sam Warren and Adam Crane could be a surprise packet but they run into last years premiers Richmond who have resigned all but two of last years team and Heath Barwin has the luxury of the addition of recruits led by Damien Honey, Nathan Donoghue, Kurt Baker and Nathan Williams to bolster an already strong outfit.

Results Round 1

                                    St Virgils v Hutchins
St Virgils            4 0    6 5    13 6    17 9 111
Hutchins            1 3    3 3      6 4      7 5 47
Goalkickers - St Virgils A Burdon 7, M Collis 4, J Rafferty 2, J Ackerley
B Hastie, L Post, N Hartnett Hutchins - M Chugg 2, N Leitch 2, M Wilson
A Palfreyman, J Harris Best - St Virgils - M Collis, S Dickson, L Post
A Burdon, M Grandin, Z Batchelor Hutchins - S Nichols, M Chugg, J Archer
J Harris, J Coad, L Nichols
                            University v DOSA
University        6 1    9 4    16 7    22 9 141
DOSA             5 2    8 3    11 7    14 9 93
Goalkickers - University - F Reeves 8, B Beams 6, S Blackaby 2, J Morey 2
A Gilmour, G Shaw, A Saunders, H Scott DOSA - K Dooley 5, J Davie 3
K Harvey 3, N Abrahams, S Hills, A Davey
Best - University - S Maguire, A Gilmour, F Reeves, G Shaw, B Beams, T James
DOSA - K Dooley, J Penwright, S Beattie, S Peacock, A Davey, P Turner
                          Richmond v Channel
Richmond    3 1      6 3    11 6    18  9 117
Channel       4 2   10 10   14 13  15 15 105
Goalkickers - Richmond - A Reeve 7, K Baker 3, J Wiggins 2, J Woolley 2
N Terry, B Cato, R Brumby, A Boucher Channel - C Joyce 6, T Lamprell 4            
T O'Brien, M Turnball, M Stevenson, M McGuire, M Butter
Best - Richmond - A Reeve, K Baker, A Daft, A Boucher, D Williams, M Allie
Channel - M Turnball, J Mason, B Larkin, C Joyce, M Clark, T Lamprill  

Leading Goalkickers - F Reeves University 8, A Burdon St Virgils 7, A Reeve Richmond 7,

B Beams University 6, C Joyce Richomnd 6, K Dooley DOSA 5
                                    St Virgils v Hutchins
St Virgils         10    15    75
Hutchins         10     14    74
Goalkickers - St Virgils - D Davie 4, K Youd 2, M Ware, J Heevey, C Webb, K Millington
Hutchins - H Kingston 3, M Graver 2, B Robinson 2, B Joseph, B Garth, M Clarke
Best - St Virgils - J Heevey, J Slade, K Youd, D Davie, A Morgan, T Fergusson
Hutchins - M Abey, H Kingston, B Robinson, B Joseph, M Swann, R Jubb
                                University v DOSA
University        12 17    89
DOSA               9  7    61
Goalkickers - University - T Stewart 5, M Riseley 2, M Allen, N Whittle, M Fraser, B Johnson, L Adams
DOSA - R Boon 3, T Gregson 2, M McConnon 2, S Goodsell, C Jones
Best - University - C Spencer, B Johnson, L Adams, N McNair, R Belllchambers, J Saner
DOSA - T Gregson, B Ploughman, S Barfoot, R Boon, J Gregson, D Elliott
                        Channel v Richmond
Channel        16 10 106
Richmond       7 11   53
Goalkickers - Channel - T Williams 3, R Leaman 2, C Coventry 2, P Cummings 2, J Douglas 2
N Webb, D Warn, R Carmichael, S Turnball Richmond - S Free 3, A Dillon, B Burnie, N Williams
M Bowden Best - Channel - J O'Neil, P Cummings, B Pitt, S Turnball, R Carmichael, C Coventry
Richmond - S Boxall, N Williams, A Oakley, A Sweet, A Dillon, J DeWinter
Leading Goalkickers - T Stewart University 5, D Davie St Virgils 4, T Williams Channel 3, H Kingston Hutchins 3
S Free Richmond 3, R Boon DOSA 3     

Review Round 1

Led by the ex New Norfolk duo of Adrian Burdon (7 goals) and Leigh Post St.Virgils commenced their season in bright style with a commanding 64 point win over Hutchins. St.Virgils appeared in control throughout with Scott Dickson controlling the ruck, Michael Collis busy around the packs and around the goals, Michael Grandin providing drive through the midfield and led at every change. Hutchins battled hard led by defenders Scott and Liam Nichols and Josh Archer with Matt Chugg lending support.

 In a high scoring affair University’s second half proved too much for DOSA winning by 48 points with Field Reeves kicking 8 goals on debut and Ben Beams 6 in his first game in over twelve months while Sam Maguire controlled the ruck supplying Tom James and Alex Gilmour countless possessions. DOSA had a good first half and never gave in at any stage led by Kieran Dooley (5 goals), Jimmy Penwright, Scott Beattie and Sam Peacock.

 Leading at every change and with a 25 point break at the last change Channel were poised to cause an upset but Richmond piled on 7 goals to 1 in the final quarter to win by 12 points. Richmond’s Aaron Reeve (7 goals) and Kurt Baker were busy up forward, Andrew Boucher and Adam Daft were busy onballers while Matt Turnbull was best for Channel backed up by Jarrod Mason, Brendan Lorkin and Chris Joyce(6 goals).

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Round 2 17th April

Preview Round 2

Hutchins will be looking for improvement when they host University at Queenborough.

Hutchins fell down up forward last week even though they were given plenty of chances from Jamie Harriss, Scott Nichols and Jake Fyshe and had worthy defenders led by Liam Nichols and Josh Archer but they will have their hands full combating University’s forwards in Field Reeves and the experienced Ben Beams supported by Gavin Shaw with onballers Sam Maguire and Tom James.

 DOSA are home to Channel at North Hobart and with both teams coming off losses.  DOSA have experience led by Cameron Golding, Kieran Dooley, James Penwright and Kim Harvey plus a youthful group of newcomers while Sam Peacock was impressive first up.

Channel harassed Richmond for three quarters and led by Chris Joyce, Tim lamprill, Jarrod Mason, Matt Turnbull and Mark Clark will be a definite threat to all teams.

 Richmond hosts OHA in a night game with the entertainment commencing at 4.15pm with the Reserves game. Richmond were under the pump for three quarters last week but have home ground advantage and Aaron Reeves and Kurt Baker up forward, onballers Andrew Boucher and Adam Daft and Matthew Allie showing early form.

OHA will showcase ten new recruits led by Marshall Pestrucci, Matt Joyce and Scott Jury and coach George Stirling will hope for positive results with the experience he has at his disposal notably Stuart Probert and Scott McCallum.

Results Round 2

                                    DOSA v CHANNEL
DOSA        3 3    10 3    13 5    14 14 98
Channel     2 2      9 4    12 8    12 12 84
Goals - DOSA - K Dooley 4, K Harvey 3, L Manser 2, S Peacock 2,
T Gibbons, J Penwright, R Boon Channel - C Joyce 4, M Butters 4
J Webster, N Hansson, T Lamprill, M Stephenson
Best - DOSA - J Davie, S Peacock, B Loveless, J Penwright, J Green
P Turner Channel - S Bouwman, M McGuire, J Vanderlaan, N Hansson 
                         HUTCHINS v UNIVERSITY
Hutchins    1 6    6 8    12 12    18 16 124
University  2 2    6 4      8 7      13 12 90
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 3, M Lister 3, J Boon 2, M Chugg 2,
N Leitch 2, J Fyshe 2, J Burns, T Smith, H Kingston, G Werthiemer
University - B Beams 4, F Reeve 3, A Gilmour 2, N Fenton, F McGuire
J Morey, M Matuszek Best - Hutchins - A Sayers, M Wilson,
S Nichols, N Leitch, J Boon, D Rossiter University - S McGuire,
J Bailey, G Shaw, M Satuszek
                            RICHMOND v OHA
Richmond    5 4     6 6    8 7    13 12 90
OHA            2 4    5 9    6 9      9  11 65
Goals - Richmond - S Boxall 3, J DeWinter 2, M Triffett 2, H Barwin
A Reeve, K Baker, N Terry, R Brumby, J Sturzaker OHA - S Bowering 3
S Drury 2, T Orchard 2, S Probert, S Hollick Best - Richmond - M Triffett
D Williams, K Baker, S Campbell, J Wiggins, B Cato OHA - D Archer
N Skeggs, T Orchard, G Stirling, C Williams
Leading Goalkickers - F Reeves University (3) 11, C Joyce Richmond (4) 10, B Beams University (4) 10
Channel     11 10 76
DOSA         6 15 51
Goals - Channel - R Leaman 4, R Carmichael 2, D Stewart,
M Brockman, T Rollins, T Williams, S Direen DOSA - P Lennox 2
B McKay, T Golding, C Burdon, N Evans Best - Channel - J Douglas
S Turnball, P Cummings, T Rollins, D Warn, J McQueen
DOSA - C Burdon, P Lennox, L Golding, S Barford, M McConnon,
A Schevalier           
University    12 14 86
Hutchins       7   5 47
Goals - University - T Stewart 6. G Arvirl, M Riseley, B Clarke
Hutchins - B Robinson, M Herd, B Garth, M Clark, C Cupit, D Creak
O Robinson Best - University - W Owens, P Brooks, C Spencer, T Stewart
M Rippon, J Saner Hutchins - O Robinson, J Swain, R Jubb, M Swann
B Robinson, T Salewicz
OHA             15 9 99
Richmond     12 7 79
Goals - OHA - D Saunders 6, S Bryant 2, N Worledge 2, A Banks 2, P Taylor, S Broadby
T Austins Richmond - K Bluett 3, B Joseph 3, J Winch 2, C Ross 2, N Williams, D Peck
Best - OHA - M Kroon, D Saunders, P Taylor, J Kean, S Bryan, D Potter Richmond - N Williams
L Joseph, M Bowden, A Dillon, B Joseph, K Bluett
Hutchins 75.15% -, DOSA 67.87 -, Richmond 64.39% -
Leading Goalkickers - T Stewart University (6) 11, R Leaman Channel (4) 6, D Saunders OHA (6) 6
D Davie St Virgils (-) 4, B Joseph Hutchins (3) 4, T Williams Channel (1) 4


Review Round 2

DOSA celebrated at their new home ground North Hobart winning a hard fought encounter with Channel.

Little separated the teams as they both traded goals for the first three quarters with the margin 3 points in favour of DOSA entering the final quarter but DOSA peppered the goals for a return of only 1 goal from 10 scoring shots while Channel managed 4 behinds enabling DOSA to win by 14 points. Joel Davie, Brendan Loveless, Sam Peacock and James Penwright were best for DOSA while Sam Bouwman, Morgan Maguire, Jarrod Van Der Laan and Neil Hanson stood out for Channel.

 A 6 goals to 2 third quarter by Hutchins against University was the difference in their game at Queenborough. It was an even first half but it was Hutchins’ midfielders and half backs running through the lines in a team effort that got them over the line with Alistair Sayers, Matthew Wilson, Scott Nichols and Nick Leitch the standouts. University’s forwards were kept in check with Field Reeves and Ben Beams who also had a stint in defence their main contributors but had fine performers in Sam Maguire in the ruck and Joshua Bailey in defence. 

Richmond were able to hold off OHA in their night game in front of a large crowd. Richmond held sway early but OHA fought back but a 5 goal final quarter saw Richmond home by 25 points. Best for Richmond were Kurt Baker, Matthew Triffett, Scott Campbell and Darryl Williams while for OHA Daniel Archer, Nick Skeggs, Tim Orchard and George Stirling stood tall.


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Round 3 24th April

Preview Round 3

OHA are home at Geilston Bay and take on DOSA in what promises to be a close tussle.

OHA extended Richmond last week giving them the confidence needed against a DOSA outfit who look promising at this early stage.

OHA received solid first up performances from Nick Skeggs, Tim Orchard, Scott Jury, Chris Williams and Daniel Archer. DOSA have found excellent midfielders in Sam Peacock and Patrick Turner while Joel Davie, James Penwright and Kieran Dooley are in good form.  

 University will be hoping for a package of consistent team football throughout in their game with St.Virgils who began in style in round one. Team involvement is the key for the home team while onballers Sam Maguire and Gavin Shaw defender Joshua Bailey along with Ben Beams and Field Reeves are in form. St.Virgils could have the luxury of several players returning for this clash and if they reproduce their first round form led by Michael Collis, Michael Grandin, Adrian Burdon, Leigh Post and Zac Batchelor will be hard to beat.

 If Hutchins can repeat their form of last week they will pose problems for an improved Channel. Lacking tall players Hutchins led by Scott Nichols, Jason Coad, Jackson Burns and Matthew Wright are running in numbers creating chances for their forwards led by Hamish Kingston. Channel are a greatly improved team with Brendan Lorkin set to return while Mitchell Butters, Jarrod Van Der Laan, Morgan Maguire and Neil Hanson are in form.                

 Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 3

                                    DOSA v OHA
DOSA        5 3      7 6    12 11    18 14 122
OHA          4 4      9 5      9  5     11  9  75
Goals - DOSA - S Hills 4, T Gibbons 3, K Harvey 3, R Boon 2, J Penwright 2
K Dooley 2, B Ploughman, C Rowbottom OHA - T Orchard 3, S Jury 2,
S Bowering 2, S Probert, B Langford, B Bateman, M MacMurry 
Best - DOSA - A Davey, J Penwright, B Ploughman, S Beattie, J Davie,
T Erends OHA - Z Burnett, D Archer, B Bateman, B Rogers, A Limbrick
M Joyce 
                         HUTCHINS v CHANNEL
Hutchins    5 4    9 7    12 10    16 12 108
Channel    2 2    4 5      7 9      12 13   85
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 9, A Palfreyman 2, M Chugg, H Kingston,
M Lister, N Leitch, J Coad Channel - C Joyce 4, M Butters 3, J Mason 2
S Warner, B Lorkin, T O'Brien
Best - Hutchins - M Wright, G Werthiemer, J Harriss, N Leitch, M Wilson,
H Kingston Channel - N Hampson, M Turnball, B Larkin, J Mason, T O'Brien
A Strongjek
                          ST VIRGILS v UNIVERSITY
St Virgils    3 2   8 3   10 8    14   8 92
University   3 6   5 11   7 17  11 21 87
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 4, J Rafferty 3, M Collis 2, B Hastie 2, 
M Fergusson, J Britton, M Parker University - F Reeves 3, R Robinson 2,
J Bailey 2, A Bielski 2, B Beams, A Gilmour
Best - St Virgils - D Nicholas, Z Batchelor, M Beck, L Post, M Collis, J Britton
University - S McGuire, R Robinson, C Burgess, M Gill, J Bailey, T James
DOSA        11 17 83
OHA            7  8  50
Goals - DOSA - A Sherman 3, M Scott 2, J Robinon 2, T Brtevnik,
J Everard, L Golding, R Mika OHA - D Saunders 2, D Potter,
N Worledge, B Plummer, D Wilton, T Austen Best - DOSA - N Evans
T Brtevnik, R Mika, T Golding, C Burdon, M Harrison OHA - M Monks,
M Williams, J Freeman, A Risley, B Hinchen, D Wilton         
Hutchins    14 16 100
Channel      6   9   45
Goals - Hutchins - C Wills 4, A Quinn 3, A Hazell, H Moore, B Garth
G Wright, J Creak, A Hogan, N Cleary Channel - R Leaman 4, P Cummings
T Rollins Best - Hutchins - J Swain, N Cleary, A Hogan, A Smith, A Quinn
O Robinson Channel - J McQueen, R Carmichael, P Cummings, B Shutter,
D Warn 
St Virgils       14  6  90
University      13 10 88
Goals - St Virgils- J Rigby 4, B Dodge 3, C Zeigeler 3, K Youd, K Millington
S Unsworth, T Ferguson University - T Stewart 4, M Riseley 3, T Hill 2,
J Gordon, B Clarke, M Fraser, T Polley Best - St Virgils - S Unsworth,
R Hooker, J Muskett, B Dodge, J Rigby, S Hughes University - W Owens
C Spencer, L Adams, J Sidebottom, T Stewart, J Saner   

Review Round 3

A strong second half by DOSA saw them score a comfortable 47 point win over OHA in the OSFA. Down by 2 goals at half time DOSA had all the answers in the second half restricting the home team to 2 goals while adding 11 themselves. Onballers Aaron Davey and James Penwright with defenders Brennan Ploughman and Scott Beattie Were best for DOSA while Zak Burnett, Daniel Archer, Brendan Bateman and Brendan Rogers stood out for OHA.

 Hutchins were made to work hard for their 23 point victory over a determined Channel outfit. Led by a 9 goal haul from Matthew Wright Hutchins led throughout but they could not break the shackles of Channel who fought on for four quarters but with Graeme Wertheimer, Jamie Harriss and Nick Leitch leading from the front Hutchins were able to hold on. Best for Channel were ruckman Neil Hanson, Matt Turnball, Brendan Lorkin and Jarrod Mason.

