Old Scholars Football Association - Finals 2010

       Semi Final Day    Preliminary Final Day    Grand Final Day  

1st/2nd semi  4 th September 2010  
Bar Richmond
Kiosk Richmond
Gate 8.45am to 1.30pm Uni
Gate 1.30pm to 6.15pm St Virgils
Ball Retrieval Games 1 and 2 & Scoreboard Uni
Ball Retrieval Games 3 and 4 & Scoreboard St Virgils
Prelim Final  11 th September 2010  
Kiosk DOSA
Gate Hutchins & OHA
Scoreboard and Ball Retreival Hutchins
Grand Final 18 th September 2010  
Bar 1 & Function OHA
Bar 2 Channel
Kiosk - North Hobart North Hobart
Gate - Contractors Contractors
Scoreboard and Ball Retreival Channel


Semi Final Day  -  Richmond Oval


        Semi-final Mega Day at the Richmond Football Oval  Saturday 4th September 2010
Schedule Duration Matches Teams Changerooms
Commencement 10.00am   2nd Semi Final Reserves University Visitors - right
Finish 12.15pm 2hrs 15mins Hutchins Clubrooms - left
Break 12.15pm        
12.25pm 10mins      
Commencement 12.25pm   2nd Semi Final Seniors University Visitors - right
Finish 2.55pm 2hrs 30mins Hutchins Clubrooms - left
Break 2.55pm        
3.05pm 10mins      
Commencement 3.05pm   1st Semi Final Seniors Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 5.35pm 2hrs 30mins St Virgils Visitors - left
Break 5.35pm        
5.45pm 10mins      
Commencement 5.45pm   1st Semi Final Reserves Richmond Clubrooms - right
Finish 8.00pm 2hrs 15mins St Virgils Visitors - left
# location based upon looking from ground    

2nd Semi Final Seniors

For full details see Results on the main Menu

Hutchins 11.11 77 d University 5.6.36



1st Semi Final Seniors

St Virgil's 8.8.56 d Richmond 4.15.39

St Virgils



2nd Semi Final Reserves

Hutchins 6.7.43 d University 5.6.36


1st Semi Final Reserves

St Virgils   8.9.57 d  Richmond   3.11.29



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Preliminary Final Day - North Hobart

For full details see Results on the main Menu

Seniors at 2.00 pm       St Virgils  15.14  104 d University 12.11  83


St Virgils

Celebrations and Grand Final appearance to look forward to.



Reserves at 11.30 am   St Virgils 13.06  84 d University  11.12   78


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Grand Final Day - North Hobart



Reserves - Hutchins v St Virgils at 11.30 am

Seniors - Hutchins v St Virgils at 2.00 pm


Hutchins - Doug Plaister Stand

St Virgils - NHFC

Umpires - Ryde Street


Grand Final


See highlights clip on Youtube

Hutchins        2.2    8.7    11.9    15.14.  104
St Virgils       2.1    3.4      6.6      7. 8.    50

Jamie Harriss of Hutchins won his third John Kenny BOG in a Senior Grand Final



St Virgils




St Virgils        2.2    8.4    9.5    11.13.79
Hutchins        5.4    7.5   10.8    10.10.70



Victorious St Virgils

Jason Rigby wins the Bill Trethewie BOG in a Reserves Grand Final Medal


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