 University’s inaccuracy proved costly against St.Virgils who crawled over the line by 5 points. Little separated the teams throughout but St.Virgils managed to hang on through the efforts of Daniel Nicholas, Zac Batchelor, Leigh Post and Mark Beck while for University Sam Maguire, Cameron Burgess, Mark Gill and Richard Robinson plated well.

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Round 4 1st May

Preview Round 4

Channel will be looking to open their winning account against University but their midfielders and onballers led by Jarrod Mason and Brendan Lorkin  must capitalise from Neil Hanson’s ruck work and move the ball quickly to Chris Joyce and Mitchell Butters to combat University’s strong defence where Cameron Burgess, Joshua Bailey, Matthew Gill and Alex Saunders have been prominent while ruckmen Sam Maguire will provide stiff opposition.

 OHA are another club searching for their first win but will find the task difficult against St.Virgils. OHA look good on paper but as yet have not put it together although Daniel Archer, Brendan Bateman, Zak Burnett, Tim Orchard and Scott Jury are leading the way. St.Virgils have a target up forward in Adrian Burdon,  a strong defence led by Mark Beck and Zac Batchelor plus onballers Leigh Post, Michael Collis and Daniel Nicholas.

 The night game at Richmond between the home team and Hutchins should be a beauty. Richmond’s Kurt Baker, Adam Daft and Julian Sturzaker set up many opportunities for their forwards but their defence led by Walter Dowling and Matthew Triffett could be tested by Hutchins’ Matt Wright and Hamish Kingston who will be fed by the likes of Nick Leitch, Graeme Wertheimer and Matthew Wilson.


DOSA have the bye.

Results Round 4


University        3.5    10.8    13.13    18.22.130
Channel          4.2      7.6    11.6      14. 8. 92
Goals - University - B Beams 3, T Stewat 3, F Reeves 2, C Burgess 2,
R Robinson 2, T James 2, H Scott 2, P Brooks, M Martuszek
Channel - C Joyce 11, M Butters 2, B Pitt
Best - University - A Gilmour, S McGuire, C Burgess, T James, 
M Martuszek, P Brooks Channel - C Joyce, S Bouwman, N Hansson
C Jackson, M Turnball, W Dean 
St Virgils        3.3    8.5    11.8    20.14.134
OHA              3.1    4.4      6.9      7.10. 52
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 5, J Britton 4, B Hastie 2, M Collis 2,
J Rafferty 2, B Dodge 2, B Parremore, J Ackerley, D Nicholas
OHA - S Bowering 3, N Skeggs, M Thompson, M Pestrucci,
M McPherson Best - St Virgils - D Nichols, J Britton, J Ackerley
J Rafferty, B Parremore, J Nibbs OHA - N Skeggs, D Ryan, S McCullum
A Limbrick 
Richmond        4.8    12.11    19.18    27.27.189
Hutchins          1.3      2.3        4.4       7.5.47
Goals - Richmond - H Barwin 6, A Reeve 5, C Crossin 4, M Triffett 2,
A Daft 2, N Terry 2, K Baker, J Sturzaker, S Boxall, B Cato, 
A Baines, N Woolley Hutchins - A Palfreyman 2, M Wright 2,
S Nichols, M Wilson, M Chugg
Best - Richmond - A Daft, A Reeve, S Dick, S Campbell,
J DeWinter, H Barwin Hutchins - S Nichols, H Kingston, J Harriss
D Rossiter, J Swain, A Sayers
University         17.12.114
Channel             7. 7. 49 
Goals - Univeristy - N Whittle 4, H Griggs 3, J Sidebottom 3, R Butler 2,
C Arvier, M Allen, M Rippon, W Owens, C Spencer
Channel - R Leaman 3, J O'Neill, A Warn, N Webb, D Warn
Best - University - M Gowans, C Spencer, J Sidebottom, W Owens 
R Butler, D Bellchambers Channel - T Rollins, A Kelly, D Warn,
R Leaman, L Bartulovic, A Warn
St Virgils         19.12.126
OHA                 9.11. 65
Goals - St Virgils - J Rigby 7, C Zeigeler 3, D Davie 3, T Ferguson 2,
S Groves 2, K Youd, J McLean OHA - J Tierney 3, D Saunders,
D Potter, A Eastley, M Hinchin, S Broadbury, N Butterworth
Best - St Virgils - N Butterworth, M Monks, S Hollick, B Langford
OHA - M Kroon, J Tierney
Richmond         8.11.59
Hutchins           7.12.54
Goals - Richmond - B Hall 2, C Ross 2, M Bowden 2, J Winch,
B Joseph Hutchins - J Parker 2, B Garth, A Hazell, M Abey, S Harris,
M Herd Best - Richmond - A Dillon, K Bluett, J Dunn,
J Needham, A Sweet, M Bowden Hutchins - K Jubb, B Tronson,
J Howe, J Creak, M Graver, M Abey

Review Round 4

University hit back after dual losses to score a much needed 38 point win over Channel. Both teams began in a flurry but University gradually wore down their opponents with the creative Alex Gilmour, Sam Maguire, Cameron Burgess and Tom James their best players. Channel had a star in Chris Joyce at full forward who kicked 11 goals out of the 14 kicked by his team and he received solid support from onballers Neil Hanson and Sam Bouwman and defender Matt Turnbull. 

 St.Virgils had too many options for OHA thrashing the home team by 82 points. St.Virgils onballers Daniel Nicholas, Jason Britten, John Rafferty and Jeremy Ackerly were dominant in a game that was even at quarter time but St.Virgils went on the march from then on. Nick Skeggs, Dan Ryan, Scott McCullum and Aaron Limbrick were best for OHA.   

 A rampant Richmond carried out a demolition job on Hutchins running riot to win by 142 points topped off with an incredible 27 shots on goal for a return of only 8 goals in the final quarter. For the winners Adam Daft, Aaron Reeve, Scott Campbell and Steven Dick were standout performers for Richmond while Scott Nichols, Hamish Kingston, Jamie Harriss and Doug Rossiter battled hard for Hutchins.

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Round 5  8th May

Preview Round 5

The clash of the round in the OSFA sees a vastly improved DOSA combination pitted against an in form Richmond at North Hobart. The inclusion of new players gives DOSA a more even spread across the ground with strengths in midfield, their onball division and up forward where Sam Peacock, Nathan Abrahams, Trent Duggan, Sam Hills and Kieran Dooley are starring. Richmond have strengths on every line working like a well oiled machine led by Adam Daft, Matthew Triffett, Steven Dick, Scott Campbell and Heath Barwin.

 St.Virgils should hold all the aces when they play Channel if recent form is any indication. They move the ball quickly through the middle courtesy of Jason Britten, Michael and Daniel Nicholas with Adrian Burdon their focus up forward. Channel through Sam Bouwman, Neil Hanson and Chris Jackson must move the ball quickly to Chris Joyce to give him a one on one chance against Zac Batchelor.

 Hutchins will hope for an improved performance against a struggling OHA. Hutchins were outplayed last week but have Hamish Kingston, Scott Nichols, Alistair Sayers and Doug Rossiter in form while OHA have not shown their true form as yet but Scott McCullum, Aaron Limbrick, Nick Skeggs and Brendan Bateman are playing well.

 University have the bye

Results Round 5

                            St Virgils v Channel           
St Virgils            6.4    12.11    18.15    27.20.  182
Channel             1.4      2.6        5.9       6.  9.  45
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 8, B Hastie 4, B Dodge 4, J Britton 3, S Groves 3
J Rafferty 2, L Post, J Ackerley, M Collis Channel - C Joyce 2, J Webster,
N Hanson, S Bouwman, C Jackson
Best - St Virgils - M Collis, Z Batchelor, J Nibbs, J Britton, B Dodge, S Dickson
Channel - J Mason, S Stonjeck, M Clark, C Jackson, S Bouwman, K Shaw
                                OHA v Hutchins
OHA                4.5     9.7    13.13    18.16.124
Hutchins          2.1     6.4      7.5       9.  7.  61
Goals - OHA - S Jury 6, S Bowering 4, S McCullum 2, P Stanley 2, B Bateman
T Orchard, M Bannister, D Archer Hutchins - J Harriss 4, N Leitch 2, M Wright
A Palfreyman, J Burns
Best - OHA - D Stanley, B McMurray, B Langford, N Skeggs, S Jury, M Thompson
Hutchins - J Archer, J Johnson, J Harriss, L Nichols, N Cleary, A Sayers
                            DOSA v Richmond
DOSA            1.2    7.3    11.6      14. 7.91
Richmond       4.6    7.8    10.12   13.12.90 
Goals - DOSA - J Davey 5, R Boon 4, S Peacock 2, D Gregg, S Hills, J Green
Richmond - A Reeve 3, S Boxall 3, H Barwin 2, J DeWinter, A Boucher, N Terry
J Sturrzaker, N Woolley 
Best - DOSA - B Lovless, S Beattie, J Davey, J Prehn, T Gibbons, A Davey, T Erends
Richmond - S Campbell, D Williams, M Triffett, N Sweet
Leading Goalkickers - C Joyce Channel (2) 27, A Burdon St Virgils (8) 24, F Reeves University (3) 19
DOSA                15.12.102
Richmond            7.5.47
Goals - DOSA - M Honey 5, J Robinson 2, C Burdon 2, N Evans 2, T Brtevnik, T Golding, M Robinson
J Gregson  Richmond - D Burnie 2, B Joseph, M Walden, S Bradford, B Hall, Kyle Bluett
Best - DOSA - B McGuiness, J Gregson, C Burdon, N Evans, R Mika, T Brtevnik 
Richmond - M Bowden, P Wilson, A Oakley, B Hall, J Latham, S Bradford
Hutchins        12.22.94
OHA                9.4.58
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 3, A Quinn 2, B Garth, J Parker, M Abey, D Creak, A Hogan
O Robinson, R Hallam OHA - P Reason 3, B Langford, S Luck, R Hunt, N Worledge,
C Hevey. T Austins Best - Hutchins - O Robinson, A Hogan, M Abey, G Wright, K Jubb, M Graver
OHA - B Langford, N Hitchen, N Balcombe, D Lithgow, P Reason. A Riseley
Channel     27.15.177
St Virgils      8. 2 .50
Goals - Channel - R Leaman 6, R Carmichael 5, C Madson 4, C Stockfield 2, J O'Neil 2
A Warn, B Sculthorpe, N Webb, C Machin, S Turnball, P Cummings St Virgils - T Howell 3
R Hooker, J Rigby, S Debnam, A Morgan, T Fergusson
Best - Channel - J McQueen, J O'Neil, C Madson, L Bartulovic, B Sculthorpe
St Virgils - J Muskett, S Debnam, A Clark, J Rigby
Leading Goalkickers - R Leaman Channel (6) 19, T Stewart University  (-) 15, J Rigby St Virgils (1) 12                        

Review Round 5

A tenacious DOSA won a thrilling encounter against Richmond by 1 point. Richmond were menacing early racing to a 4 goal break but DOSA reduced the margin to 5 points at half time. After an even third term the final term saw Richmond jump to a 2 goal lead but DOSA led by defenders Brendan Loveless, Scott Beattie and Aaron Davey and ruckman Jacob Prehn fought back holding on for a morale boosting win against a Richmond outfit who missed coach Heath Barwin who went off injured but defenders Scott Campbell and Darryl Williams, midfielders Matthew Triffett and Alex Sweet played well.

 St.Virgils were far too accomplished for Channel handing the visitors a 137 point thrashing. St.Virgils kicked goals at will with Michael Collis. Jason Britten and Scott Dickson providing the opportunities while a Zac Batchelor led defence kept Channel’s forwards in check. Channel were best served by Jarrod Mason, Mark Clark, Antonin Stonejak and Chris Jackson. 

 OHA scored their first premiership points with an all the way 63 point win over Hutchins. OHA led by Paul Stanley, Ben McMurray, Ben Langford and Nick Skeggs were never threatened after half time in a timely boost for the club while Hutchins are out of sorts but Josh Archer, Jack Johnston, Jamie Harriss and Liam Nichols stood tall.

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Round 6  15th May

Preview Round 6

The highlight of round six in the Old Scholars should be the top of the table clash between St.Virgils and Richmond. St. Virgils have taken all before them to date while Richmond apart from last week’s loss appear in good touch but could be without Heath Barwin. Match ups will be crucial and with the game at New Town it could be decided through the midfield while both defences could have a torrid afternoon against opposing star forwards.

 Hutchins will be looking for a form reversal when they face a confident DOSA. Hutchins form has dropped off in the last two weeks but have the chance to atone led by Liam Nichols, Josh Archer, Nick Cleary and Jamie Harriss. Jacob Prehn has given DOSA another tall option, the return of Jim Penwright and Kim Harvey adds more experience and Joel Davie is causing havoc up forward.

The University versus OHA clash should be close as both teams boast key forwards in University’s Allan Bielski and Field Reeves and OHA’s Sam Bowering and Scott Jury who will put pressure on OHA’s Daniel Archer and Ben McMurray and University’s Matthew Gill and John Mazey while the clash between midfielders Alex Gilmore and Scott McCullum should be a beauty.

 Channel have the bye.                

Results Round 6

St Virgils                3.1    9.2    13.5    19. 7.121
Richmond              3.4    9.5    14.8    15.10.100  
Goals - St Virgils - B Hastie 3, B Dodge 3, A Burdon 3, J Britton 2, B Parremore 2
J Rafferty 2, S Dickson, J Ackerley, M Collis, L Post Richmond - A Reeve 5
C Crossin 4, A Boucher 3, S Boxall, K Baker, J Wiggins
Best - St Virgils - M Beck, L Post, D Nicholas, S Dickson, B Hastie, Z Batchelor
Richmond - W Dowling, D Williams, C Ross, N Woolley, J Woolley, S Dick
Hutchins                5.3    8.4    12.9    15.14.104
DOSA                   2.0    3.2      5.4      6.5.47
Best - Hutchins - M Chugg 5, M Wright 4, J Harriss 2, J Swain, A Triffett, C Hensby
O Robinson DOSA - J Green, R Boon, T Gregson, S Peacock, C Golding, S Hills
Best - Hutchins - J Harriss, R Jubb, N Leitch, C Hensby, M Windsor, J Coad
DOSA - J Green, T Erends, T Duggan, A Davey, S Beattie, M Harrison
University            6.3    9.7    16.13    21.15.141
OHA                   3.2    6.4      7.7        9.12.66 
Goals - University - B Beams 6, F Reeves 6, J Nelson 3, S Maguire, A Hansen
M Matusek, A Bielski, C Burgess OHA - S Jury 5, D Archer, B Batemen, B McMurray
Brodie Langford Best - University - T James, A Gilmour, A Belski, P Brooks, J Nelson, L Nietjlke
OHA - N Skeggs, M Bannister, S Jury, Brodie Langford, B Bateman, S Probert 
Leading Goalkickers - C Joyce Channel (-) 27, A Burdon St Virgils (3) 27,
F Reeves University (6) 25, B Beams University (6) 20
St Virgils                14.8.92
Richmond              14.6.90
Goals - St Virgils - T Ferguson 3, J Rigby 3, T Howell 3, G Burke 2, S Groves 2
J Nibbs Richmond - S Free 4, B Hall 3, B Joseph 2, K Bluett 2, M Bowden, C Harmer
J Latham Best - St Virgils - J Nibbs, T Ferguson, D Jones, S Groves, G Burke, A Clarke
Richmond - J Dunn, C Day, M Bowden, A Oakley, S Bradford, S Free
Hutchins                11.14.80
DOSA                   10.12.72 
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 6, L Franks, B Garth, S Harris, A Smith, J Creak
DOSA - C Burdon 3, J Gregson 2, R Stocks 2, T Golding, C Rowbottom, J Everard
Best - HUtchins - K Jubb, T Smith, J Parker, G Friend, A Palfreyman, B Robinson
DOSA - C Burdon, L Golding, M McCallum, J Carroll, J Gregson, T Golding
University             18.15.123
OHA                     12. 7. 79
Goals - University - T Little 8, M Allen 3, B Johnson 2, N Fenton, N McNair, M Martin,
H Griggs, M Gowans OHA - D Saunders 5, D Dillon 2, D Ryan, P Taylor, C Hevey,
T Moore, S Broadby Best - University - M Gowans, T Little, S Rolls, C Spencer, W Owens
A Welsh OHA - S Hollick, D Potter, J Tierney, B Plummer C Hevey, P Taylor
Leading Goalkickers - R Leaman Channel (-) 19, T Stewart University (-) 15
J Rigby St Virgils (3) 15, D Saunders OHA (5) 14

Review Round 6

A six goal to one final quarter enabled St.Virgils to shake off Richmond and remain undefeated in the Old Scholars Football Association. Richmond held a slight advantage at each change with defenders Walter Dowling, Darryl Williams, Nathan Woolley and Chris Ross holding St.Virgils’ forwards in check while Aaron Reeve was a lively forward but with their defence led by Mark Beck and Zac Batchelor tightening up and Scott Dickson, Daniel Nicholas and Leigh Post wresting control St.Virgils got home by 21 points.

 Hutchins hit back with a vengeance to upset DOSA by 63 points. Hutchins led throughout in setting up their win with forward Matt Chugg prominent while Jamie Harriss, Robert Jubb, Nick Leitch, Jason Coad and Marcus Windsor were dominant all game. DOSA appeared flat after last week but had worthy contributors in Tim Erends, Jason Green, Trent Duggan, Aaron Davey, Scott Beattie and Matthew Harrison.

 University had too many options for OHA winning their clash by 75 points. Led by talented onballers Tom James and Alex Gilmour, Paul Brooks, Allan Bielski, Luke Niejelke and Josh Nelson University held sway early then put the pedal to the floor in the second half kicking 12 goals to 3. OHA battled hard led by Nick Skeggs, Michael Bannister, Scott Jury, Brodie Langford, Stuart Probert and Brendan Bateman. 

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Round 7  22nd May

Preview Round 7

DOSA will need to be on their game but will be strengthened with the return of Joel Davie, Jacob Prehn, Kim Harvey and Kieran Dooley when they face the undefeated St.Virgils. DOSA appeared over confident last week but if they can reproduce the form they displayed against Richmond they will test the visitors who are looking good with all players contributing each week led by key defenders Zac Batchelor and Mark Beck, onballers Michael Collis, Jason Britten Scott Dickson and Daniel Nicholas while DOSA’s Jason Green is a dashing midfielder and Scott Beattie is steady in defence.  

Results Round 7

                                           OHA v Channel
OHA            4.2    9.7    15.10    28.13.181
Channel       3.3    6.4      8.10    11.12.78
Goals OHA - S Jury 10, S Bowering 6, S McCullum 3, Brodie Langford 2
M Thompson 2, M Bannister, T Orchard, B MacMurray, M Zukauskas
M McPherson Channel - R Carmichael 5, M Butters 4, J Webster, D Warn
Best - OHA - S Jury, Ben Langford, N Skeggs, P Stanley, S McCullum
Brodie Langford Channel - S Bouwman, S Warner, J Webster, R Carmichael
M Stevenson 
                                    University v Richmond
University       3.2    8.4    12.6    15.11.101
Richmond      1.2    2.5      8.8     15. 9. 99
Goals - University - W Hogan 5, F Reeves 2, T Stewart 2, B Beams 2,
A Bielski J Nelson, N Whittle, A Hanson Richmond - A Reeve 4, C Crossin 4,
S Boxall 2, A Boucher, K Baker, A Baines, J Sturzaker, J Woolley
Best - University - A Gilmour, C Burgess, F Reeves, A Hanson, J Mazey,
W Hogan Richmond - S Campbell, B Cato, M Triffett, A Reeve, A Boucher
D Williams
                                    St Virgils v DOSA
St Virgils     2.4    7.5    10.9    15.11.101
DOSA         4.2    7.4    10.5    14. 5.  89 
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 5, B Dodge 3, J Britten2, M Collis 2, B Hastie 2, J Nibbs
DOSA - K Dooley 4, K Harvey 3, L Manser 2, R Boon, S Peacock, J Green, J Penwright, S Hills
Best - St Virgils - J Viney, M Collis, S Dickson, M Grandin, M Ferguson,
B Parremore DOSA - A Davey, T Duggan, M Fielding, K Harvey, S Hills
K Dooley          
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (5) 32 C Joyce Channel (-) 27, F Reeves University (2) 27
S Jury (10) 25, A Reeve Richmond (4) 22, B Beams Unviersity (2) 22
University        12.9.81
Richmond        7.10.52
Goals - University - N Brereton 3, M Riseley 3, D Moore, J Sidebottom, M Martin, J Rubinstein
Richmond - D Burnie 3, W Eddington 2, B Joseph, N Williams
Best - University - M Rippon, J Hoult, J Saner, S Rolls, J Gordon, N Fenton
Richmond - N Williams, D Burnie, S Bradford, B Joseph, J Needham, W Eddington
DOSA            11.11.77
St Virgils          7.12.54
Goals - DOSA - J Gregson 4, J Robinson 3, D Gibson 2, T Gregson, R Watts
St Virgils - D Quinn 2, M Douglas 2, R Hooker, J Parker, G Burke
Best - DOSA - R Watts, L Calvert, M McCallum, N Evans, M McConnon, D Gibson
St Virgils - J Slade, J Cole, T Michael, S Hughes, G Burke, C Webb
OHA            20.14.134
Channel       15. 5. 95
Goals - OHA - C Hevey 5, J Tierney 4, A Banks 3, L Taylor 3, P Taylor, S Luck
T Austin, R Hunt, M Joyce Channel - R Leaman 5, S Stockfield 3, J Beadle 3, C Madson
D Stewart, A Warn, J Rogers Best - OHA - C Hevey, M Joyce, A Banks, S Gillies
M Pestrucci, P Taylor Channel - J Bugs, R Edmond, A Warn, D Millhouse, M Brockman
B Schulthorpe
Leading Goalickers - R Leaman Channel (5)24, T Stewart University (-) 15, J Rigby St Virgils (-) 15

Review Round 7

University took over second position on the ladder after holding off a fast finishing Richmond in winning by 2 points. University controlled the first half through Alex Gilmour and Cameron Burgess to lead by 35 points but Richmond fought back in the third quarter to reduce the margin and in a frenetic final quarter University were able to hang on. Other good players for University were Field Reeves and Anthony Hanson while best for Richmond were Ben Cato, Scott Campbell, Matthew Triffett and Aaron Reeve.

 Channel stayed in touch with OHA till half time but with Scott Jury on fire up forward and supply coming from the likes of Ben Langford, Nick Skeggs and Paul Stanley OHA went on a scoring spree in the second half to record a 103 point win. Channel battled on throughout led by Sam Bouwman, Rod Carmichael, Jamey Webster and Sam Warner.

 St.Virgils were made to work hard to escape the claws of DOSA to keep the unbeaten record intact with a narrow 12 point win. The game was even all day and it was not until the final quarter that the ladder leaders with Jon Viney, Michael Collis, Scott Dickson in control edged clear of a plucky DOSA who were best served by Aaron Davey, Trent Duggan, Matthew Fielding and Kim Harvey.


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Round 8  29th May

Preview Round 8

University will be looking to exact revenge on arch rival Hutchins in their clash at University. University are receiving drive from onballers Cameron Burgess, Alex Gilmour, John Mazey and defender Anthony Hanson while Wayne Hogan was impressive last week with 5 goals. Hutchins should enter this game full of confidence after their success against DOSA two weeks ago led by key forwards Matt Chugg and Matt Wright, coach Jamie Harriss, Robert Jubb and defender Marcus Windsor.  

 Channel are still without coach Tim Lamprill and hope Sam Bouwman, Jamey Webster and Michael Stevenson can stifle DOSA’s Sam Peacock, Jason Green and Matthew Fielding onball dominance while Channel’s forwards Mitchell Butters and Rod Carmichael without the injured Chris Joyce will need to work hard against a tight DOSA defence. Similarly Channel’s defence must contain the dangerous Kim Harvey and Kieran Dooley.

 OHA will be hoping to make it three wins out of four games in their clash with Richmond but will need Scott Jury and Sam Bowering firing up forward and Nick Skeggs, Brodie Langford and Matthew Zukauskas to apply the pressure needed against a Richmond outfit who must get some consistency back in their game but Darryl Williams, Scott Campbell, Ben Cato, Aaron Reeve and Kurt Baker have been standing tall.

St.Virgils have the bye.


Results Round 8

                                           OHA v Richmond
OHA            5.4    13.8    15.10    18.12.120
Richmond    5.4      8.7    12. 8     13.13.91
Goals OHA - S Jury 9, A Banks 2, M Zukauskas 2, C Hevey 2, B Rogers
G Stirling, S McCallum Richmond - A Reeve 4, J Wiggins 3, N Terry 3
M Triffett, A Oakley, C Ross  Best - OHA - B Langford, M Thompson, G Stirling
S Jury, S McCallum, D Ryan Richmond - D Williams, K Baker, J Sturzaker
N Terry, J Wiggins, A Oakley 
                                       Hutchins v University
Hutchins      1.5    4.9      9.13     14.16.100
University    2.5    5.7       7.9       10.10.70
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 4, J Harris 4, J Boon 3, M Wilson, A Sayers
N Leitch University - C Burgess 3, F Reeves 2, A Bielski 2, J Nelson
M Matuszek, M Gowans Best - Hutchins - J Harris, M Windsor, A Triffett,
G Wertheimer, M Wright, J Boon University - A Gilmour, M Gowans,
S Hamilton, A Bielski, S McGuire, C Burgess  
                                     DOSA v Channel
DOSA         5.6    6.9    10.10    17.12.114
Channel      1.2    6.5      8.8      13.08.86
Goals - DOSA - J Davey 4, M Robinson 3, K Harvey 3, J Penwright 3,
T Gibbons, L Manser, S Beattie, S Peacock Channel - M Butters 5
M McGuire 2, J O'Neill, J Webster, S Bouwman, B Pitt, A Stonjeck,
C Joyce          
Leading Goalkickers - S Jury OHA (9) 34, A Burdon St Virgils (-) 32
A Reeve Richmond (4) 29, C Joyce Channel (1) 28, F Reeves University (2) 26 
DOSA              7.8.50
Channel            6.5.41
Goals - C Rowbottom 2, B McGuiness, P Yole, M Scott, M McConnon,
L Golding Channel - C Stockfield 3, A Warn, P Cummings, J Iles
Best - DOSA - J Carroll, M McCullum, B McGuiness, R Mika, D Elliott,
N Evans Channel - C Stockfield, P Cummings, D Stewart, D Warn, C Madson
B Schuttler
Richmond     11.11.77
OHA                9.4.58 
Goals - Richmond - A Smedley 3, N Williams 2, T Martin 2, B Bester, K Bluett
J Winch, C Harmer OHA - J Tierney 3, P Reason 2, D Saunders, R Eastley,
T Austin, S Bryan Best - Richmond - N Williams, I DeWinter, B Bester
B Jospeh, D Hoskinson, C Parker OHA - J Stewart, J Freeman, S Bryan,
T Mergatroid, M Hinchen
Hutchins        8.8.56
University       6.8.54
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 2, B Robinson 2, G Friend, A Quinn, M Graver,
M Herd University - M Risely 3, N Brereton 2, M Martin
Best - Hutchins - B Robinson, J Parker, T Windsor, T Salewicz, M Graver
M Abey University - M Rippon, W Owens, M McNair, L Adams, D Moore
R Bellchambers
Leading Goalickers - R Leaman Channel (-)24, T Stewart University (-) 15,
J Rigby St Virgils (-) 15, D Saunders OHA (1) 15, M Riseley University (3) 15 

Review Round 8

With a tight knit defence and dominant forward in Scott Jury with 9 goals OHA defeated Richmond by 29 points. After an even opening quarter OHA appeared to have Richmond’s measure which showed on the scoreboard at the final siren. Ben Langford led the way for OHA supported by defenders Dan Ryan and George Stirling and Scott McCallum while defender Darryl Williams was best for Richmond and Kurt Baker, Julian Sturzaker and Nathan Terry gave solid performances.

 DOSA had to find an extra gear to secure their 28 point victory over Channel. The first quarter proved the difference with DOSA holding a 28 point lead at the break but after that it was an even contest as Channel kept pace with their opponents. Best for DOSA were Cameron Golding, Jim Penwright, Luke Manser and Matthew Harrison while Sam Bouwman, Michael Stevenson, Jamey Webster and Morgan Maguire stood out for Channel.

 Hutchins moved into fourth spot on the ladder after a second half performance saw them hold out University by 30 points. It was close in the first half but led by onballers Jamie Harriss, Alex Triffett and Graeme Wertheimer and defender Marcus Windsor Hutchins outscored University from then on with Alex Gilmour, Sean Hamilton, Michael Gowans and Allan Bielski best for University.


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Round 9  5th June

Preview Round 9

Upsets could occur this week in the Old Scholars starting with the clash between Hutchins and St.Virgils. Hutchins are in reasonable form with forward Matt Wright providing a target while Jamie Harriss and Jack Boon link up well with their running defence led by Marcus Windsor. St.Virgils have had a couple close shaves but remain undefeated boasting an even spread of players complimented by forward Adrian Burdon, onballers Michael Collis and Leigh Post and defender Zac Batchelor.

DOSA who host University at North Hobart are developing as the season progresses with Sam Peacock, and Luke Manser leading the way coupled with the experience of Cameron Golding and Kim Harvey. University show promise with forward Allan Bielski, onballers Alex Gilmour and Cameron Burgess in form while the return of Michael Gowans gives them another tall option.

 The game at Richmond has been changed from a night game to a 2pm start and the home team will be keen to bounce back against Channel led by forwards Aaron Reeve and Nathan Terry, onballers Kurt Baker, Julian Sturzaker and defender Darryl Williams while the improved Channel are getting great service from Sam Bouwman, Jamey Webster, Morgan Maguire, Mitchell Butters and Michael Stevenson.

 OHA have the bye.

Results Round 9

                                                Richmond v Channel                        
Richmond        4.8    9.11    11.20    17.27.129
Channel          2.0    4.1        6.5       7.  5.  47  
Goals - Richmond - J Wiggins 4, Nick Woolley 3, A Reeve 3
A Sturzaker 2, N Terry 2, K Baker, A Boucher, D Williams
Channel - M Butters 4, J Webster, M McGuire, C Joyce
Best - Richmond - B Cato, Nick Woolley, K Baker, J Sturzaker
J Wiggins, Nathan Woolley Channel - S Bouwman, M McGuire
M Stevenson, J Webster, M Clark, M Turnball
                                             Hutchins v St Virgils
Hutchins        4.1    8.3    12.6    15.8.98
St Virgils       4.5    7.9     8.10    9.12.66
Goals - Hutchins - J Harriss 4, M Wright 3, J Boon 3, C Hensby 2
J Swain, N Leitch, G Wertheimer St Virgils - A Burdon 5, J Britton 2
J Rafferty, B Hastie Best - Hutchins - N Leitch, J Harris, J Coad
G Wertheimer, N Cleary, M Windsor St Virgils - J Viney, J Nibbs
D Nicholas, S Dickson, J Rafferty 
                                         University v DOSA
University       6.4    7.7    10.9    14.11.95
DOSA            2.4    6.6    11.9    13.13.91
Goals - University - J Nelson 2, C Spence 2, F Reeves 2, A Bielski
A Hanson, A Gilmour, T James, J Mazey, L Niejalkie, W Hogan, H Griggs
DOSA - K Dooley 3, T Gibbons 2, M Fielding, R Boon, R Mika, L Manser
Best - University - A Bielski, A Gilmour, T James, M Gowans, N Whittle
L Niejalkie DOSA - T Gibbons, M Fielding, C Golding, J Davie, D Lamont
S Peacock
Leading Goalkicker - A Burdon St Virgils (5) 37, S Jury OHA (-) 34, A Reeve Richmond (3) 32
C Joyce Channel (1) 29, F Reeves University (2) 28, M Wright Hutchins (3) 26
Richmond     14.14.98
Channel          4. 7.31
Goals - Richmond - A Haw 3, S Free 2, K Arnott 2, S Bradford 2
T Martin, K Bluett, B Joseph, D Burnie, M Bowden Channel - B Schulthorpe
A Schuttler, S Sinnitt, R Leaman Best - Richmond - S Bradford, J Dunn
I DeWinter, J Hodge, J Latham, B Bester Channel - B Shuttler, B Schulthorpe
S Sinnitt, J McQueen, S Turnball, R Edmond
St Virgils    11.11.77
Hutchins    10.  5.65
Goals - St Virgils - J Parker 4, S Rigby 3, T Michael, S Hughes, D Jones, T Howell 
Hutchins - J Parker 3, J Edwards 2, M Graver 2, T Windsor, B Garth, A Hazell
Best - St Virgils - J Parker, D Jones, T Ferguson, C Latham, T Michael, D Quinn
Hutchins - J Parker, R Hallam, L Frank, T Salewicz, T Smith, J Edwards
University     9.8.62
DOSA          5.5.35
Goals - University - M Riseley 2, T Hill 2, N Brereton 2, M Rippon, W Owens, J Rubinstein
DOSA - L Golding 2, D Elliott, J Robinson, T Brtevnik
Best - University - N Emery, L Adams, W Owens, M Allen, M Rippon, M Riseley
DOSA - M McCallum, S Bradford, K Maddox, J O'Brien, S O'Connor, R Watts  
Leading Goalkickers - R Leaman Channel (1) 25, J Rigby St Virgils (3) 18, M Riseley University (2) 17

Review Round 9

Led by Nick Leitch and Jamie Harriss running the lines and setting up their forwards Hutchins upset ladder leaders St.Virgils by 32 points and move into equal second spot. The game was up for grabs at half time and it was Hutchins who took control in the second half shitting out St.Virgils dangerous runners while their defence with Jason Coad and Marcus Windsor outstanding held sway. The best for St.Virgils were Jon Viney, Josh Nibbs, Scott Dickson and Daniel Nicholas. 

A six goal opening quarter paved the way for University in their narrow 4 point win over DOSA even though DOSA outscored the visitors from then on but they could not get over the line even with a five goal third quarter which gave them the lead. Allan Bielski, Alex Gilmour, Tom James and Michael Gowans provided consistent drive for University while Tim Gibbons, Matthew Fielding, Cameron Goldiong and Joel Davie stood out for DOSA. 

An inaccurate Richmond hit back with a vengeance to dispose of Channel by 82 points in a team effort led by Ben Cato, Nick Woolley, Kurt Baker and Julian Sturzaker. Richmond controlled the play throughout but Channel never gave in through the efforts of Sam Bouwman, Morgan Maguire, Michael Stevenson and Jamey Webster.


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Round 10  12th June

Preview Round 10

DOSA have the chance to take over fourth spot if they can overcome OHA but will need to repeat their round three effort as OHA are making their presence felt having won three of their last four games. DOSA have been below strength and await the return of several key players to bolster the team led by defender Cameron Golding and onballers Sam Peacock, Daniel Lamont and Matthew Fielding. OHA have picked up a star in Scott Jury who sits second on the goalkicking list taking pressure off full forward Sam Bowering along with the in form Dan Ryan, Ben Langford and Nick Skeggs.    

St.Virgils host University and this clash could go either way as both teams boast star players with St.Virgils’ onballers Jon Viney, John Rafferty, Scott Dickson and Daniel Nicholas prominent while University are receiving great service from Allan Bielski, Nick Whittle, Alex Gilmour and Luke Niejalke. 

Channel face a tough challenge at home when they take on a rejuvenated Hutchins who since round six have taken all before them led by Jamie Harriss, Jack Boon, Nick Cleary and Graeme Wertheimer. Although winless Channel’s form has been steady due to the leadership of Sam Bouwman, Jamey Webster, Morgan Maguire and Mitchell Butters. 

Richmond have the bye.  

Results Round 10

                                Hutchins V Channel
Hutchins            6.4    10.7    13.13    18.19.127
Channel            0.4      2.6      5.9        8.14.62
Goals - Hutchins - J Boon 4, N Leitch 4, M Lister 3, S Nichols 2, J Harriss,
J Swain, M Chugg, M Wright, C Hensby Channel - M Butters 3, J Webster
T Lamprill, R Carmichael, S Bouwman, S Warner
Best - Hutchins - M Lister,C Hensby,N Leitch,J Archer,A Sayers, A Deane
Channel - M McGuire, S Bouwman, T Lamprill, W Dean, A Crane, S Warner
                             University v St Virgils
University        6.0    9.4    15.6    19.10.124
St Virgils         4.6    7.8    9.12    10.13.73
Goals - University - F Reeves 5, W Hogan 4, B Beams 3, C Burgess 2, R Robinson
A Hansen, A Bielski, T Stewart, N Whittle St Virgils - A Burdon 5, J Britton, M Cracknell
M Grandin, M Ferguson, M Parker  
Best - University - N Niejalke, R Robinson, N Whittle, F Reeves, A Gilmour, J Mazey
St Virgils - D Nicholas, L Post, J Nibbs, J Ackerley, J Rafferty, J Cole 
                                        DOSA v OHA
DOSA            3.3    7.6    9.6    14.10.94
OHA              4.2    5.2    6.11   13.12.90
Goals - DOSA - J Davie 6, K Dooley 3, J Penwright 2, L Manser 2, S Beattie
OHA - B Langford 3, A Banks 3, S Bowering 2, B McMurray 2, M Zukauskas
C Williams, M McPherson
Best - DOSA - C Golding, R Boon, T Gibbons, J Davie, T Duggan, S Beattie
OHA - B Langford, M Thompson, G Stirling, S McCallum, A Banks, M Zukauskas
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (5) 42, S Jury OHA (-) 34, F Reeves University (5) 33
A Reeve Richmond (-) 32               
                                 Hutchins v Channel 
Hutchins        26.6.162
Channel          9.6.60
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 10, B Garth 4, G Friend 3, A Quinn 3,
M Abey 2, S Hensby, B Robinson, D Creak, H Moore
Channel - R Leaman 5, T Williams 2, D Warn, D Brockate
Best - Hutchins - A Palfreyman, A Smith, M Abey, B Garth, S Hensby
H Moore Channel - S Sinnitt, D Warn, R Leaman, L Bartulovic, S Turnbull, A Johnson
                               University v St Virgils
University         18.  9.117
St Virgils          16.12.108  
Goals - University - M Risely 5, R Hill 4, R Butler 4, M Martin 2, T Hill, W Owens, M Reeve
St Virgils - J Rigby 4, D Meredith 3, G Burke 3, D Quinn 2, R Hooker 2, A Clark, T Howell
M Wright Best - University - S Rolls, J Saner, D Johnson, M Reeve, W Owens, N McNair
St Virgils - R Hooker, G Burke, A Rhodes, C Webb, D Meredith, C Latham  
                                 DOSA v OHA 
DOSA            21.13.139
OHA              14.10.94
Goals - DOSA - M Robinson 7, B McGuiness 4, P Turner 3, R Mika 3, J Robinson 2, N Evans, J O'Brien
OHA - L Taylor 6, N Worledge 2, S Bryan 2, P Taylor 2, T Murgatroyd, H Rathbone
Best - DOSA - P Turner, J O'Brien, M Robinson, K Maddox, L Calvert, M Scott
OHA - J Stuart, J Kean, G Vincent, T Murgatroyd, L Taylor, P Taylor
Leading Goalkickers - R Leaman Channel (5) 30, J Rigby St Virgils (4) 22, M Risely University (5) 22
A Palfreyman Hutchins (10) 16             

Review Round 10

University inflicted St.Virgils second loss with a sound second half display that saw them register a 51 point victory. There was little between the teams at the main break but University with forwards Field Reeves and Wayne Hogan prominent and Neil Niejalke and Nick Whittle picking up possessions at will had all the answers for the home team but Adrian Burdon with 5 goals, Leigh Post, Daniel Nicholas and Josh Ackerley stood out.

 Hutchins dominant midfield proved too much for Channel who fought on but succumbed to a 65 point loss. Hutchins put on another clinical show from the first quarter led by Matthew Lister, Nick Leitch, Chris Hensby and Josh Archer in defence. Channel’s second half performance was full of merit with onballers Sam Bouwman, Tim Lamprill Adam Crane and Morgan Maguire their best.                                                             

DOSA had a battle royal with OHA scaping home by 4 points. DOSA held sway by 16 points at half time but OHA had the chance to take hold of the game but could only manage 1 goal from 10 scoring shots in the third quarter and while the final quarter was a shoot out DOSA held on with Cameron Golding, Tim Gibbons and Richard Boon their best and George Stirling, Ben Langford and Scott McCullum best for OHA.

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Round 11 19th June

Preview Round 11

A thrilling draw between OHA and Hutchins was the highlight in the Old Scholars.

In a tight contest little separated both teams at the breaks and in a tense final quarter OHA were in front for the majority but Hutchins fought back to reduce the margin and kick a point to tie up the scores. Matthew Zukauskas, George Stirling, Ben Langford and Chris Hevey were best for OHA while Lewis Franks in his debut Senior game, Graeme Wertheimer, Matthew Lister and Nick Cleary were winners for Hutchins. 

St. Virgils were made to work hard for victory in their clash with Channel with the visitors appearing in control throughout but Channel never gave up trying and trailed by only 14 points in the final quarter but St.Virgils finished better through Brad Dodge, Marcus Parker, Leigh Post and Jay Nibbs and win by 44 points. Channel’s best were Brad Sculthorpe, Sam Warner, William Dean and Brendan Lorkin. 

Richmond had too much fire power up forward in Aaron Reeve (9 goals) and Heath Barwin for DOSA in their 37 point win. Richmond also had winners in Ben Cato and Kurt Baker to lead at every change while the visitors will rue a slow start although Sam Peacock, Trent Duggan, Justin O’Brien and Luke Manser were great.

Results Round 11

                                           St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils        6.0    11.3    14.5    19.12.126
Channel         4.2      6.5    11.9    12.10.82
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 6, B Dodge 5, Marcus Parker 3, D Davie
J Britton, J Rafferty, J Gill, J Muskett Channel - T Lamprill 4, R Carmichael 3
C Stockfield 2, B Sculthorpe, M Stevens, M Butters
Best - St Virgils - B Dodge, L Post, Jay Nibbs, S Dickson, Marcus Parker
T Michael Channel - B Sculthorpe, S Warner, W Dean, B Lorkin, N Butler, M Turnbull 
                                                OHA d Hutchins
OHA            4.5    7.7    11.10    14.13.97
Hutchins      3.5    5.8    10.10    14.13.97
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 5, S Jury 3, A Banks 2, S McCallum, B McMurray
C Hevey, M Thompson Hutchins - J Harriss 4, A Palfreyman 4, M Lister 2, M Wright
A Triffett, S Nicholas, N Cleary Best - OHA - M Zukauskas, Ben Langford, G Stirling
C Hevey, S Bowering, A Banks Hutchins - L Franks, G Werthiemer, M Lister, M Cleary
N Leitch, J Harriss 
                                        Richmond d DOSA
Richmond    4.4    10.6    15.10    21.14.140
DOSA         0.3      6.4    10.5      16.  7.103
Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 9, H Barwin 5, A Haw 4, K Baker, A Daft, A Boucher
DOSA - K Dooley 5, T Gibbons 2, J Penwright, J O'Brien, R Boon, J Davie, C Golding
L Manser, T Duggan, M Robinson, S Peacock
Best - Richmond - A Reeve, B Cato, K Baker, S Boxall, A Baines, C Ross
DOSA - S Peacock, T Duggan, J O'Brien, L Manser, M Fielding, M Scott 
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (6) 48, A Reeve Richmond (9) 41, S Jury OHA (3) 37
                                    St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils    13.7.85
Channel     9.12.66
Goals - St Virgils - J Rigby 4, R Hooker 2, T Howe 2, K Youd 2, A Clark, C Webb, M Ferguson
Channel - T Williams 2, R Leaman 2, M Burleigh, C Jackson, R Duggan, D Warn, J O'Neill
Best - St Virgils - M Ferguson, K Youd, R Hooker, M Pilkington, J Hooker, S Donaghue
Channel - C Jackson, J Rogers, A Warn, J O'Neill, D Warn, J Douglas
                                    OHA d Hutchins
OHA           17.12.114
Hutchins     12.11. 83
Goals - OHA - A Chilcott 5, S Bryant 3, J Tierney 2, T Orchard 2, P Taylor 2, G Vincent, M Joyce
T Murgatroyd Hutchins - A Hazell 3, T Gibson 2, M Egan 2, B Garth 2, J Edwards, H Moore, T Wills
Best - OHA - J Tierney, T Orchard, J Stewart, C Stewart, A Chilcott, G Vincent  
Hutchins - H Moore, R Hallam, J Burns, M Egan, T Windsor, M Graver
                                    Richmond d DOSA
Richmond    18.15.123
DOSA          12.10. 82
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 5, N Williams 5, A Dillon 2, S Free 2, D Smedley, W Eddington
K Arnott, C Harmer DOSA - M Ede 5, P Youl 3, J Robinson 2, R Mika, K Maddox
Best - Richmond - N Williams, J Dunn, S Bradford, J Hodge, I DeWinter, C Crossin
DOSA - M Ede, C Burdon, B Ploughman, K Maddox, M McCallum, E Elliott
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (6) 48, A Reeve Richmond (9) 41, S Jury OHA (3) 37

Review Round 11

A thrilling draw between OHA and Hutchins was the highlight in the Old Scholars.

In a tight contest little separated both teams at the breaks and in a tense final quarter OHA were in front for the majority but Hutchins fought back to reduce the margin and kick a point to tie up the scores. Matthew Zukauskas, George Stirling, Ben Langford and Chris Hevey were best for OHA while Lewis Franks in his debut Senior game, Graeme Wertheimer, Matthew Lister and Nick Cleary were winners for Hutchins. 

St. Virgils were made to work hard for victory in their clash with Channel with the visitors appearing in control throughout but Channel never gave up trying and trailed by only 14 points in the final quarter but St.Virgils finished better through Brad Dodge, Marcus Parker, Leigh Post and Jay Nibbs and win by 44 points. Channel’s best were Brad Sculthorpe, Sam Warner, William Dean and Brendan Lorkin.

 Richmond had too much fire power up forward in Aaron Reeve (9 goals) and Heath Barwin for DOSA in their 37 point win. Richmond also had winners in Ben Cato and Kurt Baker to lead at every change while the visitors will rue a slow start although Sam Peacock, Trent Duggan, Justin O’Brien and Luke Manser were great.


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Round 12 26th June

Review Round 12

Can St.Virgils regain their early season form when they host the unlucky OHA. St.Virgils welcomes back Marcus Parker from Glenorchy and his strong marking will compliment fellow forwards Adrian Burdon and Brad Dodge with Scott Dickson, Todd Michael and Leu=igh Post lending support. OHA need to win to make up ground and led by defenders George Stirling and Ben Langford, onballers Matthew Zukauskas and Scott McCullum and forwards Sam Bowering and Scott Jury will test the home team.

 A great clash is expected between second placed Hutchins and fourth placed Richmond with the home team out to hold down second spot as the pressure for final four spots heats up with onballers Jamie Harriss, Nick Leitch, Graeme Wertheimer, Nick Cleary and Matthew Lister leading the way. Richmond hit their straps last week through the efforts of forwards Aaron Reeve and Heath Barwin and runners Scott Boxall, Ben Cato and Kurt Baker. 

University should hold all the aces against Channel led by onballers Allan Bielski, Alex Gilmour, Michael Gowans, Luke Niejelke and Josh Nelson while Channel through defenders William Dean, Mark Clark and Sam Bouwman and link men Brendan Lorkin and Morgan Maguire will test them.

 DOSA have the bye.


Results Round 12

                                                St Virgils d OHA
St Virgils            3.8    5.9    10.12    15.14.  104
OHA                  0.1    4.4       8.6     13.10.  88
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 5, J Rafferty 3, B Dodge 3, J Britton, S Groves
D Meredith, Marcus Parker OHA - S McCallum 3, S Bowering 3, C Hevey 2
A Banks 2, M Zukauskas, M Joyce, B Langford
Best - St Virgils - A Burdon, S Dickson, J Nibbs, Mathew Parker, J Rafferty, J Britton
OHA - N Skeggs, S McCallum, B McMurray, M Bannister, B Langford, A Banks
                                            Hutchins d Richmond
Hutchins             3.4    7.9    8.14    15.20.  110
Richmond           4.4    6.5    13.9    14.  9.  93
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 5, M Lister 2, N Leitch 2, M Wilson 2, M Chugg 2, M Wright 2
Richmond - H Barwin 3, N Terry 2, A Reeve 2, S Boxall 2, J Woolley, A Haw, K Baker, J Wiggins, J Dunn
Best - Hutchins - N Cleary, J Archer, L Frank, S Bakes, M Lister, M Chugg 
Richmond - B Cato, J Dunn, A Daft, A Baines, S Campbell
                                             University d Channel
University         8.7    19.9    29.14    40.16.  256
Channel           0.3      1.8      2.8       4.11.  35 
Goals - University - F Reeves 13, J Nelson 8, B Beams 3, A Gilmour 3, R Robinson 3,
J Mazey 2, M Riseley 2, C Burgess, H Scott, M Gowans, T James, N Fenton, N Whittle
Channel - T Rollins, T Stockfield, M Turnball, D Warn
Best - University - F Reeves, A Gilmour, M Gill, J Nelson, T James, R Robinson
Channel - T Lamprill, B Lorkin, B Sculthorpe, M McGuire
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (5) 53, F Reeves University (13) 46, A Reeve Richmond (2) 43
                                        University v Channel
University         23.31.169
Channel             4.  6. 30
Goals - University - T Stewart 7, P Brooks 4, M Allen 3, S Nelson 3, B Johnson
M Rippon, J Hoult, R Bellchambers Channel - R Leaman 3, Craig Coventry 
Best - University - L Adams, J Morey, M Stewart, B Johnson, H Griggs, P Brooks
Channel - J Rogers, Craig Coventry, S Turnball, B Vandrekamp, S McGuiness, R Leaman
                                       Richmond v Hutchins
Richmond         11.7.  73
Hutchins            8.9.  57
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 4, P Wilson 4, B Joseph, B Hall, K Bluett
Hutchins - S Harris 3, M Torenius 2, A Cowles, B Robinson, M Wertheimer
Best - Richmond - K Arnott, W Eddington, J Hodge, D Hofingson, D Burnie,
P Wilson Hutchins - J Fyshe, J Parker, M Graver, G Friend, M Walsh, J Edwards
                                        St Virgils v OHA
St Virgils         20.10.  130
OHA               10.12.  72
Goals - St Virgils - J Rigby 10, T Howell 2, R Hooker 2, R Jacobs, R Oakley, M Ferguson
D Gray, S Gray OHA - N Worledge 3, B Plumer, C Geason, H Rathbone, S Bryan, D Dileno
R Hunt, G Vincent Best - St Virgils - J Hooker, J Rigby, D Gray, T Pilkington, R Jacobs
M Ferguson OHA - J Stuart, B Plumer, A Risley, T Murgatroyd, R Hunt, H Rathbone
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (10) 36, R Leaman (3) 35, M Riseley University (-) 22
T Stewart University (7) 22

Review Round 12

A pacy Hutchins exacted revenge on Richmond in a close game. The first half was tight but Richmond took control in the third quarter piling on 7 goals to 1 and hold a 25 point lead entering the final quarter which was dominated by Hutchins kicking 7 goals to 1 goal and run out 17 point winners. Ruckman Nick Cleary, defenders Josh Archer, Lewis Franks and Shannon Bakes were best for Hutchins while onballers Ben Cato, Jacob Dunn, Adam Daft and Adam Baines stood out for Richmond.

 St.Virgils registered a hard fought 16 point win over OHA. Inaccuracy on goal denied St.Virgils a bigger than 31points lead at quarter time allowing OHA to work their way back as the game wore on. Adrian Burdon, Scott Dickson, Matthew Parker and Josh Nibbs were best for St.Virgils and OHA received solid games from Nick Skeggs, Scott McCallum, Ben McMurray and Michael Bannister. 

Led by Field Reeves with 13 goals, Alex Gilmour, Matthew Gill and Josh Nelson, University went on a percentage boosting goal scoring spree against Channel. Although Channel, through the hard working Brad Sculthorpe, Brendan Lorkin, Tim Lamprill and Morgan Maguire, battled against the odds they were no match for a rampant University.

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Round 13 3rd July

Preview Round 13

OHA face a tough assignment when they meet University. With only eight games remaining and one and a half games out of the four OHA must start producing led by Ben McMurray, Scott McCallum, Nick Skeggs and Ashley Banks. University have been impressive lately with their eyes firmly set on a top two finish and are receiving great service from Alex Gilmour, Tom James, Cameron Burgess and Field Reeves. 

DOSA will be hoping for victory to boost their finals chances in their clash with Hutchins. The last time these teams met Hutchins won easily so DOSA will have to be at their best through Sam Peacock, Cameron Golding, Trent Duggan and Scott Beattie. Apart from a hiccup against OHA in round eleven Hutchins have pace to burn and are looking good since their last loss in round five with Nick Leitch, Lewis Franks, Matthew Chugg and Nick Cleary leading the way. 

Holding onto fourth spot will be the incentive for Richmond when they host St.Virgils led by Ben Cato, Scott Campbell, Adam Daft and Nathan Terry but must show more consistency while St.Virgils who are minus numerous players have returned to their winning ways via Josh Nibbs, John Rafferty, Scott Dickson and Adrian Burdon.                                        

Channel have the bye


Results Round 13

                                            Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond        4.9    7.12    15.21    20.26.146
St Virgils          4.3    7.6       7.8        8.10.58
Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 4, H Barwin 4, J Wiggins 3, A Haw 2
K Baker 2, J Dunn, J Sturzaker, Nathan Woolley, C Crossin, C Ross
St Virgils - J Britton 3, A Burdon 2, B Dodge 2, M Cracknell
Best - Richmond - J Wiggins, H Barwin, Nathan Woolley, J Woolley C Ross
J Dunn St Virgils - Mathew Parker, J Cole, B Parremore, P Midson, S Dickson
                                                Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins        7.4    10.8    12.9    21.15.141
DOSA           1.2      4.4      6.8    11.10.76
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 5, M Wright 3, N Leitch 3, G Wertheimer 2, O Robinson 2
C Hensby 2, M Lister, J Archer DOSA - C Golding 3, J Davie 2, T Gibbons 2, S Peacock
M Fielding, J Prehn, S Hills Best - Hutchins - C Hensby, M Lister, N Leitch, O Robinson
S Bakes, A Triffett DOSA - A Davey, M Fielding, J Green, S Hills, T Gibbons, S Peacock
                                                University d OHA
University        5.5    8.7    13.12    17.16.118
OHA               1.3    4.9      5.12      9.15.69
Goals - University - W Hogan 3, N Whittle 3, F Reeves 3, M Matuszek 2, M Gowans 2
A Bielski, B Beams, P Brooks, C Burgess OHA - C Hevey 4, S Jury 2, T Orchard
S Bowering, M Joyce Best - University - A Gilmour, M Gowans, T James, A Bielski
N Whittle, L Niejalke OHA - C Hevey, Ben Langford, D Ryan, N Skeggs, G Stirling, B Rogers
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (2) 55, F Reeve University (3) 49, A Reeve Richmond (4) 47
                                                   St Virgils d Richmond   
St Virgils        13.16.94
Richmond        9.14.68
Goals - St Virgils - J Rigby 5, J Foster 2, T Howells 2, C Ziegler 2, J Parker, A Clark
Richmond - J Henley 3, S Free 3, A Oakley, J DeWinter, J Needham
Best - St Virgils - A Mann, M Ferguson, J Kapeller, J Hooker, R Jacobs, R Oakley
Richmond - A Oakley, K Arnott, A Sweet, I DeWinter, C Johnson, C Day
                                                        Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins     10.6.66
DOSA         7.14.56
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 2, R Robinson, G Friend, J Edwards, S Hensby, A Quinn
H Moore, M Abey, A Smith DOSA - B McGuiness 2, A Plunkett, S Goodsell, J Smith
A Chevalier, J Robinson Best - Hutchins - G Wright, B Joseph, M Abey, J Fyshe
H Moore, J Parker DOSA - D Gregg, K Maddox, C Rowbottom, L Calvert, J Smith, R Mika
                                                       OHA d University
OHA           9.13.67
University    7.14.56
Goals -  OHA - J Tierney 2, S Bryan 2, P Taylor 2, T Austin 2, P Reason
University - T Hill 2, J Morey, T Stewart, P McKiver, A Welch, B Johnson
Best - OHA - B Plumber, J Stuart, P Taylor, J Tierney, C Geason, G Vincent
University - L Adams, B Johnson, T Hill, J Sundrin, M Rippon, A Langmaid    
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (5) 41, R Leaman Channel (-) 35, T Stewart University (1) 23

Review Round 13

Hutchins took over top spot courtesy of their 65 point win over DOSA and appear the benchmark of the Association at this stage. Hutchins were in control throughout and had DOSA’s measure who added some respectability to the score kicking 5 goals in the final quarter even though Hutchins replied with 9 goals. Midfielders Chris Hensby and Oliver Robinson and onballer Matthew Lister were best for Hutchins while Aaron Davey, Matthew Fielding and Jason Green were the pick for DOSA.

 A 13 goal second half  by Richmond allowed them to hand St.Virgils an 88 point belting. It appeared anyone’s game at half time but Richmond piled on the goals after that which saw an undermanned St.Virgils who could only mange 1 goal relegated to third spot on the ladder. Richmond had winners everywhere led by Jhe Wiggins, Heath Barwin and Nathan Woolley while Matthew Parker, Ben Parremore, Jacob Cole and Patrick Midson battled on for St.Virgils.

 University with Alex Gilmour, Tom James and Michael Gowans leading the way had all the answers against OHA. A five goal opening quarter was the catalyst for the 49 point win while OHA for who Dan Ryan, Chris Hevey and Ben Langford played let themselves down with inaccurate kicking on goal.


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Round 14 10th July

Preview Round 14

With Hutchins on a bye both St.Virgils and University have the chance to take over top spot providing they overcome opponents DOSA and Richmond.

St.Virgils’ form has dropped off over the last five weeks due to a crop of injuries but with onballers Matthew Parker and Scott Dickson along with Ben Parremore and Jacob Cole in form a bold showing is predicted. DOSA have Sam Hills, Sam Peacock, Tim Gibbons and Matthew Fielding playing well and a win will boost their finals chances.

 The University versus Richmond encounter promises to be a beauty as they match up pretty even although Richmond will have to shut down University’s prime movers Alex Gilmour, Tom James and Allan Bielski and possibly Josh Woolley, Kurt Baker and Jacob Dunn could get the jobs while University’s Michael Gowans is hitting his straps while Richmond have goalsneak Aaron Reeve with 47 goals causing havoc.

 Channel are also missing key players but led by defenders William Deana and Matt Turnbull and midfielders Morgan Maguire and Brendan Lorkin they will give a bold showing against OHA have George Stirling, Nick Skeggs, Matt Joyce and Ben Langford playing well and need a win to stay in touch with the four.


Results Round 14

                                                            DOSA d St Virgils      
DOSA                6.4    10.6    13.8    18.11    119
St Virgils            2.2      5.4    12.6    14. 8      92
Goals - DOSA - K Harvey 4, L Manser 3, C Golding 3, J Smith 2, M Robinson 2
J Green, S Peacock, J Penwright, D Gregg St Virgils - A Burdon 7, C Ziegler 2
J Rafferty, J Kapeller, M Grandin, S Groves, K Youd
Best - DOSA - J Penwright, L Manser, J Green, K Dooley, M Fielding, K Harvey
St Virgils - G Burke, B Dodge, Josh Nibbs, Jay Nibbs, C Ziegler, Mathew Parker 
                                                       University d Richmond 
University     7.2    12.4    15.7    21.  7    133
Richmond    2.3      7.7    13.9    19.13    127
Goals - University - F Reeves 5, W Hogan 5, J Nelson 3, B Beams 2, A Gilmour
S Hamilton, M Matuszek, C Burgess, G Shaw, A Bielski Richmond - A Reeve 5
H Barwin 3, S Boxall 3, C Crossin 2, B Cato, A Daft, J Sturzaker, J Woolley
A Boucher, K Baker Best - University - L Niejalke, H Scott, W Hogan, F Reeves
S McGuire, A Bielski Richmond - S Boxall, A Daft, J Woolley, D Williams,
Nathan Woolley, J Sturzaker
                                                          OHA d Channel
OHA            3.5    9.9    15.13    19.17   131
Channel       5.0    9.3    11. 5     13. 8     86
Goals - OHA - S Bryan 6, A Banks 3, S McCallum 2, S Bowering 2, Brodie Langford 2
M Bannister 2, C Hevey, Z Burnett Channel - C Joyce 5, M Butters 3, T Lamprill 2
S Bouwman 2, C Stockfield Best - OHA - Ben Langford, S Bryan, N Skeggs, S McCallum
M Bannister, M Joyce Channel - S Bouwman, T O'Brien, B Lorkin, M Turnball, S Warner
M Stevenson
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (7) 62, F Reeves University (5) 54, A Reeve Richmond (5) 52
St Virgils         11.10    76
DOSA              9.14    68
Goals  - St Virgils - J Rigby 5, J Foster 4, S Donaghue, A Mann DOSA - S Goodsell 3, T Golding
J Gregson, C Burdon, T Erends, M McConnon, R Mika Best -  St Virgils - A Mann, M Ferguson
J Foster, S Donaghue, T Ferguson, J Hooker DOSA - J Carroll, B Ploughman, M Pace, J Gregson
C Burdon, M McConnon
University        12.5    77
Richmond         7.7   49
Goals - University - M Brereton 3, N McNair 3, L Adams, M McKyver, T Stewart H Griggs, R Bellchambers
M Rippon Richmond - S Free 3, C Harmer, K Bluett, J DeWinter, S Bradford Best - University - N Emery
L Adams, M Allan, W Owens, B Johnson, D Norman Richmond - N Terry, S Bradford, B Hall, D Burnie
J DeWinter, A Oakley
OHA            33.22   220
Channel       7.6      48
Goals - OHA - P Taylor 7, D Dillon 6, D Saunders 5, A Cole 4, J Tierney 4, N Worledge 2, P Reason 2
T Austin 2, A Risley Channel - R Leaman 5, Craig Coventry, W Coventry Best - OHA - J Tierney, P Taylor
D Dillon, M Hinchen, C Geason, J Freeman Channel - J Rogers, R Duggan, Craig Coventry, B Vanderkamp
S Vanderkamp, R Leaman
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (5) 46, R Leaman Channel (5) 40, T Stewart University (1) 24
M Risely University (1) 23, D Saunders OHA (5) 20


Review Round 14

DOSA kept their finals hopes alive with a gritty 27 points win over St.Virgils. DOSA looked in control at half time leading by 32 points but St.Virgils kicked 7 goals in the third quarter to reduce the margin entering the final quarter but DOSA hit back with 5 goals to seal the game. Jim Penwright, Luke Manser, Jason Green and Kieran Dooley were best for DOSA while Gerard Burke, Jay and Josh Nibbs and Brad Dodge played well for St.Virgils.

 University took over top spot with victory over Richmond. University’s ability to control the game in the first half proved vital in the final analysis but Richmond fought back in the second half  but failed by 6 points at the final siren. Luke Niejalke, Hamish Scott, Wayne Hogan and Field Reeves were best for University and Scott Boxall, Adam Daft, Josh Woolley and Darryl Williams were the pick for Richmond.

 OHA registered a 45 point win in their clash with Channel but had to work hard against the home team who through the work of Sam Bouwman, Tim O’Brien, Brendan Lorkin and Matt Turnbull perhaps had visions of winning their first game when they trailed by only 6 points at half time but OHA kicked away in the second half led by Shane Bryan, Scott McCullum, Ben Langford and Nick Skeggs.

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Round 15 17th -18th July

Preview Round 15

Can St.Virgils turn their form around enough to defeat a rampant Hutchins? St.Virgils are in a mini slump but have players returning and they need to put Hutchins under early scoreboard pressure and not let the opposition dictate terms. Saints are led by key forward Adrian Burdon and onballers Josh Nibbs, Matthew Parker and Michael Grandin. Hutchins are in awesome form with forward Chris Hensby, defenders Lewis Franks and Shannon Bakes and midfielder Nick Leitch while Adam Palfreyman is back kicking goals.

University are on a roll and they clash with a strengthened DOSA in a game DOSA need to win to help their finals chances. University have been jumping out of the blocks in their games of late through the hard working Luke Niejalke, Sam Maguire and Josh Nelson coupled with the dangerous two pronged attack of Field Reeves and Wayne Hogan. DOSA have the experienced Kim Harvey, Jim Penwright and midfielders Tim Gibbons and Jason Green leading the way.

 On Sunday at Snug Park Channel will need a four quarter effort through Sam Bouwman, Michael Stevenson, Sam Warner and Brendan Lorkin against a Richmond outfit on the rebound from last weeks defeat and determined to participate in this years finals led by Adam Daft, Darryl Williams, Nathan Woolley and Julian Sturzaker.           

 OHA have the bye.


Results Round 15 

                                                  University d DOSA
University            5.2    7.8    13.11    17.16.  118
DOSA                 3.2    9.5    12.8      15.10.  100
Goals - University - F Reeves 7, B Beams 2, A Gilmour 2, R Robinson, C Burgess
W Hogan, G Shaw, A Bielski, M Matuszek DOSA - K Dooley 4, K Harvey 3, J O'Brien 3
D Lamont 2, J Davie, T Gibbons, S Hills 
Best Players - University - F Reeves, M Matuszek, J Mazey, P Brooks, A Saunders, S McGuire
DOSA - S Peacock, D Gregg, K Harvey, J Penwright, S Hills, A Davey
                                                Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins        5.1    9.4    13.8    23.13. 151
St Virgils       0.5    3.8      9.9    11.10.  76 
Goals - Hutchins - M Lister 5, A Palfreyman 4, M Wright 4, M Chugg 4, C Hensby 3, J Harris 2, M Wilson
St Virgils - A Burdon 6, C Zeigler 3, J Britton, A Mann Best - Hutchins - M Lister, S Bakes, S Nichols
J Harris, A Palfreyman, C Hensby St Virgils - Josh Nibbs, M Beck, N Davey, J Britton, A Burdon, Mathew Parker
                                            Richmond d Channel
Richmond    9.4    12.10    17.12    24.14.  158
Channel       4.1     9.3       12.8     16.13.  109
Goals - Richmond - S Boxall 6, B Cato 5, Jye Wiggins 4, A Reeve 3, A Haw 3, J Dunn, H Barwin, K Baker
Channel - C Joyce 6, C Stockfield 3, T Lamprill 3, M Butters 2, N Hansson, M Clark
Best - Richmond - B Cato, S Boxall, Jye Wiggins, S Campbell, A Haw, A Dillon
Channel - M Stevenson, A Crane, B Pitt, M McGuire, M Clark, T Rollins
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (6) 68, F Reeves University (7) 61, A Reeve Richmond (3) 56, C Joyce Channel (6) 40     
                                            DOSA d University
DOSA        13.7.85
University   11.6.72
Goals - DOSA - S Goodsell 4, D McConnon 3, R Watts 2, T Gregson, S Byrne, M Pace, P Yole
University - M Riseley 3, T Hill 2, C Spencer 2, J Morey, W Owens, A Welch, T Stewart
Best - DOSA - M McCallum, C Burdon, J Carroll, M McConnon, T Golding, L Golding
Unviersity - S Rolls, J Hoult, N McNair, W Owens, J Morey, A Norman
                                            Hutchins d St Virgils  
Hutchins    20.14.134
St Virgils    15.6.96
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 9, J Deal 6, A Smith, J Parker, M Graver, D Woolford, M Herd
St Virgils - S Groves 3, C Crawford 3, R Hooker 3, M Ferguson 2, S Donaghue, D Jones
D Quinn, J Rigby Best - Hutchins - J Deal, A Hazell, M Graver, J Burns, M Walsh, T Windsor
St Virgils - J DeGroot, M Ferguson, R Hooker, D Jones, T Ferguson                 
                                        Richmond d Channel
Richmond     18.12.  120
Channel        10.12.  72
Goals - Richmond - B Joseph 3, K Bluett 2, A Oakley 2, N Terry 2, B Bester 2, W Dowling 2
A Sweet, S Free, N Howard, B Hall, P Wilson Channel - J Rogers 3, R Carmichael 3, R Leaman 2
D Warn, R Duggan Best - Richmond - A Oakley, N Terry, B Bester, I DeWinter, S Bradford, B Joseph
Channel - J Rogers, A Warrn, D Warn, J Douglas, S Turnball, A Johnston
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (-) 46, R Leaman Channel (2) 42, M Riseley University (3) 26

Review Round 15

University had to call on all their resources to hold off an unlucky DOSA at University. University enjoyed a 12 point lead at quarter thanks to the hard  working Mav Matuszek and Alex Gilmour but DOSA hit back in the second quarter kicking 6 goals to grab a 9 point lead at half time. In the second half University answered every challenge DOSA threw at them kicking 6 goals in the third quarter to regain the lead at the final break and increased their margin to 18 points at the final siren. Other good players for University were the busy John Mazey and Paul Brooks while Sam Peacock, Darren Gregg, Kim Harvey and Jim Penwright were best for DOSA.  

Hutchins continued on their merry way with a convincing 75 point win over St.Virgils. Hutchins were in control all the game and they finished off in style kicking 10 last quarter goals while restricting St.Virgils to 2 although St.Virgils were wasteful up forward in the first half . Best for Hutchins were Matthew Lister, Shannon Bakes, Scott Nichols and Jamie Harriss while for St.Virgils Josh Nibbs, Mark Beck, Nick Davey and Jason Britten battled throughout. 

Channel and Richmond are playing their game today. A review will not be ready in time. 


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Round 16 24th July

Preview Round 16

Can the second placed Hutchins juggernaut continue on when they meet top of the table University. Hutchins have not lost since round five and with their young guns led by Chris Hensby and Nick Cleary plus the experienced Matthew Lister, Jamie Harriss and Nick Leitch they take on an in form University combination led by Field Reeves, Sam Maguire, Alex Gilmour, Mav Matuszek and Josh Nelson who have won their last seven games on the trot.    

DOSA will be all out for victory over Channel in their quest for a finals spot. DOSA kept pace with University last week and a repeat performance from Sam Hills, Aaron Davey, Kim Harvey, Kieran Dooley and Sam Peacock is needed. Channel put up a spirited effort against Richmond last week with standout games from Chris Joyce, Matt Turnbull, Michael Stevenson, Brad Pitt, Mark Clark and Adam Crane. 

 The Richmond versus OHA game should be a close tussle with clashes at one all this season. Richmond’s Ben Cato, Scott Boxall, Jye Wiggins and Scott Campbell are in form while OHA who have Scott McCullum, Nick Skeggs, Matt Joyce and George Stirling playing well will be desperate for victory to keep in the finals race.     

 St.Virgils have the bye.  

Results Round 16

                                                               Richmond d OHA
Richmond            6.5    9.10    13.11    14.16.  100
OHA                    2.4    3.8       9.9       12.10  .82
Goals Richmond - A Reeve 5, C Crossin 2, H Barwin 2, B Cato, J Sturzaker, N Terry, A Haw, J Dunn
OHA - S Bowering 4, A Banks 2, S McCallum 2, S Jury, C Hevey, M Zukauskas, N Skeggs
Best - Richmond - Nathan Woolley, B Cato, S Campbell, S Boxall, A Reeve, A Baines
OHA - N Skeggs, Brodie Langford, M Zukauskas, Ben Langford, S Bowering, S McCallum
                                                            Hutchins d University 
Hutchins            2.3    6.5    12.6    17.9.   111
University          3.3    5.6    11.9    16.9.    105
Goals Hutchins - M Wright 4, N Leitch 2, A Palfreyman 2, O Robinson 2, S Nichols 2, M Wilson
M Chugg, A Sayers, J Boon, M Lister University - C Burgess 2, W Hogan 2, M Gowans 2
M Matuszek 2, N Whittle 2, A Gilmore, H Scott, M Gill, A Saunders
Best - Hutchins - M Windsor, L Franks, A Deane, N Leitch, N Cleary, M Lister
University - A Gilmour, C Burgess, A Saunders, P Brooks, H Scott, M Stewart
                                                        DOSA d Channel
DOSA            5.6    9.9    15.17    20.17.  137
Channel         3.2    7.4     10.5     12.10.   82
Goals DOSA - K Harvey 8, J O'Brien 3, T Erends 2, S Hills 2, J Penwright, M Robinson
D Lamont, T Gibbons, L Manser Channel - C Joyce 4, T Lamprill 3, D Butters 3, M Stevenson
B Lorkin Best DOSA - L Manser, K Harvey, S Peacock, J Green, T Gibbons, J Penwright
Channel - B Pitt, N Butler, M Turnbull, B Lorkin, M McGuire, C Joyce
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (-) 68, F Reeves University (-) 61, A Reeve Richmond (5) 61
Richmond         15.16.  106
OHA                 12.14.  86
Goals - Richmond - C Johnson 5, J DeWinter 5, M Bowden 2, B Bester, S Free, J Henley
OHA - P Taylor 4, J Nichols 2, B Bateman, J Tierney, C Geason, T Austin, D Saunders, N Balcombe
Best - Richmond - A Sweet, A Oakley, S Bradford, B Bester, I DeWinter, J DeWinter
OHA - J Tierney, P Taylor, J Stuart, J Freeman, B Bateman, D Saunders
Hutchins        12.8.  80
University      11.6.   72
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 3, J Bishop 2, A Smith, M Steele, M Graver, M Herd, J Swain, B Limber, S Harris
University - T Stewart 5, T Hill 3, M Rippon, J Mory, N Brereton
Best - Hutchins - J Burns, M Graver, T Windsor, L Nichols, J Parker, J Bishop
University - N Fenton, J Hoult, R Bellchambers, L Adams, M Allan , S Rolls
DOSA            24.17.   161
Channel           3.  6.    24
Goals - DOSA - S Goodsell 6, J Robinson 5, N Evans 4, S Byrne 3, M McConnon 3,
J Gregson, D McConnon, R Watts Channel - J Iles, D Millhouse, R Duggan   
Best - DOSA - J Carroll, M Harrison, S Byrne, C Burdon, B Ploughman, M McConnon
Channel - J Rogers, D Warn, A Warn, A Patrick, A johnson, G Facey
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (-) 46, R Leaman Channel (-) 42, T Stewart University (5) 30


Review Round 16

In a game of two halves Richmond worked hard to hold out OHA by 18 points. Richmond through Nathan Woolley, Ben Cato, Scott Campbell and Scott Boxall controlled the game in the first half and had a comfortable 38 point break at half time but OHA,  with Nick Skeggs, Brodie Langford and Matthew Zukauskas providing Sam Bowering opportunities, fought back but their poor first half proved costly.    

At Queenborough Hutchins held their nerve to nudge out University by 6 points. The game was a close affair with the lead changing several times and neither team could get a decided advantage on the scoreboard. Best players for Hutchins were defenders Marcus Windsor, Andrew Deane and Lewis Franks along with with onballer Nick Leitch while onballers Alex Gilmour, Cameron Burgess, Paul Brooks and Alex Saunders were great for University. 

DOSA kept their finals chances alive with a comfortable win over the improved Channel outfit. DOSA led at every change and while the half time margin was only 17 points but led by the elusive Kim Harvey (8 goals), Luke Manser, Sam Peacock and Jason Green DOSA took over to win by 55 points. Channel had triers everywhere led by Brad Pitt, Nick Butler, Matt Turnbull and Brendan Lorkin.     

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Round 17 31st July

Preview Round 17

A vital clash looms with sixth placed OHA hosting fifth placed DOSA with the home team facing a mammoth task to make the finals while DOSA need to keep winning which augurs well for a great contest. OHA, led by the in form Nick Skeggs,  Scott McCullum, Brodie and Ben Langford are very capable of playing top football but have to do it for four quarters, while DOSA need consistency as being shown by Sam Peacock, Luke Manser, Jim Penwright and Tim Gibbons. 

University should have too many options up forward for a below strength St.Virgils to cover. University have been in sparkling form and only lost narrowly to the form team of the competition last week and are receiving great service from stalwarts Alex Gilmour and Cameron Burgess. In danger of dropping out of the four St.Virgils need a win and Matthew Parker, Ben Parremore and Josh Nibbs are in form. 

A sustained effort is required by Channel led by the in form Morgan Maguire, Matt Turnbull and Chris Joyce if they are to keep pace with ladder leader Hutchins who are in awesome form with Luke Franks, Matthew Lister and Nick Cleary showing the way.  

 Richmond have the bye.  

Results Round 17



                                                         OHA d DOSA
OHA            6.6    10.12    19.13    24.15.  159
DOSA         1.2     6.8        7.8       13.11.  89
Goals - OHA - S Jury 6, S McCallum 5, Brodie Langford 3, B Bateman 2,
S Bryan 2, P Stanley, A Banks, M Zukauskas, A Risley, M Bannister, A Limbrick
DOSA - K Harvey 2, T Gibbons 2, J O'Brien 2, T Erends 2, T Golding 2, C Golding
J Penwright, M Robinson
Best - OHA - Brodie Langford, S McCallum, Ben Langford, A Limbrick, T O'Brien, S Jury
DOSA - J Penwright, D Gregg, T Duggan, P Lennox, J Green
                                                     University d St Virgils
University        4.2    9.5    12.8    16.11.  107
St Virgils         2.2    7.6      9.7    14.12.  96
Goals - University - A Gilmour 7, C Burgess 2, F Reeves 2, W Hogan, M Matuszek
P Brooks, N Whittle, A Hanson St Virgils - B Dodge 4, J Britton 3, A Burdon 3, Jay Nibbs
Josh Nibbs, C Ziegler, M Parker
Best - University - J Mazey, A Gilmour, B Beams, G Shaw, M Gowans, J Bailey
St Virgils - Josh Nibbs, S Dickson, Jay Nibbs, J Cole, J Britton, J Rafferty
                                                      Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins        6.6    11.9    16.10    24.13.  157
Channel        3.2      8.5    13.5      14.  6.   90
Goals - Hutchins - M Chugg 6, N Leitch 5, A Palfreyman 5, J Harris 3, M Lister
M Wright, J Swain, S Bakes, S Nichols Channel - C Joyce 7, M Butters 3
C Wheatley 2, M Clark, T Lamprill Best - Hutchins - S Bakes, S Nichols, M Chugg
C Hensby, J Coad, M Wilson Channel - N Hansson, T Lamprill, N Butler, W Dean
C Joyce, M Lorkin
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (3) 71, F Reeves University (2) 63, A Reeve Richmond (-) 61
OHA        12.11.  83
DOSA      11.16.  82
Goals - OHA - J Tierney 2, N Balcombe 2, P Taylor 2, A Cole, B Tamlyn, A Eastley,
P Reason, D Dillon, C Williams DOSA - R Mika 4, C Burdon 3, J Robinson 2, J Gregson 2
Best - OHA - C Williams, J Tierney, S Hollick, A Cole, C Geason, D Dillon
DOSA - M Harrison, J Gregson, S Bratford, C Burdon, M McConnon, B Ploughman
University    16.20.  116
St Virgils       5. 8.   38
Goals - University - T Stewart 4, M Risely 3, N Fenton 2, M Rippon 2, A Welch, B Clarke
N Brereton, L Adams, J Morey, St Virgils - J Rigby 2, T Howells 2, S Donaghue
Best - University - J Morey, M Rippon, B Clarke, A Langmaid, A Welch, J Rubinstein
St Virgils - J Gill, J Slade, M Ferguson, T Howells
Hutchins     20.9.  129
Channel       5.9.   39
Goals - Hutchins - J Bean 5, C Cupit 4, R Evans 4, J Bishop 3, J Gill 2, H Moore, M Egan
Channel - L Bartulovic, J Rogers, S Sinnitt, J Iles, S Vanderkamp
Best - Hutchins - J Bishop, J Parker, C Cupit, G Wright, J Gill, D Creak
Channel - J Douglas, S Sinnitt, L Bartulovic, A Warn, J Rogers, D Warn
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (2) 48, R Leaman Channel (-) 42, T Stewart University (4) 34 

Review Round 17

With their finals hopes on the line and trailing by 30 points at half time DOSA succumbed to a nine goal third quarter blitz by OHA which proved too much for DOSA  although the visitors did  add some respectability to their final score by kicking six goals in the final quarter but OHA ran out 70 point victors led by utility Brodie Langford who is in red hot form, Scott McCullum, Aaron Limbrick and Ben Langford while Jim Penwright, Darren Gregg, Trent Duggan and Paul Lennox were the best for DOSA. 

University all but shored up a top two spot after holding off St.Virgils by 11 points. There was little between both teams throughout but University managed to have there nose in front at each break courtesy of Alex Gilmour, John Mazey, Ben Beams and Gavin Shaw while none tried harder for St.Virgils than Jay and Josh Nibbs, Scott Dickson and Jacob Cole. 

It took Hutchins three quarters to shake off a persistent Channel before opening the floodgates kicking 8 final quarter goals to1 and win by 67 points with Shannon Bakes, Scott Nichols, Matthew Chugg and Jason Coad their best players while Neil Hanson, Tim Lamprill, Nick Butler and William Dean stood out for Channel.


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Round 18 7th August


Preview Round 18

The jigsaw for finals positions continues this Saturday and at Geilston Bay OHA coach George Stirling knows that all his team can do is win all of their remaining games and with most players available now could reverse the previous two defeats handed out by St.Virgils whose form by way of a number of crucial injuries has dropped off which has seen them slip from first place to fourth down the ladder. 

At Richmond coach Heath Barwin will put a strong message across to his players the need to consolidate a finals spot while Hutchins’ coach Jamie Harriss is hopeful of keeping a top two spot and secure the all important double chance for the finals. Richmond’s Nathan Woolley and Darryl Williams work hard in defence while Ben Cato is a driving force through midfield with Hutchins onballers Shannon Bakes, Nick Leitch and Matthew Lister are in top form to list just a few.  

Although missing key players Channel through Neil Hanson, William Dean, Tim Lamprill and Nick Butler will test University but sheer weight of numbers and the consistency being displayed by the visitors led by Joshua Bailey, Alex Gilmour, Gavin Shaw and Ben Beams should see them home. 

 DOSA have the bye.


Results Round 18

                                                        University d Channel
University        5.4    10.12    14.15    23.21.   159
Channel          5.0      9.1      10.2     12.  4.     76
Goals - University - W Hogan 6, J Nelson 3, T Stewart 2, F Reeves 2, C Burgess 2
P Brooks, N Whittle, B Beams, M Matuszek, A Gilmour, A Saunders, G Shaw, J Bailey
Channel - C Joyce 6, C Stockfield, R Carmichael, M Clark, J Webster, S Warner, J Beadle
Best - University - C Burgess, W Hogan, M Gowans, M Matuszek, H Scott, J Nelson
Channel - B Pitt, N Hansson, M McGuire, N Butler, C Joyce, M Clark
                                                           St Virgils d OHA
St Virgils        4.2    8.5    10.10    13.14.   92
OHA              3.4    5.5      7.10      8.11.   59  
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 4, B Dodge 3, M Collis 2, J Britton 2, J Ackerley, A Mann
OHA - S Bryan 3, M Zukauskas 3, S Bowering 2
Best - St Virgils - S Dickson, M Collis, J Rafferty, G Burke, Josh Nibbs, M Cracknell
OHA - Brodie Langford, M Zukauskas, M Bannister, S Probert, B McMurray, G Stirling
                                                          Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond        2.10    4.14    9.18    14.25.   109
Hutchins          0.1      4.2      6.4     10.  7.    67
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 5, K Baker 2, A Reeve 2, J Wiggins, B Cato, A Haw, S Boxall, M Triffett
Hutchins - D Robinson 2, C Hensby 2, J Bean 2, J Swain, N Cleary, J Harris, G Wertheimer
Best - Richmond - A Baines,  A Daft, N Donaghue, Nathan Woolley, K Baker, J Wiggins
Hutchins - not supplied
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (4) 75, F Reeves University (2) 62
A Reeve Richmond (2) 63, C Joyce Richmond (6) 57
                                                    OHA d St Virgils
OHA            18.10.  118
St Virgils      12.15.  87
Goals - OHA - D Dillon 4, J Tierney 3, T Austin 2, B Bateman 2, J Nichols
S Hollick, N Balcombe, G Vincent, C Williams, P Reason, A Eastley
St Virgils - T Howells 4, T Ferguson 2, J Gill, M Ferguson, S Groves, D Davie
D Meredith, R Hooker Best - OHA - B Rogers, J Tierney, S Hollick, C Williams
B Plummer, R Hunt St Virgils - D Nicholas, M Ferguson, S Donaghue, C Latham
T Howells, D Davie
                                            University d Channel
University        17.7.  109
Channel             5.5.  35
Goals - University - M Riseley 6, D Welch 5, C Arvier 2, A Langmaid. M Reeve
M Rippon, M Martin Channel - R Edmond 2, S Direen, J Rogers, L Bartulovic
Best - University - J Hoult, M Reeve, A Norman, W Owen, B Clarke, M Martin
Channel - J Rogers, A Warn, L Bartulovic, J Douglas, S Vanderkamp, D Millhouse
                                            Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond        15.13.   103
Hutchins          10. 9.    69
Goals - Richmond - M Bowden 4, S Free 3, J Winch 2, Nick Woolley
A Oakley, A Sweet, B Bester, J DeWinter, C Harmer
Hutchins - R Evans 4, R Hallam, A Wills, A Quinn, N Steele, C Wills, J Deal
Best - Richmond - A Oakley, J DeWinter, D Burnie, S Bradford, S Free, J Needham
Hutchins - J Fyshe, L Nichols, R Evans, M Steele, A Wills, R Hallam
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (-) 48, R Leaman Channel (-) 42
M Riseley University (6) 3, T Stewart University (-) 34                                                          

Review Round 18

By virtue of registering comfortable wins over Hutchins and OHA respectively Richmond and St.Virgils have all but secured third and fourth spots on the premiership ladder.

Although missing several star players Hutchins did not handle the Richmond ground at all and it was only Richmond’s inaccuracy that prevented a total thrashing with Adam Baines, Adam Daft, Nathan Woolley and Nathan Donoghue outstanding for the 42 point winners. Hutchins were outgunned but had solid performers in Chris Hensby, Matthew Wilson, Jamie Harriss and Nick Leitch. 

Winless since round twelve St.Virgils hit back to score four vital premiership points with a 33 point win over OHA. It was even early and at three quarter time OHA were still in with a chance but the visitors finished stronger through the fine efforts of Scott Dickson, Michael Collis, John Rafferty and Gerard Burke while OHA’s best were Brodie Langford, Matthew Zukauskas, Michael Bannister and Stuart Probert.   

A nine final quarter enabled University to shake off a persistent Channel and record an 83 point win. Channel with Nick Butler, Brad Pitt, Neil Hanson and Morgan Maguire leading the way kept pace with University up to then but with Cameron Burgess, Michael Gowans, Mav Matuszek and Wayne Hogan on fire University proved too strong. 

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Round 19 14th August

Preview Round 19

DOSA will hope to finish off their season in style starting with their clash against Richmond at North Hobart. DOSA have had a rollercoaster season but have unearthed some talent in Sam Peacock, Joel Davey, Trent Duggan, Sam Hills, Luke Manser and Tim Gibbons but the odds favour Richmond who hit their straps last week with Kurt Baker, Jye Wiggins, Adam Baines, Adam Daft and Nathan Donoghue playing well. 

St.Virgils will be out to make it two in a row when they host Channel. St.Virgils are getting players back each week allowing for a better spread of playing positions while Matthew Parker, Gerard Burke, Scott Dickson and John Rafferty have been consistent all year. Although winless and missing key players Channel are extending teams with Mark Clark, Brad Pitt, Nick Butler and Morgan Maguire leading the way. 

If the previous two encounters are any indication the Hutchins versus OHA clash could go either way. Hutchins have been in good form since their last drawn game and should hold all the aces through Chris Hensby, Jamie Harriss, Matthew Wilson and Nick Leitch while OHA’s form dropped off but Brodie Langford, Michael Bannister, Matthew Zukauskas and George Stirling are in form.     

University have the bye.


Results Round 19


                                                          St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils        3.3    8.6    12.10    19.16.  130
Channel         3.1    5.1      7.4        9. 4.   58
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 10, M Collis 2, B Hastie 2, J Britton 2, J Foster, M Grandin, J Ackerley
Channel - S Bouwman 2, D Butters 2, J Webster 2, C Joyce, R Carmichael, M Clark
Best - St Virgils - A Burdon, B Hastie, M Grandin, J Britton, M Collis, M Beck
Channel - S Bouwman, M Turnball, N Hansson, N Butler, M McGuire, C Stockfield     
                                                            Hutchins d OHA
Hutchins      5.2    9.6    11.9    16.11.  107
OHA            4.7    7.8    8.15     8. 21.   69
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 4, M Wright 3, M Chugg 2, J Bean 2, J Boon 2, A Triffett, O Robinson, S Nichols
OHA - S Bowering 3, S McCallum, Brodie Langford, N Skeggs, M Thompson, B MacMurray
Best - Hutchins - M Wilson, S Nichols, C Hensby, S Bakes, A Sayers, M Walsh
OHA - Brodie Langford, S McCallum, N Skeggs, S Probert, Z Burnett, B Rogers
                                                           Richmond d DOSA
Richmond     4.4    11.7    17.10    25.13.  163
DOSA          6.2      9.3    11.5      15. 5.   95
Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 7, A Haw 3, D Williams 3, K Baker 2, J Sturzaker 2, A Dillon, H Barwin
A Daft, A Boucher, S Boxall, S Campbell, C Crossin, A Baines
DOSA - K Harvey 6, M Robinson 2, J Davie 2, J O'Brien 2, J Penwright, M Fielding, A Davey
Best - Richmond - S Campbell, A Daft, D Williams, J Dunn, B Cato, A Reeve
DOSA - A Davey, K Harvey, M Fielding, L Manser, C Golding, D Gregg  

Hutchins        17    12    4    1    1758    1553    113.20    50

University       16    12    4     -    1975    1450    126.20    48
Richmond       16   10    6     -     1941    1454    133.49    40
St Virgils        16    10    6    -     1654    1452    113.91    40
DOSA            16     7    9     -     1552    1761     88.13    28
OHA              16     5    10    1    1533    1603     95.63    22
Channel         17     -     17    -     1301    2441     53.29     -
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon  St Virgils     (10)  85
                                   A Reeve    Richmond    (7)   70
                                   F Reeves   University    (-)    65
                                                     St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils        30.20.  200
Channel           9.11.  65
Goals - St Virgils - S Groves 4, R Hooker 4, D Davie 4, T Ferguson 4, K Youd 3
T Howells 3,J Hevey 2, M Ferguson 2, A Pacey, D Jones, M Rice, C Webb
Channel - R Duggan 3, D Warn 3, R Edmond, J Rogers, D Brokate
Best - St Virgils - R Hooker, K Youd, M Ferguson, C Webb, D Davie, T Ferguson
Channel - A Warn, L Bartulovic, D Warn, J Rogers, S Vanderkamp, C Coventry
                                                         Hutchins d OHA
Hutchins        12.3.  75
OHA              10.8.  68
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 4, J Deal 2, T Smith 2, J Archer, M Abey, M Herd, A Smith
OHA - T Moore 5, J Tierney 2, A Cole, M Williams, D Ryan
Best - Hutchins - D Creak, J Fyshe, J Johnston, J Archer, M Graver, G Friend
OHA - A Cole, D Lithgow, G Vincent, J Stuart, S Hollick, N Balcombe
                                                        Richmond d DOSA
Richmond        13.9.   87
DOSA              10.9.  69
Goals - Richmond = S Free 7, Nick Woolley 2, J Winch, C Harmer, Kyle Bluett, W Dowling
DOSA - R Mika 6, S Byrne, D McConnon, R Watts, S Goodsell
Best - Richmond - D Burnie, C Johnson, S Free, I DeWinter, A Oakley, S Bradford
DOSA - M Harrison, C Burdon, R Watts, M McConnon, R Mika, M McCallum

University    154.73     44
Hutchins     119.34     40
St Virgils    101.16     40

Richmond   104.36     36
DOSA        113.25     28
OHA            98.85     28
Channel       52.10     12
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (-) 48, R Leaman Channel (-) 42, M Riseley University (-) 35

Review Round 19

A 10 goal haul from Adrian Burdon enabled St.Virgils to account for Channel by 72 points and shore up a spot in the semi finals. Channel kept pace with the home team early in the game but the experience and ball movement of St.Virgils onballers in the second half proved too much for Channel. Other good players for St.Virgils were Brad Hastie, Michael Grandin and Jason Britten while Sam Bouwman, Matt Turnbull, Neil Hanson and Nick Butler were shining lights for Channel. 

Hutchins had to work hard for victory over an inaccurate OHA. The game was even early but in the second half Hutchins' finishing was cleaner while OHA were off target managing only one goal from fourteen scoring shots to lose by 38 points. Best for Hutchins were Matthew Wilson, Scott Nichols, Chris Hensby and Shannon Bakes while Brodie Langford, Scott McCullum, Nick Skeggs and Stuart Probert were dominant for OHA. 

A dominant second half by Richmond enabled them to run away from DOSA by 68 points. DOSA were in the game at half time but could not contain Richmond who were led by Scott Campbell, Adam Daft, Darryl Williams and Jacob Dunn. Aaron Davey, Kim Harvey, Matthew Fielding and Luke Manser were best for DOSA.  


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Round 20 21st August

Preview Round 20

Two rounds remain to be played in the Old Scholars Football Association and this Saturday a dress rehersal of the first Semi Final takes place with St.Virgils hosting Richmond and with several players returning from injury and Brad Hastie, Michael Grandin, Adrian Burdon and Michael Collis in form St.Virgils are gradually finding some form of old while Richmond have been impressive over the last five weeks led by Adam Daft, Ben Cato, Scott Campbell and Darryl Williams.

Playing their final roster game Hutchins with Chris Hensby, Shannon Bakes, Scott Nichols and Matthew Wilson in form should finish off on a high when they meet a DOSA combination who are capable of causing an upset as they seem to lift a notch when these teams meet and have Cameron Golding, Luke Manser, Kim Harvey and Matthew Fielding playing well. 

Although winning both encounters in the previous rounds University will have their hands full against OHA although the home team’s form has been sound with Cameron Burgess, Mav Matuszek, Alex Gilmour and Joel Nelson having a good season while OHA need to address their inaccuracy on goal but Nick Skeggs, Michael Bannister, Stuart Probert and Brodie Langford are in good touch.


 Channel have the bye.


Results Round 20

                                                             University d OHA
University        1.2    3.6    5.7    9.13.   67
OHA                3.1    4.3    6.5    7. 8.  50
Goals - University - F Reeves 3, M Gowans 2, C Burgess, N Whittle, M Riseley, M Matuszek
OHA - S Jury 2, M Zukauskas, P Stanley, B McMurray, T Orchard, Brodie Langford
Best - University - S Hamilton, J Hoult, M Matuszek, A Gilmour, C Burgess, M Stewart
OHA - P Stanley, M Thompson, B Rogers, Brodie Langford, N Skeggs, Z Burnett
                                                            St Virgils d Richmond
St Virgils        4.6    8.10    13.12    18.16.  124
Richmond      0.6     3.8       5.10      8.19.   67
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 10, M Collis 2, J Foster 2, B Hastie, J Rafferty, J Ackerley, S Hughes
Richmond - H Barwin 2, A Daft 2, C Ross 2, S Boxall, N Terry  
Best - St Virgils - P Midson, B Hastie, A Burdon, D Nicholas, B Parremore, M Parker
Richmond - A Daft, K Baker, H Barwin, S Dick
                                                                Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins        5.2    12.6    15.6    22.7.   139
DOSA           1.6      6.9    9.14    10.16.   76
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 5, J Boon 4, C Hensby 4, M Wright 2, M Lister 2, A Sayers 2
J Coad, J Swain, A Triffett DOSA - J O'Brien 4, L Manser 3, J Gregson, P Lennox, M Fielding
Best - Hutchins - C Hensby, J Coad, S Nichols, J Boon, A Sayers, A Palfreyman
DOSA - P Turner, C Burdon, J Everard, M McCallum, R Stocks, R Mika
Hutchins         18    13    4    1    1897    1629    116.45    54
University       17    13    4     -    2042    1500    136.13    52
St Virgils        17    11    6     -    1778    1519    117.05    44
Richmond      17    10    7    -     2008    1578    127.25    40
DOSA             17     7   10    -    1628     1900     85.68     28
OHA               17     5   11    1    1583     1670     94.79    24
Channel         17    -     17    -    1301     2441     53.30   -
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon (10) 95, F Reeves University (3) 75, A Reeve (-) 63, C Joyce Channel (-) 58              
                                                             University d OHA
University        9.17.  71
OHA                6. 6.  42
Goals - University - T Hill 4, W Owens 2, J O'Wheel 2, N McNair
OHA - S Bryan 2, P Taylor 2, P Reason, M Williams
Best - University - T Hill, W Owens, N McNair, A Saunders, J Morey, M Allen
OHA - S Gillies, S Hollick, N Balcombe, J Tierney, R Hunt, D Ryan 
                                                         Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond         18.8.   116
St Virgils           12.11. 83
Goals - Richmond - K Arnott 3, S Free 3, J Winch 3, C Harmer 2, B Bester 2
R Brumby, C Johnson, J DeWinter, B Joseph, A Oakley
St Virgils - J Rigby 6, J Gill 2, A Pacey 2, T Ferguson, S Groves
Best - Richmond - C Johnson, C Day, J Hodge, S Bradford, K Arnott, A Oakley
St Virgils - J Slade, A Pacey, M Ferguson, J Rigby     
                                                      Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins            17.11.  113
DOSA                 4.  7.   31
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 6, J Deal 3, D Creak 2, R Hallam 2, R Evans, C Cupit,
T Windsor. A Smith DOSA - A Sherman 3, M Honey
Best - Hutchins - A Hazell, R Hallam, T Windsor, R Evans, J Deal, M Grover 
DOSA - M Honey, A Sherman, K Maddox       

                    %          Pts

University    155.33    48
Hutchins      125.55    44
Richmond    106.63   40
St Virgils      99.05     40
 DOSA          105.41   28
OHA             98.82     28
Channel       52.40     12  
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils (6) 54, R Leaman Channel (-) 42, A Hazell Hutchins (6) 35
M Riseley University (-) 35  


Review Round 20

St.Virgils sent out a warning they are back with a clinical display against Richmond in recording a comfortable 57 point win. St.Virgils consistency and ability to control the stoppages and penetrate Richmond’s tight knit defence enabled them to outscore their opponents with Adrian Burdon the star for Saints kicking 10 goals to add the finishing touch ably supported by Patrick Midson, Brad Hastie and Daniel Nicholas while Adam Daft, Heath Barwin, Kurt Baker and Jacob Dunn were best for Richmond.

 University had to call on all it’s resources to hold out a defiant OHA scraping home by 17 points. OHA had the better of University in the first three quarters albeit a slender margin but University finished stronger led by Sean Hamilton, James Hoult, Mav Matuszek and Alex Gilmour while Paul Stanley, Marc Thompson, Brendan Rogers and Brodie Langford stood out for OHA.

 Hutchins had too much forward firepower for an undermanned DOSA in their final roster game winning by 63 points. Inaccuracy early proved costly for DOSA but they kept pace with the ladder leaders to half time but Hutchins took control in the second dhalf. Best for Hutchins were Chris Hensby, Jason Coad, Scott Nichols and Jack Boon while for DOSA Pat Turner, Chris Burdon, Jake Everard and Matthew McCallum battles throughout.   

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Round 21 28th August


Preview Round 21

In the final round of roster games this Saturday in the Old Scholars Richmond will be keen to atone for last week’s loss when they host University. Richmond will need their onballers and midfielders led by Adam Daft, Jye Wiggins, Heath Barwin and Kurt Baker to have a big influence and their defence to stand firm. Victory for University will see them finish on top and that should be enough incentive for them to succeed led by Alex Gilmour, Cameron Burgess, Sean Hamilton and Mark Stewart. 

A depleted DOSA will look to finish on a high against St.Virgils but will need the experience of Justin O’Brien, Daniel Lamont, Scott Beattie and Kim Harvey to shut down supply to Saints’ goal kicking machine Adrian Burdon who is only 5 shy of kicking 100 goals for the season while Brad Hastie, Michael Collis and Matthew Parker are in top form. 

A disappointing season comes to an end for OHA but can Channel win their first and only game for the season. The odds are with OHA to win through the combined efforts of Brodie Langford, Brendan Rogers, Nick Skeggs and Marc Thompson although Channel will cause problems led by Sam Bouwman, Matt Turnbull, Nick Butler and Morgan Maguire.


Hutchins have the bye.             


Results Round 21

                                                Richmond d University
Richmond            5.5    12.8    18.13    20.19.  139
University            4.2      6.5    11.7      13.12.  90
Goals Richmond - A Reeve 4, C Crossin 3, H Barwin 3, K Baker 2, A Daft 2
J Sturzaker, B Cato, M Triffett, J Dunn, J Wiggins, S Boxall
University - M Riseley 3, M Gowans 3, F Reeves 3, H Scott, M Matuszek, M Robinson. A Saunders    
Best - Richmond - B Cato, K Baker, S Dick, H Barwin, J Dunn, N Terry
University - F Reeves, A Bielski, M Stewart, M Riseley, J Mazey, A Saunders
                                                    St Virgils d DOSA
St Virgils            5.2    13.3    16.7    25.10.  160
DOSA                0.3      3.4    5.10     7.12.    54
Goals St Virgils - A Burdon 7, M Collis 4, J Britton 3, B Dodge 3, J Rafferty 2
D Davie, B Parremore, L Post, M Parker, B Hastie, D NIcholas
DOSA - J Gregson 2, D Gregg, J Green, S Barford, J O'Brien, L Manser
Best - St Virgils - M Beck, M Parker, B Parremore, M Grandin, M Collis, Josh Nibbs
DOSA - J O'Brien, M Fielding, A Davey, C Golding, N Evans, J Gregson
                                                        OHA d Channel
OHA                5.8    8.10    13.16    23.18.  156
Channel           3.4    3.8       5.12      5.15.    45
Goals OHA - S Bowering 6, S McCallum 6, Brodie Langford 2, M Bannister 2
P Stanley, B Bateman, M Zukauskas. C Williams, D Ryan, A Banks, S Probert
Channel - T Lamprill 2, C Stockfield, A Crane, T O'Brien
Best OHA - D Ryan, M Bannister, S Probert, B Bateman, Brodie Langford, N Skeggs, S McCallum
Channel - T Lamprill, S Bouwman, J Webster, S Warner, N Butler, N Hanslow
Hutchins      18    13    4    1    1897    1629    116.45    54   
University    18    13    5    -    2132     1639    130.08    52
St Virgils     18    12    6    -    1938     1573    123.20    48
Richmond   18    11    7    -     2147    1668    128.72    44
DOSA          18     7    11   -    1682     2060     81.65    28
OHA            18     6    11   1    1739     1715   101.40    26
Channel      18     -    18    -    1346      2517     51.83    -
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (7) 102, A Reeve Richmond (4) 74, F Reeves University (3) 71
                                           University d Richmond
University                13.10.  88
Richmond                12.12. 84 
Goals University - J Hill 4, J O'Wheel 4, N Fenton 2, S Waight, J Sundrin, R Stewart - Smith
Richmond - R Brumby 3, B Bester 2, A Boucher 2, K Bluett, J DeWinter, S Bradford, J Winch, B Joseph
Best University - W Owens, N Fenton, N McNair, J O'Wheel, M Rippon, M Morey
Richmond - I DeWinter, J Hodge, J DeWinter, B Bester, A Dillon, B Joseph
                                                 St Virgils d DOSA 
St Virgils                22.23. 155
DOSA                      5. 3.  33 
Goals St Virgils - T Howells 5, S Groves 4, M Ferguson 3, J Foster 2, J Rigby 2
Jay Nibbs 2, A Pacey, T Howells DOSA - P Turner 2, D McConnon, J Robinson, C Burdon
Best St Virgils - M Ferguson, J Gill, R Oakley, Jay Nibbs, A Pacey, T Howells             
DOSA - P Turner, C Burdon, B Ploughman, S O'Connor, M Scott, J Everard  
                                                   OHA d Channel 
OHA                    19.13. 127
Channel               12. 9.   81
Goals OHA - P Taylor 4, M McPherson 3, J Tierney 3, S Bryan 2, S Luck 2, D Dillon
R Hunt, M Williams, J Stuart, P Austin Channel - R Carmichael 3, D Warn 3, J Douglas 2
B Shuttler, L Bartolvic, R Leaman, A Kelly 
Best OHA - D Walton, M Hinchen, J Tierney, G Vincent, R Hunt, J Freeman
Channel - D Warn, R Duggan, J Isles, B Shuttler, A Warn, R Leaman 
University         18    13    5    -    1646    1087    151.42    52
Hutchins           18    11    7    -    1538    1225    125.55    44
St Virgils          18    11    7    -    1717    1609    106.71    44
Richmond        18    10    8    -    1482    1400    105.86    40
OHA                 18     8    10   -    1634    1634     99.94     32
DOSA               18    7    11    -    1337    1392     96.05     28
Channel           18    3    15    -    1138    2144     53.08     12
Leading Goalkickers - J Rigby St Virgils(2) 56, R Leaman Channel (1) 43   

Review Round 21

With Adrian Burdon registering 100 goals for the season St.Virgils were too accomplished in their game with DOSA. St.Virgils jumped out of the blocks with the game in their keeping by half time and went on to win by 106 points although DOSA were well below strength. Best for St.Virgils were Mark Beck, Matthew Parker, Ben Parremore and Michael Grandin while DOSA were led by hard workers  Justin O’Brien, Matthew Fielding, Cameron Golding and Aaron Davey.

A seven goal second quarter set Richmond up for their victory over University. Both teams broke even in the other three quarters with Richmond taking heart from this impressive 49 point win led by Ben Cato, Steven Dick, Kurt Baker and Heath Barwin while Field Reeves, Allan Bielski, Mark Stewart and Matthew Riseley. 

A ten goal final; quarter put the icing on the cake for OHA in their clash with Channel albeit both teams had frustrating seasons. Channel kept pace early but the experience of OHA in veteran stars Scott McCullum, Michael Bannister and Stuart Probert with Brendan Bateman saw them pepper the goals and win by 111 points. Channel were best served by Tim Lamprill, Sam Bouwman, Jamie Webster and Sam Warner.   

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Semi Finals  4th September

Preview SF

Semi Finals action commences this Saturday in the Old Scholars with a gala day at Richmond commencing at 10 am.

In the second Semi Final University do battle against Hutchins with the winner advancing to the Grand Final. On ball and midfield dominance will play a major role with University’s Josh Nelson, Alex Gilmour, Marek Matuszek, Cameron Burgess, Nick Whittle, Michael Gowans and Allan Bielski opposed to Hutchins’ Jamie Harriss, Nick Cleary, Nick Leitch, Oliver Robinson, Scott Nichols, Matthew Wilson and Jack Boon playing decisive roles while defenders of both teams will need to be at their best against University’s Field Reeves, Ben Beams and Michael Gowans and Hutchins’s Adam Palfreyman, Chris Hensby and Matthew Chugg. 

The first Semi Final between Richmond and St.Virgils should be a close encounter with a shoot out likely as both teams boast elusive forwards in Richmond’s Aaron Reeve, Heath Barwin and Scott Boxall and St.Virgils centurion Adrian Burdon, Brad Dodge and Brad Hastie while onballers Adam Daft, Jye Wiggins, Steven Dick and Ben Cato opposed to St.Virgils Michael Collis, Jason Britten, Scott Dickson and Daniel Nicholas will be vital contest. 

In the Reserves second semi final University meet Hutchins and Richmond clash with St.Virgils in the first semi final.

Results SF

1st Semi Final
                                                     St Virgils d Richmond
St Virgils        0.1    3.3    6.5    8.8.56
Richmond      0.6    0.11  1.14  4.15.39                     
Goals - St Virgils - B Dodge 2, A Burdon 2, M Collis 2, B Parremore, J Ackerley
Richmond - N Terry, J Wiggins, M Triffett, C Crossin
Best - St Virgils - D Nicholas, M Cracknell, B Parremore, M Parker, J Rafferty, N Davey
Richmond - J Dunn, S Dick, A Daft, B Cato, S Campbell, Josh Woolley
                                                St Virgils d Richmond
St Virgils        2.2    4.4    6.7    8. 9.57
Richmond      0.3    1.5    3.9    3.11.29
Goals - St Virgils - D Davie 4, T Michael, R Hooker, J Rigby, J Foster Richmond - R Brumby 2, J Winch
Best - St Virgils - D Davie, S Donaghue, D Jones, M Ferguson, R Oakley, R Hooker
Richmond - W Dowling, A Dillon, J Hodge, K Arnott, R Brumby, Nick Woolley
   2nd Semi Final
                                                       Hutchins d University
Hutchins             2.2    6.3    9.6    11.11.77
University           2.2    4.5    4.6      5. 6.36
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 3, M Hensby 2, M Chugg 2, A Palfreyman 2, S Bakes, M Wilson
University - N Whittle, F Reeves, J Nelson, B Beams, M Riseley
Best - Hutchins - S Bakes, A Deane, S Nichols, J Harriss, N Cleary
University - A Gilmour, A Bielski, B Beams, M Gowans
                                                    Hutchins d University
Hutchins             1.3    4.5    6.7    6.7.43
University           3.2    5.4    5.5    5.6.36
Goals - Hutchins - M Abey 2, O Robinson, M Herd, T Smith, R Evans
University - W Hogan, N Fenton, M Reeve, B Johnson, T Hill
Best - Hutchins - O Robinson, T Windsor, G Friend, M Abey, R Hallam, J Fyshe
University - M Reeve, J Morey, T Stewart, W Owen, N McNair, B Clarke                                

Review SF

Hutchins secured a berth in the Old Scholars Grand Final after disposing of University in the second semi final at Richmond. Both teams went hard early in the soggy conditions with Hutchins holding a 10 point lead at the main break. The third quarter told the story of the game as Hutchins gradually drew away to open up a 30 point break and they finished off their dominant second half winning the final quarter to run out 41 point victors. Onballers Shannon Bakes, Jamie Harriss and Nick Cleary with defender Andrew Deane were stand out players for Hutchins while Alex Gilmour, Allan Bielski, Ben Beams and Michael Gowans worked tirelessly for University. 

St.Virgils earned the right to contest the Preliminary Final with a hard fought win over an inaccurate Richmond in the first semi final. Richmond peppered the goals for no reward in the first half scoring no goals and 11 behinds and trail by 10 points at the break. St. Virgils gained the upper hand in the third quarter and increased their lead to 21 points entering the final quarter but Richmond kicked three quick goals to reduce the margin to four points but St.Virgils steadied kicking two goals to win by 17 points. Best for St.Virgils were Daniel Nicholas, Matthew Cracknell, Ben Parremore and Matthew Parker awith Richmond best served by Jacob Dunn, Steven Dick, Adam Daft and Ben Cato.


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Preliminary Finals  11th September

Preview PF

University and St.Virgils clash in the Preliminary Final on Saturday at North Hobart with the winner advancing to the Grand Final. A first class game should be witnessed with both coaches confident of victory while both teams have enjoyed success against each other with University holding a slight edge in clashes this season. The result of this game could well hinge on supremacy around the packs and stoppages with University’s Association Best and Fairest winner Cameron Burgess, Paul Brooks, David Welch, and Mav Matuuzek clever readers of the play as are St.Virgils’ Michael Collis, Matthew Cracknell, Jason Britten and Josh Nibbs. University’s key forwards Field Reeves, Ben Beams and Michael Gowans face stiff opposition from Jacob Cole, Zac Batchelor and Leigh Post while St.Virgils’ Adrian Burdon, Brad Dodge and John Rafferty are in goal scoring form and will keep John Mazey, Luke Niejalke and Matthew Gill busy. First use of the ball is also crucial with both teams blessed with tireless ruckmen in University’s Nick Whittle and Sam Maguire opposed to Daniel Nicholas who was superb last week and Scott Dickson if he is fit.

 University and St.Virgils also meet in the Reserves Preliminary Final in what should be a close encounter.


The Reserves game commences at 11.30 am with the Senior game to follow at 2.00 pm.


Results PF

St Virgils        1.5    7.9    11.12    15.14.104
Universary     2.4    6.4    10.9       12.11. 83
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 5, M Collis 3, J Rafferty, M Parker,
Jay Nibbs, L Post, B Dodge, J Ackerley, J Britten
University - B Beams 5, F Reeves 3, N Whittle, C Burgess, A Bielski, A Saunders
Best - St Virgils - J Britten, J Rafferty, N Davey, M Parker, G Burke, J Ackerley
University - C Burgess, A Saunders, B Beams, R Robinson, A Gilmour, M Gill
St Virgils        7.0    7.1    11.4    13.  6.84
University       4.2    8.5     9.8     11.12.78  
Goals - St Virgils - R Hooker 6, J Foster 2, T Howells 2, K Youd, R Oakley, J Rigby
University - M Riseley 4, B Johnson 2, T Hill, T Stewart, P Brooks, R Bellchambers, J O'Wheel
Best - St Virgils - R Hooker, T Michael, A Rhodes, K Youd, J Slade, J Hevey
University - J Morey, R Bellchambers, T Hill, M Rippon, W Owens, P Brooks


Review PF

It took until the half way mark of the final quarter for either team to make a decisive break and St.Virgils were able to achieve this slamming on 3 goals and shake off University to win a thrilling Preliminary Final contest by 21 points and earn a crack at Hutchins in the Grand Final. After a quiet opening quarter both teams traded goals for the next two and a half quarters with neither team gaining any ascendancy although players through themselves in with abandon attacking the ball ferociously with St.Virgils’ Jason Britten, Jeremy Ackerley and Matthew Parker and University’s Cameron Burgess, Alex Saunders and Alex Gilmour leading lights while key forwards Adrian Burdon and University’s Ben Beams with 5 goals each were focal points up forward. A disputed goal to St.Virgils on the half time siren allowed them an 11 point lead which was lowered to 9 points at three quarter time. St.Virgils’ onballer John Rafferty and defenders Nick Davey and Gerard Burke were other solid performers while for University Richie Robinson gathered plenty of possessions and Matthew Gill was as solid as a rock in defence.


In the Reserves St.Virgils defeated University in a tight contest by 6 points and will play Hutchins in the Grand Final next week.


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Grand Final  28th September


Preview GF

An in form Hutchins are favourites to win the Grand Final at North Hobart against St.Virgils who have advanced through from the first semi final in what should be a hard fought contest.

Hutchins have been the surprise packet this season with Jamie Harriss moulding his team into a fast running combination with the emphasis on youth coupled with a blending of experienced players. Ruckman Nick Cleary has enjoyed a fine season while Shannon Bakes returned mid season was a bonus, Andrew Deane, Marcus Windsor, Jason Coad, Alistair Sayers and Lewis Franks are in form defenders and Adam Palfreyman, Matthew Wright, Matthew Chugg are key forwards and Jamie Harriss, Nick Leitch, Jack Boon, Alex Triffett, Matthew Wilson and Matthew Lister are clever onballers.

St.Virgils also have an abundance of classy onballers in Jason Britten, Michael Collis, Michael Grandin, John Rafferty, Jeremy Ackerley, Daniel Nicholas, Scott Dickson, Matthew Parker, Gerard Burke and Jay Nibbs while Adrian Burdon holds the key up forward assisted by Brad Dodge and Ben Parremore and solid defenders in Zac Batchelor, Nick Davey, Mark Beck, Josh Nibbs and Matthew Cracknell.  

 Hutchins and St.Virgils meet in the Reserves Preliminary Final in another tight contest.

Results GF

                                                              Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins        2.2    8.7    11.9    15.14.104
St Virgils       2.1    3.4      6.6      7. 8. 50
Goals Hutchins - C Hensby 3, J Boon 3, A Palfreyman 2, M Chugg,
J Harriss, N Leitch, S Bakes, J Archer, O Robinson, M Wilson           
St Virgils - A Burdon 3, D Davie, M Collis, J Britten, R Oakley
Best Hutchins - J Harriss, C Hensby, M Windsor, L Franks, A Deane, M Walsh
St Virgils - Josh Nibbs, J Cole, J Britten, G Burke, D Nicholas, Jay Nibbs
                                                               St Virgils d Hutchins
St Virgils        2.2    8.4    9.5    11.13.79
Hutchins        5.4    7.5   10.8    10.10.70
Golas St Virgils - C Ziegeler 2, C Howells 2, J Foster 2, A Pacey, J Rigby, K Youd, A Rhodes, T Ferguson
Hutchins - M Abey 2, D Creak 2, J Swain 2, A Triffett, C Cupit, J Bean, T Smith
Best St Virgils - J Rigby, D Jones, T Michaels, S Donaghue, J Slade, A Mann
Hutchins - K Jubb, J Bean, J Fyshe, M Abey, R Hallam, J Swain   


Review GF

CRAIG HOGGETT   |   September 19, 2010 09.27am


AN icy breeze matched the mood perfectly as the traditional rivalry continued between St Virgils and Hutchins in the Old Scholars Football Association grand final at North Hobart Oval yesterday.

St Virgils' fierce tackling and the league's top goal-kicker Adrian Burdon couldn't stop Hutchins' fleet-footed youngsters from running away with the match 15.14 (104) to 7.8 (50). The first term was a slow-starting arm wrestle, with the sides going goal for goal and point for point despite Hutchins kicking into a two-goal wind. Shutting down St Virgils goal-machine Burdon was vital for Hutchins' plan to stem the flow of goals, and Hutchins playing coach Jamie Hariss was more than happy with the man given the job in defence.

"Marcus Windsor was brilliant on Adrian Burden down the back, he's an old-fashioned defender and hates getting beaten," he said.

"We knew the key to us winning the game was nullifying him."

Harriss said his side was confident it could win if it could stay with the Saints early.

"They had the breeze in the first quarter, so we knew if we could break even with them our running game would kick into gear," Hariss said.

The prediction came true in the second as Hutchins used the breeze to kick six goals before St Virgils could get one back just before half-time.

"We're a pretty fit side and that second quarter set the game up for us," Harriss said.

The Saints staged a mini-comeback in the third to get within 15 points thanks to goals by coach Jason Britten and Burdon, but Hutchins just about sealed the victory late in the term when it snared three quick majors. Harriss said winning the minor premiership helped in the lead-up to the final.

"They've had a tough run-in, while we've had the easy way with a couple of weeks' rest so I guess that showed in the end," he said.

Kicking with the wind again in the final term, Hutchins extended its lead to 54 points. Harriss was full of praise for his opponents after the match.

"They're a fantastic club and well led by Jason Britten who is a player I have a lot of respect for," he said.

Late in the match, mid-season pick-up Jack Boon gave the large crowd something to cheer about by taking two prospective mark-of-the-year grabs within minutes of each other.



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